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Free agency has arrived! Bye-bye Brandon Marshall

The Dolphins have traded wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears for two third-round selections, according to Jay Glazer of Foxsports.com.

[Update: The Herald has confirmed this move.]

The move clears salary cap room and could signal a precursor to the Dolphins landing Peyton Manning as well as several of his former Indianapolis Colts teammates, including Reggie Wayne. That is my hope.

The more likely scenario?

This move does not show intent to get Manning and is instead a move to protect the next quarterback the Dolphins bring to town -- anyone that is, including a lesser player such as Matt Flynn -- because Marshall has had a history of feuding with his QBs in Miami. This move is a way for the Dolphins to begin what will be a total revamp of the offense under new coach Joe Philbin.

[Update: Club source says this trade is independent of Manning chase. Manning didn't request it or anything such as being speculated. Been in the works since the NFL Combine in Feb. But, I'm told, if Manning comes it would mean other moves would be necessary.]

The trade reunites Marshall with former quarterback Jay Cutler which is great for the Bears. But does this make the Dolphins better?

Only if Manning and another player is coming or the Dolphins are somehow adding a bigtime playmaking wide receiver in free agency or the draftis this a net plus. This much is certain: If the Dolphins are not working on or ready to pull the trigger on a follow-up move, this shows the Marshall move two years ago to have been a bad move.

The Dolphins yielded two second-round picks to Denver for Marshall. They are not getting the same value in return. Yes, Marshall was a Pro Bowl player in 2011, but he was also often a problem in that he feuded with Chad Henne and made no bones of the fact he wanted a franchise quarterback.

Oh, by the way, NFL free agency arrives ... now!

It is 4:01 p.m. on March 13, 2012 and so bracketology schmacketology. The news at this hour?

Say good-bye to nose tackle Paul Soliai. The Dolphins do not expect to re-sign their 2011 Franchise player. Not only have the two sides failed to come to an agreement on a long-term contract the past two years but the Dolphins, apparently intent on making a quarterback splash in free agency and knowing Soliai won't come cheaply, haven't made the nose tackle any contract offers in recent weeks.

There has been no movement on this front whatever. Barring a major MAJOR change, Soliai is gone. So where is he going? Soliai will have suitors. The teams expected to show the most interest in Soliai include Kansas City, Denver, Atlanta, Indianiapolis and perhaps San Francisco.

[Update: The Dolphins have in the last hour reached out to Soliai and are talking. So there's still a chance he stays.]

The Dolphins have another starter on the open market in defensive end Kendall Langford. The sides have been in relatively frequent contact the past week or so. The Dolphins want Langford back. Langford wants to return. But Langford wants the most amount of money possible. The Dolphins want to re-sign Langford at a number that shows they like him very much but don't necessarily love him.

What a shocker: It's a money thing.

On the chase front, the Dolphins are obviously still hoping to land Peyton Manning. But, as I reported earlier today, they will move on to Matt Flynn if the Manning chase fails. A source tells The Herald's Barry Jackson that Flynn will be patient in free agency unless someone throws a huge offer on the table for him immediately.

Yes, Seattle and Cleveland could have interest. But the Flynn camp understands the Dolphins being in the chase would drive up interest and potentially drive up Flynn's price. And since money is the thing, patience will be something Flynn shows.

He's looking to go deep on this contract rather than get a check-down deal.

I am not certain the Dolphins will be major players in free agency -- at least not early on. The club is approximately $11-$12 million under the NFL's $120.6 million salary cap before the Marshall trade. Obviously that is more now, but I have to figure out the ramifications.

Miami's needs include pass-rusher, right tackle, and cornerback. Of all those, the cornerback market seems expecially rich this free agency period. Yes, right tackle Eric Winston and outside linebacker/defensive end Mario Williams are the prizes on the market, but they will be so expensive I cannot see Miami chasing or landing either. (Wrote about it anyway because I'm a dreamer and anything is possible.)

[Update: I have confirmed that Eric Winston will visit with the Dolphins. This doesn't mean he's signing. A lot of teams are interested -- up to a dozen -- and he is not going to sign a bargain contract. But he is scheduled to visit at this time.]

[Update: Eric Winston said on Sirius radio that he will fly to South Florida tonight and visit the Dolphins Wednesday.]

The Dolphins today did some minor contract laundry with their restricted and exclusive rights players. The club tendered RT Lydon Murtha with a second-round tender. The club tendered defensive end Phillip Merling to an original round tender. Both have signed their tenders, costing the Dolphins a total of $3.1 million.

The club did not tender either running back Lex Hilliard or defensive lineman Ryan Baker.


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Could be getting rid of Marshall was Philbins idea. Get rid of a problem child.

Anyway, this trade just confirms Dolphins are rebuilding.

Barfing for Barkley 2012!

Streeter at 8? no way but he would be a great value pick in the 3rd rd.

Streeter doesn't know how to run routes. Blackmon will be gone by 8th. Manning gonna tell the Dolphins GO F themselves.

We'll be drafting Tannehill at 8 LOL

Posted by: Clue | March 13, 2012 at 05:22 PM


I believe this to be true!

The Dolphins send their 3rd round this year to move up 1 spot in the 3rd to pick a soccer style kicker from Nashville Community College that can kick the crap out of a dog turd at 50 yards .

"ArmandoSalguero Confirmed that Eric Winston will visit the Dolphins, but 10 teams are interested in him. Big money. 55 minutes ago"

That's a relief....Only ten other teams interested???? Can someone please tell me how Ireland can justify that trade for Marshall to ownership???

Bro, Michael Floyd is no Ted Ginn. He's about 6'4, 225lbs.

6'5 runs a 4.40 40 yrd? Streeter is a freak and maybe the next Marshall

We got NO VALUE for Marshall....2 SECOND rders.....for 2 years of service= no value.....

peyton had better sign quick...and smooth things over....

Dolphins will be 3-13 next year most likely.

So lets sum this up. Ireland basically traded away 2 high 2nd round picks in exchange for 2 low 3rd round picks. BRILLIANT !!!!!


Nobody told Dez Bryant that....

Your new best player is....an offensive lineman. Your 2nd best player (on the Dolphins) is....an offensive lineman. Your 3rd best player is...(you know where I'm going with this).

This is an offensive linemen dream team, too bad they put up fewer points than 1/2 the teams in the league. But they can sure block for Bush!!!! Can't beat New England or, any team with a winning record, but they can block for that 1 yard first down. YES!

unless your name is boldin or moss dc

cutler and marshall will be hilarious

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 13, 2012 at 05:25 PM


No, they'll be a sick combo. Put up 2,500 yards together in two years in Denver when they were far less seasoned.

Well, I am over it, who can we get next year with our high pick, again. Unless numbnuts trades it away

Clue, which you have none you are correct Winston will not catch passes he will also not be a revolving door giving any QB more time. if you like I could drop to your level and throw out more insults just let me know? Face the fact we needed the money and if the production equaled his money he would still be here. FACT Marshall was tied for drops in the league last year at 12 now there is a pro bowl number......

beer streeter is slow, and a 3rd to 5th rd pick. hands suck also


I realize that but he's NOT worthy of the 8th overall pick. I'd much rather get an elite prospect like Ingram.

Marshall’s departure leaves Brian Hartline, Davone Bess, Clyde Gates, Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace on the roster at receiver.

No need to panic.

Or Megatron....he didn't get the memo either.....

Larry Fitzgerald.....he made Boldin expendable....

Floyd prolly would have won the bilitnikoff or whatever if he wasn't injured the guy is probably a top ten pick if he hadn't broken his collarbone. He kind of reminds me a little bit of Chambers with his ups and hands.

Ireland = Incompetent

beerphin, In the NFL more so than speed, its crucial a WR knows how to run routes. Streeter cant cut in and out of his routes, Jeez some of you just get caught up in combine numbers. He cant run a route!

Florio is reporting that the Bears are in currently in “deep negotiations” to sign free agent quarterback Jason Campbell.

Okay, so Lovie Smith had no interest in Matt Flynn? Lovie is already on the hot seat before the season starts. Why not go after the future HOF'er Matt Flynn?

..I will hold out judgement on this trade until the roster is set, and all the wheeling and dealing is done..None of us know what the plan is..so relax.

Yes Marshall was a good piece, yes as of RIGHT NOW this minute the team is worse off. Lets see what happens before burning down the city, and drinking the elixir of death because the apocolipse is coming. It is a little bit dissapointing that we did not recieve equal value for Marshall, but get real. Everything depreciates in value. Marshall is a bit of a poison. Realistically without bias..what did you guys think he was worth??

We will see what happens in the next few months. It is easy to be upset, because we don't understand what the team is doing. Once the plan comes together I think that would be the time to be critical. Right now, it is outrage just for the sake of being outraged..Let this play out before holding your breath like a 2 year old who can't have a lolipop.

lovie has cutler

The more Ireland hangs around , the more your going to see these brain dead moves. He should have been out of here at the end of the season . Thats why nobody wants anything to do with this team.

Marshall’s departure leaves Brian Hartline, Davone Bess, Clyde Gates, Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace on the roster at receiver.

No need to panic.

Posted by: Clyde | March 13, 2012 at 05:31 PM


Given the FA started about 1.5 hrs ago and the draft hasn't taken place yet, I would agree.....no need to panic.

We Have Draft Picks. No, not you. I just said that, We Have Draft Picks.

how do you know Streeter can't run routes? that is just ridiculous... Almost every report says he ran great at his pro day and can run all the routes. Also he can learn these things especially from a mentor like Wayne if we sign him.

Dan Snyder strikes again!!! Signs Garcon, Carriker, & closing in on Josh Morgan. The guy has no idea what he's doing.

Speaking of connections. Omar K is saying that Winston's brother is a scout for the fins. Hmm a little inside track never hurts.

Jack Sparrow....

Because he wants a back-up....not a starter....but the "future HOFer" remark was funny...


Dez had Miles Austin, Boldin had Fitzgerald and Moss had Carter.

You guys really think Blackmon will be able to learn from Hartline? Learn what, the sideline toe tap play? Or the Steelers' specialty (slip, cough up the ball for a Pick 6). That's another Hartline specialty.

Not the chance I'd want to take with a 6-10 team and a 1st year HC. Hope Philbin can "magically" develop a player in 1 mini-camp.

James, what do we suppose we do at WR? We just created another gaping hole at the WR spot? I dont feel like arguing about this. Im done.

To the rest of you so called Dolphins have, I hope you realize the team just got worse. Like DC said, Our 1st and 2nd best players are OL (Long and Pouncey).

LOL this team a fukkin joke, Ireland has managed to fool all of you sheeps into thinking he was the right man for the job. Its obvious he's in over his head.



That's ALL we have right now which is the reason for my name.

JackSparrow - They're looking at Campbell as a backup....they have Cutler as their starting QB. Flynn is not going to sign as a backup.

DC...let's get though FA & the draft before we set the roster.

beer turn on canes games. streeter finally became good this year, but watch him. his routes are awful game speed is awful also. we can have him in the 5th rd most likely. the one reason he will be drafted that high? his size

Yes, The cancer is done, now we can have a QB and WR with harmony, Mershall never like this team and I don't like his attitude. Henne + Manning + Flynn. We need OL, FS and that is all.

Barry Jackson saying Marshall was not in Philbins plans. Let's let it all play out. Marshall was a distraction and negatively got in the head of his QB. I just think we should have got at least one 2 and one 3. Jeffy is not much of a bargainer.

Forget pass Rusher now. #1 priority, a WR.

snyder made the best move of his life getting griffin, but these guys hes signing now are horribl horrible moves

Where's Clyde Gates & his 4.3 speed????

I'm gonna miss BranDROP Marshall....how about one last post...

Dusty -- they are better than what they had.

gates, hilarious. another wasted pick. maybe ireland will draft a track and field star

Streeter is one of the fastest WR in the draft You have no idea what you are talking about.

To sum this all up, we get rid of our best playmaker fot 2 stinkin 3rd round picks and our first move after that is to bring in another OL player to possibly sign. SMH. Same ole Dolphins!

I'm out fellas, enjoy the rest of the day.

I doubt he will make it past the 2nd rd.

Some of you are not taking in to account that the Bears are also taking on a big contract. Along with being a head case two 3's is not that bad. You still get one of the top 100 players in the draft in the third round.

Something tells me Marshall was not exactly the best mentor.

Hill is another guy that has that size and speed 6'4 4.37 ... pretty amazing


The old..slip....and cough-up the ball for a pick 6 move....truly a hartline classic....good for one a year....


Hard to argue with that. Marshall is not exactly a coaches dream but Ireland HAD to know that when he was acting like an imbecile in Denver. It was a national new story when he was kicking footballs in practices & whining like a beeotch.

he will be a 1st rder though

i like the idea of more picks. but hate the idea of ireland picking them. and overall we havent drafted a guy that has done anything in the third rd since 1997 when we had 4 3rd rd picks and one of them was jt

Woah woah! I thought Matt Flynn could guarantee us 6 TD's a game?

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