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If Dolphins don't get Manning they'll chase Flynn

The Dolphins returned from their five-hour meeting with Peyton Manning late last night content they had done their best to land the biggest prize on the free agent market. But they are prepared, if necessary, to move on from Manning if/when they hear they're no longer in contention for the perennial Pro Bowl quarterback.

And that next move is trying to sign Matt Flynn.

The club has determined Flynn would be the next best answer to their quarterback problem. And for the record, this problem has gone on for a looooong time. The Dolphins have not had a Pro Bowl quarterback since Don Shula left in January of 1996. The Dolphins are the only AFC team that has not had a Pro Bowl quarterback in that entire time.

And you wonder why fans are desperate?

In a quarterback league?

Anyway, the idea of moving on from Manning to Flynn if Manning isn't of the mind to pick Miami is not new. But I was told by a club source that the way in which the club does this is a "delicate matter" for several reasons:

You don't want to offend Manning by publicly moving on before he makes a decision.

You don't want to offend Flynn by making it obvious to him that you're interested, but only as a fallback position, if Manning doesn't come.

It is a tough balance, especially since other teams aren't going to be waiting on Manning's decision to chase Flynn. The Seattle Seahawks and possibly the Cleveland Browns may move on Flynn quickly to fulfill their QB issues.

So how do the Dolphins get in that chase, again, without hurting themselves, hurting Manning or hurting Flynn?

The answer: Delicately.


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It is well known that Parcells was pulling the trigger on the draft picks up until last year. So all we have to really judge Ireland on is last year. The draft while certainly not an A was not bad. As for him being responsible for three loosing seasons, I think you are again off base blaming him for that.


I am excited too.

Forget about Manning - move on.

Guys, a lot of speculation going on here without much supporting evidence. This is a pure risk vs. reward scenario and nobody knows it will ultimately play out. Here are a few possibilities:

Manning signs massive contract with Dolphins, Flynn signs medium contract with Cleveland/Seattle. Dolphins win Super Bowl within 3 years, Cleveland/Seattle still suck. Ross/Ireland/Philbin are geniuses.

Manning signs massive contract with Dolphins, Flynn signs medium contract with Cleveland/Seattle. Manning suffers major blow in week 4 of season and doctors advise him to retire immediately, Flynn performs well and makes playoffs. Ross/Ireland/Philbin suck.

SCENARIO #3 Manning signs massive contract with Denver/Arizona. Dolphins sign Flynn to medium contract. Manning never becomes a semblance of the quarterback he once was other than a few shades of glory from time to time. Flynn performs well and the Dolphins become perennial playoff contenders. Ross/Ireland/Philbin are heroes.

SCENARIO #4 Manning signs massive contract with Denver/Arizona. Dolphins sign Flynn to medium contract. Manning leads Denver/Arizona to conference championship game -- possibly beyond. Flynn struggles in Miami and the Dolphins battle for a spot in the playoffs each of the next several season. Ross/Ireland/Philbin are run out of town.

There are far too many ways this thing could play out. The smart money would bet that Manning's skills will continue to diminish over the next three seasons, while Flynn's will improve with more experience and playing time. For that reason alone, it seems to make sense to go with Flynn and use the extra cap space to place more weapons and protection around him.

We don't necessarily need the next Dan Marino, I'll take a Trent Dilfer if it means a Super Bowl Championship for the Miami Dolphins.

Regardless, the next few days should be interesting ...

Nice POst.

I agree, but what about our 81 QB rated QB Matt Moore?

Not given him a chance after a 6-3 record to end his try out for the year?

Why not brong in Reggie Wayne & Clark and porovide him with some weapons to see what the kid can really do with a whole season of play, new west coast offense (which fits him)and better weapons?

The answer is by telling Manning to take a hike. They need to build for the future and within their system. Manning would be a headache for the franchise sooner if not later. He's too old and they don't even know if he's healthy. Philbin knows Flynn and knows he can play in that system. Forget manning and move on to bettering the future of the franchise. Period.

Reporters just like to get the fans all bothered and upset ... these playes aren't little babys they know whats going on!!!
they know the coach is always looking for a upgrade ... Look what Bill Billacheat did last year. he drafted a Q/B to compete againist Tom brady ... reporters are the slime of the earth, and just try to get fans all worked .

Andy, you are correct about Ireland. Let me tell you, when teu drafted Misi I freaked out. When I did, most of these guys teamed me a new AHole. Misi is terrible and will be out of the league by thend of his rookie contract. Anyone can pick talent in the first round. What you do after that in the later rounds determines whether your team has depth or not. This team has very little in the way of playmakers and also depth. Terrible taken evaluation over the last 5 years had killed them.

Screw delicate. Manning is giving the Phins the run around; he is not being "delicate". It's time that the "boys with the suits" roll up their sleeves and loosen their ties and play "hard ball". Manning is great but so what, Flynn "may" be the next Dan Marino and we are messing with his head. I say enough! Let's get Flynn. Joe knows Flynn's abilities and limits and Flynn knows Joe's program. Lets get them going and continue to build a team that will be a perennial contender not just a two year flash! Mr. Ross if you want a winner, just listen to Joe and sign the checks, before you know it you will be raising the Vince Lombardi Trophy high over your head. Have faith and step back.

Miami just traded brandon marhall for two 3rd round draft picks to the bears.. ESPN just reported!

with brandon marshall gone that means we have more money ... look for the dolphins to go after M. williams now! nice..

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