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Getting Flynn at right price as important as getting him

The question today is apparently not whether the Dolphins will try to sign Matt Flynn. It seems if the team gets a chance to sign the Green Bay free agent backup quarterback, that is exactly what will happen.

No, the question I believe more important is not whether the Dolphins will try to sign Flynn but how they'll try to sign Flynn. It's a completely different issue and definitely as important an issue.

Flynn, according to a reliable source, will be in town sometime late tonight. He'll be here, assuming he doesn't get blown away by the Seattle Seahawks and simply jumps at the opportunity. But once he arrives, then what?

What to do with Flynn?

Do the Dolphins commit to Flynn as their starter or do they commit to him as, ahem, a quarterback who will come to camp and compete with Matt Moore for the starting job. In other words, do the Dolphins commit starting quarterback money or do they commit the kind of money a player who has a chance to start but isn't certain of that typically gets?

If the Dolphins are committing to Flynn as their starter, they may have to spend between $7-$9 million per season. The deal would probably extend past two years and there would be a chunky bag of guaranteed money included.

The lesser commitment is obviously cheaper -- probably $4-$5 million per year with incentive clauses that would hike the deal's worth if Flynn wins the starting job, thus deserving more money. This kind of deal protects the team if he fails.


Flynn is worth one but definitely not the other. He is a value if signing a deal that protects the team in case he's more A.J. Feeley than Drew Brees. He still gets paid if he becomes a star. But he has to earn his money rather than getting it the minute he walks in the locker room.

Makes sense, right?

The problem is Flynn wants to maximize his earning. He will want the biggest deal he can get, certainly his agent will want that. And because he's got two quarterback-hungry teams talking to him, he might be able to leverage one versus the other to get what he wants.

(Personally, I don't see the Seahawks letting themselves be held up. They paid Travaris Jackson a two-year deal worth $8 million last season. I assume if they offer Flynn, it'll be a similar deal and ask him to fight for the starting job. I say this because you must remember Flynn was not Seattle's top QB choice this offseason. They actually scheduled Chad Henne to come to town before Flynn. Henne never made it because he signed with Jacksonville.)

Well, the Dolphins can similarly make the case that Flynn is not their top choice. At least I hope they make that case. Everyone knows they wanted Peyton Manning. And I assume they aren't going to use the money on Flynn that they would have used on Manning.

At least I hope not because that's just dumb.

I guess what I'm asking is for the Dolphins to hold their desperation in check. Getting Flynn simply isn't like getting Manning. We don't even know if he's any good.

With Flynn it's not just about getting him to come. As a relatively unproven player, he has to come at the right price -- for the team.

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I'd rather see start Moore and draft 2 QB's then get another teams castoff.

Lazo from day one everyone in Miami knew Cameron was a moron when it came to head coaching ("we just signed the Ginn family"!). Very few people liked him and it was so bad that the players ignored him on the plane trips home.

Taylor couldn't stand him and people were throwing parties when he was fired. Not one player from his draft is still playing for the Dolphins and only two players, Satele and Ginn went on to have modest success.

But don't ask me,,, ask Armando,,ask Omar,,ask Jason Taylor,, ask any player from that team that went 1-15. Yeah but keep defending him, it's obvious that you either are a new fan or you just want to argue with someone because this is retarded.

You can tell Philbin is smarter from not only his ideas but from his actions and words as well. Everyone knows it, it's been widly reported that he is a very intelligent man and is passionate about the game.

You seem to have just arrived on the planet yesterday.

Oh yeah and "LAZO",,,,I'm not judging him,,I am saying what I have read from every reporter, player, and NFL guy who has talked about him. It's not my opinion because yes, I DON'T KNOW HIM OR SEEN HIM COACH A GAME YET. I'm telling you what the experts think,,,you know,,,the same ones you said are smarter than I. Ya better listen to em right?! :)

Manning turns 36 on March 24. In the 46 Super Bowls that have been played, only eight of the 92 quarterbacks who have started under center did so at the age of 36 or older. More specifically, the last ten Super Bowls have only seen two quarterbacks start the game at the age of 36 or older (Rich Gannon, Kurt Warner) and both of those guys came up short.

For all the manning Lovers out there!!!

Phins78, every novice NFL HC we have hired has failed and is no longer an NFL HC. Saban, Cameron, and Sparano. Philbin is another NOVICE HC. You get the picture?

Phins, I could care less what dumb sports writers or football players think. Not many people have success at being an HC. It doesn't make them morons just because they failed. You don't get it. You don't understand what it is to try. You don't understand there is no success in anything without failures along the way.

I refer you to google a quote by Roosevelt in reference to 'it's not the critic who counts'. You will learn something in the 1 minute it takes you to read it.

Oh my God you are seriously so bent just because I called Cam a moron? dude, get a life and chill.

Sorry, he might be an intelligent man but he is a moron when it comes to head coaching a football team. That IS NOT up for debate because it was proven by 1-15, players hating him, drafting a punt returner with a high first round pick, drafting John Beck, "fail forward fast", and I could go on ALL NIGHT.

Now go call Cameron and tell him how much you miss his intelligence.

Ross and Ireland never land the guys they want ie Fisher, Manning. They have to settle for the Philbins and Flynns of the world.

Holy Soap Opera ladies!

Phins78 - While I tend to agree with much of what you have said (not all) you are dominating the blog space with petty arguments. As someone who has been here for a long time, it gets really tiring reading the same old drama with very little actual football talk going on. Moron this and moron that. It's pedantic and boring and a pain in the arse having to filter through your 20 posts in the last half hour and the equally moronic, "Did...did not" garbage responses. If you cannot stop bickering then just take your Xanax for the night and please go away. If you want to actually say something about the current state of this team - be it negative or positive - please do it. Otherwise, who really cares about Cam?

Moreover if nobody knows what Fail Forward Fast really means they apparently have very sad lives. It's simple - if you fail at something learn from it and correct it fast. Cam failed fast but not forward. So, he can be ridiculed for many things but that statement isn't one of them.

Mando needs to post something new soon to end this atrocity.

I wish Ireland had half the intelligence of Cameron. Just sayin.

What's the picture "Scotty" ? Do some research and then tell me how many experienced head coaches go on to other teams and have success. There are like 5 of them in NFL history. Then go and look up how many former coordinators became successful head coaches, compare your numbers, and come back and tell me why you want a proven head coach over Philbin.

And you can change your name again if it's making you feel like a lot of people are agreeing with you, that will be fine with me :)

Ireland's utter ignorance and lack of class in the Dez Bryant debacle has caused lots of players and coaches to shy away from Miami.

Phins, you have a very shallow mind and very little respect for anyone. Not to mention, a poor vocabulary. Look up the meaning of the word moron, it does not fit Cameron.

I hate to tell you this but your parents failed with you worse than Cameron failed with the fins.

Phins78, your momma's blowin me!

Jimmy Jam want don't you just ignore my posts? I'm not here to entertain you or make you feel like you've accomplished something in a blog. I'm doing my own thing, don't like it, I don't really care. I never called anyone in here a moron. Don't put words in my mouth. Another poster and I are having a discussion, ignore it. Hellllooooooo? How is this so hard to understand? Start a conversation with someone who wants to talk to you about the things you want to talk about.

And Jimmy, I've seen your name before but haven't seen it in days. I'm home injured so I know, this has been helping me pass my time as I can not move a lot. Haven't seen you at all. But I've been having great conversations,,,ABOUT FOOTBALL,,,with a bunch of people. It's been fun. Don't ever accuse me of not talking football, you don't know me and you haven't read any of my posts if that's what you think.

EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT FAIL FORWARD FAST IS. That's the point and is exactly what made him a joke. You fail and learn from your mistakes. What is that some new genius theory because he worded it differently? NO. It was a way for him to teach a bunch of grown men about failing. That's why the players laughed and thought he was a joke. They had no respect for him but I should? Puuuhhhlleeeaassseeeeee.

Here's what's really funny.

I started this conversation with one person and mysteriously three other people have jumped on board.

All defending Cam Cameron. All arguing the same exact points.

Dude you are such a puss for changing your name all of the time you realize that right? And the only reason you went in and signed under your original post in was because of my post calling that behavior out. You are the same person and for some reason are so insecure you need to back your own opinions up[ with the same opinions posted under different names. My God you are a loser.

Now come back and say how I'm paranoid and that isn't the case. Yes, three people believe so much in Cameron that they're all arguing the same points. I'm out for today, the smart people come back on the weekdays, that's when I'll be back. This is just a sad waste of time. Have fun arguing or agreeing with yourself!

I'm on to you. Lastly, I know you will be hunting me down under different random names next week so I'll be ready to ignore you. Have fun talking to yourself.

I don't post much anymore Phins, largely because of the majority of posters here. You seemed bitter in your posts; having had a number of debilitating injuries over the years, I understand. It is not a fun place to be. I am sure you are a decent person and I am sorry to hear of your injury. I hope you heal soon.

My apologies for interjecting my exasperation into your and others conversation.

Good night all.

flynn will be our starter, so now we need some weapons for him

Holy schnikes it stinks of negativity and pain pill saturated sweat up in here! cleo lemon wasnt that bad he just had nothing to work with. Ronnie went down after a crazy start the o-line sucked chambers got traded to give ginn more playing time and marty booker wasnt exactly giving an effort.now to current dolphins thoughts does anyone think wimbly is worth a look when he gets released by oakland?

Phins, you are paranoid. I have not changed my name. If that is how you think, then maybe its you that does that?

Are sure Dusty.. He's been in Miami all day and still no word. Unless i missed it.

yeah hes with our doctors now. should be signed tonight or tomm. we need winston now!

Friggin Flynn's been there all day and not a peep about it from Salguero...PFFT!!

Saw where the Pats signed Anthony Gonzalez. Maybe that means their giving up on Lloyd.

Although Lloyd is probably out of our price range as well.

Winston would be good as well. That would give us one of the top OL's in the league.

I don't get it??? They had Matt Flynn at their facility with our new HC (who just so happened to be his Offensive Coodinator in GB) & we still didn't sign him. That's just unacceptable. If they overpay for Flynn for the 2012 season wouldn't they agree to a contract like Kolb's where they wouldn't have to guarantee the money for 2013???? The Seahawks are not guaranteeing Flynn a TON of money or a starting job with Tavaris Jackson already signed to make $4 Million this year.

Sure the Dolphins had insiders leak reports that they don't want to "overpay" for Flynn which is again a silly PR move (why can't they keep a low profile like the Niners did with Manning???) but after the reality or at the LEAST the perception that they are an incompetent organization, I believe they have to sign him.

And finally there have a number of reports that Tannehill may be gone before the 8th pick so that plan could blow up in their face. Again I'm assuming they have a plan!!!

"Packers free agent quarterback Matt Flynn spent more than five hours meeting with coaches and front office officials at Dolphins’ headquarters Saturday, arriving at noon. He left shortly after 5:30 p.m., according to WSVN-Fox 7. Before that, the Dolphins put him through medical tests this morning, just a few hours after he landed on a red-eye flight from the West Coast.

The Dolphins would like to sign him in the next couple days and are widely considered the favorite. But they still need to agree on money, and that will take some compromise."

This is from Barry Jackson so IMO it sounds like we blew it.

Unfortunately,i dont think we can afford Winston. Just hope we dont select a RT in the 1st round.

Hopefully we'll grab Blackmon,Ingram or maybe even a trade down and grab Floyd but we'll see...

If we don't get Flynn then Philbin doesn't think he's worth it, so I'm not going to Panic if we don't sign him. Sounds like everyone thinks he is a 2nd tier starter and if that is the case lets not over pay for him

I'd rather use the money on Winston if we don't get Flynn

No winston...

Ireland loves giving money to bums like Columbo...

Apparently we can't afford Flynn either. They must not be too high on him.

It seems funny to me. Mario Wiliams went to Buffalo and never left. The Buc's signed 3 bigtime FA's on the first day.

I mean if you want them, you make it happen more often than not. We seem to strike out with regularity.

Maybe Ireland is still asking the FA prospects what their mother's do for a living. Good grief.

Oh well, Winston just signed with Chiefs...I guess if they leave they never sign..

Eh we didn't need Winston anyway. We got Artis Hicks.

IM ABOUT DONE WITH THIS Team. I would do anything to be done with this team.


As long as this team is held hostage by THE SCOUT who is occupying the GMs office, we will never get traction to get out of the sand pits.

The Fins have done nothing except trade away Marshall which left us with nothing for a replacement. Who are we going to find in FA that is a 1000+ yd 100 catch play maker? Sure Marshall dropped way too many passes and now he's gone. So who will the QB whoever that may end up being have to throw to?

I want to get WR Blackmon but what i want and what THE SCOUT will do with the #8 can never be more apart.

In my opinion so far i give the team and new HC a F-.

I don't feel that we even have any upside left out there in FA or the Draft. i mean, the draft this year has slim pickings IMO.

Just read a Dave Hyde article at the SS (yeah, I was slumming)

He's talking about losing out on Fisher etc.....and how low we have fallen with Ross. Fans 'shrugging' like excepting the fact we suck. Pretty good read


Your a POOR excuse for a human being.

A-s Hole.

Mando..any word on anything man? Seems like a pretty big day in Miami and we have no new stories to read from you...are you wasted on dos-XX already for Patty's day?


You are right on.

It reminds me of when gas prices were $1.10 a gallon and then went up to today here $4.00 a gallon... People just shrug it off but are pissed off.

People are stuck.

We are stuck with Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland and his philosophy. Nothing exciting, nothing new and more of the same ol, same ol.

Ross doesn't give a rats butt as he didn't fire Ireland and Jeff is just sitting there doing exactly fly what I expected.

I don't expect any progress from someone who went to Dallis as a SCOUT. parcells brought him over to the fins as a GM. What credentials, experience, anything for that matter did Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland ever have. ZERO.

Here is where I call Parcells out onto the carpet.

parcells brought in this inexperienced SCOUT knowing that Parcells would be calling the shots and that Ireland would never be disobedient to him. parcells left town when he seen that it ain't gonna work and left the SCOUT and Sparano.

So we are here again with an experienced nobody who Ross thinks is the cats meow.

BOTH Ross and Jeff stink.

Ross should sell the team and Ireland needs to be fired.

We will go nowhere.

Bad move to go after Peyton it was a waste of time. Hard to say about Flynn but we know about Matt Moore and he is very capable. This guy is getting better and better. I think he will surprise a lot of people given another chance. Go Matt!!

Unless Flynn signs for low money, he won't be considered a true acorn.
And we all know how acorns are prized by our GM.

cripes, armando is milking this blog. time for a new one.

Marshall is screwed.

The Pats signed Brandon Lloyd
The Bills signed Mario Williams
Each a dynamic game changing player.

We signed who?

Apparently we can't afford Flynn either. They must not be too high on him.
It seems funny to me. Mario Wiliams went to Buffalo and never left. The Buc's signed 3 bigtime FA's on the first day.
I mean if you want them, you make it happen more often than not. We seem to strike out with regularity.
Maybe Ireland is still asking the FA prospects what their mother's do for a living. Good grief.
Posted by: Dolfan Rick | March 17, 2012 at 07:05 PM

Dude, first of all, signing a bunch of free agents is NOT the way to win in the NFL. Check out the Steelers, Packers, Patriots...They don't exactly break the bank on free agents do they...It's all about the draft bro...And yeah, Tampa Bay is spending more $$$ than we are. No kidding, they were 60 million under the cap, we were 15...And we re-signed Paul Soliai...

Winston signed with KC

montreal we dont have a brady,rodgers, or even a big ben. huge difference. flynn will be solid for us, i hope anyways

God forbid we sign WRs Lloyd or Gonzalez, just let Belicheat get them. Way to go Dolphins! Sad.....

dusty, bottom line is free agency is NOT the way. All those QBs you named were drafted by those teams. Miami hasn't been able to draft a franchise QB. Not sure Flynn is an upgrade over Moore. He won't have all those awesome weapons he had up in GB...Just sayin'...

llyod huge signing for pats. he will be awesome. langford signed with rams

flynn will be solid for us, i hope anyways

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 17, 2012 at 08:49 PM

For weeks you have been laughing at Flynn saying he is useless garbage. Now you say what?

Lloyd would of been nice, but let's keep in mind this draft has excellent depth at the WR position...And Philbin loves to draft his own WRs...

kc signed winston and brady quinn,lol jason allen to the bengals

can u imagine the year lloyd will have with brady and mcdaniels sytem. fantasy stud now

Langford is average...Not that hard to replace...Hell, I prefer Starks...

how would u know philbin loves to draft wrs. hes never done a draft and he wont do one here

Anybody can put up great numbers playing with Tom Brady...Ted Ginn would be a 1500 Yard receiver in New England...

marcus mcneil might not be a bad signing if we could get him. ginn would do nothing like always even with brady. how many 1500 yard wrs has brady had, not many

dusty, Philbin and McCarthy preferred drafting WRs...And Ted Thompson knew it. Tight ends as well. And how many times have we heard Ireland say he now has to draft players who will "fit the way Philbin likes them"...You think this only happens in Miami? All GM's try to draft players who will be a good fit for the HC. Simple stuff...

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