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Hold that thought ... Smith source now says QB serious

The Dolphins quarterback situation continues to convulse and now what seemed like a almost-certain move by Alex Smith back to San Francisco is not quite so certain if one believes people close to Smith.

In this yes-no-yes-no-yes-no offseason for Smith, he is telling sources that he would actually strongly consider playing for the Dolphins "under the right circumstances." This after sources close to Smith earlier said the quarterback would be going back to San Francisco if Peyton Manning didn't pick San Francisco.

To make the point that Smith is serious, I'm told agent Tom Condon has been in talks with the Dolphins today.

So where does that leave us?

Honesty here: I have no idea.

I do not know if the Smith source is serious about Smith being serious about Miami. I do not know if the Smith source is using the media, including me, to leverage a better contract for Smith by saying he's serious about the Dolphins and all the time putting pressure on the 49'ers.

The fact is if the Dolphins believe they have a chance at Smith, they may make their offer to Smith one that could push the 49'ers to increase their reported three-year, $24 million contract. That would serve as leverage for Smith. But it is also a fact Smith could be dealing earnestly with Miami because apparently he had a very good visit with Miami on Sunday. And given that, he might just want a better deal from Miami for the purpose of signing that deal.

Only he really knows for sure.

The Dolphins, of course, can bust through this smokescreen if this wish. All they seemingly have to do to see Smith's seriousness is offer him a better deal than the 49'ers offered and tell him the deal will be on the table for a short period of time and see what he says. If he signs, he was serious. If he takes the offer back to Frisco, he's a fraud.

Of course, this is assuming the Dolphins are serious about Smith to the tune of at least $8 million per year. (I would not pay that but I'm not Miami's general manager.)

It's a game folks. It's called chess.

And, by the way, the media is a pawn.


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Moore > Alex 'Bust' Smith

Smith is using us for leverage just like ever other FA. When will you guys learn? Smith isn't leaving a pontential superbowl team in the 49ers to join the stinkin Fish.

What do we have to lose at this point? Cap Space? I say do it.

Alex Smith is by far the best QB option we have... I hope they sign him

I love these reports, My source says this, no now he says that. All along people are going hysterical over what amounts to gossip.

Alex Smith is worth the rest of our FA cash?

Just sign a darned RT, or safety, or save it for next year.

Draft Cousins or Weeden. Draft isn't that far away folks. Not blowing your wad on a bunch of sketchy FAs isn't a failure. It's called intelligence.

Honestly, if the fins are hell-bent on signing a free agent QB, I'd rather it be Smith than any of the others.

Smith is a better pickup than Manning IMO. Proven starter... top ten QB in league last year not a probable top 15 pick based on nothing.

Ireland has no choice. Just pay Alex Smith more than the Niners are offering & pray he continues to play the way he did last year under Philbin.

If Ireland doesn't get Alex Smith & we have another losing season--even if Ross is madly in love with Ireland like the owner of the Knicks loved Isiah Thomas--he will have to fire him.

btw, tebow fans, here's a good article.


Have to admit ...awfffffully tempting. But 2 things.

1. Tebow and Philbin are not going to be beneficial to each others strengths. Neither will look good.

2. The price for Tebow will be much better than broncos think. Flynn and Smith are talking franchise money.. and Mr. America's Favortie Athlete would garner LESS attention? Not.

Sign Smith for three years and still draft a QB like Tannehill or Cousins.

honestly this is great news but it feels like leverage again...

"Smith is using us for leverage just like ever other FA. When will you guys learn? Smith isn't leaving a pontential superbowl team in the 49ers to join the stinkin Fish."


Obviously that could be the case or Alex sees the writing on the wall in SF. They do not want to commit to him for the long term. They just drafted Kapernick last year & they were willing to say goodbye if Manning gave them the thumbs up.

However it's going to take more than $8 Million a year & more than 3 years.

Blog Fodder,
I can agree there. However, Smith DID fail under several systems, and every one of those up until Harbaugh changed things. Safe to assume, without Harbaugh, without success.
Don't mind him on my team, just not willing to trade his potential for a drafted QB. If they do both... then fine.

Honestly, Hasselbeck as our 1-2 year regent wasn't a bad idea, before Manning chose Denver.

No, Smith is not the only QB option we have... do not go after Smith, he is not better than Moore... I mean, he played a game where he didnt even complete a pass to one of his WR's... it was all dumpoffs to V. Davis... he's lucky that TE is so incredible that he ran RAC for over 100 yards... Smith has no redzone game... FACT...

want more? please read:

Anybody think that the current roster players are going to buy into this loser outfit now?
They are going to do the least possible to stay healthy and collect a paycheck.
A rookie unproven old coach. A clueless puckered anus face owner. And the drunk with no personality GM. What a winning combination!

Flynn would have come cheaper than Smith & would have at least worked with Philbin for 4 years. Familiarity with the offense & coach. Where Smith has none of those.

Seriously? Signing Smith would be going from bad to worse. Which is exactly why I expect Miami to at least offer him a deal!

"Where does that leave us?"

By "us" do you mean Dolphins fans Armando? Are you really a Dolphins fan? I don't believe it.

Ireland had better wait to see what David Garrard has to offer. Alex Smith is too still and indecisive; in other words another Henne. I would rather sign Garrard or Young. Besides, Garrard and Matt Moore can handle our qb needs just fine this year. We could also send one of our 3rd round picks to the pats for Ryan Mallett if we have to sign a youngster now.

It looks like we are drafting a QB whatever happens now. If we spend $8M a year on Smith who is no upgrade on Matt Moore serious questions about why this money wasn't spent on the best RT in the NFL when he was available and apparently keen should be asked. Its not like that is a position of need is it?(Don't tell me the money was set aside for Manning or Flynn as we had no chance of fitting Manning in under the cap & no serious offer appears to have been made to Flynn). Ireland needs to be gone before the draft. Don't tell me it's too close to the draft to make a change as a blind monkey with a drawing pin could do better. How can we be at the cap limit with no franchise QB - no offense to Moore who could be the best we've had PM - & with no real star on the team?

"Sign Smith for three years and still draft a QB like Tannehill or Cousins."


It's going to take more than a 3 year deal. Forget Tannehill if we can get Smith. He was very young when he came into the NFL & so he's about to turn 28. A five year deal as long as we don't break the bank on guaranteed money in case he doesn't work out or gets hurt.

So now Mr.Smith had a very nice visit? Wasn't it 'reported' on this very blog that 'he wasn't really into us'?

If we're talking to Smith we're not having anything to do with Tebow at least.

I really hope we don't sign Smith. Let Philbin pick his own guy through the draft. We don't need the QB killer on our team!!

Once again v. young is a free agent and we could get him real real cheap this time, last season he was a bust but was hurt and riding the bench behind vick. just saying he probally ad good as what is avail out there but with a cheaper price tag......could be a steal.....

The 'right circumstances' for Smith? That would be $9 Million per year. Just guessing.

Smith has not been elite the past seven years to say the least. So, he's a perfect fit!

The Dolphins have spent five second round picks, a fifth, sixth, and a seventh in trying to find a value QB in the past decade. Not one is on the team today.

Also in the past decade, the Dolphins have spent three 1st round picks and two 2nd round picks in getting running backs. One is on the team today. Although he is often seen in the training room not the field.


Agreed, I wouldn't want Smith in lieu of a drafted QB, but, for the right price, wouldn't mind him in addition to.

And the CIRCUS continues.

This is an absolute train wreck. Alex Smith? David Garrard? Most importantly - this is clearly a team without a plan. Philibin must be thinking "what did I get myself into?"

Just stick with Moore and draft a QB. We'll be better off than any other scenario.

smith would be best fit for west coach offense

"And, by the way, the media is a pawn."

Astute observation, Armando. The most accurate statement I have read from anyone, since this circus began!

Moore 6-6 Smith 13-3

"Right situation?" This suggest money and being named guarranteed starter.

I can so see Ross doing this with "revenge against Harbaugh" as his only motivation without considering any other ramification. What a terrible childish owner.

You dont build a team with settling a grudge being your primary motivator!

Saying "the media is a pawn" is a cop-out. Did anyone else hear Armando laughing it up on PFT with Florio? He was mocking the hometown Dolphins.

Folks... several things:

Mallett can be had in this year's draft. His name is Nick Foles. And he'll be worth less than a 3rd rounder. In all manners of speaking too. (no thanks to either).
Weeden has Mallett's arm, and has a brain too. Even better. Yay!

Vince Young is 3rd string and cheap for a reason. Move on.

Smith has failed every single year he's been in the NFL EXCEPT this year. Reason? Harbaugh. Is Harbaugh on the Dolphin staff? Nope. Next.

Just draft em', Joe. We can wait.

I really think that the Herald should at least hire writers who cheer for the Dolphins.

Noooo Armando you wouldn't pay Smith $8 million to be the Phin's QB, but you would pay $10 million to Tebow I bet?


Alex Smith knows Ross has a grudge against Harbaugh. Add it up. That's why he deliberately chose the Dolphins as pawns in his chees war against Harbaugh and the Niners.

What other team owner would be more willing to stick to Harbaugh and the Niners than Steven Ross? Folks you do the math.

If the Dolphins start making good personnel choices in both FA and the draft, then the mocking will stop.

As it is, it has been a decade of failure. The last four seasons were, in some way, the worse.

In year FIVE of a rebuild, the Dolphins still have no plan at QB other than Moore, Smith, or Gerrald. Tannerhill wil be a reach at the 8th pick.

Agreed, Blog Fodder.
Like I said, don't mind him on my team. Just tell me we're not going to skip a drafted QB because of him.

Heck Sign whoever they want in FA, but draft a QB.
I do worry about drowning ourselves in cap hell needlessly when maybe they will be someone cool next season.
Besides Winston and Nelson, didn't see much I wanted this year.

He is using us to get a better deal done with San Francisco stick to the original comment

I think Moore played well for us last year BUT Alex Smith is better than her is. Smith threw 5 Int's last year & didn't fumble nearly as many times as Moore. Plus Smith did not have WR's to work with last year. Crabtree??? Ginn??? Kyle Williams??? These guys are nothing special.

He is playing the Dolphins to get a better deal from San fran. Just like so many other players and coaches have. Ireland is a fool, as is Ross for keeping him around!!!

Armando wouldn't know a football if it hit him in the head.

Keep this Stinker off our team. 9 mill for 16the touchdowns? This would be the absolute worst qb move the dolphins could've made. Go back ti SF Alex, we don't want you here.

Clark is a joke I'm glad they didn't sign that bum. He is the reason they lost that game to Denver.

Here's the thing:

Has anyone very heard the Dolphins come out and say they considered themselves frontrunners for Manning? The media reported it, but never provided a source.

Has anyone ever heard the Dolphins say they wanted Flynn, or was it assumed that we would want him and failed to get him?

Media assumptions create expectations among the fans.

When the media guys are wrong, they mock the Dolphins rather than admit that they weren't accurate in their reporting.

Agree with the above posted - Foles would be a nice addition in the 3rd round - all this attention for QB's like Smaith and Flynnn are a waste of time. Moore is as good or better than both - should have used that cash on Winston - Chiefs got him for a song. But that would mean Ireland would have to do 2 things at the same time, which he is not capable of doing.

Wait! I got it! Who has Jeff George's number?!

I think that we need a new GM as soon as possible. It was a serious mistake by the owner to retain Ireland.

We have no plan to rebuild the team. Every bad QB that drops out of the woodwork gets and interview. The front office leaders don't know what they are doing. It is really sad. There are a lot of decent players on the roster, but bad management has doomed us ever since Ross tried to go behind everyone's back to get Harbaugh.

Saying "the media is a pawn" is a cop-out. Did anyone else hear Armando laughing it up on PFT with Florio? He was mocking the hometown Dolphins.

Posted by: MiamiMediaHatesTheDolphins | March 19, 2012 at 03:56 PM

Everybody is mocking the Dolphins. Either hometown media outless or any outlet. Sh8t! The Russian press probably mocks the phins!

You know why? It's well deserved!

Here is how we fix things:

1. Stick with Matt Moore for another year, if Smith wants to come over and compete for the starter's job fine.

2. Draft Trent Richardson with the 8th pick and take the best RB in college football.

3. We need a #1 Wide Receiver....Stephen Hill or Mohamed Sanu in Round 2.

4. Use of our 3rd rounder to take Mizzou Tight End Michael Egnew. Use the other third rounder to take Oregon RB LaMichael James.

5. Take the best O-lineman around in Round 4...maybe a guy like Nate Potter of Boise State. Then fill in the pieced after this.

6. Next year draft QB Matt Barkley if #1-#5 above doesn't work.

It is simply stunning that going into YEAR FIVE of the Parcells/Ireland rebuild that the Dolphins:

1 - Have a horrid OL
2 - Have not a single excellent WR or TE
3 - Have not one, but two, injury prone RBs
4 - Have a terrible pass defence
5 - Do not have a single star playmaker
6 - Have almost no cap space
7 - Have it's two best players in the last year of their contracts
8 - Still have the same GM
9 - And are down to Moore, Gerrald, or Smith as QB options

Why is there no updates on David Garrard's tryout?

I'm beginning to think Miami is that ugly girl high school QBs flirt with to attract the cheerleaders.

get the ball rolling, kick this clown out.

I don't hear the Phoenix media mocking the Cardinals. They whiffed on Manning despite having a great WR. They are also grossly overpaying for a QB that is not nearly as good as Moore.

Sanu and Streeter in the 3rd rd

I would feel much more comfortable with Smith than Flynn. He was going to be signed for $8 mill/year by SF for a reason. The team that went 14-3 with him in 2011 knew what they were doing. Harbaugh is no dummy.

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