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If Dolphins don't get Manning they'll chase Flynn

The Dolphins returned from their five-hour meeting with Peyton Manning late last night content they had done their best to land the biggest prize on the free agent market. But they are prepared, if necessary, to move on from Manning if/when they hear they're no longer in contention for the perennial Pro Bowl quarterback.

And that next move is trying to sign Matt Flynn.

The club has determined Flynn would be the next best answer to their quarterback problem. And for the record, this problem has gone on for a looooong time. The Dolphins have not had a Pro Bowl quarterback since Don Shula left in January of 1996. The Dolphins are the only AFC team that has not had a Pro Bowl quarterback in that entire time.

And you wonder why fans are desperate?

In a quarterback league?

Anyway, the idea of moving on from Manning to Flynn if Manning isn't of the mind to pick Miami is not new. But I was told by a club source that the way in which the club does this is a "delicate matter" for several reasons:

You don't want to offend Manning by publicly moving on before he makes a decision.

You don't want to offend Flynn by making it obvious to him that you're interested, but only as a fallback position, if Manning doesn't come.

It is a tough balance, especially since other teams aren't going to be waiting on Manning's decision to chase Flynn. The Seattle Seahawks and possibly the Cleveland Browns may move on Flynn quickly to fulfill their QB issues.

So how do the Dolphins get in that chase, again, without hurting themselves, hurting Manning or hurting Flynn?

The answer: Delicately.


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I just read, rumor has it that Manning is asking for 65 million over 3 years.

Moore is my worst case scenario. He finished out 6-3(and easily SHOULD have been better). With a better line, the draft, full training camp, he should do well.

If we miss on Manning, I guess going after Flynn would be better than standing pat. I would just hate to see Flynn HANDED the job(ala Henne)because of the size of his contract. Regardless of the money, he should have to compete with Moore and EARN it.

At least Albert saw us win a SB in his lifetime though. That's all I'm asking for and then I won't mind dying.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | March 13, 2012 at 01:43 PM
Well Im not bald, or grey for that matter. But been hanging in here since the begining also. Surprised I have not had a few strokes along the way..

We're doing better. Reading about this era of Fins history is downright cringe inducing:

End of Culpepper eraIn the absence of Culpepper, the Dolphins relied on quarterbacks Cleo Lemon and Gibran Hamdan, untested players with one regular season start between them, in the Dolphins' initial minicamp under first-year coach Cam Cameron. Both the players struggled to move the offense and the poor performance led to an April 15 report that stated a much-discussed trade for Kansas City's Trent Green was imminent,for Culpepper was unable to participate in the minicamp as he continued to recover from knee surgery.[19] The weekend previous to the report, Culpepper revealed that the second surgery, which was designed to address scar tissue in the knee, was more serious than anyone originally divulged, and called for a rehabilitation period of 4–6 months. Culpepper said he has been told by Dr. James Andrews, his surgeon, to "begin to ease into things" after May 1.[20]

On June 5, 2007 the Dolphins completed the long-awaited trade for Trent Green; a few hours before the Green trade became official, the Dolphins told Culpepper they "are going in a different direction at the QB position," according to Culpepper, who resisted that plan.[21]

On June 7, Culpepper, acting as his own agent, asked to be released from his contract with the Dolphins.[22] The Jacksonville Jaguars led a list of a few teams that were interested in signing him once he was on the free agent market.[23]

Culpepper was on the Dolphins' practice field for the start of a weekend minicamp on June 8, one day after asking for his release and two days after Miami completed a trade with Kansas City for Trent Green, who took over at quarterback.[24] When Culpepper left the field and headed into the Dolphins training facility, he walked off the field with a member of the Dolphins security staff. The team did not give an immediate explanation.

Informed by quarterbacks coach Terry Shea that he would not be permitted to take part in any team drills during the Dolphins' June 8–10 minicamp, Culpepper stated that he would seek intervention from the NFL Players Association to end the stalemate.[25] In response, Dolphins officials stated they had no intention of releasing Culpepper, and would continue their efforts to trade him. In fact, head coach Cam Cameron told the Miami media on June 9 that the team was "absolutely" prepared to take the situation into training camp as the club attempts to locate a trade partner. After being told he would not be allowed to practice, Culpepper told reporters that he would not restructure his contract to accommodate a trade, and said that he had already spoken to some teams that might be interested in him, such as the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was finally released by the Dolphins on July 17. Culpepper was then rated number 8 in ESPN magazine's 2007 worst quarterback poll.

[edit] Oakland Raiders

Dolphins would have to get rid of some pieces of the team to get him.

Before you count Matt Moore out as our starter for the 2012 season, here are some facts:

The year Matt Moore came out of college 2007, here are the top 6 QBs chosen:
1.) Russell – out of football
2.) Quinn – dif. team (backup)
3.) Kolb – dif. team (backup)
4.) Beck – dif. team (backup)
5.) Stanton – backup
6.) Trent Edwards – backup

Matt Moore went undrafted, yet he has a QB rating over 15 points better than the #1 qb taken that year and best QB rating (best efficiency) compared to all those listed above (top 6 of draft). Along with a better QB rating than Henne, Mark Sanchez, Alex Smith, just to name a few and equal to that of guys like Matt Cassel, Jay Cutler and just 2 points lower than a rising star like Matt Stafford.
I know Matt Moore has only given us a small sample, but consider the numbers before you count him out because at the end of the day; draft & Free agency hype lie but #s do not.


The Harbough fiasco was totally Stephen Ross. Jeff Fisher actually was quoted in several articles saying that he did not mind working with Ireland. Furthermore Fisher was suspected of wanting Ireland with him had Ireland no had a contract with the Dolphins already.
It's ok to dislike people Andy, but get your facts straight.

. In 2007, Culpepper replaced the injured Josh McCown for the Raiders matchup against his former team, the Miami Dolphins. Culpepper finished the game with two passing and three rushing touchdowns


If not for the Wildcat, we'd probably be in a better situation right now. The Wildcat put cologne on a turd. The wildcat made people think this team was better than it was. When in fact, Ronnie and Rick were the team. Well, until teams figured out all you have to do to stop the wildcat is man up.

Think about it this way. Ireland and Ross have been hiding just how terrible this team really is from day one. They even hid Penny's broke shoulder. No way he goes down barely even touched without someone knowing his shoulder was still broke.

And now they are always in perpetual lockdown mode over the smallest of things like where they want to meet Peyton Manning.

Manning wants a 3 year 65 million?

Pass on this.

I have been for the Dolphins getting Manning but that price is too high.


I have my facts straight. You don't know that for a fact that it was Ross and not Ireland. It was both of them. And Fisher in what articles have you read where he wanted Ireland with him? C'mon you sound stupid man.

"It'll be up to Armando and his fellow dirt-diggers to fill us in on what really is going on."

Oh boy, so what you're saying is there isn't a chance in hell we will ever know what's going on? :)


Where did you read 65 million........? I wouldn't say anything is legit yet considering the way the mainstream media has been handling this entire fiasco

If, Philbin and the FO are sold on Flynn (im Not), would it not be wise to move on? Chasing Manning for another few days, or a week kills there chances if you ask me..
Im content, I will stick with Moore, pull someone out of the draft and work for next year. My expectations were not that high for the coming season to begin with. However, I had hoped they might land a franchise QB, it just did not work out that way.

Please don't sue me, of course it's from Wikipedia. I lost my Stephen Ross rookie card so I had to look it up there.

Jamillion, I'm not counting Moore out. Actually, I've moved to preferring him (and a drafted QB) over Flynn (simply for your reasoning, Flynn's probably not much better than Moore if any better).

I'm just saying if there's an upgrade available (like Manning or Shaub or someone everyone KNOWS is better) take that so you don't get into the Season and realize Moore isn't the guy and now we're replaying the last 3 years.

I get that Moore has potential and all that, I also get that he's been virtually a backup most of his career. You have to admit, not MANY backups become elite QBs in this league (there are a couple of exceptions). And usually there's a reason, they're only good enough to be backups. Doesn't mean they can't have good (or even great Seasons). Usually means they can't keep it going though.

So Moore doesn't scare me as much as it did last Season when we brought him in (now that I've seen what he can do). But he also doesn't make me think about making the Playoffs either. Regardless of what he did last Season, it WASN'T beating elite teams with winning records.


Before you count Matt Moore out as our starter for the 2012 season, here are some facts:
The year Matt Moore came out of college 2007, here are the top 6 QBs chosen:
1.) Russell – out of football
2.) Quinn – dif. team (backup)
3.) Kolb – dif. team (backup)
4.) Beck – dif. team (backup)
5.) Stanton – backup
6.) Trent Edwards – backup
Matt Moore went undrafted, yet he has a QB rating over 15 points better than the #1 qb taken that year and best QB rating (best efficiency) compared to all those listed above (top 6 of draft). Along with a better QB rating than Henne, Mark Sanchez, Alex Smith, just to name a few and equal to that of guys like Matt Cassel, Jay Cutler and just 2 points lower than a rising star like Matt Stafford.
I know Matt Moore has only given us a small sample, but consider the numbers before you count him out because at the end of the day; draft & Free agency hype lie but #s do not.

Andy NJ,
Ross was the one who TOOK Ireland with him not Ireland TOOK Ross. As far as the articles on Fisher they were in Profootballtalk.com and cbssports.com. If you are looking for Stupid look in the mirror.

I am starting to feel that Denver has the lead for Manning. I believe that because of there offensive flexibility. They changed the offense on the fly for Tebow so why not for Manning. Plus they have more cap space than any of the teams.

With that said if Flynn is Philbin's guy then they need to cut ties with Manning and start going after Flynn. The FO and coaches really need to make a move and not lay and wait.

They have lost the Luck and RGIII sweepstakes and could lose out on Manning, Flynn and Tannehill. If Manning goes to Denver and Flynn to Seattle then Cleveland will take Tannehill at 4.

If all that happens there is no doubt Moore will be the starter again next year. We could possibly take Foles, Cousins or Osweiler in the later rounds of the draft but with any of those Moore is the starter.

Who knows -- maybe they like Devlin and he's penciled in st starter. :)

Omar Kelly tweeted it about 15 minutes ago.


That's a great point I never really though about until now. Who's plan are we executing? Is it Irelands plan or is it Philbins plan? Ireland has already had 4-1/2 years to execute his plan. So lets hope its Philbins plan.

You just don't get it. No need to continue this.


Totally agree the Wildcat single handedly won games that year. It was a total curse. The next year wasting a 2nd rounder on Pat White was salt in the wound. Now look at Miami's offesne does an offense of:

QB - Matt Moore
WR - Brian Hartline
WR - Davone Bess
TE - Anthony Fasano

strike fear into the hearts of playoff contending teams. This team needs a face lift and I hope Philbin is able to have input on that because the Parcell's/Ireland duo has produced nothing with their building from the inside out. It's been wasted pick after wasted pick with Shawn Murphy, Merling


Andy not to butt in but I read that as well. Fisher was fine with keeping Ireland on, he said it himself, thought they could work well together, had the same draft philosophy (Fisher must love o-linemen in the first too!)But the facts are Fisher was never serious about the Fins and was only using us as leverage. Sorry, those aren't the facts but they are some very good educated guesses by people in the business.

Hey Andy, Albert is right Armando reported that Fisher made overtures to Ireland to join him in St Loius. And if I wasn't at work I'd find the link lol.

I understand your points too and I agree with you on drafting a QB in the 2nd or 3rd.

I just feel like we should be concentrating our efforst on bringing more weapons for Moore to utilize and get a whole season sample of what he can really do.
We should be going after guys like Wayne or Dallas Clark and giving Moore more weapons rather than wasting time with Manning and over paying for him.

Not saying Moore is or will ever be a super star but he can be our Trent Dilfer, our Doug Johnson to a complete team. Rather than a team ran by it's qb.

I didn't post a 2:18

But I am posting now. Albert you rely on profootballtalk.com and cbssports as your sources, wow!

Ok what is Ireland a child he was on that flight with Ross for because he had no balls to stand up to the owner cutting his check. He did however have the balls to be despicable and insult Dez Bryant. Ireland gets no respect becuase he doesn't give it. Ask Ryan Clark and Dez Bryant.

Andy, andy, andy andddyyyyyyy. Why with the stupid comment? The guy never insulted you before that. I just don't get you guys sometimes.

He also said he was impressed by Ireland. You're wrong on this one.

I hope that was fake andy....
Offense of who? Ummm did you forget Marshall and Bush. I am sure its ok not to add in two premier studs for your phony little troll argument. But really???

Andy because you're wrong dont get made geez.


One "hope" we have in your hypothetical offense is Philbin/Sherman using them better. Sparano obviously had little to no clue. But maybe these guys can do what all the other good offenses do: create mismatches, change formations, use the no huddle, etc. to improve the efficiency of the offense.

That's the unknown right now. We may be able to keep the exact same players and get better results from using them more effectively.

Now, that said, I STILL want upgrades to some of those positions (obviously QB, RT, TE, WR2). I'm assuming we'll get a couple or few of them upgraded.

But we need to wait until the Season (or even Pre-Season) to see in action what Philbin and Sherman are thinking about improving the "systems".

Last time I checked, football was still a team sport. While QB is definitely the most important position on the team, it's still a team. Now if your QB is performing at a reasonably high level and you are still losing close games, and or games you're supposed to win, perhaps the rest of team needs to step up. We all know there are several needs beyond QB. Let's also not forget that Sparano was playing just to stay in games, not win them. Moore will have greater success in 2012.


Condiscending people make me sick on here. The know it alls. The guys who say stuff like "get your facts straight". And please dude he is a big boy he can answer for himself.


I get this, You are an a frustrated fan with limited knowledge of these topics. The easy thing to do is critizise with out basis or fact. When both basis and fact are presented you walk away angry.

I wonder how Matt Moore feels today.....


Wouldn't you guys rather land a WR/TE combo such as Reggie Wayne and Clark or Jackson and Clark rather than wasting time with Manning?

Imagine Marshall, Wayne and Bess in the slot and Clark as our TE to go along with Reginald Bush, the up and coming Clay as HB/TE in the west coast offense.... Matt Moore will look like a top 15 QB next year.
I Promise.

He didn't offend Dansby either apparently. Clark never wanted to leave Pitt and was using free agency to get a raise from the team he loves, that was that. And f**k Dez Bryant, the Cowboys suck! :) peace gentlemen, later

Oh yeah,,,just say no to Peyton 'im interviewing you,won't work out,want my own offense,and 20 million a year to strap your cap' Manning!!!!

Phin78, Your lucky. I was close to filingt the papers

Just another FYI, and then I'm done.
For those who think that Flynn will "compete" with Moore for the staring job...

Flynn is expected to get a contract similar to Kolb's. 20-something Mill guarenteed, and at least 10-15 mill per. That's pretty much our whole cap.

Not trying to be ugly, but he better be the end-all for that. Compete, my rear.

Here Andy Ill say it again, get your facts straight.

Okay Andy, fair enough. Later gentlemen

Andy can play with his team, I will add Bush and Beast to my team. Coached up well with another couple of parts we are a top 10 offfense!!

One last thought. For the longest, we were told Henne was the guy. Now we are to believe Flynn is the guy? Flynn may indeed turn out to be the next Tom Brady. If he was signed by the Patriots. Flynn will turn out to be the next Henne if signed by the Dolphins.

I'm not even sure why folks are thinking Flynn is starting material. Cassell started a whole bunch of games and ended the season 11-5. Look at him now?

Get Flynn immediately and move on from Manning, this is a circus we can't afford to be a part of past 4pm EST today.

Flynn, Grubbs, Wayne and Nelson and then draft DL, LB and RT in draft and let's roll

Irleand, do your job and restructure a few contracts and make it happen


I agree Sparano was a bad coach not just for playing it safe but also never developing anyone to play over their head or at another level. He had so many resources on that offensive line and failed over and over.

I'm hoping Philbin brings in some of that Green Bay magic of developing players and the next man up motto. Miami needs a serious upgrade at QB, WR and RT on offense and I hope the first round pick isn't used on another linemen like we all suspect. Philbin and O-line technician should be able to coach a lesser player up to be able to perform at a high level a potential 2nd rounder like Bobbie Massie from Ole Miss or even a former 3rd rounder like Jerry to fill in at RT.

That 1st rounder has to go toward an impact player. I prefer one on offense but with Blackmon gone and Richardson not really in the equation because of that genius trade for Daniel Thomas then a player like Coples or Ingram.

new blog up

if Ross was smart he would have traded for RYAN MALLET six months ago avoiding desperate, last minute decisions and costly bidding wars that insure we overpay and exaust resources that could have been used for other needy positions. if manning chooses to go elsewhere(and i hope he does) and we wiff on flynn, ryan mallet is an excellent option. to go after tannehill or others is repeating the same strategy that awarded us chad henne and will most likely give the same results... 3 waisted years, robbing the team the oppourtunity to upgrade the other skill positions with top end talent, another year of empty seats awaits us, ross does not get it, fans will pay to see special players, fans want to see a high powered offense that suggests they can win the game they will be attending. miami fans have waited to long to see a high scoring offense of more then just one good reciever. give the fans a reason to come to the games, and maybe they will, give the sporting news world a justifiable reason to hype up your team and maybe they will, load up at reciever with some dominant playmakers and maybe people will start believing in your team.

When Titans meet Manning, Rumor is Owner Bud Adams will send a blank check and tell Manning to fill in how much he wants.

hey bud- so pats would trade mallett at the start of the season? really?


Im still here. Im not walking away angry. Ireland hasn't produced anything since he has been here other then he can't put a winner on the field. Now I will say I'm not sure how much power he had when Parcells was here but never the less he was in charge of evaluating talent and if he evaluated Patrick Turner (3rd), Shawn Murphy (3rd), AJ Edds (4th), John Nalbone (5h), Pat White (2nd) (none are still on the roster) or Phillip Merling or Koa Misi both high 2nd rounders who have done nothing. Also the fact Miami has 3 consecutive losing seasons. He is responsible for that and for whatever has been given 2nd chance. I hope he proves me wrong and makes the most of his 2nd chance and takes a new approach because his last approach gave Miami empty seats and 3 losing seasons.

So how soon after 4pm est do you think you will read about the Dolphins signing Flynn?

within 1 hour
Within 12 hours
within 1 day
Within a week
Not at all

My advice to the Dolphins is to read the comments on this blog and then do the OPPOSITE of whatever is suggested.

Following the advice of perpetually confused, angry mental midgets is not a sound policy.

I've read this blog for years without posting, reading and studying my favorite team and our fan base. I'm up here in WVa and I can tell you I'm still proud of our team and franchise. I know most of y'all are fed up, but damn you can't tell me your excited about 4 pm this afternoon, the draft, and the upcoming season. Keep the faith my friends we have Reggie,Brandon, and some help coming by way of FA and the draft.

Fisher had no problem with Ireland whatsoever. In fact, he has known and respected him for nearly 20 years.

Sorry if that doesn't dovetail with your preconceived notions and biases but you can't just change facts to suit your agendas.

Cam Cameron was Tebow's backup at Florida before Florida kicked him out for committing crimes.

Georgia if titans' owner is that stupid then Manning should write $900,000,000,000,000,000 on the check. f em

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