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Hold that thought ... Smith source now says QB serious

The Dolphins quarterback situation continues to convulse and now what seemed like a almost-certain move by Alex Smith back to San Francisco is not quite so certain if one believes people close to Smith.

In this yes-no-yes-no-yes-no offseason for Smith, he is telling sources that he would actually strongly consider playing for the Dolphins "under the right circumstances." This after sources close to Smith earlier said the quarterback would be going back to San Francisco if Peyton Manning didn't pick San Francisco.

To make the point that Smith is serious, I'm told agent Tom Condon has been in talks with the Dolphins today.

So where does that leave us?

Honesty here: I have no idea.

I do not know if the Smith source is serious about Smith being serious about Miami. I do not know if the Smith source is using the media, including me, to leverage a better contract for Smith by saying he's serious about the Dolphins and all the time putting pressure on the 49'ers.

The fact is if the Dolphins believe they have a chance at Smith, they may make their offer to Smith one that could push the 49'ers to increase their reported three-year, $24 million contract. That would serve as leverage for Smith. But it is also a fact Smith could be dealing earnestly with Miami because apparently he had a very good visit with Miami on Sunday. And given that, he might just want a better deal from Miami for the purpose of signing that deal.

Only he really knows for sure.

The Dolphins, of course, can bust through this smokescreen if this wish. All they seemingly have to do to see Smith's seriousness is offer him a better deal than the 49'ers offered and tell him the deal will be on the table for a short period of time and see what he says. If he signs, he was serious. If he takes the offer back to Frisco, he's a fraud.

Of course, this is assuming the Dolphins are serious about Smith to the tune of at least $8 million per year. (I would not pay that but I'm not Miami's general manager.)

It's a game folks. It's called chess.

And, by the way, the media is a pawn.


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mando, you're a fool if you think alex smith is coming to miami!!!
stop being a homer.
sstop cashing ross's check!!!!!

Typical condescending post by someone who ignorantly believes he is superior to others. Idiots and douche bags often think highly of themselves.

Posted by: Garcia |

ROFL! Ha, I get it. You're so insecure you're writing to the blog to get people against me? Do you really think anyone cares about this? What a fool you are. Keep going pal, you're just making yourself look dumb.

Way to act like a little school girl. What are you going to try to pick on me until I develop an eating disorder? wow.

Hey everyone that doesn't care, check it out, Garcia has a crush on me,,,,how sweet.


it's great that we're not whining about Manning or *shudder* Fisher, but please, no more talk of Mullett. Ever again. Thanks for your patience.


The new CBA changed the Myles draft mindset.
4 to 5 QBs will go in Rd 1.

Except for the fact that his post to me, I mean your post probably under a different name, was condescending to begin with. I respect those who respect me, you disrespect me you get the same in return.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 19, 2012 at 08:31 PM

At least you admit you have the mentality of a vengeful 8 year old. Kudos.

Just reported. Dolphins signed David "i got a gapp in my teeth" Garrard.

Wipe myself for a change? Grrreeeaaatttttt bust. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a fool. Keep going, every post gets exceedingly more ridiculous. Can't wait for the next one.

Hey are you going to talk football or just stalk me all night? You want my number so we can meet up or what? I know you're hot for me, it's obvious.

It's time to fold people now they are reaching with smith and garrard keep moore as the starter draft some receivers in the first few rounds to transform this team into a passing team next year we may take a chance with barkley or jones time to rebuild a roster that seemed so close to get out from the cellar..... I tell u what let me be the GM I can do better than this ass clown.

great signing now draft a qb with our #1 pick and we are all good

Smith is using the clowns just like every one else!
Mando you are such a F...cking ross homer.
how much is he paying you to sell out our team!!!!!!!!









Jay Glazer reporting Garrard to Miami. Lolololol, what a joke

this is disgusting. king hammering ireland is dead on. hope ross reads everything about how bad ireland is.nfl network calling us worst team in nfl is sad

I think Ireland just did what he said he would upgrade the qb position (temporarily albeit) he just needs to draft a qb in 1st to satisfy Ross.

IMO Garrard was a big improvement over Henne so that qualifies as upgrading the qb position

Well if it`s Garrard there should be enough money to sign Nelson or Anderson.

I want to have some faith in this team but they make it impossible.

Garcia, seriously, this is the last time I will ever be addressing you under your current name. I guess you will ahve to change your name, get me to talk to you by being nice, and then turn on me with an attack. Quite the life you're leading, enjoy yourself.

Dolphins have signed David Garrard how pathetic. I'd rather have Tebow if thats the case.

Garrard signed a one year deal. Terms not disclosed.

The perrinial backup Garrard. hahahaha that is a whole lot of hype for a whole lot of nothing

Nice on garrard... happy, and we got cash to play wiht. Guys teams are not made or broken the first week of FA. A lot of acorns drop during the summer!

We are the worst team in the NFL. It's got to the point of embarrassing already.

alaindelon, Mando hates ,,,I MEAN HATES him some Ross. He has since the guy bought the team and hasn't been shy about letting it be known.

Goodbye Alex Smith, and don't drop the soap in SF.

We just signed Gerrard

"Dolphins signed QB David Garrard, formerly of the Jaguars."

There it is. I'll be back after Ireland gets fired.









Only proves Tannehill, Weedon or another QB in Rd 1 and Moore is done.
Just my opinion.

Phins78....your TROLL "Garcia"....is the same troll that the rest of us have.......Its none other than our very own resident psycho....Oscar Canoso......guy is a total nut job......

If he gets paid to TROLL like this....then the HERALD should fire him...cause his act is old....he has been found out....plain and simple....


b33rca53-the answer is roberto wallace. big man running crossing patterns over the middle=pain for smaller db's. i think hartline can be used wayyyy better as a west coast reciever(think dwight clark).we finally have a coach who doesn't think like a cave man.i also look for bess,bush,and thompson to excel and clay to become a tom rathman like beast!

going to bed...4:40 am comes early.....

Oscar.....why don't you give it a rest for a while too.......your stale and boring.....come back trolling when the HERALD gives you some new material......


Mando has it in for everybody at Dolphins HQ!

The Dolphins with Philbin are obviously rebuilding, why not just come out and tell us? I thought they were stopping this craziness with being quiet? They're supposed to be more open but for some reason seem more tight lipped! WTF?!

I would not want Smith at that price. No thanks

Bell getting cut too on pft. Garrard? LMAO This franchise is a fukkin mess.

nelson? resigned with cincy

garrard, finally some good news. not cause garrard is any good but now we wont waste a pick on garbage tebow or money on awful a.smith

The national media is pouncing on Ireland & rightfully so. He has made as many poor decisions as good ones. His arrogance is well known. The Dez Bryant question has resurfaced. He has yet to draft a franchise QB, WR, TE, S, LB, or pass rushing specialist. He never gets the better of any team in any deal. He is in over his head and the fact that Ross has so much faith in him shows what a poor judge of NFL front office talent he is. The only way Ireland gets any redemption is if Flynn is a total bust & he acquires not only a franchise QB (without trading up) this draft, but WR and 3 game changing starters out of this draft.

Phins why do you say they are more open with their "plans"? Hard to write that word without chuckling.

well if they draft tannehill, which i hope they dont, then moore should be dealt for anything









Posted by: ALoco | March 19, 2012 at 08:38 PM


Because it starts over every time there is regime change. There is regime change in Miami ever couple of years. To boot, you really only have a 3-4 year window to make something work. If your build didn't work, you pretty much have to start over.

Hiring Philbin was the first sign....the writing has been on the wall for some time. The Parcells/Ireland build was a failure, so have to start over. Maybe not a complete ground up....but major renovations are in the works. And no, I have no idea why Ireland didn't go with the rest of the Parcelians.

Please give me five minutes in a dark room!!!!!

Kris, lol at the not being laid thing. I knew it was a regular in here because his name is new yet he knew all about my writing style. I just have to ignore posts like that but I always get sucked in!

I mean I know he's right about me being long winded, I admit that at least. It's just how I write! But you guys know that and if it's too long and you don't feel like reading I'm sure you just scroll over it like a normal person.

I agree meanolebast&rd, A lot of Jets and Pats fans hate the Dolphins, why should Armando be any different? ;)

give me five minutes in a dark room with ireland...leave miami or my associate splatters your brain!!!!

yeah kyphinfan, sherman knows him and he's got pretty good stats for a guy with limited experience.there were some trailers here or the ss website that showed him in action and he made some nice strong throws rolling both ways.he is obviously atheletic so we will see, but i trust philbin to take tanny,osweiler,or cousins & make them a player.

..So I lost the plot a bit this morning. After thinking about our sitation a little more. Taking a breath I came to this conclusion. We can blame all of the free agent shortcomings on bad luck, poor timing, poor leadership, the plan all along(whatever that plan is) The fact is this is the sitation the team is in. On paper, from the outside it is easy, and reasonable to question what the team is doing. The fans have every right to question the teams strategy. What has become very clear is that the franchise has lost a lot of its credibility. It is the job of the FO to regain this..From desired free agents, to future free agents, draft picks, coaches, players.

It seems like Miami is a place that has become secondary for players..An after thought. I think this is where the frustration from the fans comes..Not so much that we lost out on certain players. It just feels like let down after let down..Like Lucy pulling the ball out from the feet of Charlie Brown.

If the team is going in a direction of building within, eradicating trouble makers in favor of team first personel..I'm all for it. If the team is going to avoid signing high priced free agency in favor of developing our own..Great. The club will no doubt keep their card close to the vest. No way are they going to come out and tell the fan base what the plan is. I'm not sure that that plan is changing by the day. If the club just threw a little bone, then came through. It would probably do wonders for many who think this is a fast sinking ship.

just happy its not tebow

darryl your last paragraph is exactly what is happening.they are building in the image of the packers,one of the top teams of the last 20 years.they got there,by the way with a 2nd round gunslinger and a late 1st rounder.now that the EGO has left the franchise i for one think ireland made some decent moves-nonmoves in 2011 & 2012.the guy has been part of a PR shite storm but much of that was caused by ross,tuna,and sparano.he did hire philbin who looks like a man of solid charactor.lets see what the 2 of them can do in 2012.

Gotta fire Ireland!

He still stinks of Tuna!

No one will come play for the Dolphins due to the stench!

The QB depth chart will be:

1) Tebow - Ross demands it
2) Gerard
3) Devlin
4) late round pick, practice squad

Moore will be traded before the Draft for picks.


Do guys STILL not get why Marshall was traded? Do you think he'd be a happy camper on the team with Moore and Garrard this year? Of course not. He's be bailing and quiting first chance he got. Good riddance. It's time to do this thing properly, from the ground up. Don't care if it's Tannehill or Weeden, just do it properly. For my money, I think it might be Tannehill now. I can see them wanted to draft this kid and have him sit for a year or two, the same way the Packers do it or the same way the Pats are doing it with Mallett. Nothing wrong with this at all.

Just got back from seeing friends and read your comments, Kris, 78. Wasn't me. You have to revise your theories.

So now we are without a #1 receiver and without our best tackler last few years, with no solid substitutes for them. I'm going to bed.

Nothing more than normal contract negotiating to increase one's stock. After losing so much face and becoming a laughing stock, Ireland NEEDS you to think Smith would actually sign with the FINS, pay no mind to Mando's attention-getting behavior.

I think you might be right on that "depth chart" Swamy...

Tebow brings instant excitement. When Tebow was handed the ball, the Broncos had the worst record in the entire NFL over almost a two year period. He was the driving force in taking them from there to the second round of the playoffs. (Don't believe anyone who says it wasn't. Joe Ellis, John Elway, John Fox and Denver media who had been anti-Tebow or Tebow agnostics previously, have all said the one driving force in the turnaround was Tim Tebow.)

The franchise was headed in the wrong direction. Joe Ellis (Broncos President) calls Tebow one of his "Three Game Changers", along with Fox and Elway. Prior to Tebow, the Broncos were bleeding cash. Now they're flush. The real issue is the hype. Simply put...Elway couldn't take it. He hated having to be careful with every word he said for fear that something would be taken out of context and be a national media firestorm that he'd spend weeks trying to put out. If there is any "legitimate" concern the Dophins and Dolfans should have is being the eye of the Tebow media hurricane.

With Tebow, that's the only real potential drawback. But the flipside is the franchise is immediately profitable, immediately becomes the new "America's Team"...and that does come with alot of perks, including a half dozen nationally televised games. The Broncos went from obscurity, much like the Dolphins now, to the Darlings of the League and now, to the most hated team in America...

Matt Zmoire is better. Stats say it and his on he field actions with an inferior team prove it. What us it with the goofy co.ksuckers on these blogs wishing for any old QB ?!Morons! We already have one ! Name.'s Matt Moore! , A-Holes!

Yeah, FB. You and Harbaugh know talent. We have an excellent QB on the fu.king roster. If you were a genius scout you would know that. The big QB push with Mia is strictly for selling tix.

Armando just reported that Jeff Ireland blamed the FA fiasco on the owners. Ireland finally disclosed how the FA decision process is run at Dolphins HQ........
J-Lo said "Jimmy H. was too hyper, Jeffy smelled too fishy, Peyton was too old, Matty Flynn was too pitchy, but that Alex is soooooo cute. Sign him!" Steven and Randy agreed. That's who is running Mr. Ross' Dolphins..........(no other explanation makes sense). Serena and Venus just want to play OLB. Just wait til ya'll see Fergie's 1st round pick at next month's Drafty's. I wonder what she'll wear. oooooooooooo It's soooooooo exciting. Don't ya think?! TTFN.

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