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If Dolphins don't get Manning they'll chase Flynn

The Dolphins returned from their five-hour meeting with Peyton Manning late last night content they had done their best to land the biggest prize on the free agent market. But they are prepared, if necessary, to move on from Manning if/when they hear they're no longer in contention for the perennial Pro Bowl quarterback.

And that next move is trying to sign Matt Flynn.

The club has determined Flynn would be the next best answer to their quarterback problem. And for the record, this problem has gone on for a looooong time. The Dolphins have not had a Pro Bowl quarterback since Don Shula left in January of 1996. The Dolphins are the only AFC team that has not had a Pro Bowl quarterback in that entire time.

And you wonder why fans are desperate?

In a quarterback league?

Anyway, the idea of moving on from Manning to Flynn if Manning isn't of the mind to pick Miami is not new. But I was told by a club source that the way in which the club does this is a "delicate matter" for several reasons:

You don't want to offend Manning by publicly moving on before he makes a decision.

You don't want to offend Flynn by making it obvious to him that you're interested, but only as a fallback position, if Manning doesn't come.

It is a tough balance, especially since other teams aren't going to be waiting on Manning's decision to chase Flynn. The Seattle Seahawks and possibly the Cleveland Browns may move on Flynn quickly to fulfill their QB issues.

So how do the Dolphins get in that chase, again, without hurting themselves, hurting Manning or hurting Flynn?

The answer: Delicately.


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I'm all for a less confrontational environment.

Although, Kris has called me the "voice of reason" in the past anyway, so i guess I kind of already had that label

Michael, CA_DolFan, agree with you both on Flynn regarding his being a 7th round pick. At this point, if he has the qualities to work well in Philbin's offense, they should target him.

Most fans calling for Moore to remain our starter, or believe he can be a top ten qb, don't seem to mind he went undrafted.

Of course, there will be the difference in pay.

CTphine I was comparing Brady and Flynn's accomplishments, I was comparing where they were drafted, and that draft position 4 years ago has no baring on their skill or aptitude today. If course Brady gas accomplish much more, but his draft status didn't deter Blelichick from playing him.




DC, I wouldn't say it bothers me, its more so annoying. I like your inputs when it comes to Dolphins football but I dont want to read a post from you asking for everyone to be cordial or nice to everyone else. There are just some idiots on the blog who wants others to respond to idiotic posts possibly because they think it's funny. But each is own.

I keep seeing other teams re-sign their players or tender their restricted free agents while the Dolphins have done neither. To this day they have NOT re-signed any of their free agents or tendered any of their restricted free agents. All I hear is how they are sitting on their hands waiting and praying Manning chooses them. Talk about watching the world pass you by!

Erroll Flynn was a mediocre movie actor.

Michael I agree, I dont want Flynn, I see Moore and he as equal, Moore with a full camp under his belt should be the starter. Noewi f flynn is a couple million a year, I would be all for that!

Has any starting qb ever won 2 superbowls for 2 different teams. The chances are Manning won't either.Go youth whom ever you pick.

CTphine I meant to say I wasn't capering Flynn and Brady's accomplishments, just their draft status.

We should not sign Wayne, Clark, or Saturday to spite DEN because:

1. That's childish.
2. Lack of cap space. We have other needs to fill with what $$$ we have.
3. Need youth and longevity. They'll be gone/retired before we get our franchise QB.

Guys ignore the little puke. He's just looking for attention because he's sad and lonely. He doesn't know how to get good attention because most likely his parents were too busy for him when he was younger. So he learned how to get any attention he could by being loud and annoying. And now he's just brought it to the blog. And every time you talk to him you give him the attention he so badly craves and it drives him to feel more of that by continuing to be a douche.

He has no real ideas or opinions and this also makes him feel insecure which is why he lashes out at people for having their own opinions.

And he obviously has no friends which is why he is jealous that the three of you find common ground and can talk about things together.

Pretend he's not here, it's easy :) You know who the good posters are so just ignore all others and make new sign in names earn something before automatically trusting them. Ignore these new sign ins unless they keep the same name and add to the discussion.

Albert, IMO if Manning doesnt choose a team today, screw him.

what kind of caper?

NEWSFLASH FINZ FANS!!! The best QB (DAN DA' MAN) who played football played for the Miami Dolphins and for 17 seasons! And he did this without winning "THE RING!" If Dan couldn't do it solo, Peyton certainly can't either. The least we should be concerned about is hurting Peyton's feelings...not to mention, the Dolphin's organization already knows deep down he isn't joining the Dolphins. We don't have time nor the patience to play cat and mouse...LET'S MOVE ON! And let's get a QB surrounded by other talented/successful players to lead us to the Promiseland!

John "Horseface" Elway is stupid. He's also evil, and he will get his. What we should do is laugh at his stupidity, let them get Manning, and get Tebow.

Tebow is a lifelong winner. Manning went 0-4 against UF in college. He won one super bowl in 14 years.

Tebow keeps winning and winning. At what point does his "luck" become a trend?

It's not always about reading defenses. He makes his teammates better. He wins.

I say just get Flynn...Manning is only good for 2 years at the most. Every player that has played for flynn says he is a very good qb. Philbin should be the one to make that decision, he has the inside scoop. He's 26 and could be our qb for at least 8 years if he turn out to be good. Matt Moore is a very solid backup. Sign a right tackle and a reciever and we're set.

You gonna love me down in South Beach!

That Guy, where would we be without Matt Moore? Probably buying Andrew Luck or RG3 jerseys.

Moore may have went undrafted, but I think he also was ranked in the top third of starting QBs last year without starting all 16 games.

well appears jackass central is back, so I will go back to my hole

Manning wont even throw for any of the teams that are interested in him. I was on board for Manning the more I think about it, the more I want to say F him. But I guess that grainy 20 sec video of him throwing at Duke will get teams to cough up 20 mill for him. SMH

I love the holier than though posters, ignore this and that... losers

Really!?! I didn't know that.

Just to be objective (because I'm all for signing Flynn if the price is right) but Detroit and New England have horrible defenses. I'm not going to pay attention so much to those two games as to what Philbin says after they sign him (if). If he is quiet about Flynn I will have some concerns but if he says Flynn was his man and he knew coming from GB that the kid has it in him then that's all I need to hear.

Capers go well with olives and pimentos. See you at 4PM.

Talking to me 78? Losa

So you think Manning is afraid of the Media here? Berardino is FOS. You are FOS, and not in Reality. Check.
Posted by: oscar canosa | March 13, 2012 at 12:41 PM

You make zero sense, even for an inchorent fool.

Clue, I'm gonna get off this, but just want to put out there (for everyone), if a post is annoying, SKIP OVER IT. IGNORE IT. You don't need to read it, or even respond. That's the best solution I can offer, that's what I do to posts I'm not interested in. There's no way to have a private conversation here, so the only thing we can do IS to put it out there for public consumption (even if it's directed to someone in particular).

Call Flynn's agent!
Ask him to give us a chance at matching an offer before he signs one!!!!

DC, was wondering if you had any tips on how to ignore the idiot blog troll? Affectionately known around these parts as Home.

Ohio, you ARE the very definition of less confrontational. I haven't ever read you going there with anyone. So you're the model, time for me to get where you are.

My perfect scenario in FA is to sign Flynn to a contract similar to the one that Kolb signed with the Cardinals so that if Flynn REALLY struggles a starter we can cut bait after a season. After that I'd love for us to sign a top flight Guard like Carl Nicks or Ben Grubbs but if they're too pricey & it appears they will both break the bank I'd be happy with Eric Winston being our starting RT this season.

After that signing a player like Wimbley (not going to be cheap either) who is about to be released to play DE opposite Wake would give opposing QB's nightmares....I also think that Reggie Nelson is a possibility but he's not a great tackler & I wouldn't be shocked if we sign manny Lawson to join Dansby & Burnett. Most likely Misi will get kicked to the curb & be a backup.

..Phins 78...I totaly disagree. Philbin is going to have input on Flynn. No matter how desperate the team is for a quarterback. Ross would listen to Philbin reguarding Flynn. I can't believe that if Philbin told Ross Flynn wasn't capable that ross would insist on the move. It doesn't make sense. Peyton Manning yes, but not Matt Flynn..Think about it for a second. Ross hired Philbin because he saw something in him he believed in. His word on this matter means everything. I understand your point. The team, or Ross is so desperate to find a quarterback he is capable of making a rash choice to satisfy the need. I just think in this particular scenario, with the relationship Philbin has with Flynn(the familiarity) Philbins endorsement of the quarterback is all the team needs to hear..Likewise, if he thinks we should pass the same reasoning comes into play..

I don't believe for one second this is a case of the owner meddling in the decsion making process. I may be wrong, and it turns out that Ross feels so strongly about aquring Flynn that it trumps the head coaches feelings of the player..I just think it rediculous to think Philbin doesn't, or wouldn't have any say in the matter..My opinion

I would NOT mait for Manning. If he has not committed to us by 4:00PM I move on. There are some good players on this team. Some of the pieces are in place. Keep building, adding pieces.

Ross net worth 3.2 billion dollars. How do you make so much money? Im tryig to feed a family of 4 on 40,000 grand ayear. Sigh

We should be thanking the Redskins and Cowboys. Because of them, we'll have an extra million or so in CAP money to play with. Thanks guys!

I wonder how many deals will actually get done today after 4

I love the holier than though posters, ignore this and that... losers
Posted by: airbiscuit | March 13, 2012 at 01:11 PM

surely, youre referrng to phins78.

Your Miami Football Dolphins went 6-3 the last 9 games last year, and they were very close to 8-1.

Why all the negativity?

Im really starting to lose respect for manning continuing to keep miami up with interest, we all damn well know this is not where he is going to end up....yet miamis front office still believes that he will choose us over teams that he obviously has favored over this team....

I dont know whats worse is that this organization is truly run by blind morons or manning is a complete @sshole for keeping us in the running....

Struggling with this....
Since Fins are likely out of Manning circus, next up is -(sigh) Flynn.

When Philbin was hired, he was immediately the smartest football guy on the Fins staff. Really like his hire. Like the fact that he was hired based upon his impressive plan (not his associations with friends or family, et al).
So here's my dilemna. I have been ouspoken that Flynn is not the star QB we've been craving for 17 QBs since Marino left. He looks the same as Fitzpatrick, Kolb, Orton, Cassel. Average, does the job, but is nothing special. Don't we already have that in Moore?

ok.. that said...

IF Philbin really does think Flynn is special, then I think Philbin deserves some leeway and faith that he may actually know what hes' doing. It's his career he's betting after all. If we're plodding along with some 7-9 seasons, or worse, the native drums will start beating for an upgrade, and Philbin is smart enough to know that Flynn won't get him much leeway. He's a win now candidate. BUT.. with a rookie QB, everyone knows it takes a few years to build, so Philbin's job (even though the win/loss totals may be worse) would be safer. So knowing that, if he still insists on Flynn, then just maybe Flynn is better than we think.

I have to have faith in something, and right now it's Philbin. So if Flynn is his guy, I'll suck it up and shut my whining. At least until we find out how good he really is.

But, for the record .. I do want us to skip Flynn and Manning and just draft our new future, straight up.

But I'll promise to have some faith in Philbin if he chooses Flynn.

Tony, Because they started 0 and 7.

Tony, because there FINAL record was 6-10. After 2 years at 7-9. After 1 playoff appearance in a decade. After 1 SB win in almost 4 decades.

Can you understand the pessimism of some fans of a team with that history?

Clue, that was Tony Sparano. He's gone. We go 12-4, worst case scenario, this year if Matt Moore starts and he and Bush and Marshall stay healthy.

I can't see Flynn signing with the Browns since they have no running game (& that was with Hillis) & below average WR's. Plus it's freaking Cleveland (no offense but he's 26 & single) & the Browns organization is so lame it makes the Dolphins look good.

As for Seattle??? I could see that but I'm pretty sure that Flynn would like to play for a guy he knows & a system that he is very comfortable with. Plus Seattle doesn't have a Pro-Bowl LT & a Pro-Bowl WR. Okung & Sidney Rice are both injury prone. I just hope that Jake's injuries are behind him.

You can't put this whole thing on Ireland, just like Bud Adams, Steve Ross came out publicly and said he wants Manning. If you're Boss tells you specifically how he wants to spend his millions, then my guess is you better damn well spend it the way he wants. I believe Philbin is true believer in Flynn, who yes was a low draft pick, but let's not forget was a QB in a two QB system that did win a Natl title. The other QB was the rushing QB, while Flynn was the primary passer. People also want to talk about his game experience, well before Rodgers got the go ahead after Favre left, he had no more experience than Flynn does now and how did that work out. Flynn knows he is second choice to manning for obvious reasons, I believe he will also wait for Manning to make his pick, as undeniably he knows his value soars for the teams that missed out on Manning. And for those that want to bash Ireland, his draft waspretty damn good last year, as well as his deals to get C. Wake, B. Marshall, and R. Bush., not too shabby for guy that you say is a horrible GM. And don't even think to bring up Colombo, because that was all Sparano's doing. I've been a Phins fan for 35 years, and yes this past decade has been the worst, but this new coaching staff with Ireland is the best that we have had since Shula left. Try being supportive of your so-called favorite Team vs bashing it before any moves have even been made.

Tony Paige,

Frustration many times overflows into negativity. That is what you find im many Dolphin fans.

Ross net worth 3.2 billion dollars. How do you make so much money? Im tryig to feed a family of 4 on 40,000 grand ayear. Sigh

Posted by: John Doe | March 13, 2012 at 01:20 PM

Answer--You come from a wealthy family & then own a TON of real estate in Manhattan.

I guess not having a pro-bowl QB since 1996 could create some pessimism. (16 years ago, I was only 11 years old)

Tony, I wish I can be as optimistic as you. But were not going 12 and 4.

Flynn has looked pretty good statistically and if you watch his throws, he is more than capable of sending a pass 50 yards downfield.

Matt Flynn 2010/2011 Preseason:

4/6 32 yds 5.3 0 0 79.9
5/6 141 yds 23.5 1 0 158.3
11/18 126 yds 7.0 1 0 100.7
9/15 46 yds 4.6 0 1 43.5
10/20 130 yds 6.5 0 1 50.0
8/13 80 yds 6.2 2 0 118.6
23/37 304 yds 8.2 0 0 88.1

70/115 61% 7.47 4 2

Matt Flynn 2010/2011 Regular Season:

24/37 251 yds 6.8 3 1 100.2
31/44 480 yds 10.9 6 1 136.4

55/81 68% 9.02 9 2


Good afternoon gents,

Flynn vs Manning?

I see Mando's point but if your Flynn you have to understand where Mimai is coming from on this one. Manning is a proven elite/HOF QB. One of the best ever. It makes sense both on the field and financially for this organization. Flynn is not dummy whether it's officially stated or not, Flynn knows he is Miami's 2nd choice.

The question is does Flynn chase the first big contract thrown his way? Does he take a page from Manning's playbook here and do his due diligence before making a decision?

I have said all along that if Philbin endorses Flynn then I am all in and apparently Philbin does endorse him but just not over Manning. There is no shame in that.

I hope he we get 1 of the 2. I think Manning could still be pretty close to what he was and that's great. I also think Flynn is a "system" QB but he flourished in his 2 starts and again if Philbin who has seen every practice, OTA, scrimmage, film room session, workout and game of Flynn's career says he could be a potential franchise QB then I am all in on Flynn and that gamble!

Ohio, 16 years ago I was 10.

..JS..Well said. Very good post @1:23.

I don't know how anyone could debate Flynn should Philbin endorse him. Sure it is possible that he will not work out. Philbin isn't going to put his neck on the line for the guy knowing how important the quarterback position is if he doesn't believe Flynn is the right guy. As much as some may disagree with the idea of Matt Flyyn being the guy here(there are many good reasons why) I will choose to give my support to the new coach..Lets see what he is all about..

Matt Moore was ranked #12 among QBs last year without playing all 16 games.

#11? Phillip Rivers
#13? Jay Cutler

I'm sure an intelligent football fan could easily guess the top ten QBs.

A few QBs ranked lower that Moore:

Vick, Newton, Kolb, Flacco, Palmer (both), Tebow

Cut the dude some slack. That was with a weak OL and not a lot of receiver help at times. He deserves more of a chance to run the team than Flynn. Give me a break.

Moore may have went undrafted, but I think he also was ranked in the top third of starting QBs last year without starting all 16 games.

Posted by: dmooreiii | March 13, 2012 at 01:10 PM

dmooreiii, I have no issue with the fact Moore went undrafted. He did a pretty good job for us last year.

At the same time, I have no issue with the fact Flynn was drafted in the 7th round. If, in his time at Green Bay, he has absorbed Philbin's system and is a good fit, go for him. Just don't get too crazy on the money side of it.

Well said Truth. Flynn's value DEFINITELY increases after Manning makes a decision. It should make for an insane version of NFL musical chairs. If Broncos miss on Manning do they go after Flynn??? And if the Cardinals get Manning then where does Kolb wind up. Plus the loser of the Manning/Flynn sweepstake may have to settle for Orton or Campbell which I can't see Ireland doing.

Guys who are advocating no upgrade at QB because you feel Moore proved something I just want to point out that Moore was 6-6 and had a bye week before he had to start. He had two weeks taking first team snaps which is more than other QBs who have had to come in and win for their teams in the past. (I'll leave Brady out of that equation because, well he's Tom Brady!:)

Moores wins were against the Chiefs,Skins,Bills,Raiders,Bills,Jets.

His losses were against the Jets,Broncos,Giants,Cowboys,Eagles,and Patriots.

He did great against suspect defenses when they had a big lead but struggled in close games.

The 5 teams he beat did not make the playoffs.

The 6 teams he lost too 3 made the playoffs and two should have considering the talent on the roster and preseason predictions. The other was the stinking Jets.

Make of it what you will, those are the facts.

I used to take a dump off from Dannyboy and rumble fo' 12 or 15 yards, 7 or 8 times a game, playah!! I be runnin' folks over too. What y'all need is a fullback.

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