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Dolphins fail to land Matt Flynn too (he's on to Seattle)

I am learning to stop underestimating the Dolphins' inability to land a quarterback. Any quarterback.

After not getting a franchise QB last year, and not getting a player even they believed would compete for a starting job (Matt Moore was a surprise to them), and not drafting anyone, and pulling out of the Kyle Orton trade, and not getting Peyton Manning, now Miami is not getting Matt Flynn, either.

Flynn has agreed to a three-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks, according to Sports Illustrated and ESPN.

The Dolphins?

They're visiting with Alex Smith. They have another visit set up tomorrow with David Garrard.

How do you feel about that one?

I am not a big Flynn proponent. I'm not so sure he's going to be that good. I don't mind him going elsewhere. But the Dolphins do need somebody.

I'm sure the Dolphins will eventually portray this as having a plan (yeah, right) and sticking to that plan of not overspending for any player (including a QB). I'm sure they'll eventually get the message out that Flynn was a nice but not great option.

Sorry, but some facts simply get in the way. For example, someone else apparently believes Flynn is worth a good but not great contract. Seattle is paying approximately $8 million per season -- probably less when the actual numbers come in -- and that's not exactly breaking the bank for a starting QB. Even the $10 million signing bonus is modest for a QB. All indications are the Dolphins thought Flynn to be that potential starter but still couldn't pay him that?

Well then, why did the personnel and offensive staff spend nearly 40 hours of total tape time studying this guy, a figure I was told by a source was conservative? Otherwise, why would coach Joe Philbin be calling him throughout the free agency process to make sure Flynn knew he was a major Miami target? Otherwise why did the Dolphins immediately pivot to Flynn once they knew they'd been eliminated from the Manning derby? Otherwise why did they offer the kid a contract?

Something went wrong here. I was told three days ago Flynn was going to be Miami's guy. I was told it would take a significant screw up to fail to get him in a Dolphins uniform because the club believed he could win the starting job and Flynn liked the idea of playing for Philbin.

So what changed?

Obviously something.

Again, Matt Flynn is just a guy to me. He isn't guaranteed of doing anything great anywhere he goes. But the Dolphins continuing to pass on everybody is starting to raise eyebrows. It makes you wonder what's the problem.

Maybe it's Miami's inability to land a quarterback. Any quarterback.


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Can't win here Jeffy boy. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Just say, fukk them.

My eyes are tired and I can barely type coherently anymore. IM out! LOL

YG... LOL. While I do think he is finally seeing the light more about needing a franchise QB he still has rigid value structures on players. Even when desperate he won't do the classic "Oh he is getting away I must bid higher" like people do on Ebay. Sadly (depending on how the players turn out being good or bad) that means that by sticking to his guns Miami loses out on many bidding wars.

If you listen closely you can hear Ireland...

"Be wery, wery quiet,...I'm hunting Acorns". Huh huh huh huh huh.


Just more proof that Ross doomed this off-season and the 2012-2013 season six months ago when he retained Jeff Ireland as GM instead of completely wiping the slate clean and starting in a totally different direction. Until that happens I'm afraid we Dolfans will have many more losses to look forward to.

What Changed? The Dolphins decided that Matt Moore was a better QB than Matt Flynn.....so what's the problem.

All of those goals in the draft are fine.
However before any improvements can be made draft picks have to replace the departing free agents to get the roster to the league mandated 53. We have 6 departing free agents + 1 missing wr and now 8 draft choices.
So after the first 7 draft picks are used to bring the roster up to league minimum then there will be a 7th rounder we can use to improve 1 position.

..I know I signed off for bed..I wanted to share this as it is all over the radio right now(Mad-Dog Radio for sirius folks)..

I don't know how valid this is. If it is true at all. Take it for what it is worth..Seems like Ireland was the main reason for the breakdown between the team, and QB. Flynn..Probably not breaking news. Perhaps total hearsay..Ireland is the easy whipping boy deserved, or not. The problem is that there are players in the league that have met with the team that also claim their meeetings with the team were less then cordial..I don't know what this means. I don't know if the Phins are not doing the little things teams do in the courtship process that other teams do. I don't even know if these claims are true..If I were a reporter I would hesitate to even write this as there were no names given....It could have been the conclusion of the host..

This isn't the point. If the teams has a reputation among the players in the league as being second rate. Even if this assumption is false..Perception becomes reality..There has to be an explination as to why the team cannot pull the trigger on desirable aquisitions. Usually where there is smoke there is fire. I am not privy to the negotiations, I have no idea what is said, or what promises are made in these negotiations. So for me to say Ireland is the problem is out of my relm. It sure seems like the common denominator though. Nobody can try and tell me that going into this free agency period that the team thought that it would be courting AS, or possibly Matt Haselbeck, or even stuck going back to Matt Moore. Which now seems like the best idea. Sure they may have the idea they want to draft a guy, and they may sell it as the plan all along..I have trouble believing that.

Good point.
Another way to look at is there is only so much production that can be gotten out of the skill players that we have regardless who is QB.
Matt Moore makes $1mil/season.
That's it.
How much more production are you going to get from an $8mil QB when there is so little talent surrounding him.
Maybe the best thing to do is spend all available money and draft picks on defense. Try to win games with scores of 9-7, 6-3, 10-6 like that.

DD, Ryan Clark is tweeting the same thing about Ireland. "No one" wants to join the Dolphins.


Let me swallow your loads. Please!


As long as Ireland is GM the Dolphins will continue to be at the bottom of the NFL, this is another Matt Millen for the Lions. No good players will come here as long as this guy is GM , this really hurts and it is sad that the once proud franchise has turned into the joke of the league. I do not understand how Ross can keep this guy.THIS REALLY HURTS

....Cosmodo. Wow. so this wasn't a radio host just making stuff up? Troubling to say the least. Ryan Clark is a players kind of player(If that makes any sense) Isn't he the Steelers player rep? I'm not sure what the benifit is for him saying this..Even if it is true. I'm sure this will be part of the news cycle for the local tommmorow..

The following points to an extraordinary weakness in the front office:
Channing Crowder + Matt Roth + Samson Satele + Pat white + Pat Turner + Chad Henne + Kendal Langford

All were drafted in top half of draft we got nothing for any of them.
We started 6 acorns last season.
Anyone see the correspondence between the number of acorns and the draft picks that became valueless?

Belichick has a degree in econimics from Wesleyan. He profits from evey player movement into and out of the team.

We are missing out on half the profit because Ireland has no business acument whatsoever.

Matt Flynn and Alex Smith are the same guy. Only Smith has actually played in the NFL and won important games. Ireland isnt reading this Mando. Trust me, he reads the Sentinel and USA Today.

If he was a franchise Philbin would have recommended to pay him 9 million a yr. He must believe MM is a better option and Tannehill can become the elusive franchise QB that has been missing since Dan the man. If Philbin didn't push hard for him he knows something that the arm chair GMs don't.

Tannehill might be 3rd best QB because Barkley stayed in school.
If he's that much better than McCoy then Cle might take him.
Regardless Jax has publically expressed willingness to trade the 7 pick which means anyone can have him.

Can Ronnie Brown still throw,if so he needs to go to Miami and throw Ireland out a window.

i can't belive this....My frkn head hurts.Is it our fault?gimme a bullet to bite on.

One more thing I don't. So you bring in Philbin. That would suggest a total rebuild is in order. BUT...that doesn't seem to be the case. If it were the case they would have signed Flynn.

We have to stop plugging and playing. We have to rebuild this house starting with firing Ireland.

Good One!
Best of the night!

DD, we've all heard of various incidents about Ireland over the years. Eventually, those incidents and rumors build up to become a significant case that can't be dismiss as false perception. Surely Ireland has had plenty of opportunities to clean up his image or alter the perception, but the bad news keep coming in. Notice how Flynn didn't say money was his reason for joining Seattle - which would be the politically correct thing to say. Instead he said he likes the vibe in Seattle's office. That's pretty blatant to me.

I have been dissapointed in the past. Now I just feel anger. There is no plan. This ship is headed for the bottom of the sea. I am considering junping of the nboat, Mr Ross.

Maybe Ireland decided Flynn wasn't worth the money he was asking and he spit in Flynn's face.

Moore did not get huge production from our skill playes last year but maybe he got all, or just about all, that there was to get.

How much more production is Flynn going to get from Hartline/Bess/Gates/Moore/Wallace than Moore got and can get?
Is it worth an additional $7mil?


my pleasure.

The other side of the coin with Flynn is what if he is just an average guy?
He does good, not great on a good team and fair not horrible on a lousy team.
Just a regualr guy not a franchise guy?
Philbin wanted him and Ireland said 'no'. 'Not for that price. He's not worth it.' 'If we're going to be tied into a guy for years than he has to be bigger than life'.

Now what?AS?ya.ok

Alex Smith will off himself if he comes to this team. He needs to call Harbaugh and beg to be allowed to come home either as Peyton's scrotum holder or as the defending NFC West Champion QB.

First laugh i had all day .SMF.Thanks

wow i cant believe this is happening what happened to win now.our gm sucks we have done nothing to improve this team nothing in fa is this there plan my neighbors give me crap about the fins they are charger and jet fans we fricken suck


They have to be mindful of all the slots that need to be filled. I know they will field a 53 man roster no doubt. Good point you made on your post.

The key should be mixing Free Agents, Draft Picks, Trades and possibly trading back in the draft if need be to net extra picks. They already have the extra 3rd for Marshall.

It will be interesting to see the final squad Philbin has to work with.

The key will be netting quality starter type draft picks and hopefully sneak in a Pro Bowler if possible.


Im with you "TCS" !!!

Im with "Chad Henne" ... Watch him blossom and become a stud ... WATCH !!!

haha now chads laughing at us!!

Don't worry guys. We'll win just enough this season so that we don't get one of the top rated QB's in next year's draft either.

A Few weeks ago Didn't we hear WE Were the Front runners For Payton Manning and the Favorites to Land Payton?? Then We Heard Again, Miami Dolphins meet with Matt Flynn, are considered favorites for QB " (M Herald) What a TRAIN WRECK!!!! Smith ISN'T going to SIGN with This organization either.. He's NOT THAT STUPID, or Desperate!!! Even Chad Henne Got Signed. & For ALL The Henne Haters... Its Doesn't Matter if We Had RG3 or if We Had Tom Brady... We STILL WOULDN'T Make it to the Super Bowl & Win it... We Have No O Line!!!! RG3 & Tom Brady would be Lying on their Backs , JUST Like Henne, & The OTHER QB's we've Had.. We NEED To Many Pieces.. But We Do Need to Upgrade & CANT DO THAT, Until Ireland & Ross R Gone!

You would think Ireland would be a scosh more daring as he may be in a win (at least playoffs) or your fired plight???


*you're typo.

It's late...gotta skeedaddle.


Ross get wheedon, t.o , chad for a 7th rd pick, call it a day or just keep more, but irland, and tannehill, ,n gerrard not the answer, WE GOT PARCELLS ...GREAT BUT WHEN HIS CAMP LEFT THEY ALL SHOULD OF ....ROSS YOU DO TRY YOUR A GOOD OWNER USE YOUR HEAD....PAY PEOPLE WHAT THEY DESERVE AND FIRE IRLAND PLEASE AND HIRE DAN THE MAN MARINO TO TAKE HIS SPOT

So sad to see the reputation of the team go to nothIng. Someone needs to wake up this closet jets fan owner of us. We need protests. And stop thinking about using the draft to rebuild. Even if we get talent the dolphIng show they cannot develop a player. If MannIng ends in Denver I would be glad to have Tim Tebow in the Phins just for his leadership and heart. There's so much talent but no leader. We dont need stars to fill up seats. We need to win homegames. PLEASE DOLPHINS, BRING BACK FOOTBALL.

Yes Salguero, we fans asks the same questions...even long ago.
Can we blame a mental retarded of doing stupid things ? No. The question is, how can two mental retardeds (Ross-Ireland) combined in a team of such a great tradition and history ?
If fans keep going to stadium or watch the matches is because this is precisely what a fans do by definition, regardless of squalid owners, coaches, players. I cannot blame fans attending to the stadium. I think fans should to a demonstration in front of the Dolphins facilities to demand Ireland resignation and possibly to request a change of owner by a true fan, the biggest fan. By someone who knows about football and respect the fans. Ireland-Ross do not have any respect whatsoever for this team, its tradition, its excellency. They just do not simply understand what those words mean.

Henne isn't a stud..go root for him in Jax...he will be the one carrying the clipboard

SImply put there is no plan. If there was any and if it that was all along to draft a QB, no way this organization would have allowed rumors such "the Dolphins are the front runners to get Harbaugh, Fisher, Manning, Flynn", no way, no how, impossible and if they let that to happen against their wishes then it is really, really dumb.

Because as someone else wrote perception can become reality. And plan or no plan one thing is more clean than water, that the perception around the league and media is that we are a second class organization and that the people running the show can not land even the players that want to come here like Flynn, Winston. The latter wanted to be here badly, if KC signed him for 4 years $22 million for the Phins no to sign a premier, young RT, from the U, to the tune of $5.5m/year is inexcusable, unforgivable, even worse considering next year you have to somehow negotiate Long's contract. Bring on the band aids!!! BTW has anyone heard from Carl Peterson? LOL.

VERY Happy with this. This is a GOOD miss, I believe. Of course since he went to my girlfriends team I hope I'm at least a bit wrong about him.

Again, I'll say it. Draft a QB in the FIRST round AND also go after Russell Wilson in the late rounds. Then if that doesn't produce GREAT results from one of them, do it AGAIN next Draft, ETC. ETC. Until they get it right. IF we go into the season with Matt Moore, it'll be a LONGER season than last year.

sleep,.wake me up in 2013

I like the earlier comment about fans should no over spend by not going to Dolphin home games. Lol check the seats people dont go unless they are winning just like every other south florida team.

You will all write a personal apology when Moore goes 12-4 this year.

They made the right decision not picking Flynn he won't ever start a game in Seattle. The Dolphins will have Mike Wallace in 2013 with Tannehill throwing him the ball,

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