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Dolphins fail to land Matt Flynn too (he's on to Seattle)

I am learning to stop underestimating the Dolphins' inability to land a quarterback. Any quarterback.

After not getting a franchise QB last year, and not getting a player even they believed would compete for a starting job (Matt Moore was a surprise to them), and not drafting anyone, and pulling out of the Kyle Orton trade, and not getting Peyton Manning, now Miami is not getting Matt Flynn, either.

Flynn has agreed to a three-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks, according to Sports Illustrated and ESPN.

The Dolphins?

They're visiting with Alex Smith. They have another visit set up tomorrow with David Garrard.

How do you feel about that one?

I am not a big Flynn proponent. I'm not so sure he's going to be that good. I don't mind him going elsewhere. But the Dolphins do need somebody.

I'm sure the Dolphins will eventually portray this as having a plan (yeah, right) and sticking to that plan of not overspending for any player (including a QB). I'm sure they'll eventually get the message out that Flynn was a nice but not great option.

Sorry, but some facts simply get in the way. For example, someone else apparently believes Flynn is worth a good but not great contract. Seattle is paying approximately $8 million per season -- probably less when the actual numbers come in -- and that's not exactly breaking the bank for a starting QB. Even the $10 million signing bonus is modest for a QB. All indications are the Dolphins thought Flynn to be that potential starter but still couldn't pay him that?

Well then, why did the personnel and offensive staff spend nearly 40 hours of total tape time studying this guy, a figure I was told by a source was conservative? Otherwise, why would coach Joe Philbin be calling him throughout the free agency process to make sure Flynn knew he was a major Miami target? Otherwise why did the Dolphins immediately pivot to Flynn once they knew they'd been eliminated from the Manning derby? Otherwise why did they offer the kid a contract?

Something went wrong here. I was told three days ago Flynn was going to be Miami's guy. I was told it would take a significant screw up to fail to get him in a Dolphins uniform because the club believed he could win the starting job and Flynn liked the idea of playing for Philbin.

So what changed?

Obviously something.

Again, Matt Flynn is just a guy to me. He isn't guaranteed of doing anything great anywhere he goes. But the Dolphins continuing to pass on everybody is starting to raise eyebrows. It makes you wonder what's the problem.

Maybe it's Miami's inability to land a quarterback. Any quarterback.


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The Dolphins are the joke of sports! They can't even get Dez Bryant's mom to play for them!

Unfortunate. Thats all I can come up with.

When a fish stinks it stinks at the head and boy does Jeff Ireland really stink! What a mess. When will it end?

Jack Sparrow,

Next time I go to church I'll thank God that he isnt a Dolphin fan. Because if he was, he would be too pissed to hear my prayers! LOL




..Bummer. I thought this was a done deal. I'm not ready to except the thought that Flynn was never a Philbin guy. This is difficult to understand. I'm not certain what the plan is now.

Is is too soon to start, LET'S SUCK FOR BARKLEY !!!!!

Mando, didn't you just right a blog 2 days ago saying the phins shouldn't over spend on flynn. now your chastizing them for doing exactly what you wrote? Seriously does this team ever do something right in your eyes?

Honestly, this FO is useless. One week into FA and we're actually getting measurably worse on both sides of the ball.

Last chance:

Manning picks the Broncos and we trade for Tebow.

A GM with a PLAN would have cut players and put Jake Long on IR after the 0-7 start. Then the Dolphins would have got the 1st or 2nd pick of the draft. Now.....oh, the humanity! Lol.

Its all becoming clear now, Ross is from New York, he is the ultimate Jets fan and bought Miami to be sure we never become great again!!!!!!!!

Dolphins plan: Dump best WR for 2 3rd rounders, miss out on all available QB's, lose Langford, get plan C coach, and lose the fist pump which was Miami's MO. Sad, sad, terruble, terruble. They better go 1-15 so they can nab tons of talent. Only way!

I want to be able to contact Jeff Ireland directly!!! Anybody have any idea how?? Lets get a petition going calling for his ouster!!! EHOUGH IS ENOUGH

Thanks SeattleEEEE!! Matt Flynn is not worth more than Matt Moore. Hey guys, you have to compare both qb tapes and see the difference by yourselves on you tube.




I wonder if the roundtrip Alex Smith plane ticket to make Flynn shake in his boots was paid for by the Dolphins? Also, if we paid his roundtrip airfare, does it count against our pultry 2012 salary cap? LOL


Says a lot about how bad the organization is. Nobody wants to play here. Good teams land players.

We don't have the dough, People! Get that into your skulls.


Then why even pursue Manning in the first place??? And now pursue Smith who will cost more than Flynn??? It's called restructuring players contracts to make cap room which by all accounts has not been done.

And for all of the fans thinking that Tannehill is our backup plan--I wouldn't necessarily count on him being available @ 8. If we don't get Alex Smith then we deserve to be the laughing stock of the NFL.


The Flynny Flakes are already starting. They claiming (NOW) Flynn wasn't the man anyways.

LOL!!!! What makes them love Jeff so much?

Matt Moore isn't so bad. Need to get him number one wr.

Tannehill is going to Cleveland

This makes no sense. I guess Ross likes the idea of a giant tarp instead of fans at Sun Life Stadium. Maybe he wants to relocate the team. What is there to be excited about for 2012? Bad job by the front office....

Barkley will never sign a contract with this team under this owner/GM. Lol.

If you want a good QB you have to spend the money. These morons should realize this by now. Even if Tannehill is there at #8, they are going to waste a first round pick when it could have been used for other much needed positions. There is no way to sugar coat this screw up. The gambled and lost. They tried to lowball the one QB who was plug and play for their system and he called their bluff. Tannehill will not be there at #8, we may have to trade up to #3 to get him...Which asks the question why we didn't just trade up to #2 for RG3. They are imbeciles.

Miami is waiting on Hasselbeck, Tebow or Alex Smith...Tannehill will go to Cleveland !!

If you all hold your horses and take a step back you'll see Philbin is making the decisions after Ross screwed up again w/Peyton. Thanks to the new salary cap agreement, Philbin's style is perfect - Draft and build, don't overspend on free agents.
Keeping in mind Oline and Inside Linebacker are deep this draft, draft as follows:

1st pick: DB - Claiborne, DE - Coples or Ingram. Tannehill is not better than Moore
2nd: WR - Stephen hill (Think Megatron)
3rd: LaMichael James will probably drop 'cause of size (Think a young Bush) or best OT available
4rd: Best OT or Inside linebacker available

Green Bay offense here we come!


Hate to be the one to inform you. But even if we get 1st overall pick in 2013. Ireland will trade all the way down. Selling dolfans that we need far more players than just one single franchise qb.

He'll promise to make it up by bringing in another Matt Moore in the 2014 offseason. LOL

Yesterday's Gone

We play the NFC West and AFC South and the Bills twice...

There are sadly 5-6 wins there...

Matt Barkley would be awesome next year...

I can't believe we are writing of another season...

What a joke of an organization. Were not close tio rock bottom. I wish I could get on local radio and tell Ross and Ireland what complete bozo's they are. And signing Alex Smith would be just as dumb. Feel abd for Philbin he should't have taken this job.

If Philbin did not believe that he was a franchise QB I believe him. He ought to know better than anyone else. Unfortunately we do not have all the facts. We need to move on and I hope we draft QB Russell Wilson.

we need to hear something from the organisation. Without any information about what they're trying to do to improve the team we're left thinking that they're incompetent.

If they want to start with Moore rather than pay $$$ fine but they need to justify it. If they want to rebuild then they need to say so in order for the fans to recallibrate our expectations (if we still have any).

I'm Not paying that kind of money for a guy who started just 2 games. What? Has everyone lost their marbles. He has a weak arm to boot. I am so glad this happened. A good GM does not make moves that don't make sense. I don't see how Flynn is better than Matt Moore.

Moore is only an average QB...

He doesn't have alot of accuracy and isn't very good under pressure...

Another wasted year.

I have this thought: what if Flynn was not their true Plan B? What if their real intention is to land a QB in the draft? That would certainly explain why they set a fixed take-it-or-leave-it price for Flynn. Perhaps by landing 2 three-rounders from the Bears, they could use them, along with with #8 and other picks, as part of a trade package with the Vikes so that Sherman could get Tannehill? Shooting for the draft would also reinforce Philbin's belief in building from the draft, not FA.

Good...And I hope Cle snags Tanneyhill with the 4th pick. Anything to get Ireland outta here. Too bad Ross can't fire himself too. Sure Flynn is a 50/50 proposition. But he has a better upside to have an immediate impact than anyone else left. Even the national press (Lombardi, LaConfora & King can't find any logic to this Dolphins offseason.

At the beginning of free agency, we were told Peyton, Flynn or RG3....so the fact that ALL 3 are no longer options, does that mean Miami official has NO Plan in place?? How do you really sell this to the Fan base now..i mean, smith or garrard now?? Maybe?? I do believe Tannehill will be there at #8, i dont think anyone else will draft him and WAY to much talent ahead of him, but is Tannehill REALLY an answer for us, or have we become the desperate guy willing to even take the ugly girl to the prom now???

Alex Smith, are you kidding me...David Garrard, WTF???.....We should trade our next 6 1st round picks to washington to try and savior any more embarrasment of this absolute debacle we have in our front office to get RGIII.....OMG, this franchise is SO pathetic right now......hope moore still wants to play here next year cuz I know I wouldn't!!!

Boo hoo hoo hoo why aren't you all hating on the Dolphins? That is all we have to do in here and you guys can't even get that right? Haven't you understood my last thousand posts? The Dolphins suck! Why must some of you grasp on to any sliver of hope when it is so obvious we are doomed. Please act accordingly and make sure all of your posts are like mine, very negative and condescending. When will you people wake up and realize that if we complain and whine, about things that are out of our control, in a piddly paper blog, we will create change? What is wrong with some of you! Why don't you want to see that everything is horrible and then spend your entire day regurgitating all of the bad things over and over. THERE IS ONLY BAD! THERE IS NO GOOD! WAKE UP YOU DUMB POSTERS! Listen to me, the pied piper of stupidity!

Posted by: Yesterdays Dong | March 18, 2012 at 03:41 PM

Then again getting Tannehill at #3 screams desperation.

Before anyone goes jumping off a bridge let's not forget the only people reporting the so called interest or the "favorites to land so and so" are not dolphin employees. They are people who get paid to bring stories to the public no matter what the credibility of the source might be. I'm not by any means a fan of the Ross/Ireland combo, but at least wait until the draft is over to see what they are trying to do. If it ends up they do nothing to address the qb issue then I would say we have a serious problem. But let it finish playing out before we think the sky is falling because we don't run out and sign espn's flavor of the week. Remember these were the same people that tried to sell Orton and Kolb to the dolphins last year around this time. And the same people that would have been saying how bad a decision it would have been had we gone through with it. I still think the idea would be to draft Tannehill, hopefully that's the case

We Have Draft Picks,

"You cant just restructure players contracts". They have to first agree to it. Player only agree to restructure thier contracts if it gives them the best chance of having a great team.

No matter what Miami wont be a great team this year. Maybe not even in the forseeable future! Those players are probably begging to be released wfter watching this offseason! LOL


What makes you think Philbin knows anything? Philbin was hired after all the other good coaches were gone. Just like FA. Once the cream is gone the crap rises to the top.

WE DON'T HAVE DOUGH!!!! Freakin idiot, what do you think we were going to pay Manning with, Jelly Beans??!! Washington and Dallas lost 36 Million in cap money and had no problem. Signing money, guaranteed money, back end money, there are all kinds of ways to move money around for cap space.

What a bunch of idiots on this blog!

Lots of teams need a QB, yet Flynn signed a modest contract with Seattle. Does that tell you anything? It tells me Flynn is nothing to get excited over.

Thank goodness Ireland didn't do anything foolish.

Time for more MOORE!

Kid is still young and did good last season. Honestly it was better then any of these options from the beginning except drafting RGIII.

I was fine with Matt Moore as QB, then they gave away BMarshall. As other posters have noted, this doesn't make sense. If you are keeping Moore, which the way this team has handled the search is beyond classless to him, then why trade his only target?

"If you want a good QB you have to spend the money. These morons should realize this by now. Even if Tannehill is there at #8, they are going to waste a first round pick when it could have been used for other much needed positions. There is no way to sugar coat this screw up. The gambled and lost. They tried to lowball the one QB who was plug and play for their system and he called their bluff. Tannehill will not be there at #8, we may have to trade up to #3 to get him...Which asks the question why we didn't just trade up to #2 for RG3. They are imbeciles"

Ireland has to get a deal done with Alex Smith. If not then Roos & Ireland will get CRUCIFIED for incompetence in the media both locally & nationally.

Listen to me, the pied piper of stupidity!

Posted by: Yesterdays Dong | March 18, 2012 at 03:41 PM

Actually, thanks Ireland. You just saved me $350. I don't have to get the nfl ticket this year.


You guys think Moore is the answer, lets see how good he is without Marshall. Lets see what he;s gonna do nwo we don't have a receiver who demands double coverage, Bess and Hartline as our wideouts, please I think I must be in a never ending nightmare, 2 weeks ago I was dreaming of a potential Superbowl winning season with Manning, now nothing, we we really are a laughing stock after proclaiming ot one and all we were going to get a star QB at whatever the cost, are you f****** kidding me!!!!!!!

Let's play word association. Ready? Ok first word: Dolphins

Maybe if I keep saying "QB is not really an important position in today's NFL" long enough I'll start to believe it. Not likely.

Smiths balking at $9 million dollars to sign with the Niners. What the hell are we gonna pay him with, "magic beans"?


Ireland could've signed Alex Smith last year and probably gotten away with paying him in magic beans.

I guess it says a lot about a coach when they can distance themselves from their won childs death.

I would never coach again. I would see my own kid in the eyes of all those draftees.

How can he coach knowing his own kid never lived up to his expectations? Philbin been coaching football for decades. His own kid never played.

No way would I coach again knowing football killed my kid.

Maybe Flynn didnt want to play without a alpha receiver, oh wait, we had one we traded away for two 3rd round picks!!!

This organization is full of LOSERS. Ireland is a bust and so is Ross. I have been a Dolphin fan for over 35 years and this team just makes stupid move after stupid move. I have had it with this team and organization. The last time I felt good about this team was in 1995 when Jimmy Johnson came in. I really thought he was going to get us back into the Super Bowl. NO NO NO NO NO that was the beginning of the END. How is Ross a millionaire he is a dope.
AND NO WAY I do not miss Henne he is the reason we are where we are.
I am now finished following the Miami Dolphins. Thank You Don Shula, Dan Marino, Bob Griese, WoodStrock, The Mark Brothers. I am done this organization is the complete worse.

As YG well said, we still have to pay the Rookies. The same, I don't think we have the bread to pay for one of the high-impact ones. Trade down. And pray.

@jacksparrow, that had me laughing... awesome post.

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