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Dolphins fail to land Matt Flynn too (he's on to Seattle)

I am learning to stop underestimating the Dolphins' inability to land a quarterback. Any quarterback.

After not getting a franchise QB last year, and not getting a player even they believed would compete for a starting job (Matt Moore was a surprise to them), and not drafting anyone, and pulling out of the Kyle Orton trade, and not getting Peyton Manning, now Miami is not getting Matt Flynn, either.

Flynn has agreed to a three-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks, according to Sports Illustrated and ESPN.

The Dolphins?

They're visiting with Alex Smith. They have another visit set up tomorrow with David Garrard.

How do you feel about that one?

I am not a big Flynn proponent. I'm not so sure he's going to be that good. I don't mind him going elsewhere. But the Dolphins do need somebody.

I'm sure the Dolphins will eventually portray this as having a plan (yeah, right) and sticking to that plan of not overspending for any player (including a QB). I'm sure they'll eventually get the message out that Flynn was a nice but not great option.

Sorry, but some facts simply get in the way. For example, someone else apparently believes Flynn is worth a good but not great contract. Seattle is paying approximately $8 million per season -- probably less when the actual numbers come in -- and that's not exactly breaking the bank for a starting QB. Even the $10 million signing bonus is modest for a QB. All indications are the Dolphins thought Flynn to be that potential starter but still couldn't pay him that?

Well then, why did the personnel and offensive staff spend nearly 40 hours of total tape time studying this guy, a figure I was told by a source was conservative? Otherwise, why would coach Joe Philbin be calling him throughout the free agency process to make sure Flynn knew he was a major Miami target? Otherwise why did the Dolphins immediately pivot to Flynn once they knew they'd been eliminated from the Manning derby? Otherwise why did they offer the kid a contract?

Something went wrong here. I was told three days ago Flynn was going to be Miami's guy. I was told it would take a significant screw up to fail to get him in a Dolphins uniform because the club believed he could win the starting job and Flynn liked the idea of playing for Philbin.

So what changed?

Obviously something.

Again, Matt Flynn is just a guy to me. He isn't guaranteed of doing anything great anywhere he goes. But the Dolphins continuing to pass on everybody is starting to raise eyebrows. It makes you wonder what's the problem.

Maybe it's Miami's inability to land a quarterback. Any quarterback.


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Even Tony Dungy couldn't move on after his kid died. There is no way I can just move on, interview with companies, live my life knowing my profession killed my kid.

If I was not there for my kid because of my job, there is no way I could ever do that job again.

Says a lot about a man that puts MORALS above MONEY.

Miami should be able to draft Weeden in the 2nd. Talent wise, he's better Smith or Flynn. Who cares if hes 28. Plenty of QB's routinely play well into their late 30's. We could potentially get 7 or 8 really good years out of him.

What a GM we have.

Struggling here with most of these posts.....many of you folks didn't want Flynn (or Manning) to begin with--obviously most of the league (since plenty of teams need QB upgrades) didn't want Flynn either, or not at that kind of money (he had TWO suitors)--yet now he signs with Seattle, for not a ton of money or years (shows no conviction) and most here are freaking?--hasnt been clear that he's an upgrade over Moore all along.....draft a QB (or sign Smith)--stop acting like Flynn was a sure fire stud.

Yes Browns will take either Richardson at 4 or Blackmon

WTF!!! I expect every good player we have left to ask to be traded this year! they wiil all want to jump off this sinking ship! I would!!!!

No one wants to come to Miami! Fire Ireland!!! What is he doing to our Dolphins?

Conservative approach to finding a Quartrback.....Draft Henne 2nd round, journeymen QB Moore, Journeymen Feeley, Fiedler, Griese. Conservative approach to finding a QB spells bottom dwellers.

How does Ireland keep his job after this?? How does he go back to Ross and say Moore or Smith is our Qb? One of the best GM is sitting in the ESPN studios in Bill Polian. Go get him Ross!! We have no chance next year, none. The season is over and its only March. Fire Ireland now!!

craig just because the browns and skins, 2 awful teams by the way, dont have interest in flynn doesnt mean he isnt good.

Plan C = Alex Smith
Plan D = David Garrard
Plan E = Bring Jake Plummer out of retirement? He's 36????

I said weeks ago that Moore would be our week 1 starter.
Cannot imagine a scenario in which Ireland survives next season.

Breaking News:

Philbin on phone with McCarthy asking if he can have his job back! LOL


I know this is difficult for the weak of mind but how can Philbin carry on like nothing ever happened to his own kid. We hired a coach that is emotionally crippled.

What parent carries on like nothing happened after the death of their own kid? He's damaged goods! This organization is rotten from the top down and they hire rotten apples.

Yeah, again I have to agree with some posters in here on this. I don't think its the end of the world we didnt overpay for Flynn BUT if that's the qb they wanted, and we have his former coordinator here and Jeff still couldnt close the deal we have problems other than who the qb will be. Still have to actually hear something from the club because all of the speculation and guesses aren't worth a dime. I can't wait until this plays out. Was going to give Jeff another full season in charge before making my final judgement but depending on what happens that may be jumped up to the day after the draft. The Dolphins need to talk to the fans, have Philbin tell us what HIS game plan is or they need to do something big so they don't lose more fans. This is actually becoming quite comical.

Same fans crying now are the ones that didn't want Henne, screamed for Orton, liked Moore, complained about losing Peyton, all along this writer says don't overpay and all know that Philbin and Sherman have all the info in the world about Flynn . Why pay for what you already have in Moore , Flynn and Moore are the same type of player and Moore has more experience. EVERYONE needs to relax, they didn't lose Flynn, they chose not to go all in for him, big difference.


Your plan of signing FLynn, had JUST as much of a chance to keep us mediocre. How do you not get that? 6-10. 7-9. 8-8. Never good enough to get that franhise QB. The insanity has to stop! NOTHING changes until we get that first rounfd QB. We've been doing it the same way for years and years now....always the same results. We're either going to get that guy this year or next. It's time....

For some strange reason I had been thinking Alex Smith. The guy had a breakout year last year and had as much to do with the Niners going to the NFC championship game as the defense did. Hi did it without a viable wide reciever and a good tight end. He threw the least Int's in the NFL last year and made good decisions in a west coast style offense. Do you want a guy with two starts or a guy in his prime who has played quality games in the playoffs? I think Smith is the guy. Now we better freakin sigh him.

Craig M...I'm confused as to what the teams direction is. I had put my support behind the idea of Flynn. I thought it was a perfect fit. I also understood the risks with him. I'm not dissapointed because we failed to land the player I wanted. I'm dissapointed because we have struggled-failed to land the players the team has made priorities.

I know there will be a good portion of fans-bloggers who will argue that Flyyn may have never been an option, or that the team really had no interest...I do not believe this for one second. If the team had to take a lie detector how would it read? Be real.

So we move forward..I have no idea what happens next. 2 scenarios that make NO SENSE(again just my opinion) would be signing Alex Smith for more money then what Flynn just got(Smith at least deserves this worth it or not)or having to use draft picks to move up for Tannehill.

I don't even know if either of these two are options at this point. I don't know how high the Phins have Tannehill rated. Or if Smith would even come here(he may end up a Niner)...I just refuse to give Ireland credit for this as a prudent move. And it has nothing to do with my feelings about Flynn in this offense. It screems your orginization has a big giant zit on it's nose that I can't get passed..I'll go for the other ulgy girl without the facial wart.

Miss me yet?

Great move by the Dolphins to pass on Flynn who was certainly evaluated by HC Joe Philbin as not being as good as Matt Moore. Who better to evaluate Flynn other than the guy who coached him for four years! Gerrard will be a good backup for Matt Moore and now the Dolphins can focus $ on other position needs.

Craig M,

The Browns and Redskins were trying to get RGIII and the Redskins did, so that argument is baseless. Second, because Cleveland isn't interested in Flynn, Miami shouldn't be either? COME ON MAN! Cleveland is even worse then Miami. The best QB they ever had was Bernie Kosar. Mike Holgrem isn't even equal to what Bill Parcells was for Miami at this point.

philbin? he has great job security now. everyone knows this team is awful. win 5 games and he had solid year

Darryl we won't have to move up for Tannehill Cleveland won't draft him at #4

Something went terribly wrong, Yes Armando, it's called Ross& Ireland!

When will fans here wake up? It aint about Flynn Manning, or anyone else. Its all about the exact same calibre of incompetency we've been seeing the last 4 now 5yrs.

You look at every incidence like its isolated. Inconpetency has become a "CONSISTENT" pattern here in Miami. Gesh, some of you fans are dumber than Ireland! LOL

this organzation is really turning into the greatest circus in nfl history,no fisher,no manning,no flynn but maybe smith or gerrard? lol id radther have henne then those two losers.guess miami doesnt want to pay anyone what they worth instead trying to buy players at thrift store prices. i about ready to give up on Ross and Ireland they are really class act idiots that know nothing about building a team that performs in nfl standards.Ross needs to buy a high school team and have ireland coach so they both can learn the meaning of competition.

We will probably see some salary changes or players traded before the Draft. BTW, who told that guy above about all those great OL in the Draft? There are 2, at most 3 quality OL in the Draft. And we don't need any LB's specially inside backers. We need another edge rusher.

Great move by the Dolphins to pass on Flynn who was certainly evaluated by HC Joe Philbin as not being as good as Matt Moore. Who better to evaluate Flynn other than the guy who coached him for four years! Gerrard will be a good backup for Matt Moore and now the Dolphins can focus $ on other position needs.

Posted by: promichael | March 18, 2012 at 06:38 PM

Ummmm....Not sure if you've been following the news, but all other free agents worth anything have signed with other teams...those positions of need will still be positions of need next year...you can' t trust Ireland to fill them through the draft!

Silver lining: Instead of overpaying for unproven talents like Flynn or Smith, CBSSports.com's Pete Prisco points out that the Dolphins might be stuck with Matt Moore, who took over for an injured Chad Henne in 2011
"The Dolphins should forget it for now and play Moore," Prisco wrote Sunday before Flynn signed with Seattle. "Or decide if Ryan Tannehill is the answer and draft him if they can. If not, maybe it's USC's Matt Barkley next year, or maybe another passer will emerge. At this time last year, who thought Robert Griffin III would be the second overall pick? Or two years ago, Cam Newton the top pick?"

3 years 26 mill for flynn

Yesterday's Gone

The same group of people always defend the team saying we fans know nothing.

Last year, they said the team was playoff worthy..and when we said the team stinks...

They forgot about last year and now are defending again...

Jack Sparrow,

So if one of my kids passes away, I'm supposed to just quit my job, lock my self in my house, and sob and cry for the rest of my life? To hell with my wife and other kids? Get real

People should understand Armando writes this stuff to stir people up who don't read between the lines or follow what's really happening.

Armando wrote about our cap space before free agency and even said we wouldn't be making any big moves. Surprise Surprise we won't pay Flynn.

What do you expect Ireland to announce we are interested in Tannehill so someone else who might be interested jumps in front of us.

This clowns dont get one dollar more from me .Next year another empty seat in Dolphins stadium.

It's time to buy a new billboard on I-95

I bet the same fools that love Ireland and buy season tickets...then complain when they have no money to buy gas...


It's jsut AMAZING to me that a 7th round draft choice, who's started TWO games in the league is the guy that makes or breaks our team. GIVE ME A BREAK!! As someone else already said, some of you guys who are complaining now didn't even want him.

It's ANOTHER bandaid fix. It's the same thing we wanted last year with Orton and Feely and Culpepper and Green. It's all crap! Draft a young kid and do this thing properly...








Hey Dolphins, you suck!

test im guessing there wont be many season tickets. this could be the worst year in history of miami for attendance. ross and ireland destroyed this franchise, and u have to wonder just a little bit if they meant too. hard imagining anyone being this out of touch with reality

One year a rapist rapes, the next year he molests. Then another year gets caught peping in windows, the next he's accused of making unwanted gropes on females.

People these arent isolated events. Its a full blown pattern. Ireland/Ross have given you full blown patterns of incompetency and you measure them like meaningless isolated incidences. Geesh some of you are stupid!



No one loves Jeff Ireland. I am convinced they are Ireland's children at home using fake screen names to make their daddy feel better.

"See Daddy, not everyone hates you"

Pete Carrol (head coach Seahawks): Matt, I'm so glad you've signed with his. I'm a bit surprised since I did not think we were your first choice, but we're glad you're here.

Matt Flynn: I'm glad to be here. Believe me, after meeting the Jeffy Ireland, my thinking was, "Anywhere but Miami."

Pete: That bad, huh?

Matt: He kept asking about my Mom and talking about 'value' and 'acorns' and it was all just weird.

Pete: Yeah, Dez Bryant said he was a jerk.

Matt: I feel bad for Coach Philbin. When he walked me out to the parking lot and it was just the two of us he yelled at the top of his lungs, "RUN!!!" Man, I hit a 4.55 to my car.

Pete: Wow. Well, I'm glad you're a Seahawk. Now, let's see if we can find a WR for you.

Garrard expected to visit Rams after Dolphins... There IS a GOD!

craig they had there shot at doing that, they passed on griffin. now we watch the skins become legit while we go 4-12

Best news possible. Maybe we've decided to finally stop relying on other peoples rejects and draft a qb , Ireland bashers - put a sock in it.You haven't got a leg to stand on, and you cant blame Ireland when you know damn well it was Tuna's team years 1- 2.5. He's done quite well on his own since Tuna left.Hell Tuna tried 3 years overpaying for centers and Ireland drafted the one we can pencil in for 10 years. Time to get a team the hard way like good teams do. Build it right. Oh yeah I hear you - this is the new NFL - you can build a contender in 1-2 years - you woould of said look at Atlanta, or Rex 's Jets, or any number of teams last year. Well yeah, but those teams are built to be a flash in the pan and they are all fundamentally flawed. Pitt NE NYG GB Balt-those perennial contenders those teams were built over time -to last and stand the test of time. The rest are pretenders - the same as you idiots who think Matt Flynn is the next savior. Get real - you were spoiled when you were a kid and you still are ( by that I mean still spoiled or still a 10 year old who knows Jack-***).

I'm extremely sad to say what has been repeated so often "Miami is becoming the joke of the NFL", but considering how this Off-Season has transpired we have officially become just that. The front office is compiled of senseless human beings with absolutely no brains. How can we have no QB, WR, RB, TE, CB nor Safety as a house hold name or at the very least known to NFL fans and still manage to have a cap space of merely $4 – $5 million (reportedly). That’s just stupid, where are they spending all that money? I know… offensive line! People who do not score TD, create turnovers, sacks, INTs nor do they even change field position. All dolfans are extremely upset with the route this franchise is heading and to make things worse I don’t foresee an end.

I agree with this comment:

"Ok, so how short is your memory Armando Salguero ? Just 3 blog posts ago you go on about how getting Flynn at the RIGHT PRICE is as important as getting him. Obviously, what went wrong with getting him is they didn't agree on a contract."

He's saying Armando said that, I believe it. I heard Omar say it too, for the right price. So why are they writing these blogs like the Dolphins screwed up when they wouldn't pay it, either? 49rs gave a QB who took them to the championship LESS money than Matt Flynn got. So we're not the only team offering contracts like this. Flynn decided to go with the money.

Look, I don't know which was the right decision, but we'll know soon enough how Flynn does in Seattle. If he doesn't play any better than Matt Moore than why would we pay 26 million for something we have on the roster already????

And why is Armando asking US what went wrong. Go ask the Dolphins! Who was your "source" that said Flynn was a wrap? Because obviously, that's wrong information. That's what went wrong, Armando, your source was wrong.

Jesus! I'm tired of being yanked around by all sides. Let's wait and see what happens after FA is completely over and the draft is over. Then put a grade on it.

I kind of feel sorry for Philbin. What a mess he has stepped into and after losing his son. Yes, he will be making millions, but whatever fuzz he has left in that bald head of his will soon be gone, That is what Ireland and Ross can do to someone.

Craig M,

Matt Schaub only started 2 games for Atlanta and was a 6th round pick. How did that work out? Oh yeah, and Houston had to trade 2 2nd round picks for him, where as Seattle got Flynn for nothing. Perspective helps.

All is proceeding to Ireland's clever plan. They want to draft Tannehill, so the Dolphins are stocking the competition with free agent quarterbacks. They just need to make sure that Cleveland cooperates.(;o)

This franchise will continue to be irrelevant until Ross fires Ireland and sells the team. After the Harbaugh fiasco, nobody respects Ross and Ireland wants to pretend we're the NE Patriots when negotiating with free agents. Ross and Ireland are killing this once proud franchise. But hey, at least Fergie and J. Lo are minority owners...

I will not be attending another Phins game until Ross sells the team.


If you have a need at QB and you're desperate you look at ALL options. The 'Skins said from the beginning they weren't interested. Why? Because he's just not that good. It's more of the same. Grossman. Beck. Whoever you want to say. Why would they chose to eliminate this guy and ONLY chase RGIII. DOes them no good in leverage with the Rams. They didn't even inquire about him. Same with the Browns. Desperate to improve the position. Didn't even meet with Flynn. Why? It wasn't because he was going to be HUGE money. They don't rate the guy. Doesn't that tell you something?

what happens if miami cant fill out a roster because nobody will come here? does the nfl force players to be here?

I believe in this staff. Ireland was right on with Orton as so many have forgetten. Let's see how it plays out

Anyone applauding the Larry Csonka post couldnt have been a fan for too long. No matter what these guys do to screw up they can never tarnish those great players names. They may be sad for the CURRENT state of the team but they would NEVER be embarrassed about what they accomplished together or the memory of the dynasty. Yes they were a dynasty and would have won a third superbowl in a row had they not been raped by the refs on the last play of the championship game. Do not put Zonks name in the same universe with these current idiots.

It may have something to do with when first Manning, and now Flynn saw how Miami gave away a top 3 or 4 receiver to the Bears for what ammounted to peanuts, they wondered what other stupid decisions would be made down the road which would send some of our best players to other teams for no apparent reason or decent compensation at all. Kind of like pulling the rug out from under ourselves and actually being counter-productive. We mine as well send Bush some where for a 5th rounder and Long for a 6th. Pretty soon, we'll have no talent left at all, and will have gotten nothing substantial in return. This is not Philbin's, but Ireland's ineptitude as the GM.

People like CraigM minize evry screw up Ireland does. "Oh he was just a 7th rd pick anyway".

That's just further evidence why were these bufoons chasing him in the first place. You guys minimize the efect of evry player, hc, whatever we lose. If they were so horrible why were these bufoons making chase anyway?

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