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Getting Flynn at right price as important as getting him

The question today is apparently not whether the Dolphins will try to sign Matt Flynn. It seems if the team gets a chance to sign the Green Bay free agent backup quarterback, that is exactly what will happen.

No, the question I believe more important is not whether the Dolphins will try to sign Flynn but how they'll try to sign Flynn. It's a completely different issue and definitely as important an issue.

Flynn, according to a reliable source, will be in town sometime late tonight. He'll be here, assuming he doesn't get blown away by the Seattle Seahawks and simply jumps at the opportunity. But once he arrives, then what?

What to do with Flynn?

Do the Dolphins commit to Flynn as their starter or do they commit to him as, ahem, a quarterback who will come to camp and compete with Matt Moore for the starting job. In other words, do the Dolphins commit starting quarterback money or do they commit the kind of money a player who has a chance to start but isn't certain of that typically gets?

If the Dolphins are committing to Flynn as their starter, they may have to spend between $7-$9 million per season. The deal would probably extend past two years and there would be a chunky bag of guaranteed money included.

The lesser commitment is obviously cheaper -- probably $4-$5 million per year with incentive clauses that would hike the deal's worth if Flynn wins the starting job, thus deserving more money. This kind of deal protects the team if he fails.


Flynn is worth one but definitely not the other. He is a value if signing a deal that protects the team in case he's more A.J. Feeley than Drew Brees. He still gets paid if he becomes a star. But he has to earn his money rather than getting it the minute he walks in the locker room.

Makes sense, right?

The problem is Flynn wants to maximize his earning. He will want the biggest deal he can get, certainly his agent will want that. And because he's got two quarterback-hungry teams talking to him, he might be able to leverage one versus the other to get what he wants.

(Personally, I don't see the Seahawks letting themselves be held up. They paid Travaris Jackson a two-year deal worth $8 million last season. I assume if they offer Flynn, it'll be a similar deal and ask him to fight for the starting job. I say this because you must remember Flynn was not Seattle's top QB choice this offseason. They actually scheduled Chad Henne to come to town before Flynn. Henne never made it because he signed with Jacksonville.)

Well, the Dolphins can similarly make the case that Flynn is not their top choice. At least I hope they make that case. Everyone knows they wanted Peyton Manning. And I assume they aren't going to use the money on Flynn that they would have used on Manning.

At least I hope not because that's just dumb.

I guess what I'm asking is for the Dolphins to hold their desperation in check. Getting Flynn simply isn't like getting Manning. We don't even know if he's any good.

With Flynn it's not just about getting him to come. As a relatively unproven player, he has to come at the right price -- for the team.

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Toronto @ 10:54

Parcells has publically said he was responsible for Pat White and according to inside sources Ireland was against it.

Who knows what these sources know but truth is Parcells admitted to falling in love with the WildCat and Pat White was his decision.

ozkar, appreciate you coming out of the mirror of romper room to post.

when we are ready to grow up, Henne is not a dolphin, I am ready to tlak about dolphin opportunities now.

thank you at you attempt to be witty by throwing a jab at another poster here.

Oh, and as always, thank you for your brilliant post.

Can we afford Winston now?

"I'll argue the Dolphins AREN'T desperate for a QB."

Gonna be pretty lonely on your side of the argument.

Hey Poizen what's a romper room?

Poizen, at this point (rebuild year), I don't waste my money on Manningham. If I'm going to spend in FA, I go for defense (at least be elite SOMEWHERE).

Then I try to fill holes in Draft (also get a QB to develop, hopefully either Tannehill or Weeden, as long as you understand he needs to be a starter in 1 year or else he's not worth it). I get my WR in the Draft, oline, safety, TE, etc.

I try to develop those guys in 2012. Then I see where we are, how well the team understands the new system, and get the missing pieces in 2013.

Not sexy, but the best I think we can hope for.


Do you really think Flynn wants to sit on the bench his whole career? Is that his goal to get rings sitting on the bench? These guys are competitors and want to play. Just the fact you even suggest that tells me you are happy to do no work yet reap the rewards of others. What a wuss.

Not only did he fall in love with White but he sat next to Bill Belichick in the combine as the two were amazed by white's athletic ability. Parcells had someone bring him the betting line in the paper so he could look like he was placing bets while taking notes on White. That's how badly old man river wanted White, he was trying to hide the fact that he was interested from all of the other reps that were there.



Moore proved he is better than henne so there id no argument on that. Yeah henne is loving his deal with the jags. 6 mil. To stand on the sidelines who wouldnt take that deal. Bottom line, henne still sucks!

Can we afford Winston now?
Posted by: Poizen | March 16, 2012 at 11:40 AM

After they sign Flynn they won't be able to afford a pack of Winstons.

Phins, I know what I read from mando. I'm not interested in arguing this. If you think Ireland's done a good job, that's your opinion and entitled to it. Personally, I would've got rid of him with sparano and hired someone to oversee the football side who is respected because its crystal clear that the players think very little of our directorship and its having a direct impact on the team.

Phins78 ur very wrong actually, giants and pats did alot with free agency, antrelle rolle was a big part, and the pats did their share, in fact the only one that didn't was green bay, and they sucked for a lot of years. Philbin needs to understand that if he decides to build through the draft then he is gone in a year and we have a top three pick next year. A first year coach cannot build a team without playmakers in one year through the draft. U jerks that are saying build through the draft don't understand out situation at all. Miami can't draft. An owner and a gm who says they want franchise players playmakers and star coaches has nothing, NOTHING, and if philbin only goes draft he will be cam part two. Wake up.

One thing hopefully we all (optimists and pessimists) can be "mildly" optimistic about, is if we FINALLY have a system in place (on both sides of the ball) that once perfected can win (with the right pieces) in the modern football era.

If that's all we accomplish in 2012, I will be VERY HAPPY. Because that will eventually lead to a stable, winning franchise (if given time to succeed).

I'd be happy if we became a team with an identity. With a system. Then we just add the players and plug and play. I don't know if this is the goal, but it would be a worthy one if it is.

That's the best I got for you guys (as far as appreciating what the FO is doing).

"There's so much wrong with your post at 11:17 I don't know where to start."

Forgot to address this. Why don't you start with, theres nothing wrong in my post? It's my opinion which I provided a basis for making the claims I did.

Who are you to correct it anyway if there was? Step off your throne for a second. You are in no position to correct myself or anyone else.

You know zilch more than I do on any of these topics so please stop parading yourself around the blog as the fact police.

We can move things around to get Winston.
Now stop saying Ireland is good. He did one good thing, got marshall, and screwed that up too, and now no one wants to come here. U know that's fact, right? Miami used to be the spot.

Phins, the good teams in the league don't use free agency because they tie up their money signing your own players that were awesome draft picks. When your team can't draft, you need to sign other teams draft picks to major dollars.

Word straight from the mouth of Michael Lombardi and Jason LaConfora of the NFL channel is Miami is a great place for vacation but not for playing professional football. The new billboard should say SELL ROSS SELL!

Miami is the worst drafting team of the 21st century. We are the 90's bengals. It's awful.

DC @ 11:45,

Totally agree with FINALLY having a system...hopefully sticking to it.

Guess I'm on an island but for the record want to sign Flynn (at this point) and draft a QB in a later round (not the 1st). Flynn may be the biggest bust since Misty Mounds but I just paid my bills and none were payable to "Matt Flynn" so what do I care. Assuming the signing is somewhat cap friendly of course.

If we could somehow draft Blackmon and pick up a developmental QB I'd be fine with that. Although if Philbin doesn't like superstar receivers that seems unlikely. For my money Greg Jennings is a stud WR so don't really understand that train of thought.

Von Schmidt and ozkar,

Thanks for the shout out....love you guys too!

You both missed my point totally. Don't these guys play for a championship? What I'm saying is if you had a chance to win multiple rings the next 5 years in GB or go to Miami and the money was the same, which would you chose? The team with NO track record in the last ten years or the team that's consistently in the playoffs, fighting for a Championship. Uproot your family and go to a place you're not familiar with or stay where you are, with a coaching staff and players you're very comfortable with?

How does that make me a 'coward' or a 'wuzz'? Because I have a different opinion than you? Brilliant! These guys are business men and smart. They play to win rings. Winning a ring in Miami seems like the furthest thing away right now. If the money was the same, it's clear which opportunity is best.

DC @ 11:45,

Exactly how I feel bro.


We can have the best systems in the word but if you don't have the players to execute the systems you got nothing. We don't have the players right now.

Wtf are we gonna do at wr!?

Captain Obvious,

You're right. You stated multiple opinions and I stated mine, as to why I don't agree with you. Sorry that doesn't jive with you but that's what you get in a blog.

Winning a ring in Miami would be far more satifying to me.Than being a back-up for a championship team.
Craig M you sound like you want the easy way out.Don't want anything to with a challenge.Is that how you live your life too?

Armando you are right. Orton was a more proven QB then Flynn, and they wouldnt pay him 9-10 mill. And Moore is better then Flynn anyway.

ozkar, forget it, not worth it at this point "peace"

DC, I am happy we have a system, I guess I was just hoping for there to be a plan with this system already. This Marshall trade was not last minute, I have a tough time feeling he was not shopped before sold at the starting bid to Chicago.

I really thought that Philbin brought a direction, and the low cost pieces would start immediatly... I have not seen that. then the delay on Flynn scares me, because if POhilbin KNOWS that is the guy that CAN do this, we would have signed him day one.

I think my expectations were way to high. But in short, yes, I am happy there is a different system... I am just hoping i am not reliving CHANGE, then Obama takes over... :) Sorry went political.

When the Miami Dolphins had the No. 1 pick in 2008, they spent considerable resources scouting the draft’s top three quarterbacks, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco and Chad Henne.

And this from the Palm Beach Post;

"They looked at their college resumes; physical attributes; arm strength; leadership; and character."

"But one other measureable made Henne the most desirable pick."

“Not quite as expensive,” Bill Parcells, the team’s former executive vice president of football operations, said Tuesday night in his 90-minute ESPN special.

There ya have it folks,,,not quite as expensive. That's why we were stuck with Henne. And then it goes on to say he thought Ryan would be under too much pressure at #1 and they would have to start him right away. Said a mid round pick like Henne has the luxury of sitting the bench for two to three years before even stepping into a regular season game. He says that time is invaluable and built QBs like Montana and Brady. And then they forced him into action after only one year.

It's incredible to me the multiple mistakes Parcells made, including hiring Sparano and possibly Ireland. Incredible only because for some reason fans seem to have forgotten who got us into this mess to begin with.

Email from Coach Philben to Aaron Rogers:

Hi Aaron,

I miss Green Bay. A LOT!

What a circus this Miami job is. And, Dear Goodness, it is only the start of Free Agency! I started taking Xanax last night after spending two hours with my bosses, i.e., the two clowns (Ross and Jeff) that run this joke of an organization.

I think Mike Sherman, who says 'Hi', will soon be on medication as well. Lol!

First, the Manning fiasco. You probably heard we were on 'lock down.' Hahahaha. If people only knew the details.

Manning would not even accept a call from Mr. Ross or Jeff. Marino, yes Marino(!), is the one who set up that meeting.

And I would not be surprised if Ross gave Manning $500,000 just to agree to the meeting even after enlisting Marino's help. This way, Ross saves face. What a joke. Needless to say Manning would have flipped hambugers rather than play for Ross and Jeff and I can't blame him.

I mean, just seconds into free agency, Jeff traded our best WR away with no plan whatsoever to find any replacement. We already needed at least two other good receivers and a tight end. There's not a WR or TE on the team that would come close to making the Green Bay roster. I just don't get it.

Then the RT Winston came to town and he's a real stud AND, get this, he wanted to play here. Jeff almost insulted him with such a low offer. And away he went. Jeff then signed signed some old guy who feels like he's going to be Marco Columbo's twin brother.

Jeff signed our own NT who will not even be that good a fit for a 4-3 scheme. Then Jeff signed a backup CB to compete with our starting CB. The only passing game we will be able to stop will be our own in practise. Maybe.

I even heard rumors that we may sign a FA center. I thought we had a good center! I know the thought is to move him to guard, but still, why not just find a good guard. Jeff has an OL/DL/LB fetish; there is no other way to put it. Those are almost the only three positions he talks about with excitement in the draft planning sessions.

When I mention skill positions, all I can say is I swear, if I heard the word 'value' and 'acorn' one more time...oh, I miss Green Bay. A LOT.

I thought we would being doing a West Coast Offense here. I guess it will be the 2.1 yard per rush running and punting and field goal edition. You know what's funny, I started practicing fist pumps for field goals! God Bless Tony.

I feel sorry for whoever plays QB here. We've got a small RB who has a tendency to get injured and his backup is ALWAYS hurt. Our O-Line has not been improved. I've already told you about our lack of receivers. You are so lucky that Nick Saban passed on you so he could take a RB. Lol.

Moore is a good backup but his arm strength is lower than one would like and he has the smallest hands! When Mike told Jeff about this being a problem, Jeff's said,serioulsy, "Maybe he can throw using both hands?" Lol!!!! Mike is getting his own pills soon! Lol.

You know what I think? I think Ross is all about appearences. We have a talent starved team that is barely under the salary cap, yet the actual cash paid out to players is one of the lowest in the league. They talk a good game in public on the rare occasions they talk to the press, but in private, it's a joke.

Jeff is just a Parcell guy who is implementing this dog and pony show while trying to build a prehistoric running team of the early 1990's. I will say it was funny watching him inteviewing at the combine. One could tell every prospect was thinking about Dez Bryant. Lol. Maybe that's unfair, but Jeff could change his public perception if he wanted to.

I tell you what. I'm saving all my money. So is Mike. We may be scapegoated when this is all said and done. I had hoped we could bring the Green Bay culture here, but it doesn't look good so far.

I heard Ted is thinking of finding you another WR and OL in the draft in addition to rebuilding the secondary. You lucky dog!

Give my best to the family.

Time for a Xanax! Ireland has a meeting set up to talk about punters and kickers in the draft. Lol.

Coach Philbin


Not sure what the problems is today bud....not enough fibre or something this morning? You don't know me, so don't pretend you do. Hope you stick to talking to football and give the cheapshots a break...if you can't do that, how about we ignore each other....that OK with you?

Nobody's winning a ring in Miami this decade.

Just like I've said before this front office regime in miami will never produce a winner. The whole NFL knows they are a bunch of bafoons. Matt moore will be the QB in 2012, if he's not then they have made another stupid move like signing weak armed Matt Flynn {can u say Jay fiedler} actually that's a knock on fiedler. Now the best option is lose this year to get a QB in next years draft. I have finally seen enough,until the regime is changed I will no longer support the team and I have been an avid fan for 40 yrs. Since I live in the california bay area the 49ers are starting to look good as my new team {never thought I would say that} all I can say to the fans is BOYCOTT THE DOLPHINS the only way to hit these rich owners is in the pocket book.


How are you doing in your NCAA pool? I'm 14 of 16 so far, so not bad. I jumped on the bandwagon and took Kentucky to beat Ohio State in the Finals. How about you?


The system needs time to be built. It's not slow, plodding ground and pound anymore. The system won't be built up in just one week of FA and one offseason. Miami is being patient this time around and it may take longer but at least it hopefully is beneficial in the long haul. A quick fix and lavish spending on FA is not the way to build a team.

One thing I like about Flynn, college and NFL, when he needed to step in and get the job done, he appeared ready for the challenge.

He may be one of those guys, like Welker, who study, learn, and work their azzes off to overcome certain issues, and succeed, at their jobs. JMO

ESPN Reporting:


@Kent - The Jay Fiedler years sound pretty good to me at this point.

Agree Mando but knowing Ross's apparent desperation after the Manning failure, he'll over pay Flynn.

My only hope now is for a FAIR competetion between Moore and Flynn. Am I a Moore guy? No. I'm a Miami guy and I've seen the so called QB competition in the past. The problem arises when you pay out big money and you're 'forced' to start the guy. Oh well.

One thing I like about Flynn, college and NFL, when he needed to step in and get the job done, he appeared ready for the challenge.

He may be one of those guys, like Welker, who study, learn, and work their azzes off to overcome certain issues, and succeed, at their jobs. JMO

"Phins, I know what I read from mando. I'm not interested in arguing this. If you think Ireland's done a good job, that's your opinion and entitled to it."

Whoa,,,Whoooaaaaaaa,, slow it down Mark :) I never said Irleand has done a good job in that post. My point was that there is no reason to blame Ireland for doing something he didn't do when there are SO many other things you can be upset with him for. I'm just setting the record straight.

It was a big debate in here yesterday between me and a couple other posters as to who was doing the drafting. For some reason someone else thought Ireland was running the show and Parcells was HIS protege. It was the exact opposite of what the reality of the situation is.

And then the first thing I read today was you saying Parcells didn't draft White, it was Ireland. That is not true and I was simply clearing up a mistake made by more than a few people.

Poizen how can you comment something like that.Coach Philbin hasn't coached a single game yet.FA isn't over.And the draft is right arount the corner.You love to b itch,nag!

Caleb Hanie better not be a consideration! Pat Delvin is a better option.

HELL! I am a better option

How can anyone talk about a ring? They dont give rings for finishing in the cellar. This team gets worse every year. No playmakers now and a novice HC. And Ireland is STILL here. This is an expansion team without the draft choices and no one competent enough to stop the free fall.

So Andy,

Help me out with what we should be looking for players wise in this WC offence. Do Bess and Hartline fit? I'm guessing yes. What else? Do we not need at least one deep threat to open up the field? I realize it's not that type of offence but don't we need guys to get in space for YAC? Would Blackmon or Floyd work in this offence? I'm just a little confued about what works and what doesn't work. Is WR a priority or is it like DC said, the offence can be run with second tier guys?

Phins78, AGAIN, you are not reading, just typing. No offense but, you appear to be seriously lacking in the comprehnsion dept. If you're going to reply, please stick to what I said not what you think! What is the deal with you?

Here are 2 PRIME EXAMPLES in your last post:

#1 "The pattern is teams that sign all of the big name free agents never win."


They sign who they want all the time REGARDLESS & wins / losses have ZERO correlation to their ability to do so. Stop trying to debate or discuss things that do no apply.

#2 - "But instead you said the Dolphins can't sign any guys and Dallas/Washington get all of their guys"

I NEVER said this! What I said & will be the last time is, other teams FIND ways to be creative with salaries & Miami has not since Parcells & his wanna be GM showed up! Other teams do it every day in the NFL. It's NOT just Dallas & Miami. They were just examples!

Enough of this already. You're a broken friggin record! If you don't get it by the third try, it's futile.

Ozkar, you have proved your attention to these posts is minimal with the last comment.

Matt Flynn SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another ten years without a franchise quarterback.

Craig M We are commenting on football.Matt Flynn is the best option for Our current roster.
Stop wishing is wasn't true.Put your henne jag jersey on,I know you'll feel better.Oh yeah and find the nearest bench to sit on.Don't forget a blanket and a teddy.

Captain Obvious,
You're right. You stated multiple opinions and I stated mine, as to why I don't agree with you. Sorry that doesn't jive with you but that's what you get in a blog.
Posted by: Craig M | March 16, 2012 at 11:55 AM

Then say you disagree. Don't tell me I'm wrong. Get over yourself!

Your arrogant & pompus! QUITE OBVIOUS!

Ozkar is fighting tooth and nail with Clue for the title of stupidest person here.


You keep going on about Henne. You're not even funny any more. I have admited I was wrong about Henne. What's this NEED to keep going on about it? Are you looking for a written apology or something?

Consider this my last post to you today...keep chirping on and picking fights with Poizen and whoever else..I'm done with you.

inimounts, Antrelle Rolle and who else? And the Patriots signed Albert Haynesworth and Ocho cinco, how did that work out for them? Please dude, you're proving my point even further. The winning teams build through the draft and then sprinkle in Vets to get over the hump. They don't sign a bunch of pro bowlers throw em together and hope for the best. I mean how many times has this been proven throughout NFL history? You tell me to wake up? Do some research bud, you're the one in the coma.

They're going to fire Philbin if he has a losing season? Is that what you're suggesting. That a first time head coach who takes over a losing team that lost it's entire coaching staff had better win in it's first season or the coach is fired? Are you for real? This is why Miami fans get made fun of! That's a ridiculous notion that has no basis in reality.

Speaking of Jay Fiedler, he was given, what, 7 years?!?

Only modern impatience has changed things. This blog lets us talk to each other and the team. Both Henne and Moore are better than Fiedler.

Yeah, Fiedler had a winning record, but that was back when we still had a very good defense.

Later all, going to watch a little of NCAA... Have a good weekend, even you ozkar.


Another one less person I need to worry about talking to today too. Written apology in the mail to you also.

TOTALLY agree. The fact that so few teams have pursued him is a telling sign. If he wants big money then forget him. Miami can take their chances with Matt Moore and whoever they draft. BETTER YET...trade away this year's 2nd rounder for a 1st round pick in 2013. Then we can package two first rounders together to move up and get Matt Barkley.

Phuc u is hilarious. I truly enjoy reading your posts and I mean that.

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