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Is Manning really that into the Dolphins?

I've dated in my life. I know what it looks like when someone is really into me ... and I know what it looks like when someone really isn't that into me. (Insert jokes in comments section).

Anyway, free agency is a little like dating. You wine. You dine. You spend money. You chase. It is a date minus the flowers or candy. And so far, Peyton Manning has been on four dates in the last week since his release from the Indianapolis Colts.

He dated Denver. He dated Arizona. He dated Miami. And he dated Tennessee.

My issue?

He dated Denver in Denver over a two-day span. He dated Arizona in Arizona over a two-day span. He dated Tennessee in Nashville over a 9-hour span.

The Dolphins? They had to go to him. They got only five hours.

Does that sound like the Dolphins got equal treatment? Does it sound like Manning, who I reported yesterday is very interested in finding a strong relationship with his next team, got an ample opportunity to bond with anyone representing Miami?

Obviously, I am on the outside looking in. The Dolphins continue to believe they are in the game. They continue to wait on a final nod of approval or dismissive hand gesture to know how to proceed next. And for all we know, details of their visit with Manning included the free agent quarterback hugging every Miami rep and promising to sign as soon as he dispensed with one last visit.

But I doubt it. And it just seems from my point of view that even if the Dolphins are in this horse race, they are aboard a nag trailing the field. That's how I see it. That is increasingly how fans that email me, call my radio show and follow me on twitter view it.

How is it the Dolphins apparently haven't seen this?

Today, by the way, feels like a big day to me on the Manning front. My gut is we'll see some sort of indication from the Manning camp by tonight which teams are seriously, seriously in the running for the player. ESPN has reported every team that has interviewed Manning is in the running.

But eventually this is going to begin getting whittled. Arizona's deadline for paying quarterback Kevin Kolb a $7 million bonus. The Dolphins cannot continue to sit idle while next QB possibility Matt Flynn visits with Seattle. And one assumes the Titans, talking to several other free agents, also need indication which way this will turn.

So the end of the great courting of Peyton Manning seems on the horizon.

By the way, on another topic, Kendall Langford is scheduled to visit the Cincinnati Bengals today.

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Well get ready to be disappointed if you wanted Manning. If we comes great if not, no big deal. We need to look at Philbin in this case and understand that he probably has the same mind set as Green Bay had in building their team thru the draft. This has worked well for them and I believe it is definitely the way Miami needs to proceed. I expect us to move back in this draft that is filled with d line talent and wr talent. Moore has proven himself to deserve another year as starter and i think he will surprise some people. Build with the draft!!


As long as the ROSS/IRELAND combo is running the Dolphins they will never be good.

The Dolphins do see it. However, after a series of humiliating rebuffs by Harbaugh, Cowher, Gruden, and Fisher, they HAVE to pretend they're in this. Otherwise, the commit a strategic blunder by publicly admitting they're irrelevant.

Just keep moore and keep putting young pieces in other spots and next year draft a qb does everyone realize how much better next years draft of qbs are outside of andrew luck this year; Landry Jones, Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson are all franchise qbs and who knows some other guy might pop up

Because the owner wants his "Lebron James" moment. The owner is all about the show instead of the wins. The owner wants the ticket and jersey sales more than wins. Considering the time of year hope springs eternal for the owner and only the owner.

I hope Manning can at least call Miami before he makes the announcement that he isn't coming, so they can jump on Flynn immediately.

Flynn is not an upgrade from Moore. We're NOT getting Manning and that's probably a good thing for long term planning. Build through the draft and select the franchise quarterback next year. People are getting way to desperate!!!

Again everybody, where is the evidence that Matt Flynn is better than anybody? I don't believe he's better than Matt Moore and might not even be better than Chad Henne. 400 yard, 3-TD-throwing against NE first week Chad Henne. Flynn has mediocre written all over him. Weaker arm than either of the aforementioned QBs. Draft either Tannyhill or Weedon or Cousins for the love of God and let them battle Moore. Sign more OL's and draft WRs.

The way they have started signing the free agents, it's apparent to me, they have a real good idea of where they stand/don't stand with Manning, and are going forward.
They don't have the cap space left to sign Manning.
Bronco's have plenty of money left, and that is where Manning will end up. Just follow the green.....


We've gone 7-9, 7-9 and 6-10 the past three seasons. We have an all new coaching staff with a rookie head coach and are changing systems. We're not anywhere near a playoff team and have no wr's worth noting. Do any of you still think we're in the Manning chase? I thought not. Then why do the dipsh*ts that run this organization still think they are? As long as Ross and Ireland are here we will forever be a bottom dweller that will only attract guys looking for a payday and nice weather not looking for a championship.


I Agree!!! Can we get off the Flynn bandwagon he's got less resume and wins than Matt Moore and he's not a upgrade if he was than dont you think Coach would have been all in on him from the start?? Unless Ross and Ireland have the Iron Fister inserted and wont budge!!! No Peyton,, Just draft WR, OL, DE, LB, Safety's wait til next season to trade up and gett'em.. I hope there smart, instead of getting the GBay Kevin Kobb!!

"That's how I see it. That is increasingly how fans that email me, call my radio show and follow me on twitter view it.

Because the media doesn't say to many nice things lately

No Manning No way! Why? Ireland and Ross have created an atmosphere here no one wants to come to why Manning? What? We got Bush he wanted to come? Nope We were the only team after him (second choice by the way).. Marshall = Traded, Long #1 pick........See the pattern here....

Boycott fins.. Fire Ireland..

Why on earth would Manning come to Miami?

We had one receiver, and we got rid of him.

To the various posters who constantly, for every single article or blog post, have to post, "Ireland and Ross suck and the team will suck as long as they're hear," or words to that affect:


Unless you a billion or so dollars to spare, YOU don't own the team. And until you do, YOU don't to fire anyone. Now, at the end of next season, when things are up in the air (if they are), okay. Post away. THAT'S WHEN IT MAKES SENSE. But what do you mouth-breathing idiots think is going to come from posting the same boring crap over and over and over and over. GIVE IT A FREAKING REST ALREADY.

You're lame and boring. If you can't talk about THE SUBJECT OF THE ARTICLE OR BLOG than stop wasting everyone's time with the same juvenile posts. They do no good this time of year, no one reads them, you're just making yourself look as utterly stupid as you probably are.


Armando, looks like in the other side of the table, where the old man is sitting-Mr. Ross-still believe in Santa Claus, this guy P.M. have 4 organization kidnaped specially the Cardinals who they have to paid 7 mil to Kolb tomorrow after 4 pm.
Payton Manning is not comming here Mr. Ross-wake up-follow the original Plan.

I would love to see manning come to Miami but as most of you know we just look like the last possible offer for him to accept, second with matt flynn i believe in him but at the same time who know's? And finally matt moore did prove himself, he got better every game and learned from his mistakes so i believe in him and phiblin. Even if the marshall trade seemed hard to believe. For good reasons tho!

The Dolphins would be foolish to sign Manning. Come October, damaged-goods Manning will be on his couch (just like you and me) watching football games. The difference being he will be injured - we will just be our usual couch potato selves. U hurd it here fust!!

If peyton goes to Tn., phins would be wise to see if Jake Locker becomes available. I think he has a ton more potential and ability than Matt Flynn.

I agree with you all. Pass on FLynn, and trade back in the first rd and take QB Brandon Weeden and have him compete with Matt Moore. Then double up on WR in the draft. I would love to sign right tackle Winstrom, but he might be out of our price range.

Miamiman we wont have to trade up next year because I think we will be at the top lol

Look folks, I don't agree with this going after Manning stuff, but if we are not at least being considered do you not think Manning would have said so? He does not need us for leverage, this is not Flynn your talking about. Manning will get what he wants and he has no reason for leading us around by the nose if we were not being considered. As far as all these remarks about us failing at everything, yes we tried to get two coaches that said no, that is it! Cower and Gruden were never coming out of retirement to coach anyone period so you can't say we failed on them. No matter what Ross tries to do the the media makes him look stupid. If he was not in this Manning thing they would be screaming at him for not being it in, if he stays in it to the end they will cut him down for staying after Manning. No win situation for him. He has to play this out until Manning makes his mind up.

I will have to disagree with some of u about Ireland. I think he is a great person when it comes to the draft, parcellls is gone and u will all see, give him another draft and you will see.

irelands garbage, no matter how u spin it.

Good news at least on the Soliai/Marshall signing (though I know little about Marshall).

Just accept it folks, our offense will be a laughingstock of the NFL (again) next year. Best that can happen is we keep the defense stout, stay in the Top 5 in the league, and hope next year we can get some weapons. Use this year to implement the WC system, then put the right pieces in place next year.

It's a tough pill to swallow, just giving up on a Season that's still 6 months away, but this is what the team has done. They felt it's more important to part with a distraction (Marshall) than win games.

Other teams by the way are about winning games. Getting better. I don't see another team in the NFL making their FIRST move in FA a housekeeping issue. Instead of thinking about ways to win, Ireland thinks about ways to control his "headaches." Sure, it's good for the morality of the team, too bad morality doesn't win Championships. Hopefully we can find an angel of a #1 ProBowl WR somewhere out there (a la Calvin/Andre Johnson). If not, I guess Hartline's the best Ireland can offer.

Good morning guys,

Peyton Manning has made it very obvious that Miami was never a serious contender. He wine an dined the other 3 teams but gave Miami the wham bam thank you ma'm version. He will not sign with Miami, no chance.

Flynn and Tannehill seem to be Miami's best options left. The position has to be upgraded. Flynn seems to have generated little interest on the market outside of Seattle but there aren't a ton of teams looking to upgrade at QB that are left. Indy and Washington will take Luck and RG3. Cleveland didn't bite but that's no big deal to me. Miami and Seattle both have shown interest and outside of that there is no one left besides maybe KC who is looking for a QB and Cassell played really well 2 seasons ago although he may be a Pennington tyoe in that he can only get you so far.

I don't like Miami's approach at all with this. Sitting and waiting on Peyton like the did Fisher makes these guys look desperate. Ireland is obviously out of his league as a GM much like Sparano was. Parcell's did his worst work in Miami putting these guys in place.

Miami should move on and schedule a visit with Flynn if that's what their backup plan is. It should be in motion already because Peyton wants no parts of this team. The team looks like they are in some sort of rebuilding mode, at least on offense. Hartline, Bess, Wallace and Moore make up the worst WR bunch in the league. Hartline is a depth guy and Bess is a slot. Moore and Wallace are fringe roster players.

I can not see why anyone is STILL complaining about Brandon Marshall being traded. He was maybe our best offensive weapon. But he was a cancer to the team with hi attitude and dropped just as many TD's as he caught. He did not want to be here, that was apparent. People need to get over this, he would have pulled the same crap he did in Denver in our camp this year if he was still on the roster. MOVE on,

I agree with an above post. Flynn is by far not a proven commodity at all. Not worth jumping in at 50 million. I think Matt Moore offers enough close to him to just go with Moore. Henne was better than both of them. Unfortunatly, this may be the first year I do not re-subscribe to my NFL package with Direct TV.

There is little chance at Manning, we do not have a ton of weapons for him anyway. If somehow we do get him, we need to throw a big number at Wallace, and we know that will not happen.

Looks like I need to just look at two years from now to see anything that resembels a possible playoff fotball team...

This sucks.

Just to put it out there, wouldn't it have been better for Ireland to see what Peyton was going to do BEFORE worrying about Marshall? Maybe devise a plan to fill that hole first? Instead of just rushing into it (as if there would be no market for a ProBowl WR after the "horrific" news that he stood up for his wife at a nightclub brawl). It's a passing league, EVERYONE needs WRs. Plus all the good ones got taken already, so Marshall would have commanded attention WHENEVER he was put on the trading block.

I would have taken care of my OTHER business if I was Ireland. Sure, if I didn't want Marshall anymore, keep that in the back of your mind, put the feelers out there (but tell teams that would have to wait), do your other work in FA, THEN take care of the Marshall deal.

It's the same theory as finding another job before you leave your current one (instead of quitting, THEN looking for work). Much better for you the first way!

DC, I guess that is the only avenue I can see where Marshall may have worked, If we had Manning... I think the writing was on the wall though.

watch Manning will sign with Titans, Flynn will go to Seattle, Cleveland will draft Tannehill at #4 and once the music stops the Dolphins will be left without a chair.

"MVP QB Peyton Manning WILL be a Miami Dolphin in 2012"

Why do people insist on bashing Ross and Ireland? You sound foolish.

Ross has spent as much $$ as he could, and is smart enough to trust the football people he has in place. That's a pretty good owner IMO.

And Ireland inherited a big steaming turd of a roster and has turned it into a pretty decent roster in a short amount of time... again, what's your problem?

Tannehill at 4? LOL. Lucky to be taken in the second round. He sucks.

Why is everyone always bashing Ireland? We can easily go 14 and 2 this season, then where will all you Ireland bashers go? Will you all disappear or change your names? I'll bet you will!

I would like to see at least once Ireland make a move that is a difference maker for the team. Get Marshall/trade him for less. Waste picks to trade up for an average rb. Only drafts one qb in 4 years on a qb needy team (Pat White doesn't count to me). Reggie Bush was productive but hardly a game changer & couldn't play a full season. Extra 3rd round picks are nice & recouping traded 2nd rounders is admirable but still waiting for that move that sets the team up for years to come. He seems to be the guy at the poker table who can't figure out which one is the "sucker". And you know what they say about that.


I'm with you on both the offense and defensive outlook.

The Dolphins did the right thing in resigning Soliai. He is on a 2 year deal which should keep him motivated because he will see 1 more contract before he turns 30. His best days should be ahead of him. Marshall on the other hand I agree I have seen him play but don't know a whole lot about the guy. Just the fact that Sean Smith has a capable starter on his heels is a good thing. The fact the Marshall also has experience at FS is a plus. Miami had to find a way to get more talent in the secondary and Marshall was a good signing at a reasonable price, the years on the contract were just right as well.

On offense yeah it's UGLY! A depth chart that features Hartline a depth WR at best, Bess a slot receiver and Fasano as solid but very average TE and Wallace and Moore both fringe roster players makes up the least explosive offense in the ENTIRE league. Add to that a new system and Miami is going to have to rely on the run or they will never have a chance.

Miami has officialy 1 explosive playmaker on the entire roster in Reggie Bush. Think about it this is a year where the good teams have developed their 2nd and 3rd year players and Miami has failed miserably. The Dolphins were supposed to be relying on Patrick Turner, Hartline and Gates and well Turner is gone, Hartline is a depth guy and Gates is nonexistent!

To add to all that Matt Moore is throwing the ball to them. Ok, this all for all you Matt Moore Kool-Aid drinkers! You all point out his 6-3 finish like he could be a diamond in the rough but do you actually see him capable of a guy that makes others around him better? Helllll no! He is a backup, get over it!

Miami residents be prepared for black outs and empty seats!

Peyton is worth hundreds of millions and can buy his own linguini & clam sauce and spring water (no wine)

We r not trying to get his pants off

Just play football for the Miami Dolphins, where he lives

"MVP QB Peyton Manning WILL be a Miami Dolphin in 2012"

If you don't have a great arm (strength/accuracy) by draft day, you don't have a great arm. Let's stop believing in garbage.

I still believe chasing Manning was a mistake... But, Miami is at least 1 of 4 teams the man seriously considered. Chris Mortenson has been by far the best in reporting on this issue... and not playing side or being bias.

Those saying Matt Flynn is no better the Matty Moore are just plain wrong. And unlike them, I am not using some sort of "Fuzzy Voo-Doo" that tells me he's not. Matty Flynn has played in, studied and been successful in Joe Philbin's Offensive system for the 4 years he has been a pro. Matty Moore has NEVER played under center in a system implying a version of the West Coast Offense.

Now you can try and play word games like "Philbin said he did not know what a WCO was"... But that is just semantics... fact is... Flynn will have a MUCH easier learning curve them Moore. Moore was fine last year... But I would not go dancing on about what he did considering his record in the 12 1/2 games he played was 6 & 6... (6 & 7 if you count the half game he played after Henne bit the dust in Game 4).... That is 50%... He did have one 3 game winning streak, but after that he was Win/Lose/Win/Lose/Win/Lose/Win/Lose....... Do you understand what winning one week and losing the next 6 weeks straight at the end of a season means? It mean inconsistent. It means lack of SOMETHING NEEDED....

I like Moore... and if Miami goes into a Competition with Flynn and Moore over the camp... and Moore wins... Killer for us all.... I doubt he will. But... It does look as If Moore will get his chance to compete... Because no one is forking the big bucks for a WCO QB a "System Guy" like Flynn... JUST what WE NEED....

hope your right david, no reason to waste money on flynn

Peyton signs and we all drink green beer together and celebrate on St. Patricks day

Now Drink Up, U Mick Bastards!

I am holding out hope that the Dolphins hear from Manning today so they can move on. Manning has to know teams are in a holding pattern with free agency. He is killing the team he chooses because they are behind the eight ball until he plays his hand. I am afraid this could play into tomorrow. Arizona doesn't need an anwser until 4 tomorrow. Denver and Tenn. have nothing to hold them up except losing potential top free agents. I don't think Miami is too high on Flynn. They wouldn't take a risk on losing him if Philbin felt he was the next best QB in the league. I think Philbin thinks that Flynn is an upgrade but not that more than Moore so the team takes a risk at getting Manning even if they loose Flynn.

Derek, you omit the fact that Flynn's only 2 games of exp comes on a completely different team, 100 percent different players, and was surrounded by one of the most high powered offenses in the league. He wouldn't be bringing any of that with him. Their is plenty of time for any QB to learn the system, these guys are not that dumb.

Without Peyton, miami would be completely irrelevant in the NFL world

We just gave away our best player for 1 3rd round pick this year and one next year

i hope manning keeps us held up into flynn goes someplace else. please do not waste our cap on flynn. keep building the defense

and its not gonna matter one bit whos our qb if they are throwing to fatso,bess,hartline. by far the worst wr-te combo in nfl

Peyton going home to Tennessee to finish his career as a state hero. It's obvious.

In other news, most people here are stupid.


I haven't seen any of your post before but well said! I agree with you on everything you said. Flynn is a clear upgrade over Moore for the Dolphins because of the exact reasons you gave. He know's Philbins offense and his learning curve will be just getting accustomed to his receivers or lack thereof. Flynn gives Miami a better chance to win under Philbin, period. It's good to see someone not being an optimistic, homer for a change. These same guys saying Moore could be the answer or deserves a shot to be the answer are the same guys saying "but Henne has the tools he just needs coaching". The ended up losing that battle as the Henne era was a failure.

Great Post!

From the very beginning I felt like if Miami wasn't Manning's first choice from the outset, it wouldn't happen. We might have the talent (at the time, we had Marshall), but we don't have the front office personalities or financial freedoms to overcome some of these other teams. It's no different than many of our coaching searches. We had a shot if the guy wanted to come here first and foremost, but it was going to take more ammunition than we have to pull off a come-from-behind victory.

To me, the whole story was that Manning got cut, flew to his condo 30 minutes from the team's facilities, and then went across the country. If you're looking at, say, a half dozen teams, and one of those teams is a half hour drive up the road, doesn't it make sense to go there first? Why wouldn't you? Perhaps if, of those six teams, that one was fifth or sixth on your list. And that's exactly what happened.

The thing that bothers me is that when a person, Manning, says that he would make a decision before the start of free agency and now is keeping all the teams interested in him in limbo.

i'm shocked the fins still think they are in the manning sweepstakes. he wouldnt come to davie but granted us a meeting in indy to be polite. take a hint! move on. ross/ireland = clueless

Jeff Row and Aloco...

Fromk the last blog....

You guys are probably right...I hadn't thought of analyzing his tweet like that..but after reading your post...I can see how I misinterperted it...

Gates and RB Thomas will have great years. Watch.

Oh, and Manning owes the Dolphins nothing. To build on Armando's dating metaphor: he's sending all the signals. Obviously none of us were in the meeting, so we don't know. But from what's been reported and the facts we do have, it's clear Manning's camp isn't that into the Dolphins.


The only issue I see with not getting Flynn or at least "somebody" is what would we do if Moore got hurt? Delvin?

I think we at least need somebody in there to push Moore if nothing else, and can be used if Moore gets hurt like Henne did last year.

just sign some old backup ohio. this team with the current offense isnt gonna be good anyways. its a rebuilding year. just draft well and get ready for another solid draft next year also.

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