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Quickie reaction report from Joe Philbin breakfast

Here's the quickie report from the Joe Philbin breakfast presser at the NFL annual meetings in Palm Beach:

To begin with and perhaps most importantly, Philbin isn't buying into the idea the Dolphins are a rebuilding team. "I think it would be a disservice to the players to say we're in a rebuilding mode."

That is probably true. And a fair point. But sometimes, folks, the truth is the truth. (More on that later today).

I asked Phibin what football reason he could give for the trading of Brandon Marshall. He called Marshall a "very talented player," but mostly he dogdged the question. In other words, he didn't give a reason.

It's been speculatated that the Miami offense doesn't have a No. 1 receiver that must get the ball a majority of the time. That idea has been put forth by folks diminishing the Marshall loss. But the idea the Dolphins don't need or want a No. 1 receiver is only partially true.

"Part of the philosophy of the offense is to have balance," Philbin said. "We want our quarterbacks to typically have what we call progression reads, where they're not necessarily isolated on one specific individual. With that being said, we're going to play to our hot hand and we're certainly going to strive to create mismatches and take advantage of the guys we do have.

"But the offense isn't necessarily built upon, 'Ok, you're the No. 1 guy, you're the No. 2 guy, you're the No. 3 guy.' As we put the plays together for the quarterback in his mind, there's a progression of who's the first receiver, who's the second receiver, who's the third receiver. But it's more multiple. We're looking at a variety of guys to line up in that spot. It's not necessarily that there isn't a one, but it's not that there is one, either. We're going to do whatever we have to do to move the ball effectively."

Confused? Moving on ...

The quarterback spot is always hugely important to the Dolphins primarily because they don't really have a proven one. Philbin said he spoke with Matt Moore and promised that he and David Garrard would be locked in an open competition before the season's start.

Philbin on Matt Moore based on tape study: "I thought he managed the game relatively well. Good arm strength. He has the knack. He moved the team."

Philbin said the biggest part of his visit with Garrard was for the medical staff to make sure he'd made complete recovery from last year's bulging disc that required surgery. Garrard worked out for the team before signing. "He moved well ... He spins the ball well ... I like his personality. He carries himself well."

Philbin had Jermichael Finley in Green Bay. He has Anthony Fasano in Miami. He "played well last year," Philbin said of Fasano. "He caught the ball well."

Philbin is a former offensive line coach. I asked him his thought of the Buffalo Bills signing Mario Williams and Mark Anderson. "Every team has good players. Last time I checked our left tackle is a pretty good player."

(Yeah, but what about the other side?)

Philbin says he's visited with left tackle Jake Long a couple of times. "I think he's ready to take on a more active leadership role in the ballclub."

On the right side, I asked Philbin if John Jerry will play guard or tackle. He said that was a good question and that the truth is, he's not sure yet.

Defensively, Philbin had a couple of interesting things to say.

Philbin says the defense will show the Bear (46) defense, three-man line, four-man line. He said Miami would be "multiple on defense."

Philbin said new signee Richard Marshall will get a chance to win one of the starting cornerback jobs.

Philbin said while not totally interchangeable, strong safety and free safety players could do one or the other. That means Tyrone Culver, Chris Clemons, and Reshad Jones will all be fighting for the strong and free safety spots rather than just the free safety spot all are more familiar with.

Philbin put a figurative target on third-year player Jared Odrick. He mentioned Odrick several times and made it clear he's hoping for bigger things. "In year three you'd like to see a guy really progress." The Dolphins don't have No. 2 pass-rusher Jason Taylor any more. They need Odrick to be a goods pass-rusher.

Overall, Philbin said he expects his team will develop week to week. He believes they will be better at the end of the year than they were early in the year:  "We're going to get better week in and week out, year in and year out."

Philbin promised a "sound football team. High effort. Smart football team. You're going to see a team that's tough physically and mentally.""


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Cleveland has a big need at QB but they also have a huge need at RB. So they could go either way. KC is also someone that could be in play for a QB and could trade with Jax to get Tannehill. It will be interesting for sure.

Timmy the Jets fan,
Pacells has bailed on plenty others.
Just ask the Bucs who he "left at the altar" as then owner Hugh Culverhouse put it.
Posted by: Dolfan Rick | March 27, 2012 at 01:22 PM

Don't forget Atlanta, who he jilted for the fins.



No Armando. I am not "confused" and I think you are missing your calling. You should be covering the Marlins instead of the Dolphins. I think Baseball is more your speed jack ass. Wait! I Need to fix my gold! OK! Play Ball! Jack Ass!

My progression he means "1st receiver..Nope, 2nd receiver..Nope, Damn...sacked from the right side again."

How any of you actually believe Tannehill will go in the first round is beyond me. Are you that susceptible to media hype?

Obviously i'm hoping someone takes Tanny off the board so we don't have hat quandry to ponder. But I truly how much interest in him is over-hyping for purposes of making someone else play their hand too early. has happened before, definitely. just not sure Ireland and Co. are playing it, or the media really does have some insight.

If I believed Ireland was really super-smart, and all the teams are playing each other like fools in trying to up Tanny's stock - so one will bite. ... then I'd think this was indeed just that.

But I don't have faith in Ireland, and I don't think we're getting misinformation on purpose.

Question is how smart is he really?
And how in-love wih their own thoughts are the media?
Seems like it's a push. Hard to call.

Coach Joe Phillbin will learn very quickly that this isn't Wisconson and fans will not show up and support a losing team like Packers fan, who live and die Packers football. My prediction, once Casper gets his tan in SO Fla, he's outta here for some NorthEastern team.

My complaint is that the media is building up Tanny to be baby-Marino, and when we pass, then it'll be "yet another failure". When in essence it will be a simple pass.
That, -OR- the FO bites and thinks, ...whatever, Tanny is as good a risk as any, and even though I'd rather take Cousins/Weeden in the 2nd, the fans will stop badgering us, and call us heroes to grab Tanny in the 1st. Wrongo.

I don't want to FO to think that the fans are united in our desires for Tanny, as the media is trying to make it seem. SO hence, I come here to try and ebb the tide.

Jeff is smart. He showed that by not over paying for Flynn the lifetime backup or Alex Bust Smith. Also he has the experience of Philbin and Sherman to consult too. Just because he missed on some draft picks doesn't mean he is dumb, all GM's miss on picks.

Don't forget Atlanta, who he jilted for the fins.
Posted by: Blog Fodder | March 27, 2012 at 01:30 PM

Falcons are thrilled Parcells didnt go there.

Those are indeed good picks you have there however; you have to keep in mind Philbin is an offense first dude (just look at GB), and that our cap situation is a mess.
That is the only reason I have them taking Richardson at 8th. By doing that they can trade Bush -before his contract expires- and retain (perhaps) the better, younger, RB. Bush will play his heart out and the team can get a pretty nice ransom. Yes, it is risk but the way I see it we can use this pick to get outstanding value at RB and cash in on Bush's great deal this far.

We can take an OL trading in the 2nd for Kelechi Osemele or someone like Andrew Datko from FSU or Levy Adcock from OkSt in later rounds.

That said, I wish they can trade down and then grab Stephen Hill in mid-late 1st, that would be the ideal scenario, Hill will not make it to the 2nd round with his ridonculous combine and the now good history of WRs coming out of GT.

Philbin will be high on taking a TE like Fleener (see Finley in GB), a young QB's best friend (see Cam Newton in Carolina) and a great weapon of use in the WCO. There are other TEs but no one is as good a prospect as Fleener is, ideal size, has the frame to bulk up and become a better blocker (Fasano will help there), and his smarts will be a very much welcome addition to the team.

DE/DT/CB/S are positions that you can make a more immediate impact once drafted, I project next year we should be in position to fill them quite nicely however; skill positions in offense take a year or two to develop so that is the logic I'm following here. Besides chances are we take one if not two QBs in the draft who will also need to be groomed in the WCO and will grow together sort of speak with out new WRs corps and TEs. BTW I also like picking Fleming from Oklahoma in the 5th round to add depth at CB/S.

1st (Trade down) Stephen Hill, WR, GT; or if no trade Trent Richardson, RB, Bama
2nd (Trade up) Coby Fleener, TE Stanford
3rd Derek Wolfe, DT, Cincy
3rd Tommy Streeter, WR, The U
4th Kirk Cousins, QB, MSU
4th (Trade up) T.Y. Hilton, WR, FIU
5th Jamell Fleming, CB/S, Oklahoma
5th (Trade up) Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin
6th Cordarro Law, LB, Southern Miss
-Undrafted- Adrien Robinson, TE, Cincy

No way any team in need of a RB wiil ignore Richardson. So, it appears we are alone in #8 and free to choose who we wish.

The Cast Of Clowns Running This Team Is An Utter Cluster Fluck....This team went from having a wee bit of potential to being decimated.......You Suck Ireland....Sell The Team Ross.....Next Year Is Yet Another Wash....And If You Cant See That...You Are Delusional...

BTW Rafael to address your other point, there's depth at OL in this draft a a lot of sleepers. I like Rokevious Watkins of South Carolina, 6'4", 338 lbs, could play OT/G and could be had in late rounds.


Sorry bud, we disagree big time on your first couple of picks. First of all, I don't believe Richardson will be there. The Browns, Bucs and Rams could all benefit from his services. I don't believe he'll get past 6. But if he did, with all the needs we have, why would we draft him? Your obviously not old on Thomas but how can you give up on a guy after one year, an injured one at that. To me that's just a really poor use of your resources. We trade up for this guy last year and give up on him after one year. I'll be furious if that's how things play out.

Dear Miami Dolphins,
Just win football games and no one will give a crap who you pick in the draft or if they bust. Don't believe me? Just ask Bill Bellicheck.

Armando, your column in today's paper makes you sound like an apologist for the Phins. The Phins are not the worst team in the NFL but we have been in mediocre purgatory for over 10 years. This may actually be worst than the worst NFL team. We get the same sales pitch every year, and no chance of drafting a franchise QB.

I believe in Joe "Six-Pack" Philbin...build through the draft, develop them while they are young, and kick their old azzes to the curb when you are done with them or trade them in for a new one!!! You 5-STAR hoes know what I'm talking about...

Ireland essentially took over the phins GM role in 2010. In that time, the team has gone 7-9 to 6-10.

Last year was an embarassment & only salvaged some of the season due to the soft teams we anaged to beat.

I wonder what you Ireland defenders will say when this team wins less games than it did last year.

Oh, we're rebuilding. Oh, it's new coaching. It will not stop because dumb people don't know any better.

Watch the excuses fly & the delusions to get more grandeous next offseason!

Nick, exactly.
We didn't exactly win the BP sweepstakes.

TigerSam (and Craig),
have to agree with Craig on this one.
Primary RBs we have an abundance of, and all good enough. if we trade a few and THEN get Richardson, then maybe, but I doubt this. Bush is perfect for the WCO.
And I'll say this again: The fans are the only ones that seem to think that Fasano is crap. Media, coaches, seem to keep saying how good he is, and how is such and up-and-comer, etc. This has been pretty consistant chatter even in the middle of last season. Don't bet on a TE very high rounds at all folks.

Watch this video and then tell me that Timmy Tebow sucks. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1119591-tim-tebow-press-conference-3-takeaways-from-new-york-jets-introduction

Not rebuilding...resucking.

Fasano was an extra blocker last year, through no fault of his own. If pass protection improves, Fasano becomes a better target and Moore becomes a better QB.

Its the off-season, I'm allowed to believe these things.

Give Philbin a chance to turn this team around...He can't be worse the Sporano..Building through the draft is the key to creating solid football teams....I support Ross Ireland and Philbin and look forward to this years draft as our path to returning this team to greatness....Marshall was a cancer and I was glad to see him go...you win with 45 players who all know their role...we won two superbowls with a no name defense but what a great defense ir was! Lets give Philbin, Sherman and Cote our confidence that they can accomplish this task of returning the Fins to a force in the AFC east once again

Ireland essentially took over the phins GM role in 2010. In that time, the team has gone 7-9 to 6-10.
Last year was an embarassment & only salvaged some of the season due to the soft teams we anaged to beat.
I wonder what you Ireland defenders will say when this team wins less games than it did last year.
Oh, we're rebuilding. Oh, it's new coaching. It will not stop because dumb people don't know any better.
Watch the excuses fly & the delusions to get more grandeous next offseason!
Posted by: Jeff Ireland is a bum | March 27, 2012 at 02:06 PM

And what shall you say when they win more????

Blog Fodder,
Dream all you want.
Dream big.
TEs do figure prominently in Philbins plans, and he may want to go get his dream TE.
But all I hear is praise for Fasano from every media angle, so I don't assume TE is a round 1-2 pick.
However, I just get excited about a 1st round TE, or even a 2nd.
And I don't personally like the sound of a star named Fleener. Sounds kinda gross.
Besides we also have Clay, who has yet to find his niche for all his "potential". Coach em up.


...don't get excited...

did i say home is THE BROWN DONKEY OF THIS BLOG........


I generally do not go with media hype on anything. The only TV analyst I like is Mayock but even he has his favorites.

With that said, Tnnehill's pro-day is this Thursday so we'll have to see how he does. But for now I feel like he can be a very good QB in the NFL and if I am GM and he is there at 8, I take him. Now if Blackmon were to fall it may be a different story. But that story better have Cousins or Weeden in the 2nd. :)

It use to be a lot higher risk to take a chance on a QB with high upside and high bust risk. But now with the Salary scale it is no where near the risk it use to be. That is why we saw so many QB's go early last year and why we'll see it again this year.

I'm curious about Tannehills pro day too, but for the most part, that's the kind of skill he excels at. No pressure, pitch and catch.
Wish they had an exercise for reading D's in a split second while a 300lb man-beast tries to tear your head off. THAT's the pro day I want to see.

He's just so cute...

This home guy is annoying with the changing of the names. Let the Tebow thing go. He's not coming here.

I don't think that Salary scale for rookies was in place last yesr, Texas. Still, thet picked a hell of a lot of# of QBs in the 1st round and we can expect more of the same this year

Texas at 2:30pm,

I think you've hit the nail right on the head on this one. I agree with everyone you said in your post (well almost everything....I'm not sold on Cousins...JS, I know you are). To me there are only two QBs that interest me and those are Tannehill and Weeden. Not sure which one I like more because I think they are totally different. One is more polished (but older). One may have more upside but there are certainly question marks (Tannehill).

I'm with Texas on this one...it's Tannehill unless Blackmon falls. I'd be happy with Weeden in a tradeback but how can you be sure he'll be there. If we miss out then there's no one else I want this year....it's QB next year instead.

"They're talking but $$ an issue. RT @TheRichRomero: if biggest concern y not sign Jake Scott?"


You know what??? I'm sick & tired of money being the reason why we're not addressing the needs of this football team. Give Starks a damn extension (that he's MORE than earned) & clear some f#cking cap already.

You can't get starting caliber players in FA w/o paying them you dumb f#cks!!! What is so f#cking difficult to understand about that??? You didn't want to spend for a starting RT & now you don't want to spend for a starting RG. Does Ireland think that players want to play for the Dolphins b/c he has a winning personality??? I just don't get it & this is what truly makes this team an ongoing joke that never ends.


Good reasoning, but I would still replace cut S - Yeremiah Bell with Mark Barron (Trade 2 - 3rd round pics to move up to 2nd rd) instead of a DT at 3rd.


Good point about using Clay as a TE. I now think due to the OL draft depth, we should be able to draft a quality right OT no lower than 4th rnd. Bufalo, NY, and even NE has or is going to improve their DEs.

streeter would be a good 3rd round but m.floyd would be a better 1st round pick......somebody on this team needs to score some "TOUCHDOWNS".....two big/fast wr's

When will the Dolphins return to glory? We need to spend more time bashing the Jets and Patriots and not our own team.

Posted by: Dolfan Willy | March 27, 2012 at 10:03 AM

It's a deal!! after Ireland's gone!! Fireland!!

Another argument for Weeden over Tannehill:

Weeden is NFL ready. Came from a pro offense; he's arguably the best pure passer in the draft (Luck tie maybe); He and Blackmon were pretty much the entire OSU offense, and beat many quality teams. He would start day 1 for us, and be expected to be in competition immediately - unless he fails.

Tannehill is admitted by most all experts to be a few years from reaching his potential. He's going to be a lot of learning to get up to speed with NFL defenses, and the complicated pro offenses. He may indeed reach his potential, but I don't think anyone expects it to be this year, or even next. How much patience do you have? It took Drew Bledsoe 5 years to reach his, training, learning, changing throwing motion, learning defenses, footwork, and he was less of a project - supposedly.

I'm Ok with long projects, but if a better option is available, then I'd prefer it.
I think either Weeden or Cousins will be good this season, ala Dalton, Ryan.

just one more nudge from me - what else would you expect ;)

We Have Draft Picks,

I don't agree. Pats do it every year....bring guys in late in FA and they aren't paying through the nose for them. Steelers do the same. Same with the Packers.

The thing you're not getting my friend is you don't build a Championship team just by going out and signing big name FAs. We;ve had this discussion before. Never worked for the Cowboys and 'skins.....doesn't work.

Yes as soon as Ireland is gone the team will be good again. They were doing so well before he showed up. He came in and messed everything up. Parcells was just his lackey.

Don't forget about the pizza party on Thursday everyone! If it weren't for the last pizza party Armando never would have been able to ask the important questions we all wanted to hear the answers too. That's the change they wanted, for reporters to be able to ask questions that go unanswered. Great job protesters! You're really creating change.

Hopefully the new pizza party will allow more access so we can have meaningless questions go unanswered, it's the only way this team will get better! HAHAHA

I'm hoping honestly that we don't draft any OL's at all. Coach up the half dozen we got the last 3 years.
Wipe off the Sparano goo, and they may be pretty underneath. ;)

JS, That is incorrect about Weeden. He did not come from a pro style offense. As a matter of fact that was discussed on NFLN with Mooch. Of the 2 the most pro ready are Cousins and Tannehill in that regard.

I am in no way saying anything bad about Weeden. I have no doubt he can learn the pro system pretty quickly.

The knock on Tannehill is consistency and how many games he's played a s QB. IMHO the consistency issue with Tannehill might be directly correlated with the fact Fuller was injured most of his SR yr. He played but played with injuries. So I feel like he forced some things at times is all.


Why not have a Dolphin only mock draft contest? Or an AFC East Mock draft?

The winner will either get a live interview on your Radio Show or get to guest write a blog entry about the draft when it is over. Plus lunch at Joe's Stone Crabs. Lol.

P.S. The contest cannot be open to anyone related to Dolphin management. Lol.

I make this suggestion as a way to change the tone to something less negative.

Free Pizza! HAHAHAHAHAHA Yeah take an afternoon off from work for free pizza and to have people laughing at you. Sounds like a great time! Who cares about your job, it's more important to have Ireland fired, f**k my family, let em' starve!

Well at least you have an argument Texas.
Most folks see Tanny sitting at #3 rating and assume he's awesome because they say so.
Remember Henne was rated #3 back in his draft day.

I would still argue the passing patterns and reads for OSU were NFL style.

And I'm sorry but most folks do agree Tanny is not a day 1 starter.
Everybody can be wrong of course. I just like the idea of an accomplished, consistent, comfortable-with- being-a-leader guy at QB.

JS, I understand your argument and that there is a little more risk in Tannehill than Weeden and Cousins however I feel there is also more upside with Tannehill.

I have a feeling we won't get Tannehill tho. I feel like either KC or Cleveland will pull the trigger. With the Browns it depends on how they feel about Richardson. With KC it will be on how they feel about giving up an extra pick to move ahead of us.

I didn't find Philbin's comments regarding 1st 2nd and 3rd receivers confusing.

What he is saying is that on any given play the QB has an assigned progression to go through (1,2,3,etc.) and the same receivers may not line up in the same place when that play is called again. Therefore, what fans may think of as their number 1 receiver has no relevance other than if he is open as the QB proceeds through his reads.

Watch Philbin's comments again and see if you don't agree.

We´re death meet for this season, that´s the truth... Armando i can believe that you support an incompetent person like Jeff Ireland!!

Joe Philbin doesn´t has any foundament to says that we´ll have success,the only tha he sayas is that he´ll works with the poor and mediocre roster that Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland have...

i can´t believe that a succesfully franchise could been underbuild the last 12 years!! i can´t believe that a lot of fans continues spend money to suffer humillations... WHAT A SHAME!!! you know what Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross keep your mediocre team i don´t spend 1 more dollar in Dolphins souvenirs, jerseys, tickets if Jeff Ireland isn´t FIRE!!!

You need a reciever to get open. Marshall got open! The other guys are not starting wide recievers.The cornerbacks in the AFC are laughing at are starting widerecievers.

But Christ sake, The Jets don't even have there own stadium.And there the second team in the NYC. And they practice is a Garbage state(NJ). I would rather live in Iraq.

I'm just the opposite on expectations, Texas.
I think Tannehill will definitely be at #8. And if the media is correct, then we get him.
I truly hope all y'all Tanny fans are right.
Just don't think you are.

I think Cleveland will be our measuring board. They'll grab Richardson, and another BPA later in the 1st, then grab Weeden or Cousins in the 2nd, and be a young stud team coming up in the next couple years. While we keep waiting for Tannehill to blossom, and like Henne after 4-5 years, when we realize we missed again, we'll be wondering how Cleveland whooped our tails in the draft that year.

OK, enough whining from me. I'll go watch some Tannehill interviews again. Maybe I missed something.

grumble, gripe, grumble....

Phin Phan since 1970, i'm embarressed for the players and phans because of the current management and ownership.

Scoff if you like, but these were very enlighening last year.
Gruden's QB camp, coming next month before the draft.

Cousins - Apr 16
Weeden - Apr 18
Tannehill - Apr 24

Those will do it for me once and for all.
Gruden gets under their skin well, and the true nature is easy to see.

Last year's crop, Dalton came away smoothest. Newton chuckled through it, but seemed lost. Locker got ripped a little, but he took it well. Gabbert just seemed miffed and confused. Not too far from how the reality played out later.

I would've whiffed on Newton, but I still think teams will catch up to him, and we'll see if he really can overcome.

Time out-I don't care what we do, it's Ireland that has the keys to the car! Ross needs to grow up and be an Owner! Fire him and get someone who knows what he's doing. Ireland is keeping other players from coming on board, besides the moron owner, but we are stuck with him. But he's not as big of a problem as Ireland is..but he's a problem. It's Dumb and Dumber running the organization-Does The Donald want to buy the team?
He'd put up with no BS from anyone!

Since the upcoming draft has become the topic of discussion it got me looking back at last year.

Pouncey in the first rd i personally think was a solid pick. He has a chance to be a perinnial pro bowler.

I know a few will say he went a bit too early blah blah.

The 2nd pick Daniel Thomas is the one who bothers me. And it's not so much Thomas himself that bothers me. I think he will be a good compliment to Bush if he stays healthy.

What bothers me is the whole process in getting him. A lot like Marshall this year our FO decides that they are going a different direction from Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams and so they release them. And thus the urgency to trade up for Thomas.

I would venture to say that Ronnie or Ricky could have been a fine compliment to Bush and we could have kept the 3rd, 5th and 7th picks last year. Picks that could have brought us a RT or TE or depth at RB.

Hopefully out last 3 picks from last year Gates, Clay, and Jimmy Wilson will continue to improve.

On the whole I believe it was a little better draft than previous. Hopefully Ireland will continue to improve as well.

@ Dolfan Rick

Dude, I agree, Daniel Thomas was a wasted pick. I can't tell you how many Dolfans were thinking that the Fins were going to pick Ryan Mallett at QB!? I think they blew that one.

As for the Draft, here's how I see the Dolphins picking.

1. Dontarius Poe, DT, Memphis
2. Stephen Hill, WR, GA Tech
3. Brock Osweiler, QB, Arizona St.
3. LeMichael James, RB, Oregon
4. Cam johnson, DE, Virginia
5. Charles Brown, CB, North Carolina
6. Jeff Allen, T, Illinois
7. Najee Goode, LB, West Virginia


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