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Free agency has arrived! Bye-bye Brandon Marshall

The Dolphins have traded wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears for two third-round selections, according to Jay Glazer of Foxsports.com.

[Update: The Herald has confirmed this move.]

The move clears salary cap room and could signal a precursor to the Dolphins landing Peyton Manning as well as several of his former Indianapolis Colts teammates, including Reggie Wayne. That is my hope.

The more likely scenario?

This move does not show intent to get Manning and is instead a move to protect the next quarterback the Dolphins bring to town -- anyone that is, including a lesser player such as Matt Flynn -- because Marshall has had a history of feuding with his QBs in Miami. This move is a way for the Dolphins to begin what will be a total revamp of the offense under new coach Joe Philbin.

[Update: Club source says this trade is independent of Manning chase. Manning didn't request it or anything such as being speculated. Been in the works since the NFL Combine in Feb. But, I'm told, if Manning comes it would mean other moves would be necessary.]

The trade reunites Marshall with former quarterback Jay Cutler which is great for the Bears. But does this make the Dolphins better?

Only if Manning and another player is coming or the Dolphins are somehow adding a bigtime playmaking wide receiver in free agency or the draftis this a net plus. This much is certain: If the Dolphins are not working on or ready to pull the trigger on a follow-up move, this shows the Marshall move two years ago to have been a bad move.

The Dolphins yielded two second-round picks to Denver for Marshall. They are not getting the same value in return. Yes, Marshall was a Pro Bowl player in 2011, but he was also often a problem in that he feuded with Chad Henne and made no bones of the fact he wanted a franchise quarterback.

Oh, by the way, NFL free agency arrives ... now!

It is 4:01 p.m. on March 13, 2012 and so bracketology schmacketology. The news at this hour?

Say good-bye to nose tackle Paul Soliai. The Dolphins do not expect to re-sign their 2011 Franchise player. Not only have the two sides failed to come to an agreement on a long-term contract the past two years but the Dolphins, apparently intent on making a quarterback splash in free agency and knowing Soliai won't come cheaply, haven't made the nose tackle any contract offers in recent weeks.

There has been no movement on this front whatever. Barring a major MAJOR change, Soliai is gone. So where is he going? Soliai will have suitors. The teams expected to show the most interest in Soliai include Kansas City, Denver, Atlanta, Indianiapolis and perhaps San Francisco.

[Update: The Dolphins have in the last hour reached out to Soliai and are talking. So there's still a chance he stays.]

The Dolphins have another starter on the open market in defensive end Kendall Langford. The sides have been in relatively frequent contact the past week or so. The Dolphins want Langford back. Langford wants to return. But Langford wants the most amount of money possible. The Dolphins want to re-sign Langford at a number that shows they like him very much but don't necessarily love him.

What a shocker: It's a money thing.

On the chase front, the Dolphins are obviously still hoping to land Peyton Manning. But, as I reported earlier today, they will move on to Matt Flynn if the Manning chase fails. A source tells The Herald's Barry Jackson that Flynn will be patient in free agency unless someone throws a huge offer on the table for him immediately.

Yes, Seattle and Cleveland could have interest. But the Flynn camp understands the Dolphins being in the chase would drive up interest and potentially drive up Flynn's price. And since money is the thing, patience will be something Flynn shows.

He's looking to go deep on this contract rather than get a check-down deal.

I am not certain the Dolphins will be major players in free agency -- at least not early on. The club is approximately $11-$12 million under the NFL's $120.6 million salary cap before the Marshall trade. Obviously that is more now, but I have to figure out the ramifications.

Miami's needs include pass-rusher, right tackle, and cornerback. Of all those, the cornerback market seems expecially rich this free agency period. Yes, right tackle Eric Winston and outside linebacker/defensive end Mario Williams are the prizes on the market, but they will be so expensive I cannot see Miami chasing or landing either. (Wrote about it anyway because I'm a dreamer and anything is possible.)

[Update: I have confirmed that Eric Winston will visit with the Dolphins. This doesn't mean he's signing. A lot of teams are interested -- up to a dozen -- and he is not going to sign a bargain contract. But he is scheduled to visit at this time.]

[Update: Eric Winston said on Sirius radio that he will fly to South Florida tonight and visit the Dolphins Wednesday.]

The Dolphins today did some minor contract laundry with their restricted and exclusive rights players. The club tendered RT Lydon Murtha with a second-round tender. The club tendered defensive end Phillip Merling to an original round tender. Both have signed their tenders, costing the Dolphins a total of $3.1 million.

The club did not tender either running back Lex Hilliard or defensive lineman Ryan Baker.


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its a great move by the bears, cutler and marshall were awesome together in denver

6 TD's a game is like 96 TD's a season. Isn't that worth a look?


Hill from Georgia tech is a very intriguing prospect. I wouldn't mind us taking a close look at him if Ireland trades down from Number 8.

If we take the 2 picks from Chicago and add another pick, Irescum can get another backup RB. HAHA

We have to move the stadium and get off the Seminole cheifs burial ground we are sitting on top of.

I am a cane alum I watch almost every Cane game i can. Streeter came on big his sophmore year had over 800 yrds on 40 catches... He is extremely fast and is 6'5 220 and runs a 4.40 40yrd dash. He doesn't play slow at all. Jacorry Harris under threw to him constantly

Stephen Ross..AKA Dumb...Ireland...AKA Dumber...Usher Their Biggest Playmaker Brandon Marshall Out The Door....Are You F&*king Kidding Me....These Two Idiots Are The Picture of Inept....What A Disgrace....I am sick of it...Manning Would Do Good To By Pass This Shipwreck...Welcome On Board Flynn....If you Dare....

disagree 100 percent beer and so do scouts with him being a proj 4th or 5th rd pick

i like the idea of more picks. but hate the idea of ireland picking them. and overall we havent drafted a guy that has done anything in the third rd since 1997 when we had 4 3rd rd picks and one of them was jt

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 13, 2012 at 05:43 PM

a valid point

"In addition to the Jaguars, free agent QB Chad Henne will reportedly visit the Seahawks."
Related: Seahawks
Source: Jeff Darlington on Twitter
Mar 13 - 5:42 PM

That makes total sense. The Seahawks want Flynn or Henne??? LMFAO!!!!

Armando...you should cite me as your source....AS I POSTED the Manning deal as likely logic ALMOST immediately after Marshall was traded....


Great point We Have Draft Picks. Very telling.

Cutler appears to have no such qualms. During a January exchange on Twitter, Marshall wrote that he missed his former teammate. Cutler responded, "I can get #15 [Marshall's old uniform number] out of storage! Suit you back up."

"These young duos are the old us," Marshall responded, presumably talking about Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas, who had connected hours earlier on a game-winning touchdown in overtime.

"Please. We can run circles around these guys," Cutler wrote back.

Marshall won't be a stabilizing force in the Bears' locker room, but his explosiveness could outweigh his combustibility. Chicago hasn't had a playmaking receiver in years. Marshall, along with Cutler and the running of Matt Forte, could be a spark to a Bears offense that desperately needs one.


Winston now that is a good ol' FA RT.

9 TDs in 2 yrs , avg 5.6 catches a game, ran out of bounds inexplicably in a must have situation, dropped TDs , disappeared for huge stretches, now the revelation that he was throwing the ball off teammates and kicking the ball in practice. Threw his qb under the bus after bragging about his pro bowl performance?! Pro bowl.... Try it in a game that matters. Good fing riddance to the Brandon Marshall's and Ricky Williams of the past. I'm sick head cases... Just play ball.

Bye Peyton
Good Bye to any chance at winning the East, no wildcard, welcome to 4-12. This is just stupid, hey maybe we can at least beat the Bills, but i doubt it.
I think Ross is a JETS fan, they make a stupid move, and we have to one up them

If we are rebuilding. What can we get for Dansby?(who is another headcase)

The Dolphins should be lucky to have gotten two 3rds out of the deal. Marshall was worth a pair of 2's after the 2009 season (at the top of his game), then his game fell off (don't let the Pro Bowl fool you) and he's worth a pair of 3's today. Sounds fair to me. He's not Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, or even Wes Welker.

Just keep in mind that most everyone calling the trade for Marshall two years ago a bad trade were likely praising the trade at the time. I wish we got more for Marshall now but to call the trade two years ago a bad move is Monday Morning quarterbacking...

I agree. We got what "the beast" is worth. this frees up cap space and gives us picks to move around in the draft with. The only person on this team i wouldnt consider trading away is carpenter.

Anyone know who Matt Flynn's agent is?

lol carpenter, id trade him for a pick any day

hahaha typical. Armando the Miami insider is writing about reports of a trade from another source. This dude is one pathetic TURD.

Don't think anyone is going to give up a 1,2,or 3 round pick for Carpenter

JL...I LOVED the trade for Marshall in 2009....

and if we had gotten 2 2nd rders back....or even 1 st...o would say its a good move....

but to be getting 2 3rd rders back....well...that is a loss in my book....

Miami Dolphins openly displaying what a joke of an organization they are.

Absolutely love this deal, Marshall was a cancer and dropped too many balls. Philbin wants, rather demands cohesiveness and has just set the tone for a disciplined organization. Ireland made this deal BECAUSE of Philbin and his plan and got two rather nice 3rd round draft picks out of it. The offense Philbin will install involves route running and timing, neither of which Marshalll was good at, not including all the drops along the way. Everybody here is demanding change, including me and who better to start with than Brandon Marshall, it sends a message to everybody that Philbin has a plan and he isn't messing around. The man has balls and I can guarantee you he won't be pumping his fists after our first made FG of the year. I personally think its gonna fun watching a once proud organization rebuild itself one trade and one draft pick at a time. Respect and discipline isn't accomplished by signing a QB and having his wide receiver curse him out in the huddle. Good job coach Philbin and GM Ireland, doing the right thing is never easy but it will always get you where you need to

Oh yes, I will so miss BM dropping passes in critical situations. Whatever will we do?

I'm guessing Philbin will find a receiver that receives.

My only issue with this deal will be if they fail to find a suitable replacement. The only problem I had with Marshall were the drops. That's it. His locker room behavior? Didn't care? Off the field? Didn't care. If the league says let him play, let him play. I was concerned with on the field behavior. Those drops sucked, but the plays he made made it possible 4 Reggie to have a career year. He still produced with sub-par QB's the whole time. I like Matt Moore, but be honest, who is he scaring? What DC is worried about Matt Moore? Anyway, they better have something up their sleeve to justify taking a loss on a player fresh off a pro bowl year!!!!

Wow- Chicago got a real bargain!

2 FUTURE 3rd rd picks for a Pro Bowl WR??

No compensation at all this year. A 3rd next year and a 3rd in 2 years. That is peanuts! What a joke!

If they wanted to get rid of them, that's fine, but at least get fair value. Little Jeffy got bent over again.

How about Kendall Wright, RG3's go to guy. A little small, though.

Now work out a deal for Pittsburgh's Mike Wallace and I'll be happy!!

Brown is an acorn.
This is exactly where he belongs.

By the way Mando great job uncovering Marshall on the market!

Good post...Few920....

This was the biggest, dumbest move in a series of big, dumb moves. Good Lord. Why in the hell would you get rid of Marshall?!? WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND HERE?

Ireland, you sir, are an idiot.

DISGUSTED!!!!!! I may be beavis but Ireland is BUTTHEAD!!UH UH HUH HUH, WHAT A DUMB ASS!

Bears fans salivating....

FINS fans in a dazed stupor...

Marlon Moore, Clyde Gates, Roberto wallace: "..,it took a long time for me to acquire this much speed I don't want to let it go..."

With WR now a glaring need added to the list, what else can miami screw up in FA....any takers on LT??*lMAO*......Quick! someone go out in front of sun life for a pass, miamis taking scouts to the streets to find our next #1 threat....

The stupidity of this disorganization never ceases to amaze me.

I just hope we burn the #19 jersey and don't allow another player to wear it.

I hate to say this, but, ...

Maybe its time, after 45 seasons to start looking for a new team to root for, maybe the Pitty Pats?

Wright caught 118 passes. I mean, even in College, that's a lot. I don't think he will get to us.

I'm not an Ireland fan by any stretch of the imagination, his moves have left me speechless on many occasions. This time I agree with Ireland & Co, BM was not a difference maker, a QB/locker room headache and a Salary Cap drain. I also just heard Eric Winston on NFL Radio and he sounded like Miami could be a nice fit for him and like he knew something none of us knew. Referencing "a team that was 6-10 last year with a couple of moves becoming an 11-5 team".

damn this move better make sense sooner than later........

My guess is we are all in for Flynn and in negotiations now.

We are also bringing in Winston to sign for the RT position. Then we will make a move in the draft to try and trade up for Blackmon.

That is my best guess to try and put a positive spin on the Marshall trade. The spin being Blackmon deal.

Love the trade. You idiots who squawking about our team as it stands now are not ture fans, judge in sept. heck the colts dont have a starting qb right now!

Grat way to start Free Agency not address anybody in state get rid of the only playmaker. This GM it´s realy stupid

Blackmon will not fall to #8 spot and miami will have to give up quite a bit to recieve considering that skins just sighned their lives to RGIII......getting rid of Marshall isnt the biggest problem I have....but WHOTHEF*CK is going to replace him....sure as hell aint any reciever we have on the roster right now...I can tell you that!!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Coach Joe Philbin has stated all he asks of his players is the ability to count to 4......Brandon Marshal didn't make the cut.

Soiled :)

I've been a Dolphins fan since 1981. This is pathetic. Trade the whole offense for Peyton Manning so he can throw to 3rd tier players or free agents over 35. Brilliant! Can Ireland and Ross and start all over. This is a love hate relationship leaning strongly towards the hate! STUPID! I hate Flynn too. Just keep Matt Moore and shoot for 6 wins each year. At this point, just stockpile 20 draft picks and draft better. Don't trade down to get an average 1st rounder when a stud may be on the board at #8. They'll trade it though because they're idiots!

I think Blackmon can be had at #8. He is not a big receiver nor is he blazing fast. Some Teams in need might shy away from him for those reasons. At the same time, we lost a 6'4" receiver. Hmm..

I will tell you what doesn't make sense...sitting around the TV for another season, watching a receiver fail to make the plays he's paid to make, plays that truly elite WRs make....and then feeling let-down.

If you want to settle for an offense that cruises between the 20's and then kicks FGS...go root for the Jets and your boy Sparano.

Don't give Blackmon the #19 jersey......

INDY RADIO has reported manning meeting with PHINS brass right now!!!

This team is on the rise...........watch what happens when we install a real offense with receivers that can catch the ball and run crisp routes. with bush coming out of the backfield catching passes and some good fast receivers this offense will be fun to watch. And dont forget you win in the nfl with defense. thats where we will spend our fa money...on defense. Build the offense through the draft. Im excited.

Great ( NEWS ), Brandon is gone. Alright Miami!

sorry oscar, I dont see the rams passing him up...their just in need of a young WR as we are in NEED of a playmaker!!! We would have to trade up and I dont see how that would be anything but MAJOR costing...which obviously is unlikely to happen...

Not sure why everyone is so upset about this move. WE were 6-10 with Marshall on the team. Was he a good player? Of course. This move surprised me but I see nothing wrong with it. It freed up a lot of cap space. Not sure what else the team has planned. Instantly I thought it might be Manning AND Wayne but I don't know. Maybe the move is to add Winston and Flynn. Regardless, no question the team hads to find another WR. I doubt it's Jackson....I hear he's going to Tampa. But I wouldn't be surprised if they take a guy like Malcolm Floyd in the draft now. I like that we have a couple of extra thirds to move around with in the draft.

INDY RADIO RePORTInG Manning meeting with Ross and phins right now!!!! Do you guys see this???

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