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Is Manning really that into the Dolphins?

I've dated in my life. I know what it looks like when someone is really into me ... and I know what it looks like when someone really isn't that into me. (Insert jokes in comments section).

Anyway, free agency is a little like dating. You wine. You dine. You spend money. You chase. It is a date minus the flowers or candy. And so far, Peyton Manning has been on four dates in the last week since his release from the Indianapolis Colts.

He dated Denver. He dated Arizona. He dated Miami. And he dated Tennessee.

My issue?

He dated Denver in Denver over a two-day span. He dated Arizona in Arizona over a two-day span. He dated Tennessee in Nashville over a 9-hour span.

The Dolphins? They had to go to him. They got only five hours.

Does that sound like the Dolphins got equal treatment? Does it sound like Manning, who I reported yesterday is very interested in finding a strong relationship with his next team, got an ample opportunity to bond with anyone representing Miami?

Obviously, I am on the outside looking in. The Dolphins continue to believe they are in the game. They continue to wait on a final nod of approval or dismissive hand gesture to know how to proceed next. And for all we know, details of their visit with Manning included the free agent quarterback hugging every Miami rep and promising to sign as soon as he dispensed with one last visit.

But I doubt it. And it just seems from my point of view that even if the Dolphins are in this horse race, they are aboard a nag trailing the field. That's how I see it. That is increasingly how fans that email me, call my radio show and follow me on twitter view it.

How is it the Dolphins apparently haven't seen this?

Today, by the way, feels like a big day to me on the Manning front. My gut is we'll see some sort of indication from the Manning camp by tonight which teams are seriously, seriously in the running for the player. ESPN has reported every team that has interviewed Manning is in the running.

But eventually this is going to begin getting whittled. Arizona's deadline for paying quarterback Kevin Kolb a $7 million bonus. The Dolphins cannot continue to sit idle while next QB possibility Matt Flynn visits with Seattle. And one assumes the Titans, talking to several other free agents, also need indication which way this will turn.

So the end of the great courting of Peyton Manning seems on the horizon.

By the way, on another topic, Kendall Langford is scheduled to visit the Cincinnati Bengals today.

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I agree. Trading a #1 pick for a hof'er is a great deal!

If miami is looking at reciever for their first pick, why not trade it to pittsburgh for wallace and possibly add manningham for the #2 reciever position...just a thought, would make marshall more expendable then if that was the case....

sur elord, u cant be that dumb. i smell your sarcasm. henne is the worst qb in nfl outside of tebow

dont blame ross, he has tried with every big name coach, manning. blame ireland, he cant close anything

Andy, any QB who throws significantly more TDs than INTs is above average. Average QBs throw more INTs than TDs.

Craig M,

You're missing my point completely!

I am not saying Flynn is all world. He doesn't have the track record or the reps to prove he is. However, what rookie within in Miami's reach has proven they can do what he is capable of with talent like GB had? None!

He has at least shown in the right "system", Philbins system he can be very successful. No need to over pay for aa guy who ultimately could fail with Ireland's lack of an eye for skill position talent but you can BUILD and REBUILD with him.

Think about it for second you bring in Tannehill with no weapons and he will need time not only to get up to speed with the NFL as a whole but also we have no idea if he would succeed with Jerry Rice and Randy Moss in his prime but we do know give Matt Flynn multiple talent skill players and he has proven he can be successful is all I am saying

So Lordmaster did you ordered your henne jag jersey for overnight delivery? Your so antsy to wear it.Chad 3tds 0 ints.Now I'm laughing my ass really loud.Your so hysterical!

moore has no deep ball, make wallace worthless

I must tell you, every year I get excited by free-agency and the draft. "This year is going to be different!" I always think. Pretty much every year though, I see the Dolphins make questionable or non-exciting free-agent moves and players drafted.

Every year I hear the same thing.
(1) "Give the Dolphins a chance, free agency isn't over yet and we haven't had the draft!"
(2) "The NFL Season hasn't even started yet!"
(3) "You have to wait 2-3 years to judge this draft"
(4) "The Miami Dolphins know more then you! There must be a reason they are doing what they are doing!"

All of the above, is true. However, it doesn't stop the disappointment and second-guessing.

Last time I was excited was when we traded for Brandon Marshall. The cost was high, but we FINALLY got a #1 receiver. And despite BM being somewhat of a disappointment, he still was our #1.

When we traded him away, I thought, Miami must have something big up their sleeves. A few days later and nothing. Just another huge hole to fill which will have to be done in the draft cause most of the great WRs in free agency are gone.

Now on to Manning. Not that I want Manning, but everyone is stating the Dolphins have no shot. That is everyone but the Miami Dolphins. It looks like Miami is being "used" again. Maybe they don't care. But there is a small glimmer of hope because the Dolphins themselves think they have a shot. Well, I am getting ready to once again be disappointed. Not that I wanted Manning, but it does suck if he doesn't want us.

The Dolphins this year state they are in "WIN NOW!" mode. That's what Ireland tells all of the season ticket holders. Another lie? Let's see, no starting QB or starting WR and we are in WIN NOW mode?


Everyone seems to know what is going on EXCEPT the Miami Dolphins.

Yeah, I am a dumb fan. Craig M and others will probably blast me and call me not a real fan. That's okay.

I'm just tired of getting my hopes up only for this team to let me down again and again and again.

I can't be the only one out there.


I cant really call what Matt Flynn has done "shining". When he does after league Dc's have "GAME PLANNED" against him. Then I'll call it shining.

Flynn put up greeat numbers in totally meaningless games when he wasnt even game planned for by nfls dc's. Whoopie-doo, what to do! I am so unimpressed and you should be too.

Just responding to the issue of the time he spent with each team... not saying that it affects the chances of where he goes.

henne has never thrown more tds than ints in a season. guy is worthless, dumb as a rock

I mean, Big Paul is not exactly gimpy. There were 4 Teams after him. The max salary for a DT this year I believe is the neighborhood of 7,800,000 and Ireland got him for 6,000,000. Not bad.

@ 11:24,

Joe Namath who is a Hall of Famer and has more ints then TDs.

If Lordmaster(lol) had his way, our recievers would be gates, ginn, and marlon moore with henne as our franchise QB....throw in lex hilliard as our RB, and this team is super bowl ready....Im with you dude,......uh, actually im not!!

Matt Moore is a back-up.A B A C K - U P qb.
So is chad henne!

Ozkar, you uneducated monkey. It's "you're." It's a contraction for "you are." Basic 2nd grade stuff here.


Here's what I would do.

If Manning doesnt sign with us, declare Matt Moore the starter and try to get Hasselback as a backup. Let Seattle have Matt Flynn. They need him more.

After our previous experiences on drafting 2nd rd qb's I would shy away from that. Lets see what we get out of Matt Moore 1st(2012). If he comp-letely bombs. Most likely we're picking top 5 in 2013 anyway.

Then we spend our 1st pick on one of the top 2 qb's in next year's draft. This plan makes far more sense top me.

Last year Moore threw many more TDs than INTs and was the 10th rated QB in the league, posting a 6-3 record.

SuperPhin --- Rumor is Clyde Gates can't run routes well. That is why he doesn't see much play time. On the Phinsiders, they were talking that he still needed a few more years to develop and would mainly be a special teams player.


I'm not saying Clyde can't be a contributor, but to depend on him as your #1 is ridiculous.

We need to sign Eric Winston

I like how people try to tell fans that miami has a plan for the future and that this team is not full out rebuilding, yet even when people are asked about wtf miami is thinking, even the so called "experts" and some GM'S are truly dumbfounded by their plans on FA and the draft....Its not like its just typical fan bashing around miami only!!!

Don Shula, Jimmy Johmson, and Dave Wannstadt all had previous NFL HC experience BEFORE the Dolphins hired them. And they ALL had winning records with the Fins. Conversely, Nick Saban, Cam Cameron, and Tony Sparano were all novice NFL HC's. Guess what? They ALL had losing records with the Dolphins and are no longer NFL HC's. Anyone see a pattern here? So what do the Dolphins do? They hire another novice HC. Anything is possible but the most likely scenario is the Dolphins are doomed for the forseeable future.

As pathetic as chad's tenure with Us Dolphins wouldn't you say? By the way, you look MARVELOUS my lord in your henne jag jersey. So clean.Must be all the pine riding you will be doing,back-up!

Henne will start in Jasonville. Blaine Gabbert didnt show "lack of ability" last year. He showed he was "absolutely terrorfied" facing nfl defenses. He was a complete "deer in the headlights".

Because of this Gabbert may be a complete nfl qb bust! Henne should have no problems being Jax's starter this year.


Good post!

Last year Moore threw many more TDs than INTs and was the 10th rated QB in the league, posting a 6-3 record.

Posted by: Lordmaster | March 15, 2012 at 11:31 AM

Some here are willing to throw that all away for qb thats had only 2 nfl starts and has never been game planned against.

SuperPhin --- Rumor is Clyde Gates can't run routes well. That is why he doesn't see much play time. On the Phinsiders, they were talking that he still needed a few more years to develop and would mainly be a special teams player.
I'm not saying Clyde can't be a contributor, but to depend on him as your #1 is ridiculous.
Posted by: No Balls | March 15, 2012 at 11:31 AM


I would agree in RE to relying on Clyde as your #1...but I do think he can be used more effectively. Personally, I don't find it very "ouchy" that a 4th round pick would need a few years to develope....seems normal to me.

Why do Dolphin fans think every single pick in the draft is a bust if they don't become superstars in year 1 and go to the pro-bowl? It's just bizarre.

I'm sure the Phins will address the WR issue. Everyone is getting their panties in a wad here for nothing.

Henne will be even worst than he was in Miami, if Im not mistaken the O line is terrible and Jacksonville is a chit hole city

Hey Yesterday's Gone,I hear FEDEX knocking.Overnight delivery!

No balls,
I agree with you but this was just what Ireland was preaching to the media about...maybe it was a smoke and mirrors sell job to motivate gates, i really couldnt say, but it seems pretty damn ridiculous to make such blind statements without fully assessing his skills.


I think what some of us are having a problem with is your comment that 'Flynn is a clear upgrade over Moore'. I think a lot of us take exception to that comment. I think you are basing that based on two games against poor defences in New England and Detroit (who were beat up at the time). The Detroit game meant NOTHING to GB at the time. They had homefield wrapped up throughtout the playoffs. So your using these TWO games to say Flynn is better than Moore. Some of us don't agree with that. To a very large extent it's the players you play with. There's no Finley, Jennings etc on this Miami team today...I don't see Flynn being able to do a lot of the things he did in Miami, even with Philbin here.

I think even you have to be surprised with how this has played out for Flynn. We're 48 hours into FA and no offer yet. We were first told that GB would franchise him and pay him $14 mil a year and then trade him for a pick. Didn't happen. Then we were told there would be fierce competition for his services between Miami, Seattle and Cleveland. Hasn't happened that way. Jacksonville, who needed help at QB chose to sign Henne over Flynn. Why? Maybe, Andy, he's just not as good as he's been made out to be by some.

With that being said, I don't hate the idea of him coming to Miami on a moderate contract. We need another QB and I'd be open to him and Moore competing for the job. I'd also be just as happy if it ends up being Weeden or Tannehill, because to be honest, I see no clear difference.

That's true No Balls. Always and always the promises at the beginning of the Season, then nothing. But, what can us Dolfans do? At one point I really wanted this Team out of Fl, but somehow, they get me back on the Train. What can I do?

Funny thing is if we had hired the Broncos OC to be our head coach (instead of Philbin) and Manning ended up going to the Broncos, it's almost a given we would have traded with Denver for Tebow.

You can bet Ross would want him to fill the stadiuma nd for the tv coverage.


Flynn vs Lions:
31 of 44 (70 percent completion rate) 480 yards, 6 TDs isn't shining? Give the guy credit he went off regardless of playoffs being locked up.

Flynn vs @ Patriots:
24 of 37 (65 percent completion rate) 251 yards 3 TDs and 1 int. Yeah I'm sure Belichick said guys we aren't game planning vs Flynn because he sucks and then after the game said whoops he almost beat us. And Flynn did almost beat them but threw an int late in Pats territory where the Pats were tied with the Jets for the division and Packers were fighting for their playoff lives but yup it didn't matter that game.

So in 2 games Flynn has shown in the offense Philbin will implement that if talent is around him he is capable of producing at high level. WC Qb's aren't a fit for every offense. I will say he definitely a system QB or certainly appears to be but in that system he understands what to do what the reads and checks are to be made.

Marshall was our only wr that yeilded "double-coverage" by nfl dc's. Hartline didnt consistently beat single coverage by #2 corners. Now he looks like he'll get the #1 corner coverages.

Uh boy, it aint looking so good right now.

Hey oscar canosa you could always color your hair black!
I hear Just for Men works wonders.

IF no one sign Wallace to a contract (requiring giving up a first round pick to Pittsburgh) I would see if I could get Pittsburgh to trade us Wallace for our #2 pick.

1st Luke Kuechly MLB Boston College

2nd Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma State

3rd Bobby Massie RT Ole Miss

3rd Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers

4th Tommy Streeter WR The University of Miami

5th Olivier Vernon DE The University of Miami

6th Akiem Hicks DT Regina

6th Tank Carder OLB TCU

7th Chase Ford TE The University of Miami

can flynn be a franchise qb...I really couldnt say, is he worth Franchise QB $$$, absolutely freaking not, not with only two starts in the NFL and from a system of offense he played in GB...if they sign him, it better be contract incentive driven and not a large signing bonus....he needs to prove that he is worth such praise even if Rodgers is calling him franchise worthy!!!

With Henne's departure thats addition by subtraction.

Don't blame Ross!

The Titans' owner might well be one of the worst ever.
The Bidwells at Arizona? Not much better.
The Broncos owner has been disastrous since he fired Shanahan.

There's a reason they're so desperate.
The Redskins' owner has also been terrible (see desperate trade for RG3).

Jaquar fans better hope Gabbert doesnt get hurt! LOL

I am a little giddy that chad henne is off Our team.Yes sir I am!

Curious what guys think the asking price will be for Manningham? Can we afford it? I'd be tempted to draft a kid high and pair him with Manningham. Manningham isn't a true number one as many have stated but I think he could be a good number two. Who cares right now as long as he produces. Where are we cap wise and could we fit Manningham onto this team. Any chance that the Marshall signing yesterday means the end of the line for Bell? I'm think Marshall at FS and Jones at SS? Thoughts?

Btw, I know a lot of people were worked up about drafting a RT at 8. Are the same people who were against that onside with adding Winston in FA? You do know it's going to cost a lot more to add Winston in FA than drafting a RT at 8, right? Just curious to see what guys are saying. I know there was a lot of people who had a problem having too much tied up on the OL moneywise.

Oh man. I love analogies. That's the only way to get stupid people to understand. The dating analogy is spot on. Let me add to your analogy Mando. Not only is he not that into us, we are really the gold digging lover. He loves his wife and what she has to offer him...ie...any real organization you want at this point.

However, he meets with us every few weeks for a booty call.

IF no one sign Wallace to a contract (requiring giving up a first round pick to Pittsburgh) I would see if I could get Pittsburgh to trade us Wallace for our #2 pick.

Posted by: No Balls | March 15, 2012 at 11:42 AM

No way No Balls,

Pitts is dead set on trying to keep him, they will not deal him for less than a first round and on top of that miami would have to offer a bigger contract to wallace to even consider coming here, which Im not opposed to doing, honestly wallace can easily replace marshall if miami went that route and gave up their first round pick...

We just have to dust Ourselves off and give a FA qb or drafted one a chance!

Enough of the dolphins today. March madness and euro soccer is a nice distraction. Love having a TV in my office.

The Eagles and Cowboys had fantastic off seasons last year and they horribly. The Eagles for example signed every star player they could get their hands on, they were declared NFC champs before pre-season even started. Turned out great right? Cowboys posted another dud. And the Dolphins in Shula's last two years signed a bunch of high priced pro bowlers only to miss the playoffs?

My point? While it is nerve racking to sit and watch as other teams sign players we also have to understand that it doesn't necessarily mean they are better as a team. They have better individuals in certain positions on paper but do they fit in with the scheme s and do they gel with their teammates. My underlining point is , stop acting as if every team that signed someone is now better for it, we don't know yet. Its just aggravating reading that people are giving up on next season before the draft or training camp has even occurred. That's how bad it's got for some of you 48 hours into free agency? You're suggesting we give up on the season. I'm sorry but that's just pathetic. I have never heard of any football fan or player throwing in the towel and quitting that easily. Surrender, we have no chance! What are you guys f***ing French?

Any GM can throw a bunch of players together but a good gm gets players who play well together within a system, not always the best players but the right fit for what they are doing.

Unfortunately we don't have any proof that Jeff can do this. My only hope is that he learned very little from the big fraud or tuna, whatever they're calling him nowadays and is going to do things differently. I'm hoping last year was Jeff's true first year being in charge of player acquisitions because he had a better then average year on that front. But come on guys, don't give up already! Sheesh.


What part of "DC"s Didnt Game Plan For Flynn" is it that you dont understand?

Once DC's put Flynn under the microscope and learn his tendacies and all of the other "Frankenstein labortory" goods on him. If he really isnt the real deal. Then the team signing him is up sh.. creek without a paddle.

Its absolutely foolish to sign a qb to big money based on only two meaningless starts. Dude that bridge in NY is still up for sale. Do you wanna buy that too?

Mando never dated,and as far as Manning goes I'd be ok going into 2012 with Moore he's shown that he can make plays with both his arm and legs and in a west coast system he can make all the throws imo. with no problem.
Im not sure what to do with the #1 Q.Coples would satisfy what is need up front on the D side.

Yeah buddy the UEFA Champions League.Go Real Madrid!

(did) horribly

AndyNJ, I'm in agreement with you on Flynn. It's looking like they may be able to get him at a fraction of the number that was being thrown out there by the media. If they can get their "plan B" qb at a much lower price than origanlly thought, isn't that a good thing? Not saying they would hand him the job, but let a system guy, who seems to understand the system, come in and fight for the job.

My hair is Brown, ozcar. So is my Asss.

Jaquar fans better hope Gabbert doesnt get hurt! LOL

Posted by: Scotty | March 15, 2012 at 11:45 AM

After seeing how "TERRORFIED" Gabbert played last season. Im sure Jaguar fans are praying Henne doesnt get hurt! LOL

I will not be OK with Moore as Our starting qb in 2012.NOT AT ALL!


Here is why I bash Ireland. Can't speak for anyone else.

2008 11-5
2009 7-9
2010 7-9
2011 6-10

Where is the progress?

PS...best sports reference site on the internets----->http://www.pro-football-reference.com/

You must be of that persuasion oscar canosa with comments like that.I'll pass.

Wallace, Gates are flyers. Not that eventually they learn to run routes, but they are used mainly as decoys.

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