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Dolphins fail to land Matt Flynn too (he's on to Seattle)

I am learning to stop underestimating the Dolphins' inability to land a quarterback. Any quarterback.

After not getting a franchise QB last year, and not getting a player even they believed would compete for a starting job (Matt Moore was a surprise to them), and not drafting anyone, and pulling out of the Kyle Orton trade, and not getting Peyton Manning, now Miami is not getting Matt Flynn, either.

Flynn has agreed to a three-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks, according to Sports Illustrated and ESPN.

The Dolphins?

They're visiting with Alex Smith. They have another visit set up tomorrow with David Garrard.

How do you feel about that one?

I am not a big Flynn proponent. I'm not so sure he's going to be that good. I don't mind him going elsewhere. But the Dolphins do need somebody.

I'm sure the Dolphins will eventually portray this as having a plan (yeah, right) and sticking to that plan of not overspending for any player (including a QB). I'm sure they'll eventually get the message out that Flynn was a nice but not great option.

Sorry, but some facts simply get in the way. For example, someone else apparently believes Flynn is worth a good but not great contract. Seattle is paying approximately $8 million per season -- probably less when the actual numbers come in -- and that's not exactly breaking the bank for a starting QB. Even the $10 million signing bonus is modest for a QB. All indications are the Dolphins thought Flynn to be that potential starter but still couldn't pay him that?

Well then, why did the personnel and offensive staff spend nearly 40 hours of total tape time studying this guy, a figure I was told by a source was conservative? Otherwise, why would coach Joe Philbin be calling him throughout the free agency process to make sure Flynn knew he was a major Miami target? Otherwise why did the Dolphins immediately pivot to Flynn once they knew they'd been eliminated from the Manning derby? Otherwise why did they offer the kid a contract?

Something went wrong here. I was told three days ago Flynn was going to be Miami's guy. I was told it would take a significant screw up to fail to get him in a Dolphins uniform because the club believed he could win the starting job and Flynn liked the idea of playing for Philbin.

So what changed?

Obviously something.

Again, Matt Flynn is just a guy to me. He isn't guaranteed of doing anything great anywhere he goes. But the Dolphins continuing to pass on everybody is starting to raise eyebrows. It makes you wonder what's the problem.

Maybe it's Miami's inability to land a quarterback. Any quarterback.


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The Dolphins bring in FA's to jerk them off,



Even Peyton Manning would be no more than lipstick on a pig for this terrible franchise.

Manning would have only "cheated us out" of 6-7 draft slots where we should really be based on overall talent. Manning would have been more of a deficit to this team "REALLY" getting better, than an assett to this team really getting better.

Armando, you freaking suck.

The LOSE out on Flynn? Perhaps they didn't like him enough to pay his ridiculous salary. Do you really like this team? You and the most of the rest of the FL beat writers continually write nothing but negative subjective crap with no basis in reality. Try giving the FACTS and stop with all the negative fairy tales.

Hey the good news is that Denver could still land Manning. Then maybe we could trade the two 3rd round picks from the Marshall trade for Tim Tebow. This might turn out good for the Dolphins after all. Then they pick up TO and we're all set for 2012. Oh wait, I bet even TO wouldn't want to play for Miami.

Hey, Armando, what happened to that small Cuban dude that was on your radio program?

well, ryan clark is entitled to his opinion, but the fact is, 12 teams contacted peyton manning about their qb position, and only 4 made the cut, including miami. he is bitter towards ireland for something that transpired during is fa visit.

the sad thing is their inept negotiating skills will now result in 100% support for Moore, " we are confident in what Matt can do, & what he brings to our team" lol, PLease fire this tandem of Ross, & ireland

The quality of the commentaries in this Blog has fallen precipitously much as the Dolphins have.

correction, 5 teams.

Moore is the best qb we could have scored. I trust my coach. Sot=rry. I will by 2 more years of d-tv!!

What the H@LL did I get myself into?!!

I Quit!

Ryan Clark Says No One Wants To Join The Dolphins

Posted by Mike Florio on March 18, 2012, 10:38 PM EDT

Getty Images
So why are the Dolphins having a hard time luring free agents to South Beach? Steelers safety Ryan Clark has a theory.

After Clark congratulated quarterback Matt Flynn on joining the Seahawks via Twitter, one of Clark’s followers writes that “NO ONE wants to go to the Dolphins!” Clark responds by saying, “No one! To believe I almost went there but it was easy decision not to.”

Clark was referring to his decision in 2010 to stay with the Steelers in lieu of joining the Dolphins.

So what’s the issue? Clark later says, “It’s my honest opinion. Not a good guy making decisions.”

Here’s referring, presumably, to G.M. Jeff Ireland.

Clark didn’t specifically say whether other players share his opinion, but it’s implied in the “No one!” tweet.

If it’s true, the Dolphins need to find a way to fix the situation. If it’s not true, the Dolphins need to find a way to reverse a false perception.

Alex Smith will be our next QB:


Garrard would not be able to be out Moore at QB, so why bother?

Remember this?

Crowder was asked about returning to the Dolphins. “I wouldn’t go on a team with Jeff Ireland. I’m not very confident in him,” said Crowder, who has been hosting his Miami-based radio show from Indy all week. “He doesn’t know what he’s doing in my opinion. He’s real disrespectful, he doesn’t know how to deal with people and the whole Dez Bryant (situation) kind of showed to the world what he’s about, but guys in the building know what he’s really about.”

Hay Guise, I heard you need a QB. When do I show up for camp?

All you idiots who continue to blame Mr Ross, let me tell you something he is a great owner, he will ditch out the money to get the best player in town, thats a heck of allot more that Wayne H did for the team, he wanted manning and didnt land him hes not to blame for that, he is an owner with deep pockets and is willing to take the chance on a high profile player, its Ireland that players don't take seriously, he is the problem not the owner, we will be ok, Dolphin Fan for ever, the rest of you go back to your 8 to 5 job...

Latest report from Denver, Manning headed that way. Miami will sign Smith and offering a package of 2nd and 3rd rounders (one from the Chicago trade for Marshall) for Tim Tebow.

Anthony....you're a moron. $ isn't Ross' problem. Obviously he spends cash as we're right at the cap limit. IRELAND IS THE PROBLEM! And THAT is Ross' problem because he keeps him around like a bad fart. And lemme ask you this. The Fins are at the cap limit ad what do we have to show for it? Where is our talent? Where are our stars? This team is the worst managed squad of garbage in the entire NFL. We are lower than everyone. Seriously. Who is more of a joke than the Dolphins? I sure can't think of anyone.

Tiger Sam,

Stop playing boy! LOL

Peyton Manning: So Jeff, what other moves do you plan to make so we can compete for the Super Bowl this year?

Jeff Ireland: Well we're getting rid of Brandon Marshall so he won't complain about you. We're also going to let the Bills sign Mario Williams so you'll have to deal with him twice a year. Oh, and we're not going to bother with Winston, you have Long on the other side so you'll have plenty of protection.

Peyton Manning: lol wut??

Ireland in conversations with Terrell Owens underway to get the controversial WR at the minimum. Dealings suffered a snag when Ireland began questions about Owens mother and popcorn.


Stephen Ross, stop stealing the fans money!!

If Ireland trades a 2nd and 3rd rd pick for Tim Tebow I wont watch Dolphin football again until he's fired! LOL

Matt Moore is our Qb. Flynn is fool's gold, watch the tapes guys. He's not a franchise Qb, weaker arm than Pennington

Sorry YG but I guess this is my way to vent after further confirmation our beloved Dolphins will be the laughing stock of the league for the foreseeable future and beyond.

Irescum asked Flynn if his momma's a hooka. That was that.

IRELAND needs to go. Period. The end.

Tiger Sam,

The sad thing is what you mentioned really could become a reality with Jeff Ireland in charge. LOL

I wasn't in love with the Dez Bryant incident but from there to say that Ireland does not know what he's doing is a stretch. Everybody knows that the guy is a cold, calculating bastad but he also happens to be a great evaluator of talent. We are tired of repeating things in Internet and we said it about a year and a half ago. You want a ring, or you want to be stroked?(I'm not sure myself). Can't have it both in this situation, unfortunately.

Ireland asked Flynn, "Is it true your mother can really grease a doorknob?"


Please no QB in draft. Wait till 2013.

Will Ross honor Mark Sanchez day this year?

the dolphins are no longer a prestigious organization...

Sparano is laughing at us.

Nobody wants to join the Dolphins. Nobody.


If Ireland were a cold calculating basturd that would be a great improvement. Then we would have better talent on this roster to show for being so close to cap strapped!

Nobody wants to join the Dolphins. Nobody.
Posted by: Nobody | March 18, 2012 at 11:49 PM


Yeah, look how they mistreated Jason Tayor one of the greatest Dolphins ever.

We suck

It's not were, YG, he is. You should know that.

Ross announces we will have Bellichik Day when the Pats arrive in Miami this year.

This agreement was reached as part of a deal where Bellichik promises not to win by more than 50pts.

Who wants to play for cheap , classless, losers.....if they have a choice?


Talks between Alex Smith and the Dolphins have broken off. Alex reportedly asked Jeff Ireland if HE was a prostitute.

Oh crap! I didn't even hear about Winston signing with KC. So no Winston either?

Why can most People not face reality in its Face. Yes, its ugly and not what you want.


I get Ireland's strtegy here, Ireland's an absolute genius! He going to have the opponents laughing at so hard this year they cant focus on playing the game.

Ireland plans to make it all the way to sb this by serving the rest of the league a heavy dosage of "laughing gas"! LOL

The Flynn contract actually only has a base value of 19 mil and now the denver post is reporting that Dolphins are already negotiating with Smith at around 8 mil a year. It's just one blunder after another, Incredible. This is all on Ireland because it's up to him to bring in the players. Unless Ross is refusing to pay and making Ireland look bad by not taking the football guys advice on whether a player is worth certain money. I think Ross maybe a shittier Jerry Jones. I think this franchise is going down faster than a virgin on prom night. I will never give up on the fins but man things are looking bad!

Matt Flynn - QB - Seahawks

The base value of Matt Flynn's three-year contract in Seattle is only $19 million, with $10 million guaranteed.

The initial Flynn report claimed he received a three-year, $26 million deal. Per the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel, however, Flynn's base contract is just $19 million with $5 million more available through incentives. It appears the remaining $2 million could be had via "unlikely to be earned" incentives. Either way, it's a much more team-friendly deal than the Cardinals gave Kevin Kolb last offseason. Even if the full "guarantee" is only $2 million less. If both Flynn and Kolb emerged as viable starting quarterbacks, the Seahawks would be paying Flynn much less than the Cardinals would for Kolb.
Mar. 18 - 6:15 p.m. ET

Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Alex Smith - QB - 49ers

According to the Denver Post, the Dolphins are currently negotiating a contract with free agent Alex Smith that would pay him $8 million annually.

The Dolphins are so desperate, after losing out on Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn, that they're now willing to significantly overpay a borderline NFL starter at near the level of franchise quarterback money. Flynn only got $6.33M annually from the Seahawks. Smith isn't as physically talented as incumbent Dolphins starter Matt Moore, and he's certainly not worth more than Flynn. At this point, it's almost as if the Fins are trying to sign a quarterback, just to sign a quarterback.
Mar. 18 - 8:00 p.m. ET

Source: Denver Post

This team is a joke. I blame Ross as he's the idiot that kept the moron Ireland on. The buck stops with him, and FA's only stop in Miami as a stayover for the team they will actually sign with. If Alex Smith gets signed it will be a disaster. People rave about the year he had last year? - he only threw 17 touchdowns. He absolutely stunk in the NFC championship game. He is NOT a franchise QB. And we all know Ireland'll f up the draft once again.

"So why are the Dolphins having a hard time luring free agents to South Beach? Steelers safety Ryan Clark has a theory.

After Clark congratulated quarterback Matt Flynn on joining the Seahawks via Twitter, one of Clark’s followers writes that “NO ONE wants to go to the Dolphins!” Clark responds by saying, “No one! To believe I almost went there but it was easy decision not to.”

Clark was referring to his decision in 2010 to stay with the Steelers in lieu of joining the Dolphins.

So what’s the issue? Clark later says, “It’s my honest opinion. Not a good guy making decisions.”

Here’s referring, presumably, to G.M. Jeff Ireland.

Clark didn’t specifically say whether other players share his opinion, but it’s implied in the “No one!” tweet.

If it’s true, the Dolphins need to find a way to fix the situation. If it’s not true, the Dolphins need to find a way to reverse a false perception."

Unbelievable!!! Now the players around the league are calling out the Dolphins???? So it appears the rabid Ireland haters know better than the our billionaire owner.

I say MOVE ON MIAMI.. Ive said this before Im content starting the season with Moore, pull a QB out of the draft. Mainly restructure some contracts to get some play makers. And lets move on..I do not have a problem with the Flynn deal, I was never sold on him. But for God sakes do not waste money on signing Garrard.

I am not upset or disgusted by their decision not to sign Flynn, but I am surprised.. All along, they made it look like Flynn was the next Dan Marino, to save this organization.

My reason reasoning for not being upset is due to the fact that I'm glad they didn't pay too much for Flynn. He's an unproven QB, who has started only 2 games. For that, I would prefer to go after Alex Smith, a proven QB with 4-5 years of experience, who has gone through the rough times, and has successed in the NFL.. He took his team to a 13-3 record last year... System or not, he did it.. and had 6 comeback win, with 4 on the road...

Like it or not, Alex Smith over Matt Flynn any time of day... Whether some people would compare Alex Smith to Matt Moore or not, there's one huge difference between both, Alex Smith took his team to the NFC Championship game... and Matt Moore didn't.

Again, I would prefer to invest my chips on someone who has done, and we all know that the only reason Alex Smith is available is because he is upset with the 49ers for considering signing Peyton Manning. As soon as Alex Smith agred to meet with the Fins, Flynn's value to the Fins went down like the Market on Black Monday...

Some dude on BR posted about a tweet indicating Manning to Denver. Reportedly Miami has not close the Smith deal with Ross' hope to bring Tebow.

A potential trade with the Broncos in in the works. Tebow, Dawkins and Prater to Phins for our entire draft this year and next.

Dont fret dolfans. The only way another qb will be bringing his talents to south beach this year is if we draft him! LOL

EVEN with all these latest events I refuse to go into "sky is falling" mode. If someone else wants to call that mode "just being realistic" that's another perspective and that's fine.

I will gladly give Moore another year to build on what he did right last year. With Philbin using a GB "spread the ball around" philosophy guys like Bess and Hartline will show up more than they have in the past. They will most likely draft a WR to round out the WR corp. If that WR is Floyd from ND that would be fine by me. I believe he will turn out to be the best WR in this class including Blackmon.

If they draft RB Richardson based on being the best overall talent available (great hands as well like Reggie) at their pick the Fins could protect most any QB with a viscious ground and pound attack with Reggie, Richardson and maybe Thomas can add something more than he showed in his rookie season. Aiming for 30-40 runs per game could make the Fins a team other teams would not relish playing. Tabbing an immense player like G/ORT Cordy Glenn could help this endeavor.

If Moore and whomever they have as a backup QB bomb than the Fins should be set to get Barclay in 2013. The fact that so many teams are shelling out big bucks and grabbing their QB option this year should take many suitors out of the running next year.

This would set the table to have a rugged and well built RB with nice hands and a monster G/T both with a year of experience to help QB Barclay down the road. We can also hope that the TE class is better in 2013 to pickup a talented field stretcher as well.

This is all surmising of course but we gotta start to plan now for a brighter future.


Rob OC,

Even if we get 1st overall pick in 2013, as long as Ireland is here he'll trade it down.

His reasoning, "We have far too many needs to tie up one pick into one player. Matt Moore will be fine".

Agree with Clyde 100%. Although, how many more decades will we have to wait for a franchise quarterback, with this teams inability to pull the trigger when it comes to drafting one.

Ireland doesnt seem to even have a clue sa to the mathematics of the situation he is in as GM. He's runni9ng the gm office just as he would if he were a talent scout! LOL

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