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Hold that thought ... Smith source now says QB serious

The Dolphins quarterback situation continues to convulse and now what seemed like a almost-certain move by Alex Smith back to San Francisco is not quite so certain if one believes people close to Smith.

In this yes-no-yes-no-yes-no offseason for Smith, he is telling sources that he would actually strongly consider playing for the Dolphins "under the right circumstances." This after sources close to Smith earlier said the quarterback would be going back to San Francisco if Peyton Manning didn't pick San Francisco.

To make the point that Smith is serious, I'm told agent Tom Condon has been in talks with the Dolphins today.

So where does that leave us?

Honesty here: I have no idea.

I do not know if the Smith source is serious about Smith being serious about Miami. I do not know if the Smith source is using the media, including me, to leverage a better contract for Smith by saying he's serious about the Dolphins and all the time putting pressure on the 49'ers.

The fact is if the Dolphins believe they have a chance at Smith, they may make their offer to Smith one that could push the 49'ers to increase their reported three-year, $24 million contract. That would serve as leverage for Smith. But it is also a fact Smith could be dealing earnestly with Miami because apparently he had a very good visit with Miami on Sunday. And given that, he might just want a better deal from Miami for the purpose of signing that deal.

Only he really knows for sure.

The Dolphins, of course, can bust through this smokescreen if this wish. All they seemingly have to do to see Smith's seriousness is offer him a better deal than the 49'ers offered and tell him the deal will be on the table for a short period of time and see what he says. If he signs, he was serious. If he takes the offer back to Frisco, he's a fraud.

Of course, this is assuming the Dolphins are serious about Smith to the tune of at least $8 million per year. (I would not pay that but I'm not Miami's general manager.)

It's a game folks. It's called chess.

And, by the way, the media is a pawn.


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49ers whiffed on Manning, and they could have guaranteed him a shot to win now.

Seattle whiffed on Manning.

Jets whiffed on Manning.

Titans whiffed on Manning.

Dolphins whiffed on Manning.

What's the difference?

At one moment it was a joke, but DO NOT discount Ross' infatuation with Tebow. It will be either Jax or Miami. Tebow and his agents will probably want Jax though, if it us I find it very, extremely hard Philbin stays to captain the Titanic in his first HC gig.

No to Davind Garrard.

Is Dallas Clark still a viable option now that Manning is going to Denver?

We get guys like Hicks or Westerman - other team get impact guys. Time to chop off Ireland's head and get a football guy to run things. Parcells really screwed the organization but was laughing all the way to the bank.

I really hope we don't sign Smith... No consistency. Let Philbin and his staff draft a team and develop them. Please don't give the money you could have given to Flynn to Smith. If you weren't wanting to spend it on Flynn why in the world would you drop that kind of coin on Alex freaking Smith?

Let's trade for Tim Tebow.

I am from Chicago and on one of our sports radio stations they said that Pittsburgh Steeler CB Ryan Clark said "that as long as Jeff Ireland is the GM in Miami...no player wants to go there". That says it call kids...FIRE JEFF IRELAND!!!


We want Tebow!

Can't imagine Smith coming to Miami now that Peyton is in Denver. Who would you rather play for? The Dolphins only chance of getting to the playoffs/Super Bowl is by purchasing tickets and nothing else. Smith almost made it last year, with a team that is dangerously close.
The Dolphins are dangerously close to being the worst team in the NFL.

Here's the thing:
Has anyone very heard the Dolphins come out and say they considered themselves frontrunners for Manning? The media reported it, but never provided a source.
Has anyone ever heard the Dolphins say they wanted Flynn, or was it assumed that we would want him and failed to get him?
Media assumptions create expectations among the fans.
When the media guys are wrong, they mock the Dolphins rather than admit that they weren't accurate in their reporting.

Posted by: MiamiMediaHatesTheDolphins | March 19, 2012 at 04:03 PM

The phins announced to the world they were going to do everything in their power to get a QB.

Last I checked, Manning was a QB. Same with Flynn. Same with Smith. Last I checked they met with all of them. Last I checked they failed to acquire any of them.

Not everything needs to be spelled out in black & white. Sometimes you just need to read between the lines & use a little common sense.

You can be a homer & defend these incompetent baffoons if you like. Don't try to sway the majority to be blonded like you.

We're grown men let's move on from that.

Yeah, Tebow would look fantastic in Philbins spread offense, his completion percentage would hover around 40%. Yea we want that guy

Tim Tebow to the Miami Dolphins!

At this point, who really cares.

Things the Dolphins have said (paraphased):

1 - We actually want Tony Sparano as Head Coach and are extending his contract (Post Habaurgh Fiasco)
2 - Chad Henne is the next Dan Marino (S. Ross)
3 - We want an explosive offense (S. Ross)
4 - We want a young Don Shula (S. Ross)
5 - So your Mom was... (J. Ireland)

The Dolphins have leaked to the media thier expectations on signing various players as well. This is not by accident but by intent.

So, the Dolphins created expectations they have not met. They have also stunk for a decade. The past half decade has been an epic fail of how NOT to rebuild a team.

Hell is not like We have receivers to throw to anyway!

Tim Tebow to the Miami Dolphins.

There must be TRIANGULATION OF THOUGHT between the Owner, General Manager, and Coach for cohesion of unity of purpose in attaining set goals. This is also the MORAL ABC as set forth by Bronner in California and related on his holistic products for life. The Miami Dolphins lack the MORAL ABC of certitude. They must GAIN this power through reflection and dedication to UNITY OF PURPOSE, which will lead to forming of the triangular perfect form of decision making with each side equidistant and equal (not isoceles plan!)

How can anybody root for this team, were the armpit of the NFL

Don't panic folks.Alex Smith is going back to the 49ers.

Keep Moore and draft Tannehill. You get franchise QBs in the draft not in free agency. MM is at least as good as Smith or Flynn if not better.

No Bring Tim Tebow in!

Ok - how does any of that relate to the Manning and Flynn situations?

Giving a guy a vote (coach or player) of confidence is a daily occurrence in the NFL (Mark Sanchez anyone?). Saying we want an explosive offense is simply stating the obvious. Saying we want a young Shula is not exactly a stupid statement to make. Ireland's interview question was stupid.

So Sigh, are Armando?

Not to argue, but the Dolphins have been whiffing for a decade on nearly everything.

They should have done better given the history they were blessed with.

If it's a game of chess, Jeff Ireland ain't no Bobby Fisher, that's for sure.

If Tebow, Garrard or A.Smith is the teams QB, then they can give me a call when they get replaced. I will just worry about Fantasy Football and have no team until this mess is fixed (could be awhile)

There must be TRIANGULATION OF THOUGHT between the Owner, General Manager, and Coach for cohesion of unity of purpose in attaining set goals. This is also the MORAL ABC as set forth by Bronner in California and related on his holistic products for life. The Miami Dolphins lack the MORAL ABC of certitude. They must GAIN this power through reflection and dedication to UNITY OF PURPOSE, which will lead to forming of the triangular perfect form of decision making with each side equidistant and equal (not isoceles plan!)

Posted by: hr thomassino | March 19, 2012 at 04:19 PM



Tebow wins.

Sigh, are you Armando?

Tebow has the #1 QB rating in the 4th quarter. Went 7-1.

For those of you stating that Alex Smith's 'renaissance' occurred because of Jim harbaugh. Not true. Alex Smith started putting up some solid numbers during the second half of Mike Singletary's last year. Even Urban Meyer stated that Alex Smith was going to be a late bloomer type of quarterback. Going into his 8th year, this would absolutely be a steal for the Dolphins provided they show the love and warmth to Smith and dedication to him as a starting quarterback. I'd still draft Tannenhill 8th if I'm the Dolphins but let him sit over the next 2-3 years until he is ready to take over. P.S. Smith is still only 27 he came out just as he turned 20

Lol Daniel.
"we have to address the QB situation, we are not stupid"
Half right.

I don't think I am "blonded".

But I also don't think the Dolphins are getting a fair shake here.

So we keep the QB that went 6-3 down the stretch and had several outstanding games. I am ok with that. Draft a QB and develop one the right way.

That is my point.

alex smith is just doing this for leverage, and i believe anyone can see that. also, it saddens me that miami instead of being the main player is now just a piece to be used for the real players :(

hr thomassino @ 4:19: that is brilliant insight! Can I use it at my next managers' meeting?

My point is only that the Dolphins have created their own PR nightmare. Yes, the media likes to pile on and that's not helpful. Still, after the awful personnel choices over the past five years, then it's fair to expect some negative comments from the fans and media.

But the Dolphins can right their own ship if they make excellent choices from this point forward.

My own opinion is that I believe that Ireland is not going to be the person to do so in Miami.

Let's trade for Tim Tebow!
No to David Garrard his just ask risky as Tim Tebow!
We want Tim Tebow without the kneeling.

i'll take the kneeling, as long as its in the end zone.

Rumor has it that there is going to be a fan protest outside the fins' Davie offices tomorrow.

Being used ? ! ! ! More like the Dolphins are the NFL's used condom.

Manning just signed in Denver

I'd want him on the Dolphins simply for the competition sake. But also to screw the 49ers and Harbaugh.

Tebow wins.

I actually agree with drafting a QB.

Just do not have faith that this front office will make the correct personnel moves in either FA or the draft. They haven't so far, unfortunately.

Stop commenting on Alex Smith.Everyone knows he's going back to SF.Let's move on to either trading for Tim Tebow.Or will it be Tannehill or Weeden? Alex Smith belongs to the 49ers.You-all are soooo late to that news UN FU CKING BELIEVABLE!

So we keep the QB that went 6-3 down the stretch and had several outstanding games. I am ok with that. Draft a QB and develop one the right way.
That is my point.

Posted by: MiamiMediaHatesTheDolphins | March 19, 2012 at 04:24 PM

Please review the teams he beat & the ones he lost to. I think you'll find he didn't beat a single team with a winning record.


Also, your point, as you've stated repeatedly & obnoxiously, is that the Media is portraying the phins as having interest but, maybe they didn't.

Not only is that naive, it's ignorant.

I just want to WIN man. I am sick of losing.

Posted by: MiamiMediaHatesTheDolphins

Now that is something every Dolfan can agree on! :)

its pretty obvious smith is using miami as leverage. But I hope he goes to SF. Smith is not an upgrade over moore IMO. Draft a QB and use the money to shore up other positions.

No body wants to come play for this "CLOWN" ran organization ie. MIAMI DOLPHINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Smith To Miami.....Yawn....I Am Sure Jeff 'Idiot' Ireland Will Pull The Trigger....That's assuming Smith Wants To Play For This Trainwreck...Fact Is...He Has A 95% Better Chance Of Winning A Superbowl With The 49ers...

this years#3draft pick + next years #3 pick for RYAN MALLET

agree with boulderphinfan; draft 1st round qb and be done with it. Too much was made of Ireland's statement when he said we wanted to upgrade the qb position. He said the same thing last year and we got Moore (certainly better than Henne), not franchise qb though.

Some perspective ...

ROSS decide we wanted Manning. Not Philbin, Ireland, or even the fans. Some fans did, some didn't. Other good teams that also chase him didn't land him. Some didn't even get an interview. We didn't fail. Ross did maybe, but who cares what he thinks.

Columnists got "inside info" that the Fins really wanted Flynn. Assumed more often than not. Maybe they wanted him, but not for 26 mill. If he was franchise material, Philbin would've said so. It was acknowledged that he isn't, so price too high. Not a failure, a choice (one I agree with).

Smith is visiting. So does no signing him mean a failure? Not even close.

The columnists tell us Tannehill should be our draft target. If we draft someone else, will THAT be a failure? Not in my book.

If they skip Cousins, Weeden, and draft the QB for the Nobody State Acorns? ..YEP, BIIIIG failure.

It behooves Us to seek a trade with the Broncos for Tim Tebow.Those two 3rd picks We got for that malcontent that wore Our#19 should suffice.
It's a perfect scenario.A qb who can't throw to a team that according to some die-hard FinFans has NO receivers.Talk about a marriage made in Heaven.
Tim Tebow in aqua and orange!

For anyone who only saw Tebow vs the Dolphins. He looked just as bad against everybody else.

give this years #1 draft pick up for MIKE WALLACE

The plan is to trade out of the 8 spot and pick up an additional 1st round pick next year to go after Matt Barkley. Matt B. not coming out this year changed everything. That is who the Dolphins want.


chris......and yet, he won a game in the playoffs. i want a qb who wins. at least to compete.

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