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Dolphins fail to land Matt Flynn too (he's on to Seattle)

I am learning to stop underestimating the Dolphins' inability to land a quarterback. Any quarterback.

After not getting a franchise QB last year, and not getting a player even they believed would compete for a starting job (Matt Moore was a surprise to them), and not drafting anyone, and pulling out of the Kyle Orton trade, and not getting Peyton Manning, now Miami is not getting Matt Flynn, either.

Flynn has agreed to a three-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks, according to Sports Illustrated and ESPN.

The Dolphins?

They're visiting with Alex Smith. They have another visit set up tomorrow with David Garrard.

How do you feel about that one?

I am not a big Flynn proponent. I'm not so sure he's going to be that good. I don't mind him going elsewhere. But the Dolphins do need somebody.

I'm sure the Dolphins will eventually portray this as having a plan (yeah, right) and sticking to that plan of not overspending for any player (including a QB). I'm sure they'll eventually get the message out that Flynn was a nice but not great option.

Sorry, but some facts simply get in the way. For example, someone else apparently believes Flynn is worth a good but not great contract. Seattle is paying approximately $8 million per season -- probably less when the actual numbers come in -- and that's not exactly breaking the bank for a starting QB. Even the $10 million signing bonus is modest for a QB. All indications are the Dolphins thought Flynn to be that potential starter but still couldn't pay him that?

Well then, why did the personnel and offensive staff spend nearly 40 hours of total tape time studying this guy, a figure I was told by a source was conservative? Otherwise, why would coach Joe Philbin be calling him throughout the free agency process to make sure Flynn knew he was a major Miami target? Otherwise why did the Dolphins immediately pivot to Flynn once they knew they'd been eliminated from the Manning derby? Otherwise why did they offer the kid a contract?

Something went wrong here. I was told three days ago Flynn was going to be Miami's guy. I was told it would take a significant screw up to fail to get him in a Dolphins uniform because the club believed he could win the starting job and Flynn liked the idea of playing for Philbin.

So what changed?

Obviously something.

Again, Matt Flynn is just a guy to me. He isn't guaranteed of doing anything great anywhere he goes. But the Dolphins continuing to pass on everybody is starting to raise eyebrows. It makes you wonder what's the problem.

Maybe it's Miami's inability to land a quarterback. Any quarterback.


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The current leaders of the Dolphins and the most profound things they have said in leadership positions (paraphrased):

Ross: Henne is the next Marino.
Ross: We want an exciting offense.
Ross: We're looking for the next Don Shula.
Ross: This team has good talent.

Ireland: Is your Mom....


Drop down in the first round and draft Michigan State QB and start the process over. suffering Fin fan in jet land

Now we know why the Dolphins went into a 'lockdown' when they started the pursuit of Manning. Lol.

That's strange. I was tuning into a show commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and instead it was a show about the state of the Miami Dolphins organization. Weird.

This whole thing is such a friggin' fiasco, that if a movie director had made it up, critics would can it as being unrealistic......

don't worry dolfans my son is ready. he just lead his pop warner team to an undefeated season. although he's a bit short,@ 4' 11" he can throw a pass nearly 10 yards just as chad pennington did when he took us to the playoffs. the real upside is that the kid will fit in under the salary cap a 6 pack of pepsi and a video game should do it.... oh did i tell you about my dog ? can he catch a frisbee!!!!!......

So Armando is pissed at my commentaries(and the Dolphins) and is impersonating me now. OK. All of you few true posters out there, odin. It is the same Armando Salguero that writes all those post about Pastors, gays , hairy balls and all that stuff. He is funny sometimes but Internet has its limits. He better than anybody should know that. In Internet, eventually, everything is found.


Roadrage, 19 million is not overpaying Flynn. In fact he's kind of a bargain at that price. That's what your top backups or borderline starters make in the NFL. Another terrible move by the franchise. They're rudderless and captainless. what a sad state of affairs.

I am learning to stop underestimating the Dolphins' inability to land a quarterback.

Posted by Armando Salguero at 05:22 PM

Cudos Mando...what took YOU so long?????

Ireland sucks. Fins will be the joke of the nfl for years. Ross, I hope you read these blogs b/c you are a horrible owner. Get ireland out of your butt. Sell the team, or hire a GM that knows something about football.

Oh, screw it. Let's all just go bowling on Sundays this Fall.

This is the sorriest franchise ever. Ross should stop charging for this garbage!

Matt Moore holds the ball to long and folds under pressure.
We need Alex Smith and at least 2 WR's out the draft. This years class is vert deep in receivers. I dont care how much it costs, its not my money it's Ross's money. Lol

Are you F^%#&^%(! kidding me Alix Smith, David Garrard? Well this makes perfect since. We get our defense headed in a positive direction and we can't do squat on offense. Just like the days with Jay feidler and the other stiffs who have come and gone wasting the careers of Zack and Jason! Ireland should be FIRED! So what do we give up now to land the Tannehill and ruin our future drafts! I wonder what Mark Anthony will be wearing opening day!

I know it was only two games that he played for Green Bay but I watched both of those games and I've watched highlights of both of those games and Flynn seems completely comfortable and instinctive both times. I can attribute that to the fact that he was very comfortable in that offense. Either Joe Philbin was not a big fan of Flynn or the Dolphins dropped the ball once again. Either way they still don't have a quarterback and this is beginning to be circus like. I believe he would have thrived in the Dolphins new system because he was familiar with it. I'm not saying he would've been a franchise quarterback but he would've been better than what they've had the last 10 years. I honestly cannot root for this franchise any longer. Ross and or Ireland or both need to go. very disheartened. words can't describe how we disgusted I am.

I can throw better left handed!

I wonder what Mark Anthony will be wearing opening day!

Posted by: m1313dan --------------------------------

Don't know .....but it's for certain it won't be J-Lo

Just fold the team. No one cares anymore.

The only way this team is gonna get better is if they "accidentally" draft a franchise quarterback. And even that would be tough with Ireland drafting lineman with top picks

I feel sorry for the celebrities that Ross conned into buying pieces of this trash.

One thing has become very apparent to me, Stephen Ross refuses to spend money. He did it last off-season and he's doing it again this off-season. He's keeping the cap Space for himself. He doesn't realize that if you don't win, you don't sell tickets. He thinks it's the other way around, if you don't sell tickets you don't make money,he's completely wrong. He is a businessman first and all he is worried about is the bottom line, it is becoming more and more apparent. Someone earlier said that he will probably move this team, I am really beginning to believe that. He's trying to drive the Fanbase away and make a shambles of this franchise only to be able to move it at another date. I am so disgusted by it.

The Funny thing about the Dolphins FO they said, there main priority was to upgrade the QB position during the off season. Well Matt Moore is the starter for 2012.

That's it Jeff Ireland keep getting patches instead of purchasing a new tire!

jrljr2 ,

I wish he would move this cespool.

Dolphins Front Office are a Bunch of Fuckos. And Ross is a Cheap Ass Punk
Posted by: Dick Pepperwood | March 18, 2012 at 09:02 PM

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard at that one I had tears coming out of my eyes...The comment...And the poster's name. I guess I'm a bit tired...My newborn keeps me up all night...LOL!!!

This jackass Ross wouldnt pay Orton or Flynn. So why was the moron talking to Manning?

deal on the table for A. Smith??

Winning with the passing game in a thing of the past. Ground and pound is the wave of the future.

Okay....let's analyze this.....four seasons of Ireland....4 drafts gone by....and still....NO Franchise QB---
No Premier WR-----NOT even 5 O-Lineman to call a UNIT !!....No ball-hawk D-back....patchwork Linebackers----and no playmaker RB....

....only one thing positive....he can acquire place kickers and punters...

...WTF !!!!!

Ireland tries to be to much like Parcells standoffish and
egotistical well it obviously isn't working. He needs to be his own man and grow up. When Flynn says the vibe in the building was one of the factors change your way thinking.

Nobody wants to play in Miami because of Ireland and Ross. There is no need for discussion, that is a fact. Until that changes Miami will be the worst franchise in football.

Yes Ross wants to numb/ make apathetic/ disgust the fan base so when he sells the majority of the team to an LA owner- and the team moves, he wont get much flax- he also gets the bonus of being a part owner of a team in LA where the celebs are. He wins.

Now we are down to garbage time again....Henne was better than anything left. Oh well, 2013 will be here soon.

Dog poop, what's scary is that there are hundreds of people here that could do a better job than these guys. That's scary, so only explanation is it is intentional.

Bro, if the past 3 days have been negative, today is something worse. How in heavens name do we get out of this hole?

There was an article earlier this year in which it was said Ross was looking at the Heat and Marlins and realized what needs to be done down here. Obviously, he decided against this plan. Now look where we are. Fans losing interest real quick. Not good

Great offseason front office I'm sure Richard Marshall was the big splash Ross was hinting at. I am done. No clue we will not compete in our division. There is not one superstar on this roster. No one player to watch. Sad day in my sports life, let's go Buffalo!

Bobby, losing? Try many have already lost it. Look at te stands on game day. Only us diehards still care

We don't Oscar...we are stuck in the quicksand ....the Ross-Ireland Bogg has captured our very souls....our only hope is that the Mayans were right !! December 21st should be right on time for wholesale redemption form this quagmire..... lol

I would legitimately fvck Ross or Ireland up if they were in front of me. I'm completely fed up.

If only Manning could make up his fukking mind...

Talked to Flynn. Said big factor in Sea over Mia was vibe in building: "The coaches, the staff--they were fantastic." - Peter King

Anyone else find this extremely disturbing?

Who cares what manning does at this point? Smith sucks anyway. Maybe marginally better than Moore. Maybe

Ross should sell team to Arison,

Chris, par for the course. They are fvcked. Ross is intentionally submarining the franchise.


It does matter where Manning goes...Cause wherever he goes that team will lose their starter...Watch Tebow end up in Miami...


Yes Chris and jrljr2..it is just appauling....and there are more important things in our lives to address...

....now who has paper...... :-)

Buy your season tickets now.

There are many blind faith homers on this site that will defend anything the DOlphins do.

That includes loud mouth Perkins.

Don't freak out everyone, I am sure they are going with Ryan Tannerhill.


Jeff Ireland must go!!! Boycott Fins fire Ireland !!! Boycott Fins fire Ireland !!! Boycott Fins fire Ireland !!! Boycott Fins fire Ireland !!! Boycott Fins fire Ireland !!! Boycott Fins fire Ireland !!!

As. Just add one more s to that. Tour a freking idiot

Al, and that is supposed to foster any kind of confidence? Hell be a bust as well. Especially if Ireland likes him. He can't possibly have any ability.

Stephen Ross, stop stealing Dolphin fans money or you'll be featured on American Greed.

Don't freak out everyone, I am sure they are going with Ryan Tannerhill.

Posted by: al | March

Yah bro, and the world was convinced that the earth was flat until a guy named Capernicus came along.....

just sayin' :-)

I had asked several weeks back if anyone could compare Flynn with Moore as I didn't see much of a difference between the two. They seem to pley very similar ( size, arm-strength, completion %, accuracy, etc..). Watching Flynn last year and on YOUTUBE, I didn't see much of an upgrade. Can anyone weigh in on this? Am I wrong?

Ross/Ireland regime have created a force field around Miami. Free agents try to penetrate but get bounced. Bunch of rrrrtards.

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