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Hold that thought ... Smith source now says QB serious

The Dolphins quarterback situation continues to convulse and now what seemed like a almost-certain move by Alex Smith back to San Francisco is not quite so certain if one believes people close to Smith.

In this yes-no-yes-no-yes-no offseason for Smith, he is telling sources that he would actually strongly consider playing for the Dolphins "under the right circumstances." This after sources close to Smith earlier said the quarterback would be going back to San Francisco if Peyton Manning didn't pick San Francisco.

To make the point that Smith is serious, I'm told agent Tom Condon has been in talks with the Dolphins today.

So where does that leave us?

Honesty here: I have no idea.

I do not know if the Smith source is serious about Smith being serious about Miami. I do not know if the Smith source is using the media, including me, to leverage a better contract for Smith by saying he's serious about the Dolphins and all the time putting pressure on the 49'ers.

The fact is if the Dolphins believe they have a chance at Smith, they may make their offer to Smith one that could push the 49'ers to increase their reported three-year, $24 million contract. That would serve as leverage for Smith. But it is also a fact Smith could be dealing earnestly with Miami because apparently he had a very good visit with Miami on Sunday. And given that, he might just want a better deal from Miami for the purpose of signing that deal.

Only he really knows for sure.

The Dolphins, of course, can bust through this smokescreen if this wish. All they seemingly have to do to see Smith's seriousness is offer him a better deal than the 49'ers offered and tell him the deal will be on the table for a short period of time and see what he says. If he signs, he was serious. If he takes the offer back to Frisco, he's a fraud.

Of course, this is assuming the Dolphins are serious about Smith to the tune of at least $8 million per year. (I would not pay that but I'm not Miami's general manager.)

It's a game folks. It's called chess.

And, by the way, the media is a pawn.


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Smith ran a west coast offense and I think that is where he has the advantage over Moore. I do like moore and if the FO decides to stay with moore as the QB then we will need to draft a couple of QB's this year in the draft thus eleminating the need to sign a QB during FA.

If Matt Moore was such a diamond in the ruff We would not be going after every qb that becomes available.

Moore is a better playmaker than Smith...falling apart by the minute.

dolphin29-ross is the ringmaster in a clown suit. i think ireland is a ham an egger just trying to scratch out a reputation,but between ross & tuna he has 0 PR.yeah he made his own mistakes (ie the dez thing) but last year he got us an excellent center,a potential west coast beast in clay,2 nice(albeit injury prone RB's),wilson,burnett, no kyle orten, AND a man of high charactor in philbin. lets see if ross will stand aside & let them build this team.

We have not signed any ozkar. Manning was worth a shot, They did not want flynn, nor would I at 8 million! Kick the tires on smith. Besides Manning, Moore is the best of the bunch. Tebow is not even a QB.

Alex Smith is going back to SF.Now that Manning is an Elway Bronco We should seek a trade for Tim Tebow. Cause Matt Moore is only a B A C K - U P quaterback.

Pretty simple post:


ozkar, STFU, no one is engaging u except for me, and that shall end. I would not want Tebow to be on the cheerleading squad he sucks so much.

Smith will never wear the Dolphins colors. He likes it in San Fran and he likes Harbaugh. He feels good with the team he took to the playoffs last year. Why would he want to change that if he doesn't have to? Forget Manning, Flynn and Smith and please not Garrard. Let's just go with Matt Moore and pick up a QB in the draft if not this year well next year...

CNBC reported that 2 teams have contacted the broncos about Tim Tebow. Fins and Jags?

If obsessing over a child's game makes some of you mentally challenged "adults" this perpetually furious why do you do it?

Seriously, you're going to go through life enraged and stomping your feet like 5-year-olds over a stupid GAME??

I'm guessing you guys don't meet a lot of women, lol!

Would you leave a team that was one muffed punt away from the Super Bowl for the probable cellar dweller in the AFC East (which also happens to be the lone NFL team with a worse WR corps than San Fran's )?
Get ready for Moore Redux; it's not worse than having Smith at QB.

Ya Alex smith is real good. Are you kidding me, this guy stunk for years, got benched for multiple other Qb's. He then has an average year and just doesn't turn the ball over because he has a great defense and now he is all of the sudden a great QB. Give me a break. Everyone needs to remember that Matt Moore had a very good record as our starting QB last year.

Considering he is Parcell's hire, it is not surprising that Jeff Ireland now has the stench of a plate of 3 day old Tuna.

keep the faith fin nation...it could be worse...we could be the jest,browns,raiders,bills,jags-off,any team norve turner coaches,the cowgirls,or rams(whose ass we WILL kick this year...i hope wake runs down bradford on the sideline,makes the hit causing a pile up on top of jeff fisher thereby knocking the snot and mustache right out/off of him...i'll even take the 15 yard UR penalty.

Thank you TGH for that insight.We should seek a trade.
And,though I've said it and We failed to listen.Alex Smith old news he will be going back to the 49ers.Enough already.Let's talk about the news on CNBC about Us inquiring about Tim Tebow.

Do you think two #1's will be enough for us to entice the Broncos to trade Tebow?

I strip naked in front a a ceramic Siamese Cat head and become sexually aroused.

Tebow is pure garbage

Floyd, Cousins.....


Smith is going back to SF.

DJR : Not a bad plan but we also have an extra #3
from Chicago. Tannehill and richardson will be gone by

The Fins can get a top Tier OLB or WR .

I think they can use #2 or #2-#3 as trade to move if need be to get one of second tier QB's and see what they can do. Cousins ??? Never actually seen him play.

Sigh: Yep most you are mostly right.

Moss,Manningham are better than what we have, are you serious?

Well guys,

Im ending my b-tching for now. I gotta save some energy for post draft b-tching. Dont wanna be caught bringing a knife to a gun fight for that you know! LOL

We are at brink of potentially acquiring Tim Tebow and Doctor Morris Phleem was to inform Us about his fetishes.Nice!

Nothing but a bunch of old closet queens in here. This blog should be titled the 'Pantywaist Post.'

Hey RR is old f ucking news pal,We'e known that.
Let's comment on Tim Tebow's aqua and orange jersey #.

Apparently you enjoy it to king cole.Otherwise you wouldn't be here.
You know what I would enjoy,having Tim Tebow on Our roster.

Calm down everybody! Philbin wants to build this team through the draft. Give him a chance to pick his own guys. At least wait untill see how the draft pans out before crucifying our FO.


Yeah 3 million for this turd?

One thing is for certain. It has become impossible to figure what our team is up to.

I'm sure not making any more predicions. Who knows what their doing.

I've been an Ireland supporter but if he goes after Tebow I will never respect him or Ross again.

Alex Smith is going back to SF.Now that Manning is an Elway Bronco We should seek a trade for Tim Tebow. Cause Matt Moore is only a B A C K - U P quaterback.
Posted by: ozkar | March 19, 2012 at 05:48 PM


Tebow isn't even a QB....he would be a great rugby player though.

Just tell coach to seek a trade for Tim Tebow comfortablynumb.

Here's some info regarding Tebow's contract, if traded -

Even though he earned performance escalators by beating Pittsburgh in the playoffs, Tebow has a trade friendly contract. In 2012, his contract is for $1.1 million, in 2013 he'll earn $1.055 million and 2014, he'll earn $895,000. If Tebow takes roughly 40 percent of the snaps in 2012, he would make an additional $11.25 million in combined salaries in 2013 and 2014.

But only $490,000 in 2012 and $232,500 in 2013 salaries are guaranteed.

Good teams build through the draft! Would everyone bitching here rather we take the Eagles approach in FA? We see how far that got them.

You're the Queen of the Nancy Boys here. I can see you and the other regulars here prancing around in your silk nighties.

Offseason Scorecard so far: FROM 6-10 to What see score so far.

#1 WR and PRO-BOWL MVP- Response- ZIP
Starting Defensive End- response-ZIP
Starting Right Guard ( Albeit an avg one) - Some Else Avg guy
Starting left Guard ( Alos a bad one)-response- An in expeirienced , untested , Injured player !
Gains- Avg Guard, #3 CB and a couple back up players.

Your stupid funny wolfman.Here's some hilly-billy news you might have miss while doing redneck things;
Tim Tebow won National Championships as quaterback.
The Heisman cause is a winner.

Your stupid funny wolfman.Here's some hilly-billy news you might have miss while doing redneck things;
Tim Tebow won National Championships as quaterback.
The Heisman cause is a winner.

This guy can sure put together well thought out and well written responses. I am so sold now on Tebow!! HA HA HA

king cole I think your referring to your fantasies about delightling in men that wear panties.WRONG BLOG TRANS!

Two comments from and old guy with a year or two of experience in business. 1) The most powerful tool in negotiations is leverage - Alex Smith's agent has found his leverage in the Dolphins. 2) I'm not upset that the Dolphins have supposedly missed on some players and coaches. Sometimes the best moves are the ones you don't make. None of our QB options were a sure thing. History proves that,in the NFL, it's still best to build through the draft. While I'm not a huge Ireland fan I still believe we'll be OK. Our QB of the future is in next year's draft.

Ozcar wears assless chaps for his special man friends.

What else can I say that Tim Tebow has already done on the field.Tim Tebow's resume speaks far more than what I could say about the man.Don't be resentful towards Tim Tebow just because you couldn't cut as a jv qb,Ctphins.

looks like the night crew has shown up.

Tebow is not signing with the dolphins!! Don't believe everything you hear.

If Tannehill goes before #8 and Smith goes back to SF then I wouldn't mind if the drafted Brandon Weeden 8th overall. His stock is rising to the point he will almost certainly be a 1st rd pick.

I simply don't get any of it. You get rid of the Marshall contract, you sign back Soliai, and sign no one else!! Not Flynn, not Winston, and not Reggie Nelson. No WR invited for a cup of Joe!!! Nothing!!

If Ireland would of come out and said, we will build through the draft, and specific free agents only!! That is the plan. No one would of said anything!!

The national media is roasting us. That hurts. Poor Joe Philbin. I hope he's ready for a long season.

Take my Smith....please!

Just a refresher course on Tebow. Yes, he is 7-4 in 11 starts, and he has won a playoff game...but let's revisit a few things shall we:

Over 11 starts, he has averaged roughly 18 points a game. This average is somewhat skewed in that he has to big outliers...a 38 point game and a 35 point game. If you take those two lone big games out, he averages 14 point per game.

In his 11 starts, he has 17 TDs and 16 Turnovers (9 Ints and 7 fumbles). Last year he had a rating of 72.9 and completed a mere 46.5% of his passes. Over 11 starts, he has racked up a mere 2,383 yards passing.

Yes...he's still young and going into his third year in the NFL....but it's just ironic to me that any other QB NOT named Tebow would be being called busts at this point. Did he win some games? Well, the Broncos won some games, yes...and they did so in spite of Tebow, IMO.

Hey ozkarsnumberonefan,
That Ozcar might do that.But this ozkar doesn't.Your comments on ga ys is absurd.It's a Miami Dolphins blog.

Actually I like Moore but to bring in Smith for competion is not a bad idea if 1 ends up being better than the other just trade one. But if some don't recall Smith is in a west coast system and thats what Philbin runs so it wouldn't be much of a transition.

Ozkar - yes....Tebow was a fantastic OPTION QB in college....it doesn't translate well to the NFL. Mark it, he'll be exposed as a QB fraud this year regardless of whom he plays for. The option system is not sustainable in the NFL.

Looking at our roster nobody should be laughing about getting Tim Tebow. We have no playmakers. He at least has shown he can be one. Not saying go get him, but to scoff at that guy when we have nothing is kind of lame.

crap of fans that's all

We are proud to be a part of a fan base that has the dumbest numbskulls.Fools listen up.Alex Smith is going back to SF.Move on folks!

no one says anything positive

I said nothing about gays you silly man. Just special friends, you homophobe.

speak for yourself

I am fine with Moore and Garrard (or someone like that) as a backup and draftig a rookie, we can tank it this year and get our guy next year. I have to shell out a few hundred for direct tv again for another losing season!

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