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Is Manning really that into the Dolphins?

I've dated in my life. I know what it looks like when someone is really into me ... and I know what it looks like when someone really isn't that into me. (Insert jokes in comments section).

Anyway, free agency is a little like dating. You wine. You dine. You spend money. You chase. It is a date minus the flowers or candy. And so far, Peyton Manning has been on four dates in the last week since his release from the Indianapolis Colts.

He dated Denver. He dated Arizona. He dated Miami. And he dated Tennessee.

My issue?

He dated Denver in Denver over a two-day span. He dated Arizona in Arizona over a two-day span. He dated Tennessee in Nashville over a 9-hour span.

The Dolphins? They had to go to him. They got only five hours.

Does that sound like the Dolphins got equal treatment? Does it sound like Manning, who I reported yesterday is very interested in finding a strong relationship with his next team, got an ample opportunity to bond with anyone representing Miami?

Obviously, I am on the outside looking in. The Dolphins continue to believe they are in the game. They continue to wait on a final nod of approval or dismissive hand gesture to know how to proceed next. And for all we know, details of their visit with Manning included the free agent quarterback hugging every Miami rep and promising to sign as soon as he dispensed with one last visit.

But I doubt it. And it just seems from my point of view that even if the Dolphins are in this horse race, they are aboard a nag trailing the field. That's how I see it. That is increasingly how fans that email me, call my radio show and follow me on twitter view it.

How is it the Dolphins apparently haven't seen this?

Today, by the way, feels like a big day to me on the Manning front. My gut is we'll see some sort of indication from the Manning camp by tonight which teams are seriously, seriously in the running for the player. ESPN has reported every team that has interviewed Manning is in the running.

But eventually this is going to begin getting whittled. Arizona's deadline for paying quarterback Kevin Kolb a $7 million bonus. The Dolphins cannot continue to sit idle while next QB possibility Matt Flynn visits with Seattle. And one assumes the Titans, talking to several other free agents, also need indication which way this will turn.

So the end of the great courting of Peyton Manning seems on the horizon.

By the way, on another topic, Kendall Langford is scheduled to visit the Cincinnati Bengals today.

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Apparently, Arizona is pissed off at all this waiting. Agree. A decision should come soon.


Are you nuts? Why waste money on Flynn if we're in rebuild mode. We can keep Moore for that. Also if you think Flynn's a clear upgrade to Moore youre blind as a bat.

Even Seattle brought Chad Henne to talk to first as a fa qb. Dude, the crap youre smoking is poison. Please put it down! LOL

Who, has ever gotten i-n-t-o you, Armando?

Is Manning really that into the Dolphins?


One can only hope your right andy, but with all due respect...my confidence in ireland and ross's ability to build this organization the right way is not very appealing right now, and unfortunately unlike the colts and the skins, we dont have a clear franchise QB to build around, and thats usually the first key in the rebuild process.....

We are not exactly into Peyton that much either, you know. Always are alternatives.


I think you need to wait until FA and th draft is over to judge Ireland and call our offence 'the laughing stock of the league'. I'll agree it doen't look good but I don't believe he's finished. For example, how would it look with Blackmon playing WR? I'd take him over Marshall right now...hands down. I'd take Floyd over Marshall right now too, not because I think he's a better player right now (because he isn't) but because he's younger, cheaper and has a lot of potential. So it's fine to jump on board the 'bash Jeff' train right now but we're not done yet. WR is a BIG need on this team right now. There are solutions in the draft, at a fraction of the price of what we were paying an older Marshall.

I'd be trying to trade up with Cleveland. Not sure what it would take to get the 4th pick. Some of you guys are better on the draft chart than me. I think Cleveland is going to stick with McCoy. They might go Blackmon, they might go Richardson, they might go Floyd. I think they would listen. Failing that I would try and drop down and pick Floyd. Failing that I like the kid Hill, late first, early second. There are options. I would also look to add a vet in FA, depending on the price.

I think you need to judge after all is said and done, not 48 hours into FA.

Are you nuts? Why waste money on Flynn if we're in rebuild mode.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 15, 2012 at 10:54 AM

Because thats what the Dolphin dysfunctional bafoons do. LMAO


Seriously dude, $2 million a year guaranteed money too much for a decent backup corner? If Marshall makes another penny over that he will have earned it.

We pay a guy less than that and we'll get exactly what we paid for. Absolute crap.

Very happy that Big Paul was kept. That was a hell of a battle and Ireland pulled it off. Great work.

Craig, you're right. The picture isn't complete right now. Things could pickup. That was just a prediction as things look now, but nothing is set in stone.

I'm trying Craig. The anger spills over some, but I'm trying to keep it in check, lol.

6 mill guranteed not 2


Ross would give up his right arm to get Peyton and sell tickets. He's already lost 200 mill.


It's not a $2 million a year contract. It's $15 mill over 3 years. YOu do realize if he plays we have to pay that, right? Why sign a guy if you're planning to chop him. Right now it's $15 mil against the cap over three years. Is that a good deal? I don't know. I don;t know the guy.


Gerbil Wilson wasnt worth $2million a year guaranteed and I think we gave him about $5 million a year guaranteed. Or close to it.

Can Soliai play QB?

when ireland trades your top reciever and makes a statement about clyde gates being the new sheriff in town for miamis #1 reciever.....not very encouraging to hear...could gates turn out to be good?, maybe, but how many players has ireland turned out to be that promising??? thats indeed a strecthy statement...or just another ACORN he hopes to sell to a fading franchise...just sayin!!!

it sure sounds like hes better than smith

Yesterday's Gone---Do you actually start posting again here as soon as you wake up? I can't imagine having so much free time.

Craig M,

We do know Philbin had a conversation with Flynn already we can only speculate about what. Do you think there is a possibility he said "We want to go into rebuild mode so go to Seattle see what they offer and let me know and if we can match that offer if not then go to Seattle".

Flynn and his agent have to be realistic he isn't going to make mega bucks the MARKET is not there for him because all the teams that need a QB Indy, Washington are drafting them with Luck and RG3. The other suitors Miami and Seattle have either talked to him or planned visits the only team who needed a QB and didn't bite was Cleveland. Flynn is unproven sure but what don't you see in that Philbin has groomed Flynn every step up the way. Flynn may need more grooming but he will not warrant a huge contract therefore you can still be in rebuilding mode with him and build around him.

The bottom line is Philbin has groomed Flynn and when called on Flynn has shown he has taken to Philbin's teaching. Flynn may have a lot more potential to go and he is only 26. Moore on the other hand is on his 3rd or 4th team and has never played in a WC system at all. Flynn has shown he is capable and even with Miami's lack of weapons you can build around him in this offense to get highly skilled players because WE can agree he can perform at that level with talent around him. Moore on the other hand hasn't shown he is capable of playing a WC system or any system for that matter. That's why I say CLEAR upgrade.

superPHIN, did he REALLY say that? That Gates was going to be #1?

Wooosaaa, Wooosaaa, keep it under control DC.....

I remember Joe Thomas used to pull the most ridiculous trades. Getting Warfield from Cleveland and Buoniconti from the Patriots at practically nothing. I don't know if he hypnotized People or what, but those guys are specialists in what they do.

Out of all the teams Manning visited, only the Dolphins make sense..... just look at the rosters of the other teams... are you kidding me???.... just get a right tackle ASAP!!!

no way he said that, gates doesnt even know how to play football


You guys really have trouble with math. $6 million guaranteed over 3yrs is $2 million a year. So lets do this s-l-o-w-l-y...................

$2 million year one + $2 million year two + $2 million year 3

= $6milliom guaranteed over "THREE YEARS"

Geesh, what is wrong with you guys! LOL

Very happy that Mike Nolan went to a real team.

DC, there you go again. Being hysterical like a woman.

How come We aren't commenting on chad henne becoming a jag?
Notice how I didn't put chump or ineffectual adjectives in there?
I was so excited when I read the bottomline on the tv about his departure.Henne was a hard working Dolphin.I get that.Had me hoping for so much after Pennington got hurt the first time.Too bad We gave him too much time to prove to his lovers that his was Fools Gold.Chad should have been gone last year.

Can Soliai play QB?

Posted by: MJ | March 15, 2012 at 11:02 AM

I say give him a chance to compete...miami could save a load of cap room by just designating players at variable positions...hey, MLB does it...WHY NOT US!!!


I'm with you bud. Hang in there. When Marshall screws up in Chitown (and he will), be thankful it's not our problem to clean up.

One other thing I'll add. Contrary to what people might think, there isn't a huge market for Marshall. Think about when he was available a couple of years ago, there were a select few teams that would even touch this guy. Why would that change now?...because he has a relatively quiet couple of years in Miami? Not a chance. The time to trade him was the start of FA, when teams were still looking for a WR. What if Chicago has signed Vincent Jackson in FA? There's no guarantee that the Bucs would want Marshall. Ireland actually did good to get the return he got for Marshall. This idea that he's a three time Pro-bowler and a valuable guy is not how a lot of teams perceive him. He's a headache the same way that guys like Moss and Owens were seen as headaches and some teams wouldn't touch those guys. This isn't fantasy football. Let's see what his return is in a couple of years when the Bears tire of him.

Gates is a bust. 2 catches? LOL


Bafoon really? What thought out post have you provided. It's a blog for opinions. I have mine why you have yours. Grow up with the insults, seriously. If you want to have a serious discussion then let's go but in the mean time I have nothing else to say. I have never seen a single post of yours which says your a troll. Secondly what's your grand solution?


You come on here with zero solutions other then draft a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Really? Wow that was well thought out. Ok so lets draft a guy in round 2 and if not then round 3 is your solution. Please provide some insight or facts before speaking, thanks.

We already have a Matt Flynn on the roster. His name is Pat Devlin! Let Moore go in as starter, move up to draft Justin Blackmon or move down to draft Tannehill and move on from Peyton Pipe dreams. It's a total philosophy change so why slow progress by putting a bandaid on the may not work in the first place. Putting was let go for a reason. I don't believe Ross wants star power, He wants the team to have superstar appeal and that comes with generating excitement on the field - whoever takes the field.


Uhhhhhhh.... Joe Thomas didnt get Warfield for nothing. Cleveland traded Warfield to us for a #1 pick. But Im sure in your world that's nothing. LOL

Warfield was acquired for a first-round pick (in the top 5 as well).

Worth it, definitely, but hardly a 'cheap' cost. Not sure what you're thinking there, Oscar.

yesterday what is your poitn, we could cut him right now and there goes 6 mill

The past several years, our team was coached by T. Sparano, who was dull. 97% of what determines whether a team is good is the head coach and his staff.

Now we have a new coach. We do not know, therefore, whether guys such as Gates can be great.

By the way, the same is true of the Jaguars' starting QB, Chad Henne. Poor Chad never got a chance to play for a coach other than loser Sparano, yet you purport to judge the 27-year-old as a bust.

It is very possible that C. Henne will have a very long career and will win a playoff game or two before the Dolphins do.

Then again, Jax is also a terrible organization so poor Henne might be getting screwed again.

And if Philbin is good, we might win playoff games very soon.

im not mad about the marshall trade, but lose the bias on him in chicago man. thats a great move to pair him with cutler. bears havent had a legit wr since willie gault. good move by us, great move by the bears.

im so tired of all this brandon marshall was such a distraction crap. who cares? we knew when we went after him there was these issues, but now all the sudden its just way to much. well its not that, it was a s stupid a move as you can possibly make. the stabbing incident was not him being a problem but his crazy wife. and did we not pick up bush to open up some space and take the heat off marshall?? sure there are the drops, but i think i would rather put up with a few drops then never even seeing one of our wideouts never get open! why did it have to be so quick? there had to be at least five or six teams who would have gave more for him or at least gave us time to fill his spot before giving him away, and for what? manning who is not ever coming here! idiots!!! and now bush 's game will be non exsistant. wonderfull move fella's! fantastic! just spectacular!! they better have a move for blackmon or we are back to five field goal victories/losses!! what a joke, so tired of watching my season crumble before it starts, AGAIN!!!


I watch you insult everyone else's opinions an yet your say nothing to provide a solution. It's official you are worthless and have ZERO acumen when it comes to football and pretty sure for anything else in life.

My advice to you Monster.com or Careerbuilder. Check them out.

After P. Manning, the number 1 free agent QB was Henne, as I told you many moons ago.

Greg Z, D. Thomas is a beast. You'll see.

AndyNJ, you want to know what my solution is. Either hire a real HC and GM or transfer to the Arena League. They have to stop charging NFL prices for a terrible on the field product.

200 million? That's chump change.


I wish I was making that up to be funny, but he reiterated that at the NFL combine when evaluating the talent at recievers, he compared gates to floyd in terms of talent...and qouted exactly " Gates will be great in this league, and my only regret is that he didnt get enough opportunities last year to play in the offense. This guy is a burner and has the talent to become a go-to guy in this league". Yea, pretty scary huh?? and that was when they
allegedly were already shopping marshall....


I agree. Cutler and Marshall will be great together. Knox, Hester and Earl Bennett now all fall in line as 2nd, 3rd and so on when it comes to the depth chart. I have no hard feelings on Marshall at all. He will thrive with Cutler and Forte and speedy receivers like Knox and Hester who can blow the top off defenses.

Best of luck Marshall.

lord, hilarious. henne is horrible

Maybe others have made this point but I haven't seen it... isn't it possible by spending time in the area he feels like he knew the (lately sad) situation in Miami the most, out of the teams he is considering? When he's down there maybe he actually reads the paper and listens to the radio, and maybe he know the facilities well too? Just sayin...


Wakeup! That nonesense you posted isnt a solution. It only adds to the existing problems. You are the only person outside of Flynn himself that's declared Flynn a sure upgrade to Moore.

The Seattle Seahaqwks invited Chad Henne 1st before inviting Matt Flynn. Its all over espn Flynn's not going to get the big contract many thought he would get before free agency. Flynn's value is dropping, not rising.

Dude, get your head out of your bunghole! LOL


Ok now a realistic solution?

A HOF'er for a #1 pick? Anytime, bro.


We disagree, and I think it's clear that a number of teams disagree with you too. I think if Flynn was all that and more the Browns would have gotten involved. I think if the Dolphins were 'completely' sold on this guy an offer would have been made on Flynn right away. They wouldn't wait for Seattle or Cleveland or anybody else to get involved. We both agree they are not getting Manning and the team knows that too, despite what they are saying publicly. We both agree the conttract for Flyyn isn't going to be huge. There's no benefit to the Dolphins in letting Flynn go to Seattle, only downside. If Philbin was TRULY convinced that Flyyn's the answer he would have convinced these guys by now. He hasn't.

Respectfully, I think you're hung up on this guy 'hoping' he's the answer and I get that...I truly do. We ALL want someone to step up. But I think you're getting caught up in Philbin 'grooming' Flynn and this idea that he's played in the system. That's great but the personnel in Miami is not the personnel in GB. New players, new city, the pressure of starting every week, new opponents to plan against and new coaches to work with. I could argue that Moore has more of an advantage than Flynn, in that he knows the players, the city and the opponents better than Flynn ad therefore has a leg up. He's also started more games.

yg no he shouldnt get the big contract, but guess what u forgot. ireland is our gm, even though nobody else wants flynn ireland will think different and pay flynn alot

Andy, hire a real HC and GM,

Dusty, I promise you that on many Mondays this season you will watch highlights on Sportscenter showing Henne completing 60 yard TD passes leading the Jags to victory. In these games, Henne's stats will be as follows:

28/35; 340 yards; 3 TDs; 0 INTs

He was having a breakout year this year until the O line got him knocked out.

scotty nobody wanted to take the job so we took a chance on philbin. ill agree with u on ireland, he has zero respect around the league and is looked at as a joke

So some of you guys think that through your computer screens you know WR talent better than Philbin?


Gates is fast. You have no idea if he can be great in a good system. Philbin probably knows more than you do, to say the least.

We already have a much cheaper version of Matt Flynn currently signed on our roster. His name is Matt Moore.

If we're thinking of bringing in Flynn we may as well give that money to Matt Moore right now. Because we would be bringing in another Matt Moore if we're lucky. So why pay more for a more expensive version of Matt Moore.

Geesh some guys here are dense. LOL


I am the first to say Flynn is NOT going to get a huge deal. It's obvious he has limited suitors. Who would you like to pursue other then the obvious teams Miami, Cleveland and Seattle? 2 of the 3 have had conversations (Miami) and interviews (Seattle) set up.

The Flynn interview for Friday has been in place since yesterday and btw FA started Tuesday. So 1 day later he has his first interview set up. You get no argument from he is unrpoven. He doesn't deserve a huge pay day. He is rookie like in the sense you really don't know what he is capable of over a full season but when he has been given the opportunity he shined in GB.

So my idea of being able to rebuild with him is no different then having an unproven rookie. Except he has been around for 4 years, knows the system and at the RIGHT PRICE is as clear as an UPGRADE over the very average Matt Moore as a any rookie Miami can bring in would be.


I can not see any reason for Manning to come to Miami. Having a condo is not a valid football reason. The team is average at best and without a #1 WR probably below average.

The Dolphins are becoming the Raiders of the past. Rediculous moves/wants by the owner that make no sense. However, at least Al Davis did it with the intent to win games. Heck, even Snyder of the Redskins and Jones of the Cowboys, the 2 most recent meddling owners did things as a way to try and win games and get to the Superbowl. Ross is only interested in selling tickets and having the team in the spotlight. Missing the fact that if we had a good team on the field we'd be in that spotliight and tickets would sell like crazy.

As great a player as Manning has been there is no guarentee he'd be anywhere near that good at 36 with the types of injuries he had. And it certainly would not be for the long term. Trying to sell tickets and take fans money for the short term while not giving them a long term investment in players who can win for years down the road is a bit selfish. It would be much more intelligent to build with solid young players so we can win going forward. We are not 1 player away. If we were Manning would be worth the risk.

I agreee with the person above who said as long as Ross/Ireland are running things we are in trouble. I will even give Ireland a little slack as he is just doing what he is told. Ross is running this show and not very well.

Ross, how much longer are you going to let the Dolphins be the laughing stock of the league by your actions?

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