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Hold that thought ... Smith source now says QB serious

The Dolphins quarterback situation continues to convulse and now what seemed like a almost-certain move by Alex Smith back to San Francisco is not quite so certain if one believes people close to Smith.

In this yes-no-yes-no-yes-no offseason for Smith, he is telling sources that he would actually strongly consider playing for the Dolphins "under the right circumstances." This after sources close to Smith earlier said the quarterback would be going back to San Francisco if Peyton Manning didn't pick San Francisco.

To make the point that Smith is serious, I'm told agent Tom Condon has been in talks with the Dolphins today.

So where does that leave us?

Honesty here: I have no idea.

I do not know if the Smith source is serious about Smith being serious about Miami. I do not know if the Smith source is using the media, including me, to leverage a better contract for Smith by saying he's serious about the Dolphins and all the time putting pressure on the 49'ers.

The fact is if the Dolphins believe they have a chance at Smith, they may make their offer to Smith one that could push the 49'ers to increase their reported three-year, $24 million contract. That would serve as leverage for Smith. But it is also a fact Smith could be dealing earnestly with Miami because apparently he had a very good visit with Miami on Sunday. And given that, he might just want a better deal from Miami for the purpose of signing that deal.

Only he really knows for sure.

The Dolphins, of course, can bust through this smokescreen if this wish. All they seemingly have to do to see Smith's seriousness is offer him a better deal than the 49'ers offered and tell him the deal will be on the table for a short period of time and see what he says. If he signs, he was serious. If he takes the offer back to Frisco, he's a fraud.

Of course, this is assuming the Dolphins are serious about Smith to the tune of at least $8 million per year. (I would not pay that but I'm not Miami's general manager.)

It's a game folks. It's called chess.

And, by the way, the media is a pawn.


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I myself see Tebow coming to Miami as a positive commercial move. I'm already in talks with Nike to design a signature shoe for him. Half cleat, half sandal. I call it the Open Toe-bow! Great for getting pummeled by opposing defenses or lounging by the beach. Million dollar idea. Copyright in place. Patent pending.



Email from Patriot GM Giselle to Bronco GM Elway:

"Can Tebow both throw and catch the ball on same play?"

I am not sold on Smith, I believe the fins should save their money. Bring in Johnson or Garrad compete with Moore but eventually keep Moore as the starter. Draft a DE in the first and take a qb in the 2nd. I dont think Tannehill is worth an 8th round pick much less a trade up. Fans want a Qb now, well thats great but you cant pay someone millions of dollars just cause the media and the fans want something. That IMO would be a stupid move. The team is building, not rebuilding but if you pay for a qb and he turns out to be a bust well then we will take a huge step back into rebuilding mode.

The plan is to trade out of the 8 spot and pick up an additional 1st round pick next year to go after Matt Barkley. Matt B. not coming out this year changed everything. That is who the Dolphins want.
Posted by: Don't give up picks | March 19, 2012 at 04:36 PM

If the FO was that smart, I'd applaude them.
But I doubt they are. Barkley will prob be pick #1. #2 at worst. Good luck

Smith is just like Harbaugh...a California man who has no intentions of leaving the west coast lifestyle, but is using Miami as leverage to increase the offer of the home team.
If Smith leaves SF I'll eat crow, but my gut says he stays in Cali.

Comment on what it would take to acquire Tim Tebow.THAT'S RELAVENT!

Moore beat one less winning team than Brady did last year.
Posted by: MiamiMediaHatesTheDolphins | March 19, 2012 at 04:34 PM

This statement right here, proves how delusional & clueless you are. Don't feel sorry for me, feel sorry for yourself.

Comparing Matt Moore to Brady LMAO WOW!

I never compared Moore to Brady. However, saying that a QB did not beat a winning team is slanted statistic. Brady beat one winning team last year. Moore beat 0. Do you blame the QB or do you blame the team?

By the way, you can disagree with me without attacking me.

If We trade for Tim Tebow what should be consider his value to Be? How many picks,in what rounds?Should We include players currently on Our team?

Stick with Moore, Draft Floyd then Cousins.....PERIOD

It is imperative that We seek a trade for the Broncos' Tim Tebow.

The problem with the dolphins starts at the top with Ross. He has no concept on how to run a football team and therefore cannot hire the right people as general manager or head coach. It is amazing that he has made billions in real estate. Probably just media hype. The telltale sign of the fall of the dolphins is that Ross bought the dolphins and the stadium 4 years ago for one billion, now they are worth less than 500 million and Ross cannot sell the naming rights for the stadium

Jets whiffed on Manning, and their QB didn't beat a winning team last year either, and he started 16 games.

First of all,Moore is a BACK-UP. A back-up quaterback.

Comment on what it would take to acquire Tim Tebow.THAT'S RELAVENT!
Posted by: ozkar | March 19, 2012 at 04:40 PM


it was reported that smith's agent talked to miami today about a contract offer. this may be finalized by the end of the day. it's only 4:46 edt.

I will just make one comment about Moore that people seem to omit when they say he went 6-3 to end the season, he was 6-6 the whole season so IMO that shows he is average at best. Not sure what his career win loss record is.

Ross will drop Smith like a lead balloon and go after Tebow.



ozkar...please step away from the keyboard. 98% of the posters here see him for what he is: 'a freak athlete who happens to throw lefty and has a completion % under 30. No Thanks!

How is it that this team is so average but has so little cap space. Who on the roster is making all that money? Mando needs to do a salary breakdown. I'd like to see who is being overpaid. A lot of guys I suspect.

I never compared Moore to Brady. However, saying that a QB did not beat a winning team is slanted statistic. Brady beat one winning team last year. Moore beat 0. Do you blame the QB or do you blame the team?
By the way, you can disagree with me without attacking me.
Posted by: MiamiMediaHatesTheDolphins | March 19, 2012 at 04:42 PM

Right, so you bring up Brady in a discussion about Moore & compare the amount of winning teams they beat & you're telling me you're not comparing them?

LOL OK, gotchya! Whatever sense you're trying to sell, I'm not buyin. It's kind of easy to see why I started callign you names. But, I'll pass going forward.

Our Miami Dolphins SHOULD SEEK A TRADE TO BRING TIM TEBOW TO OUR FRANCHISE.We are on life support folks!We will have any MNF games,SNF or Thursday Night ones!Probably not.W
We need an adrenaline shot.Tim Tebow without the kneeling would prescribed by me.

tebow wins

this years#3draft pick + next years #3 pick for RYAN MALLET

Posted by: budtki | March 19, 2012 at 04:34 PM

As long as I read your posts, many things you wrote are with a sense of sarcasm, but seriously this makes sense, your next post, not so much, with WR coming from school like Hill, Quick, Streeter, etc. I do not trade My #1 pick for the ex-Steelers WR. Even that may be the cause the dolphins send Marshall to Chicago.

Actually, Giselle, Tebow can throw and catch a pass on the same play. He's superhuman.

11 starting QBs in the NFL had a higher passer rating than Moore last year. There are 32 teams in the NFL.

Those are interesting statistics.


Posted by: ALoco | March 19, 2012 at 04:49 PM

Sure, he'd make a great full back.

i believe philbin has the right stuff as evidenced by how he has handled the death of his son(ala dungy).i believe mr EGO-tuna made the final decisions in 08,09,10.2011 was irelands 1st year at the helm and he gets an excellent o-line leader,a potential west coast beast(clay),and nice young players in gates-wilson-thomas(must stay healthy though).take wr or de/olb with 1st pick and cousins,osweiler,or tannehill in rd 2. then let 2 of the men who worked with favre and rodgers groom the qb to start by late 2012 or 2013.

One of the biggest problems for the fins is that they dont even play in Miami. The Marlins got it right when they changed their name to the Miami Marlins having built their stadium in the heart of Miami. The Dolphin stadium is not in Miami and anyone who tells you it is is not really from Miami. So marketing is a tough sell with the fans,but please dont use that as a means to making a big mistake by bringing Tebow here.


It's clear to readers of this blog that there's a lot of bitterness here towards our own team. But you know what? When Armando shows up at the Dolphins' facilities they treat him like an ignorant illiterate hack who just operates a blog.

The Dolphins are getting what they deserve!

I will laugh at all of you one final time after the Patriots get Tebow. The Patriots are smart; you are stupid. Tebow is a winner with a winning attitude. You are a loser.

Bellicheck will get Tebow to play FB/TE with 20 touches a game, and Tebow will apply his good attitude to this task and once again the Patriots will be smart and you and the other Miami trash (UM and Fins) will be stupid losers.

For a 7th rounder, I would take Tebow for short yardage and goal-line....especially how pathetic we have been in the red zone for years.

New Post.
What will it take to acquire TIM TEBOW? Picks or players? Good,We'll pay it!


So we have a two game wounder in Flynn and even HE said NO WAY to coming to Miami. THAT is as clear of a message as you can get.

Nobody wants to play for Miami unless they are getting paid and are satisfied with that contract.

Listen, players are just like the rest of us when it comes to gossip and rumors and joking around. The entire NFL knows how much the fan base utterly despises Jeff "THE SCOUT" Ireland and owner Ross.

These players read, listen and talk to people around South Fla and they know we are the laughing stock and would rather play elsewhere. If we land a player it is because it was for the money and pay day that was better then the next team. But on positions like the QB, it's different.

The QB knows HE is going to be in the spot light every play including watching him on the sidelines. Such QB asks himself, do I really want to be part of this mess.

As I said before many times, This all started with a trojan Hook Virus infection named Bill aka Tuna Parcells. Parcells was hired to fix all this. In Dallas he hired a scout named Jeff Ireland. When parcells accepted the Dolphin position he brought along THE SCOUT except he promoted him to the title of Dolphin GM. Parcells did that because he wanted someone as GM with a title only but Parcells called the shots most of the time. No push back from Ireland.

Parcells jumps ship with all the life preservers and a raft full of $ loot so there was no room for THE SCOUT or Sparano which he abandoned to fend for themselves.

So here we are today still infected with a trojan VIRUS named THE SCOUT.

Until THE SCOUT is placed into permanent quarantine and purged we will continue to be bogged down without any updates.

This team needs a completely new hard drive as it's never been more corrupted.

Ross and Ireland might be be just ignorant enough to trade for Tebow.

His worth?

I'd offer a 2020 7th rounder, but that's even a big risk.

Trading for Tebow would be icing on the "clueless" cake.

Good things happen to good people with winning attitudes. Tebow will go to New England and get super bowl rings while Miami will remain trash infested by trash.

I am sure that the relationship between Armando and the Dolphins is very tense...at best.


Armando can't get any comments from anyone officially associated with the dolphins that is why he has his sources (janitor, guys who take care of the field, next door neighbors of Ireland)

Think of it this way...Ross & Ireland got schooled last year by Harbaugh.
Their only goal from this Alex Smith event is to make Harbaugh pay more to keep his starting QB than if he never came to Miami.

In other words, let's screw Harbaugh for leading us on last Jan if we can.

None of this matter. Nobody in the AFC has a chance until Brady and Bellicheck retire. The rest is just entertainment like playing poker in Vegas. You will not win, in thd end.

My sources tell me smith has told the dolphins he will go back to SF if Peyton signs elsewhere.

My sources say Smith is serious about the dolphins

Either way he can say his sources were right.

When is the last time the Pats won a SB? Seems to me the Steelers have won two, the Giants have won two; and the Colts, Packers and Saints have all won one since the Pats won their last SB.

Ireland cracked acorns but I don't care
Ireland cracked acorns but I don't care
Ireland cracked acorns but I don't care
Tim Tebow's on the way.

I see they've unshackled you odinseye.
Yes Alex Smith,after how he performend in the playoffs, would have an option.But his going back to SF.So now
Tim Tebow should be considered.

this years#3draft pick + next years #3 pick for RYAN MALLET
Posted by: budtki | March 19, 2012 at 04:34 PM


Yeah right....like Belichick is just going to give away a QB who dropped into his lap in the 3rd round to a division rival...yeah, that's going to happen.

That was a fluke media. Pats should have won the last 6 in a row.

Is this an old a ss post or are you guys in the twilight zone.Manning to Denver and Smith back to SF is OLD NEW FOLKS! REALLY F UCKING OLD!

Irescum plays checkers while the other GM's play chess.

NFL Network reporting the Jags are "not interested in Tim Tebow".

The door is open folks....

Denver is sol no one will trade for Tebow

For anyone who only saw Tebow vs the Dolphins. He looked just as bad against everybody else.
Posted by: Chris in the 623 | March 19, 2012 at 04:35 PM


If not worse! Living in the region, the Broncos are our afternoon regional action on CBS every Sunday. Broncos games and Tebow are brutal to watch. More 3 and outs and 1 or 2 series and then punts than there were with Wanny.

Yes, the Broncos won some games with Tebow...but look at exactly who they beat and when they beat them. In pretty much every game they had all the pieces fall just right.

Tim Tebow to Miami Dolphins is CURRENT.Get your heads out of the sand! NEW POST PLEASE ARMANDO! IT SMELLS SPOILED AROUND HERE.

craig cap,
that sounds like a decent plan.only thing is floyd's maturity.i dont know if blackmon gets past the browns but if he does call tampa and offer to trade 1st rd spots and those 2 extra 3rds for the chance to screw fisher! i like cousins too. if they take him he can add some strength while he backs up moore and possibly start by 2013. i see the pats-steelers-ravens-texans-afc west winner in the playoffs.with our 1st ever offensive minded HC(forget cam he was in over his head)& an easy schedule why not us too?

Because you guys are stupid and don't read between the lines, I will let you know one thing that will happen next year.

Bellicheck will get Tebow and get him to play FB/TE. Tebow will have at least 1,000 combined yards receiving and running next year while the Pats again go 14-2. Do you remember what Bellicheck did with Sammy Morris? Tebow is a beast compared to Sammy Morris. After each game in which the Pats won and Tebow had some good runs and catches and TDs, Bellicheck will calmly say, "Well, Timmy's a good player." Just as he did with Sammie Morris for 3 years after we let him go.

See, also, Wes Welker.

If tebow goes in for a few gimmicky plays and otherwise plays mascot for the Pats, go for it, cuz it wouldn't work for this team, at least as it exists now.

I'd give our 1st rd pick for Tebow but the Jags may give more.

I'd rather have Tebow then RG3 and look what the skins gave for RG.

Good things happen to good people with winning attitudes. Tebow will go to New England and get super bowl rings while Miami will remain trash infested by trash.

Posted by: Common Sense does not exist in trash miami | March 19, 2012 at 04:55 PM

Curious concept...

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