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Quickie reaction report from Joe Philbin breakfast

Here's the quickie report from the Joe Philbin breakfast presser at the NFL annual meetings in Palm Beach:

To begin with and perhaps most importantly, Philbin isn't buying into the idea the Dolphins are a rebuilding team. "I think it would be a disservice to the players to say we're in a rebuilding mode."

That is probably true. And a fair point. But sometimes, folks, the truth is the truth. (More on that later today).

I asked Phibin what football reason he could give for the trading of Brandon Marshall. He called Marshall a "very talented player," but mostly he dogdged the question. In other words, he didn't give a reason.

It's been speculatated that the Miami offense doesn't have a No. 1 receiver that must get the ball a majority of the time. That idea has been put forth by folks diminishing the Marshall loss. But the idea the Dolphins don't need or want a No. 1 receiver is only partially true.

"Part of the philosophy of the offense is to have balance," Philbin said. "We want our quarterbacks to typically have what we call progression reads, where they're not necessarily isolated on one specific individual. With that being said, we're going to play to our hot hand and we're certainly going to strive to create mismatches and take advantage of the guys we do have.

"But the offense isn't necessarily built upon, 'Ok, you're the No. 1 guy, you're the No. 2 guy, you're the No. 3 guy.' As we put the plays together for the quarterback in his mind, there's a progression of who's the first receiver, who's the second receiver, who's the third receiver. But it's more multiple. We're looking at a variety of guys to line up in that spot. It's not necessarily that there isn't a one, but it's not that there is one, either. We're going to do whatever we have to do to move the ball effectively."

Confused? Moving on ...

The quarterback spot is always hugely important to the Dolphins primarily because they don't really have a proven one. Philbin said he spoke with Matt Moore and promised that he and David Garrard would be locked in an open competition before the season's start.

Philbin on Matt Moore based on tape study: "I thought he managed the game relatively well. Good arm strength. He has the knack. He moved the team."

Philbin said the biggest part of his visit with Garrard was for the medical staff to make sure he'd made complete recovery from last year's bulging disc that required surgery. Garrard worked out for the team before signing. "He moved well ... He spins the ball well ... I like his personality. He carries himself well."

Philbin had Jermichael Finley in Green Bay. He has Anthony Fasano in Miami. He "played well last year," Philbin said of Fasano. "He caught the ball well."

Philbin is a former offensive line coach. I asked him his thought of the Buffalo Bills signing Mario Williams and Mark Anderson. "Every team has good players. Last time I checked our left tackle is a pretty good player."

(Yeah, but what about the other side?)

Philbin says he's visited with left tackle Jake Long a couple of times. "I think he's ready to take on a more active leadership role in the ballclub."

On the right side, I asked Philbin if John Jerry will play guard or tackle. He said that was a good question and that the truth is, he's not sure yet.

Defensively, Philbin had a couple of interesting things to say.

Philbin says the defense will show the Bear (46) defense, three-man line, four-man line. He said Miami would be "multiple on defense."

Philbin said new signee Richard Marshall will get a chance to win one of the starting cornerback jobs.

Philbin said while not totally interchangeable, strong safety and free safety players could do one or the other. That means Tyrone Culver, Chris Clemons, and Reshad Jones will all be fighting for the strong and free safety spots rather than just the free safety spot all are more familiar with.

Philbin put a figurative target on third-year player Jared Odrick. He mentioned Odrick several times and made it clear he's hoping for bigger things. "In year three you'd like to see a guy really progress." The Dolphins don't have No. 2 pass-rusher Jason Taylor any more. They need Odrick to be a goods pass-rusher.

Overall, Philbin said he expects his team will develop week to week. He believes they will be better at the end of the year than they were early in the year:  "We're going to get better week in and week out, year in and year out."

Philbin promised a "sound football team. High effort. Smart football team. You're going to see a team that's tough physically and mentally.""


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Dolfan Rick,

I've got to disagree with your last point. Brown and Williams were DONE and they showed that last year. Replay the series of event in your head. At draft time, they had NO running backs under contract. They'd made the decision to move away from Williams and Brown and to be honest it was time. Was there any point last year, watching Brown, where you said, 'geez I wish we had him back'. I didn't and I was a fan of Ronnie. Geez, the Eagles even tried to ship him off to the Lions they were so unimpressed with him. So at the point they drafted Thomas they had NO idea whether they would be able to add a guy like Bush or not. Long story short, it was TIME for a younger running back. Now people can say they took the wrong guy and that's fine but it was TIME.

Unfortunately fans.....this team unless there is a massive radical change back to prominance....they are selling hope not winning. This organization was villified the day they went after Harbaugh and now the image is tarnished until the owner sells the team or puts a seasoned and knowledgeable GM in place, there is one that is sitting out there that built 2 teams to Super Bowls...but the owner is selling hope not championships on the basis of "value" enjoy fans!!!!!

Armando, I see from these comments that you're getting criticized quite a bit. I don't want to pile on, but I'm going to ask you to try to be a little more positive in your comments. Every move the Dolphins have made, or not made, this off season can be interpreted in different ways. I like Jeff Fisher, but his record doesn't scream perfection. Manning? We were 1 of 12 at least that he didn't choose. Flynn? I wish we had signed him, but I understand why we didn't for $8 million per year. Joe Philbin will build a team around players he chooses, and certainly will rely on solid draft picks with strong character. You, as a writer covering the Dolphins, need to be a little more supportive of the team. That doesn't mean you have to agree with every move they make- it does mean, though, that you should try not jumping to negative conclusions with every decision made. Just a thought.

This would have been more interesting if you'd have told us what the menu was at breakfast. Does Philbin have the oatmeal or Western omelet? At least that would have been informative!

If you want to protest, instead of supporting your team, and if it's causing you so much heartache being a Miami Dolphins fan, and if all the moves the administration has made simply brings you to tears, and finally if you are so ashamed of the dolphins, why not find another team to support. You are grown (i hope) and have the right to chose what team you support. PLEASE, go support another team if you don't like what's going on with the Dolphins. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, go away. Stop all this Organization bashing, stop acting like you know more than management, stop pretending that you are a REAL Dolphin fan, because your actions say different.

Knowledge in a HC is not sufficient; he has to be able to implement it thru the Players.

Dude do you live in Boston or something?
And Dolphins front office reads this please sell this team and fire Jeff! I think we would be better off with gun totting monkeys flinging poop at the fans vs. what you two rich punks have done to this franchise

Who do you think you are SEwarren? This is not a dictatorship and you can't stop us for having an opinion and caring about our team.

SEWarren-I have and always will be a Dolfan. But Come On Man! really you are ok with the way our franchise is being ran? how can you say that. have you counted how many HC we have had since 2000? or how many leads we have blown in the 4th quarter? or wait what about the number and quility of the QBs that have played since our golden boy retired? We have to compete in teh AFC east but the way Ross\Jeff are running our club is not the right way. We are becoming the Bills (laughing stock) of hte NFL. I know we have good guys in the locker room, guys that want to win and want to play for miami. But the front office is killing our chances to be a team that can compete in the AFC East. Think over the last 5yrs and tell me something good our front office did? (lol cant use bringing J-lo and her sickly ex husband in as a celeberty owners) Can the Roney family buy another franchise please...thanks

Why does seeing a picture of Larry Coker with this article give me a very bad feeling?

Jets traded for Tebow to unite the locker room.
Irony is, on that team, he will end up dividing it further. R.I.P. Gangrene !!!

Those are some strange answers.

A) He says it's an insult to the remaining players on the roster to say the Dolphins are rebuilding. Wouldn't that be the case for any team that is legitimately rebuilding? It was a non-answer to the question.

B) There was no football reason for Marshall's release. It was his comments at the Pro Bowl combined with his off the field issues. He was a headcase and had to go.

C) I have no idea what to make of the round-about babble that concerned progression reads. He says the Dolphins want balance. Most teams want balance. That isn't saying anything really. The fact is that NFL teams generally have a #1 WR to throw to. The Dolphins currently do not. Bess is quite good but he's a possession receiver and Hartline is inconsistent at best. Gates, Moore or Wallace needs to seriously step up their game in order to fill Marshall's void. Or we better get a stud WR in the draft who can produce in his first season.

D) Philbin damned Anthony Fassano with faint praise.

E) Yeah, who is going to be on the right side. John Jerry has not shown he's a viable starter. Columbo was a turnstyle. I can only assume this need will be addressed in the draft. Let's hope we choose well because we can't afford another John Jerry.

F) Lost in the conversation of Culver, Jones and Clemons is that we did Yeremiah Bell prison-style. We released him only after other teams had signed free agent safties. That was pretty low and the team knows it. None of those three: Culver, Jones or Clemons can do what Bell does, even in Bell's "advanced age."

G) Philbin claims the Dolphins will get better every week, and every year. Tony Sparano said the same thing and it wasn't true. Further, I'm not enamored of the idea that the Dolphins will be playing their worst football on the first game of the season. I'm not really sure that should a goal of the team. Obviously, that's a glass half-empty interpretation of what he said, but wouldn't he want the team coming out of pre-season healthy, in top shape, and playing sharp football from the start? I don't hear any other team in the NFL claiming they need a full season to get their team playing their best football.

H) Jared Odrick needs to step up, remain healthy, and show that he is a legitimate starter in the NFL. Until he does that, there will be doubt. Really, it's put-up or shut-up time with him.

I agree with him on one thing, in the West Coast you don't program which is your best receiver, you throw to the open guy and spread it. Marshall, I believe would have been an obstacle to this system. Not that he couldn't do good in it but he would have been a disruptive me me me guy in that system.

But having said that if you don't do much with the draft picks it will completely worthless trade. Are you listening Ireland.

One thing I do want to know is, was Ireland involved in the 2nd round waste for Pat White?

Rebuild? Ha ha ha, you only wish the Dolphins could rebuild. This organization is so beyond hope that rebuilding is only a dream.

You want to do an occupy Davie on Thursday? What time? So this eliminates any fan who lives outside of dade and broward. I was hoping we could do it on the weekend so I could drive over from Sarasota. Wish I could be there-

Thanks for showing up and showing you really care about our team.

The headline is right. The Fins aren't rebuilding. They are one of those houses you see where construction stopped 60% through, and abandoned for several years. We're still waiting for the crews to come back and finish what they started.

Ok. Here is my take on the whole thing. I'm a Fins Fan till the end. I happen to really like the choices that were made for the coaching staff. I think Coach Philbin is an excellent football mind and the staff around him are skilled as well. They talk about missing out on Fisher. Did they really?

As for BM, he had to go. Someone else pointed out the reality that he dropped more TD's than he caught. Let him and Cutler be crazy together.

Regarding the QB situation. True fans at the end of last year were all saying that Moore earned a chance at the starting job if they were going to draft a QB. Now they have Garrard and Moore. Moore proved he can play, Garrard has also shown he can play. If they take a Cousins/Russell in the late rounds and even signing Keenum as a FA for giggles, it will round out the position for now. No one will question Garrard's ability to throw the ball down field with accuracy. Manning was a shot in the dark. He wanted to go to Denver (I don't know why) but he did. The only other hope the Fins have for a franchise type QB now is for Drew Brees to not sign his tender and become a FA in May. Not very likely.

So, let's hope for the best in the draft and see what happens. And to my Jets fans, Don't get so excited about Sparano as an OC. Tebow is only there to run the wildcat which was found dead on the roadside after the first half of its second year. The only difference between Tebow and Ronnie Brown running it is that Brown may throw a little better.

What have we got this offseason? More of the same crap we got last offseason, and the one before that. Ireland is still in a job he is incapable of doing, what a surprise. More broken pronises from scumbag Ross. Going to get us a franchise QB, and gets David Garrard. David who? A washed up veteran who has spent a year out due to a back injury (at least it was not his neck). How can we believe anything Ross says? I do not what planet he is on believing Ireland is competent at anything, I would not employ him to clean the locker room toilets. These people are clueless, they are destroying our beloved Dolphins. No half decent player wants to come here because of Ireland. Do this franchise a favour, Ross. Get out, now and take Ireland with you. As the rules of a certain board game say; go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect £200. Oh, and please turn the lights out as you leave. It is pointless switching the floodlights on, there's not going to be anyone there to watch the crap you are going to put out.

People let's have some faith in our team nothing looks good on paper but every year you have that sleeper team that improves from last year so stop bashing the fins or nobody would want 2 play here

JockSpin reports that a fan posed a question (a good one I think) about Matt Moore that was not addressed in the conference call last night with ticket holders: “A number of team stats in the last half of the season are truly impressive. Given that many of these are directly attributable to Matt Moore at QB, and that the change at QB to Moore (particularly if one allows the first couple of games to turn the momentum) coincides with dramatically improved performance in numerous aspects of the team’s performance, why has management not been more publicly supportive of Matt Moore as QB? Hasn’t anyone noticed that the last half of the season was franchise QB quality performance? Are we (management, fans, and the media) so afraid of being wrong that we’re afraid to ask ourselves if our franchise QB is already here?”

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