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If Dolphins don't get Manning they'll chase Flynn

The Dolphins returned from their five-hour meeting with Peyton Manning late last night content they had done their best to land the biggest prize on the free agent market. But they are prepared, if necessary, to move on from Manning if/when they hear they're no longer in contention for the perennial Pro Bowl quarterback.

And that next move is trying to sign Matt Flynn.

The club has determined Flynn would be the next best answer to their quarterback problem. And for the record, this problem has gone on for a looooong time. The Dolphins have not had a Pro Bowl quarterback since Don Shula left in January of 1996. The Dolphins are the only AFC team that has not had a Pro Bowl quarterback in that entire time.

And you wonder why fans are desperate?

In a quarterback league?

Anyway, the idea of moving on from Manning to Flynn if Manning isn't of the mind to pick Miami is not new. But I was told by a club source that the way in which the club does this is a "delicate matter" for several reasons:

You don't want to offend Manning by publicly moving on before he makes a decision.

You don't want to offend Flynn by making it obvious to him that you're interested, but only as a fallback position, if Manning doesn't come.

It is a tough balance, especially since other teams aren't going to be waiting on Manning's decision to chase Flynn. The Seattle Seahawks and possibly the Cleveland Browns may move on Flynn quickly to fulfill their QB issues.

So how do the Dolphins get in that chase, again, without hurting themselves, hurting Manning or hurting Flynn?

The answer: Delicately.


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I say if we don't get Manning stick with Moore and add more weapons..I would add a wr and a te that can stretch the field.I would also try and add a pass rusher and a db.Moore will be a better cheaper option than Flynn.

MM, good we dont need you to watch.

Dudley, please refernce where you heard that "Even players have come out and said they don't see Flynn as anything special." Please provide details, thanks.

Craig M @ 11:03....

You and I kinda said the same thing....

I likened our comments to "old" friends who can rib each other over few drinks.....but I guess what I envision...and what actually shows up on print are 2 totally differnt things (perception v. reality)....

Clearly DC didn't recieve my comments in the context in which they were ment....

I asked him earlier if he saw my comments....he said he was going to check them out...I am still waiting to see whats going on...

We need to move on with this Manning talk, he isn't coming here. Concentrate on signing Flynn, bust or not he has to give Moore competition. I doubt Moore or Flynn can beat Brady, so the best that can happen next year is a wild card.

Matt Moore is better then Matt Flynn


If you're out there, the talk is that Mario Williams will get something like $45-50 million guaranteed money in FA. Hell of a player, I just don't see that fitting on this team. Some teams have over $40 million to spend in FA. Some team will likely make him the highest paid defensive player.

I love how journalists write these pieces and act like information doesn't get back to the involved parties. Although I doubt Manning or Flynn are looking to see what nuggets Armando is putting out there. But it is no secret what Ross' intentions are at this point. Just like other teams in the hunt for these QBs. It also hurts when you air all your business and plans out to the world. There is no delicate situation. C'mon man!

MIA has to decide who they want the most and, unfortunately, let it play out. You can't have it both ways. At face value, they seem to want Manning the most. If so, and he takes days to decide, they have to wait like everyone else. Manning isn't going to do anybody favors by rushing his decision. And if he keeps adding more teams to talk to, it'll only take longer. If they want Flynn more, they better get on the ball this afternoon, since other teams will also be after him. The only leg up MIA has in the chase for Flynn, if it goes that way, is Philbin. This is what happens when you are desperate with limited options.

Let Philbin build this team his way. Give him total control in the draft. This guy is football smart. We dont need a bunch of aging players past their prime to come in and set us back another two years.

Only the guys in the meeting know how it went if they really think they got a shot at manning wait ,however if not then they should move on, and i also agree on not paying too much for flynn, UNLESS OF COURSE PHILBIN REALLY BELIEVES HE IS WORTH IT AND IS WILLING TO STAKE HIS CAREER ON IT! I WOULD NOT WORRY ABOUT FEELINGS , NO WAY FLYNN CAN THINK HE IS IN PEYTON'S CLASS AND AS FAR AS PEYTON GOES HE SHOULD UNDERSTAND WE NEED A PROMPT ANSWER, HE MOST LIKELY WILL SIGN SOMEWHERE ELSE NO NEED TO STRETCH US OUT


I'll join you in that. I'll do my best not to attack you on here and keep it civil.

I have zero interest in the trolls. They bring nothing to the table and hide behind multiple names. They are here for one reason....to cause trouble.

It is my hope that the FO can keep their wits and not go for Flynn out of desperation for something different. They might be better to solidify the team with draft picks and a few key free agents. I disagree that they need an elite qb to win a championship. They need an accurate,intelligent qb with leadership skills and not prone to making dumb mistakes...they had such an qb in Chad Pennington..unfortunately, he was physical incapable of playing anymore.

Joe, I'm starting to think your solution is the right way to go. I'd try to fill as many needs as possible outside of QB and see what happens with that position next year. As much as I believe we need to find the answer to QB ASAP, this is becoming futile. I don't like the idea of settling for crap again.


Not to drag this out any further than we have to but I was surprised the way he reacted yesterday but after listening to him I don't believe it was about yesterday and I don't believe it was necessarily about you and I. I think it's as you said....sometimes written comments are misinterpreted and I think many of us are a bit on edge right now. Stupid really, because most of this will work out in the end. We have a new coach, easier schedule this year and good talent will be added in FA and the draft. We'll be fine...will it be good enough to make the playoffs?.....we'll have to see.


capamando, I disagree, that QB you speak of will get you to the playoffs but the elite QB win superbowls. Pennington couldnt win a superbowl not being able to throw the ball 50 yards down the field

Some fans are as excited about Matt Flynn as they were about A.J. Feeley.

I'm becoming more and more resigned to the fact that we're drafting Tannehill at 8. I know this will rub a lot of people the wrong way....too bad! Almost thirty years since we've drafted a QB first round. It's time! If it doesn't work out, so what. That's a risk I'd be prepared to take. I wouldn't want him to play for 2-3 years, but I like the athleticism of this guy and I think in time he'll be fine as an NFL QB. Time to project....

Who cares if Flynn is offended. This isnt kindergarden its NFL FOOTBALL.

Will you girlies get of all this apology crap already.

Gee I hope I didn't hurt your feeling Kris.

No worries DC, thank you for thanking me.

Ok Craig I didn't mean to attack you and I know you didn't mean to attack me so lets be the nice gentleman we are.

Oh gee I hope Moore or Flynn don't have their feelings hurt (while making millions)

My vision of a successful offseason?

Reggie Nelson - FS
Flynn - $15-20m guaranteed max, backload it to death if you want! $40-50 mil, who cares?
Abram Elam - SS
Any of the MANY RT's available!

Jerry or Garner at RG

1 big catch, 3 moderate FA's. Draft?

Pass rush with the 1st ronder
Weeden with the 2nd rounder
Depth the rest of the way!

Why would a coach who just got fired because of Tannyhill, draft tannyhill????

Screw Peyton. He should have been told that he has 24 hours to let us know and after that we're moving on. Screw Dan Marino too...That's right I said it. Thanks for chosing your friend over the team that gave you your livelyhood when you dropped like a stone in the first round of the '83 Draft. Stop patronizing these enormous egos and do what is best for the team even if I and all the fans hate it. The disrespect needs to stop. Be ruthless! Look our enemies in the eyes and punch them in the mouth! Go Dolphins!

After having high hopes for Andrew Luck, then RG3, then Peyton Manning.....I cant get excited about Flynn or Tannehill. YAWN.

Craig M,
The ideal thing would be to get Manning and draft Tannehill at 8. Tannehill has only been a QB a couple of years. Manning would be an ideal QB to sit under and learn from. I know that's not happening but that would be ideal.

I am right about MOss and you are wrong.

He last played in 2010. Now we are in 2012. He's on a mission to kick *ss this one last time. Mark my words.

Craig, that might be a better play anyway (Tannehill). I brought up yesterday what if we got Flynn, and Moore beats him out. First off, IF he's even GIVEN a chance to compete (since Flynn likely won't come cheap). And I can't see Miami paying beaucoup bucks for a backup. So unless Philbin can GUARANTEE Flynn would win a competition (which I'm not sure he can) I would probably just do the Draft method too (unless they have no confidence in Tannehill, or Weeden or whomever).

Manning will let his agent torment suitors on salary; his main concern is comfort- he saw what happened to Marino with the arrival of the pompous Johnson!

Why wouldn't Flynn prefer to play for Philbin rather than just follow the money to any ol' team?

Craig, I hate your logic to take a first round qb just because we havent taken one in the first since Marino, Tannehill ist a got dang first round prospect, jeez man do you really want the Dolphins to improve?

Flynn is'nt any better than Moore infact if you break down the body of work from each of them Moore has more upside than Flynn,,Flynn is the next Kolhb of the NFL,Tannehill if there at #8 is a work in progress but a risk worth taking.

Craig M,
The ideal thing would be to get Manning and draft Tannehill at 8. Tannehill has only been a QB a couple of years. Manning would be an ideal QB to sit under and learn from. I know that's not happening but that would be ideal.

Posted by: dolphin fan in georgia | March 13, 2012 at 11:40 AM

This was false & continues to be false.I don't understand why people continue to post false information?

Please do some research. Tannehill was recruited out of High School as a QB but, was stuck behind S. Mcgee, now on the Cowboys, on the depth chart. Because he is a super athelete he played WR due to a rash of injuries the team had.

Thats what some would call, a team player.

dolphin fan in georgia,

That's what I would hope for. I think we have to hope the Browns end up with Flynn and don't draft Tannehill at 4. The 'Hawks will likely do all they can do to draft Tannehill in the first if they can. Not liking a lot of the other optins after Tannehill

Matt Moore is better than Matt Flynn and all but a handful of other QBs in the league. Give him a chance. He's 27. He *already is* what you guys *hope* Tannehill could *become* in 3 to 5 years!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please try to pay attention.

We have our young QB and a new coach ready to create a kick*ss Packerslike system.

Stop having your opinions fed to you by the mainstream media. Try really hard and create an independent thought, for once in your pathetic, miserable, pointless lives.

I find it amusing when people say Flynn is the next Kolb......how exactly do you know this? How do you know he's not the next Shaub?

Tannehill is a huge reach if he goes in the 1st rd. If Landry jones and Barkley camw out he'd be a 3rd rder at best. Tannehill would've been a 4th or 5th rd pick last year.

I think Miami should make their main QB target Weeden. Yes he will 28 when the season starts but Flynn will be 27. Reports are fairly positive on Weedens maturity level and knowledge of the game due to his age. I know this may bring back memories of the Beck disaster but from watching college football regularly Weeden seems to be far more talented.

This will save Miami a lot of money especially if we they nab him with their 2nd rd pick. They could use the money to go after other needed positions. If Weeden proves capable he gives Miami a 5-7 year window to groom another QB. I am not fully sold on Flynn either and Manning seems like less of a possibility by the minute.

Pass on Manning and Flynn. Trade down in the draft and get more picks. Let Philbin have his say on whether he wants to draft any of the QBs available to us after we trade down. Work with Matt Moore to see if Philbin and Sherman can squeeze anything else out of him. Fill as many other needs as possible through the draft and FA. Then call a day and see what happens. And for the love of God, be diligent about the numbers and look at saving some more cap space for next offseason!

Please do some research. Tannehill was recruited out of High School as a QB but, was stuck behind S. Mcgee, now on the Cowboys, on the depth chart. Because he is a super athelete he played WR due to a rash of injuries the team had.
Thats what some would call, a team player.

Posted by: Captain Obvious | March 13, 2012 at 11:44 AM

On this blog it means I've only been a QB for 2 years.

Hey Dolphins you have almost 75% of your problems solve in the next 48-72 hrs. Don't allow P. Manning jeopardy our future...Sign Flynn and Eric Winston, renegotiate the contract of Marshall,Dansby and Jake Long and resign Landsford and Paul Solia, later go to the Draft with a different approach -Defensive End, T-End, Cornerback, QB to develop, Right Guard, Safety-if not resolve in F.A.-....

Never go after the Saturdays, Wayne and Dallas Clark....

Captain Obvious,
That's my point. He only played QB 2 years in COLLEGE. It is a big jump from college to Pro. He will need to sit acouple of years under someone. What better QB then Manning.

Kris DC Craig

I enjoyed your 72 posts about making up and not fighting. Can you post a picture of you all kissing?

Oh Dear, I hope Moore is not getting his feelings hurt through all of this. I am so concerned it might affect his performance. My oh my. Oh dear.

I told you that our QB is Matt Moore. I demand a response.

Actually, the more I think about it, our primary acquisitions this offseason should be a capologist and draft guru to hold Ireland's hand. Maybe also try to get some compensation for players in the future instead of letting them walk out the door!

Flynn ? Lmao. Why would he be offended? He ha done nothing yet and still needs to prove himself of being better than Moore. IMO we owe him nothing. He should be grateful for opportunity to be a phin. Personally I think that is the wrong move Tannehill weeded or cousins would be better options

I have to agree with What sissies!, except I dont troll, Craig, DC, and Kris for the last 2 days you guys have been aplogizing and making up with each other. Can you put this to rest already.

At 4:01pm, hopefully Ireland's reaching out to Reggie Nelson, or Mario Williams or whomever, because we're going to need even better defense to compensate for any lack of offense we may have (especially if we're starting a rookie).

Flynn will be a bust.

There is a reason he was a backup.

Fins need to grab bryan hoyer off the patriots with a 2nd round pick, instead of drafting a 2nd round qb.


Chad Pennington did not have the team to take him further. I can name at least a dozen game managing type of qb that have won championships. Starr,Namath,Dawson,Staubach,Griese,Stabler,Plunkett,Theisman,Hostetler,Rypen, Aikmand, Warner,Dilfer,Johnson,

Ross / Ireland:

Jim H: SWIIIIING and a miss !!!

Jeff F: Stiiiiiiiiirike 2

P Manning: Caught looking

Next up: M Flynn

Smelly fish continue to be a non factor. They have not been relevant since Y2K was a concern (LMFAO).

Don't make any difference to me who Dolphins get because I like Moore. I think the Philbin staff can do something with Moore. (no pun intended). Flynn WILL wait for Manning because it will cost him money and Flynn's agent knows that. The same affect goes to Tannehill, or whatever his name is (QB for Texas A&M), his stock has gone way up and now is in the top 10 picks. It's all smoke screens. Dolphins in position to get one of the 3 no matter what. Relax we still have Moore.

The Dolphins HQ when to Ind to meet with Peyton ( red flag there ) he's not going to Miami and they know that. So what's next, Flynn if they want this kid the Dolphins better offend Peyton by reason of the Browns

I think Reggie Nelson will be a bad move for the money he will probably want. I rather use that money on someone like Brandon Carr who will cost more but i think will offer more bang for the buck.

I am taking Mario Williams out of the equation because i do not think they can afford him. I heard he could command up to 15 million annually which would eliminate Miami right out of the gate.

Mm I agree with that completely why would they bring in Flynn when we have Moore? It makes zero sense draft a QB 1st rd or 2nd and let them compete for starting job. If you sign a qb ie Flynn that is saying there is no competition we have our starter already.

What probably is going to happen is that, today, at 3:59:59PM, Manning will make some sort of announcement. If he doesn't, you can believe what Greasy said, Flynn won't move a muscle.

For the life of me, I can't understand how Ireland has not restructured Dansby, Long & Marshall yet. With FA about to start, how many millions could we free up in cap space by doing those? We could be REAL players!

And they SHOULD be done! I can't remember the last Dolphin to make a meaningful restructure. Carey just took a cut last year in the final year, it wasn't a restructure. Was it Zach Thomas maybe?

"Relax we still have Moore"

You can't buy comedy like this.

Moore to Hartline = Marino to Duper.

I love this blog.

campamando, What era did all thpoughs old school QB play in? This is a new era where its all aboout your passing offense. The days where you run the ball 40 times a day is done. Its a QB league now

Matty Flynn has been the better choice all along.

Instead of worrying about Offending Peyton Manning or Matty Flynn,Miami needs to do everything in their power to not offend is our New Head Coach, Joe Philbin.

Manning is known to "Take Over" in drills. Not only QB drill or 7 v 7's... Manning wants his hand in the RB drills, the O-line drills and Receiver drills.

Hey, that is great when the team is used to that or the coaching staff has been around it for years like in Indy. But Philbin and his staff were hired to coach the Dolphins. Having Manning there to coach instead seems to be a situation I doubt Philbin signed on for.

I am convinced that Joe Philbin is the best Coach Miami has had since Don Shula. I believe that his demeanor and his obvious high football IQ can bring Miami back. Jeff Fisher already showed a bad judge of character by hiring the Saints D-Co who will likely be suspended for as many as 8 games and fined silly.

He believes in a team developing its own talent. That FA should be used sparingly. I agree with him. Matty Moore and Matty Flynn would give Miami a nice QB roster. By taking a draft pick and investing in another QB like Cousins, Weeden or Tannehill gives Miami a future player to groom and develop.

Miami needs to turn into a QB factory. Developing QB's and trading them for picks in this QB hungry league is a way to build a hell of a team

This is what Philbin had in mind.... Taking two or three years with a fading super star places all that on hold. And in the end, if it does not get the desired effect. We are right back at square one... only it may cost Joe Philbin doing so.

Just a thought,

BTW.. If Philbin is on Board with Flynn and believes he is ready to lead a team, how can we ignore that? 4 Years they have been together... I believe BOTH have their best shot at success with each other. As Long as Philbin sees it.

Manning is not coming to Miami, he didn't even meet with Ross. Time to move on to Flynn and draft Weedon in 2nd round.

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