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Is Manning really that into the Dolphins?

I've dated in my life. I know what it looks like when someone is really into me ... and I know what it looks like when someone really isn't that into me. (Insert jokes in comments section).

Anyway, free agency is a little like dating. You wine. You dine. You spend money. You chase. It is a date minus the flowers or candy. And so far, Peyton Manning has been on four dates in the last week since his release from the Indianapolis Colts.

He dated Denver. He dated Arizona. He dated Miami. And he dated Tennessee.

My issue?

He dated Denver in Denver over a two-day span. He dated Arizona in Arizona over a two-day span. He dated Tennessee in Nashville over a 9-hour span.

The Dolphins? They had to go to him. They got only five hours.

Does that sound like the Dolphins got equal treatment? Does it sound like Manning, who I reported yesterday is very interested in finding a strong relationship with his next team, got an ample opportunity to bond with anyone representing Miami?

Obviously, I am on the outside looking in. The Dolphins continue to believe they are in the game. They continue to wait on a final nod of approval or dismissive hand gesture to know how to proceed next. And for all we know, details of their visit with Manning included the free agent quarterback hugging every Miami rep and promising to sign as soon as he dispensed with one last visit.

But I doubt it. And it just seems from my point of view that even if the Dolphins are in this horse race, they are aboard a nag trailing the field. That's how I see it. That is increasingly how fans that email me, call my radio show and follow me on twitter view it.

How is it the Dolphins apparently haven't seen this?

Today, by the way, feels like a big day to me on the Manning front. My gut is we'll see some sort of indication from the Manning camp by tonight which teams are seriously, seriously in the running for the player. ESPN has reported every team that has interviewed Manning is in the running.

But eventually this is going to begin getting whittled. Arizona's deadline for paying quarterback Kevin Kolb a $7 million bonus. The Dolphins cannot continue to sit idle while next QB possibility Matt Flynn visits with Seattle. And one assumes the Titans, talking to several other free agents, also need indication which way this will turn.

So the end of the great courting of Peyton Manning seems on the horizon.

By the way, on another topic, Kendall Langford is scheduled to visit the Cincinnati Bengals today.

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Re Armando's initial post: Isn't it also just a wee bit odd that Manning met with Denver, Arizona and Tennessee's "top brass," and met instead with the Dolphins' rookie head coach and new-to-Miami offensive coordinator? There have been conflicting reports as to whether Jeff Ireland was even there, but we KNOW Stephen Ross wasn't. And this blog has said that was apparently Manning's choice.

Not only does he appear "not that into the Dolphins," but to me this looks like a flat-out diss.


All off-season the one common thing every blogger in here agreed on was that our one main focus this off season should finally be the offensive side of the ball.

I agree with your assessment, but isn't it kind of sad that once again we have been limited to talking about continuing to keep the defense strong and hope again that the offense will get some attention next year?

I don't think you can build a team through free agency, but one offensive guy may have been nice, one piece at least. Instead we lost another piece and jumped back another 3 years.


We are NOT in rebuild mode!
We have 90% of the pieces in place, do not believe the hype.
I'll use the military analogy...we have a group of men willing to lay their lives on the line for the cause..all they need is the spark to ignite the fire.

That spark comes in the form of a leader, usually the commander of the unit.

Philbin is the new Commander and needs to insert a capable leader into the huddle on offense. Peyton is a proven leader, but not the only one in the NFL. Leading alpha men is only achieved by inserting a leader who EARNS their respect, not by demanding it.

Insert the right leader into that offensive huddle and our team is 98% complete.


totally agree NHFINSFAN. I have no idea if Philbin and his staff will translate to being great. All we can do is wait and see.

BTW, it's not only a chess match at game time (what plays to call, adjustments at half time), but coaching every day, getting the best out of thugs like B. Marshall. Ghetto guys with the freak athleticism.

Phil Jackson in basketball. Belicheat in football.

It's all about the coaching.

I personally can't believe that Philbin can be doing this just months after his son died tragically!!!
Not trying to be mean at all, but I can't believe how that's been swept aside.

I have 2 children and if they died, I swear I would sit in a corner and rock back and forth catatonic. I would never leave my room again, until they kicked me out after not paying the mortgage. I'd end up on a friend's couch hopefully or something.

Not saying I love my kids any more than Philbin or anyone else. I just don't see how parents go on when their children precede them in death.

Watched Food, Inc. last night and features a mom whose 2 year old died from E Coli contamination in beef. Now she's a food safety advocate. Good for her. I don't see how one could go on.

I really pray for Philbin. Back to football, I fear he could be Cam.

And I exaggerate. Obviously players are not totally interchangeable, especially at QB, but it's great coaching that gets the best out of the other guys on the team and makes the right calls and game plans for each game.

I've been as critical of Ireland as anyone here but, signing R. Marshall was a good move. LONG OVERDUE!

Our secondary needs SERIOUS help! Marshall will help & has been a decent player. The kicker is, for once, we didn't over pay! He also has FS experience which might enable Jones to move over to SS, cut Bell & save nmore cap $$.

Maybe even draft one of the top corners in the first. In this division, if you wanna beat NE, you need 4 solid Corners! I'm all for fortifying the D this FA period & addressing WR, Qb & OL in the next 2 drafts!

Finally Jeff, a good move!

You want an example of a team in rebuild mode...look no further than the Colts.

I appreciate your enthusiasm NH, and I am with your thought process 100%

On one disagreement......the WR pieces are not in place at all right now.


I can answer only for myself why I want Flynn. I want Flynn because just like a rookie QB who was picked in round 1 or round 7 like Flynn the idea is to groom them into a starter. Some players take longer then others. Flynn has been groomed by Philbin for all 4 years. Philbin has seen every mini camp, OTA, film session, preseason game and game of his career. He has been there with him every step of the way. Why not continue building up Flynn. I understand it was only 2 games and that Flynn was throwing to GB's plethora of talent but the fact is he understood the system and what he had to do. Everyone brings up Ryan Grants 80 yard run after the catch and Jordy Nelson making saving an int turning it into a big play but watch the rest of the game. He moved the chains perfectly, he made perfect throws to allow receivers to catch and run with the ball as well. It was the NFL network game of the week and was replayed all week after that game and I watched it quite a few times and I was impressed by the feel he had in the pocket and the way he allowed receivers to catch and run with the ball.

In short bro he knows Philbin's system and to me would be a clear upgrade over Matt Moore. Put Moore in those 2 starts against the Patriots in 2010 and the Lions in 2011 and you don't see those numbers or results in that system.

OH - agree on the WR position and may back off on the 98% number a bit'-)

Doesn't matter if you disagree. Tebow took his team to the playoffs in his 1st year and even WON a playoff game against perrenial power Steelers, throwing for 316 yeards. That's emperical evidence.

Don't worry about Peyton. The first time he gets drilled into the turf the issue will be resolved.

Only JAX, SF and STL have a worst WR corps than ours. No way Manning comes to Miami. Period.

nh we are in rebuild mode, prob right thing to do even though it sucks

id easily take moss and the niners wrs, and jack wrs over ours

With the trade of Marshall, does this open the door on Wallace & Moore?

In the few chances I got to see the in action, I recall one of the (Moore?) had a beautiful catch running down the sideline where he had two steps on the defender for a TD!

Where does their talent fall on the talent scale for WR?

It looks good to go after Manning. Get Tannehill and Flynn to back up Matt Moore. No one has snatched up Flynn, RED FLAG!

tebow took a solid 11-5 team and made them 8-8, lucky for him they were in a horrible div and made playoffs. tebow sucks. theres a reason why elway wants nothing to do with him

The Dolphins acquired Marshall in April 2010, giving Denver two second-round picks and giving Marshall a five-year, $47.3 million contract extension.

He caught 167 passes for 2,228 yards and nine touchdowns in two years and made the Pro Bowl this season, but he also dropped 27 passes in two seasons, including at least seven potential touchdowns in 2011.

The trade gave the Dolphins an extra $5.8 million in salary cap space.

Room 4 Manning

or tired of the dropped passes and distractions ?

Pathetic owners since Joe Robbie. Results are just not there. Having been a DolphFan since 1966 when they practiced at my high school and I learned to kick form Yepremian, I have witnessed this horrble ride since 1984. It is ultimately the owners responsibility to bring in talent both on the coaching, mamagement and player level. This owner seems useless and hopeless. No free agents. Gave away one of our best players (and I do not care that he was psychologically handicapped)and almost lost some others. I am quite sceptical of Philbin as well. My hopes were high but now they have been dashed.


To go with your point, maybe Philbin can coach up our current receivers, or whatever "non-elite" receivers we end up getting. Many Many teams have had players on their roster step up out of nowhere (VICTOR CRUZ)

I know the bloggers on here with smack me in the face for that statement because Miami's acorns haven't worked out in a long time. But maybe with the new system our players can be better setup for success and a few can break out?

Call Naive, stupid, clueless, ignorant, foolish, blind........whatever everyone would want to call me, but I for one will NEVER give up on a season 5 months before it even starts. I just won't, it isn't in my DNA, I can't do it. I realize the chances of another bad season are looking probably at this time, but i refuse to just accept that we will be bad. You never know what might click and set off a positive change of events.

Ted Ginn Jr is still out there, we need a PR and KR. Any objections?

Manning has made every wr he played w better. I think it is much more important to have a good line and RB. That why I'm worried bout Tennessee they are going after Hutchinson and myers which will boost their line immensely. Bush is a better receiver than Johnson n bout as fast. I'm not sure which one has an edge


like you said thought Miami doesn't have Green Bays talent and he may be slightly better than Moore. and he could have had int's in the Lions game. time will tell if Philbin really likes him. i do think Tannehille has more upside.

Reading this blog it seems we're strpped with many more "ifs and maybes" instead of legit solid facts. So what's else new since the post Shula regime?

A lot of negative comments this morning.
Let's not forget that We are Miami Dolphins fans cause We want to be.It's not an obligation.You're not the only ones whom the Dolphins have let down.
Glad Solai stayed! I enjoy watching him play for Us.
Stop sniveling about the marshall trade.He had to go.And the price was right.
Mr.Ross and Ireland are doing what is best for Our franchise.Let's be supportive.
And once AGAIN, Matt Moore is a back-up.That means that he won't lead Us to anything but a bunchs of meaningless wins.
See season 2011 for references.

Manning will NEVER come here. Not while Ross and Ireland are here. Why? Because he would compete with them for control over the team. It's all about Ireland's EGO now. Anyone who challenges his decisions will be shown the door and anyone who could possibly challenge him in the future will not be signed. Besides why would Manning actually want to play in the second rate stadium Joe Robbie built. It's time to move the Dolphins to a better city, one with better fans, a better infrastructure and a better media market. It's time for the Dolphins to move to another city and leave all the wanna be football heroes from this dirt bag town behind for good.

2 things:

1 – Why wouldn’t Peyton drag it out…it creates more buzz and more money for him!
2-All you guys dogging Ross and Ireland about their decisions have no clue what the real facts of their decisions are, so you’re all just speculating. So…STFU!

Everytime we take one step forward and begin to have legit hope. Then we take the two steps backwards and its stripped away.

I cant be the only one seeing this. AM I?

What a bunch of negative Nancy's today! Must be the Chem Trails!


Tannehill seems like an NBA type of 1st round pick with the key word being "potential". I don't see it happening but the Browns might reach and select him if not Miami, KC and Seattle are all next up to bat.

Ohio, don't get me wrong, this SUCKS! I'm the QB guy remember? I'm Marshall's #1 fan on this blog, never admitted anything else. I'm ALL about offense.

I agree, it's completely depressing what they did. When you think about our history, how HORRIBLE our offense has been. So bad we all wish we could go back to the Fiedler days (at least we still made the Playoffs then). This did NOTHING to excite fans to buy tickets to home games. This did NOTHING to improve the team (on the field). Like you said, it's a HUGE step back.

That's why I have to focus on defense. Not trying to just add to the climate of despair on the site. Trying to say SOMETHING positive (it's hard to fake it). I do want to believe in Philbin, Sherman, WC offense. I do want to HOPE for a QB in the Draft, maybe Blackmon or another WR. I want to wish for the best, but I keep thinking about where we've been, and I don't know if I can trick my mind into forgetting all that.

So defense it is (for me). That way I can hopefully be somewhat cheerful when talking to you guys. If not, I might get so negative some posters might think about ending it all.

Jack Gunn,

Its called being "REALIST". It seems you never heard of that. Try Googling www.getreal.com! LOL

Manning isnt coming to this trainwreck.

where is the news of Winston sighning? ...doesn't he fill a HUGE need and free the Dopefins up to draft 'other' positions of need? instead... they choose to allow him to just waltz on out of town?

-sighning +signing

Irescum will squander the Brandon Marshall picks on another Pat White or 3rd string RB.

you're a complete fool,this blows chunks!
We are the MIAMI Dolphins.The team doesn't need to go some other place to succeed.Root for someone else imbecile.It is blasphemous to comment about a relocation,you hilly-billly!

Here's how the 2012 season will go:

We'll play every team close for 3qtrs. Then our lack of ability to score points and our defrense eventually wearing down(becuase of our inability to score points).

We'll be extremely fortunate to go 8-8. Even thats "pie in the sky".

Jack Gunn,

When you have 3 losing seasons in a row and havent won a SB in 40+ years.....there aint much to be positive about. LOL

Let Cleveland draft Tannehill at 4, I mean really, if he goes top 10 that's a wasted desperation pick. I'd rather be standing than getting a seat in that scenario. You may not like the management decisions but don't suggest dumb s#$%

We'll be drafting bottom top 10 in the first rd again in 2013. Bank on it!

no dc. not neg. at all.

Sparano has to be laughing.

Sign Ginn Jr! Our PR and KR game will be better

I can't believe We,some Miami Dolphins fans at this blog,are whinnie b itches.Armando's news are second-hand and never informative.Just opinionated.Could someone place tell me of another blog where I can read about Our Dolphins without the complaining and sniveling.

If we finish 8-8 in 2012, Ireland/Ross will be telling us what a smashing success our ist season under Philbin was. Then be telling us we're only 1-2 players from being a championship calibre football team.

Then 1 yr later(2013) the team regresses and we again slip to 6-10. Philbin will be on the hot seat and Ireland again will be giving Ireland a vote of confidence. God forbids Ross blames anything on his "Pinnochio" Ireland.

How happy is Mike Nolan to be off this laughingstock team?

If we don't get Flynn or Tannehill, we would have been better off staying with Henne and Moore competing until next years draft then drafting a QB.

our problem is giving ireland two 3rd round picks. will he know how and where to use them?? another daniel thomas or clyde gates??? wasted picks every year looking for acorns.

The plan for 2012,

It's clear to me now that the plan was to get Peyton Manning or go into rebuild mode. The band aid and 1 player away approach has failed with Marshall, Dansby huge contracts and the Grove and Smiley deals which were big for interior linemen as well.

Miami held or should I say went to their Manning interview and after it was done came away with the conclusion he is not interested. So they trade Marshall, sign players a reasonable deals Marshall and even Soliai considering the 2 year length of the deal.

I still think you can get Flynn and be in rebuild mode because he can help get everyone up to speed with this offensive system but at the right price. You can't over pay the guy and expect to rebuild. They can build the right way for a change and that's through the draft. Forget all these high priced FA that never work. Not saying Ireland has been particularly stellar in the draft but in his 1st and only solo draft at least he hit with Pouncey and has some guys who showed promise at the very least in Daniel Thomas and Clay. You can't hit on every pick.

Miami is officially in rebuild mode with or without Flynn and if not Flynn I guess we have to wait and see if it's Tannehill or just ride it out and hope for Barkley, Jones or Tyler Wilson depending on their position next year.

Manning should have called miami right after their meeting and told them officially "NO"....classless move by him keeping this niave bunch in the front office hopeful.....I just hope he has enough sense to eliminate this team today rather than friday....

ozkar, just wondering, what's there to be happy about? This is a passing league. The top FOUR teams last year put up an ungodly amount of points. Two of them had the worst defenses in the league (to show you how important defense it). One of them is IN OUR DIVISION. It's pretty much a FACT that you can't beat NE without scoring over 25 points.

Does Moore, Hartline, Bess, Fasano and Bush sound like a scoring machine offense to you? If so then you're the only one in the country if not the World.

So, again, gimme something to cheer about. What's positive about our situation (right now at this moment)? Sure, it might change. but we've been stuck on stupid for 3 years (7-9, 7-9, 6-10). Why should I feel this year will be any different? Because we have a 1st time HC with no weapons? At least last time they had Pennington as QB to hide some of those deficiencies. But then they STILL needed a gimmick to win (Wildcat). So what can I hope for this year? Other than Brady getting hurt for the Season game 1.

Outside of Manning coming here, our absolute best option at qb is "hands down" Matt Moore. I dont see a qb we can draft who's upside is higher than Moore's.

Moore is our best option going forward outside of having at least one of the top 3 draft spots next season. Then its Barkley or the kid from Oklahoma.

Why didnt Ireland draft Locker, or Mallet, or Dalton, last year? BECAUSE HE'S AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!



You said earlier something to the effect that 'Flynn is a clear upgrade over Moore'. I don't think it's clear at all and I don't think the brass feels that way either, otherwise Flynn would have been signed right now. Forget the Manning stuff for a second...if these guys felt Flynn was a clear upgrade a contract would have been done by now. Think about it for a second. There's little market there for Flynn as it is. So I don't think we're going to be looking at a big contract (you've agreed with this point too). So if Philbin, who knows him better than anybody, hasn't signed off on this guy, hasn't sold the FO on Flynn, why do you think that is. My thinking? They feel that Moore can do the job and they would be just as well off drafting Weeden or Tannehill to back more up. You don't take the risk that Flynn signs a contract in Seattle if you're completely sold on the guy....they're not.


Why blow money on Flynn just to be rebuild mode? We can keep Moore and draft a qb 2nd or 3rd rd for that. Put your thinking cap on dude, seriously!


I don't think Miami is being naive. I think they know they have no shot. I think they knew right after the meeting they had no shot and that's why the jettisoned B. Marshall and have made no effort at chasing high priced guys like Vincent Jackson or even that big contract Laurent Robinson got.

Miami is in rebuild mode guys. It's clear. At least we won't hold our breath on big name FA's anymore and high priced contracts. It is what it is and Miami is taking a different approach then we anticipated.

The Peyton Manning decision should make it all that much clearer once that is out of the way.

By the way, I'm one of the guys who has never heard of Richard Marshall. I don't watch a lot of Cardinal games obviously. Seems like kind of a big contract but I'd be curious from the guys who watch a lot of Cardinal games what they think of this guy. Does he beat Smith out for a starting jo or play FS or will he be the nickel back?

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