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Is Manning really that into the Dolphins?

I've dated in my life. I know what it looks like when someone is really into me ... and I know what it looks like when someone really isn't that into me. (Insert jokes in comments section).

Anyway, free agency is a little like dating. You wine. You dine. You spend money. You chase. It is a date minus the flowers or candy. And so far, Peyton Manning has been on four dates in the last week since his release from the Indianapolis Colts.

He dated Denver. He dated Arizona. He dated Miami. And he dated Tennessee.

My issue?

He dated Denver in Denver over a two-day span. He dated Arizona in Arizona over a two-day span. He dated Tennessee in Nashville over a 9-hour span.

The Dolphins? They had to go to him. They got only five hours.

Does that sound like the Dolphins got equal treatment? Does it sound like Manning, who I reported yesterday is very interested in finding a strong relationship with his next team, got an ample opportunity to bond with anyone representing Miami?

Obviously, I am on the outside looking in. The Dolphins continue to believe they are in the game. They continue to wait on a final nod of approval or dismissive hand gesture to know how to proceed next. And for all we know, details of their visit with Manning included the free agent quarterback hugging every Miami rep and promising to sign as soon as he dispensed with one last visit.

But I doubt it. And it just seems from my point of view that even if the Dolphins are in this horse race, they are aboard a nag trailing the field. That's how I see it. That is increasingly how fans that email me, call my radio show and follow me on twitter view it.

How is it the Dolphins apparently haven't seen this?

Today, by the way, feels like a big day to me on the Manning front. My gut is we'll see some sort of indication from the Manning camp by tonight which teams are seriously, seriously in the running for the player. ESPN has reported every team that has interviewed Manning is in the running.

But eventually this is going to begin getting whittled. Arizona's deadline for paying quarterback Kevin Kolb a $7 million bonus. The Dolphins cannot continue to sit idle while next QB possibility Matt Flynn visits with Seattle. And one assumes the Titans, talking to several other free agents, also need indication which way this will turn.

So the end of the great courting of Peyton Manning seems on the horizon.

By the way, on another topic, Kendall Langford is scheduled to visit the Cincinnati Bengals today.

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We Have Draft Picks,

From your post it sounds like Peter King's brother in law has become Tannehill's agent! LOL

No balls,

Kuechly improves the defense greatly. I don't see it as a reach. Would Patrick Willis be a reach at 8? Kuechly has very similar numbers... Also Misi playing MLB defines need IMO I highly doubt he'd be as effective calling plays n being a team leader. Dansby plays SOLB while Burnett plays WOLB Kuechly in the middle. That would be a badazz linebacking corp

It doesn't matter who the QB is....it doesn't matter if it's Flynn or Moore or Tannahill, or Weeden. All that matters is that Dolphin fans have already deemed each and everyone of them failures, just as they have already deemed Philbin a failure. The fans have spoken and already deemed next season a disaster. It doesn't matter what Ross does or doesn't do...doesn't matter what Ireland does or doesn't do....doesn't matter what Philbin does or doesn't do.....it's all failure in the minds of the fans. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Right now I'm trusting that there is a plan in place.

DB was a position of need. We were 21st against the pass last year and obviously an area we need to improve. Don't know much about Marshall, so we'll see.

Paul Solai is young and one of the best in the game, had a lot of interest, and chose to stay with the Dolphins- ensuring we will remain awesome against the run. Continuity. How awful would it have been if he had gone to the Patriots- who were interested.

Brandon Marshall was a BEAST at being a pain-in-the-rear, and never quite lived up to his potential while in Miami. Yes, other defenses had to plan for him, but catching touchdown passes is what helps a team win. We just never saw enough on that on the field when it mattered. I got tired of, "OK, now this year I'm really going to be a Beast... or a monster...or whatever."

If we can grab DE Ingram at #8, then maybe it starts to look like a plan unfolding. We don't have much more cap space unless there is a plan for creating more. I assume we're looking to the draft for RT, WR, TE?

Craig M....

You shoudn't make those comments WITHOUT readind the comments....

Most were quite positive.....people on her understand Solia's value...

2008 Draft Ireland on Jake Long (so yeah-Ireland is our guy indeed)

"You hope that he's a pillar of your defense for a long time." Then everyone laughed and it was pointed out to him what he had said. Ireland responded, "A pillar of your defense or offense, your team." Ireland was asked if that was part of a smokescreen, to which he responded, "I'll let you guys decide."


I'e changed my tune on Tannehill. I like the kid and I'd be willing to take him mid to late first but not at 8. I don't believe the medias got this one right either. I don't believe Tannehill will go to Cleveland at 4 and I don't believe Miami will have to take him at 8. He's just too much of a reach for me at 8. With the trade of Marshall, I think WR becomes the number one priority in the draft.

Phins78, about $5 mil a year on a short contract is getting closer to where I'd have Flynn. I'd need to think about that one a bit more.

Why isn't the Phins talking to Mike Wallace? Then again, why isn't any team talking to him?

You may be right YG. We will definitely know after this season if it was a mistake to retain him. I'm not a hater. I don't senselessly bash people without putting some logical thought and reason into my assessment of the person. I've only had one season to figure him out, still need one more. I actually liked the draft and off season last year. I thought it was better than anything Parcells had done in three years with the team. Better than Cameron and Saban as well all though that's not saying much.

I'm old enough to remember when Miami fans ran off another GM and he has now gone on to Minnesota and done pretty good for himself. I need one more season with Ireland before I make up my mind.


I stand corrected then. Good to hear. I thought it was a good deal for both sides. If this guy get lazy or injured it's not a huge commitment. Hopefully he has enough incentive to realize another contract awaits him at 30 if he plays well.

No body knows anything here bout decision making in football or who is the best to sign Matt flynn threw 6tds and 500 yards in a away game and the last td to win it in final seconds im sorry ive played football my whole life and 500 yards and6tds is nooooo fluke those of u who think it is have never played the sport period He would b perfect going into similar offense and if he does come here he will throw for 25+ tds and 4000 yards no question and i cant wait Manning would b great but only a bandaid for a couple years get flynn and u have two pretty decent qbs battling it out very wise football decision if we go with flynn

enjoy buffalo mario...at least you used them for every penny they have....and WELCOME TO THE AFC LEAST!!!

"Bills signed DE/OLB Mario Williams."
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Source: Chris Mortensen on Twitter
Mar 15 - 12:26 PM

Wow!!!! My guess is 6 years/$100 Million (16.7 Mil a year) with $50 guaranteed. Will be biggest deal in NFL history for a defensive player.


I believe Vince Young is better than Flynn and the potential steal in FA.

I'm starting to believe Fisher was the problem and not Young after seeing how Fisher used the Fins.

VY has gone to two Pro Bowls. Flynn none.

VY is 28 going on 29.

What do you think?



The Bills just signed Mario Williams. Peyton wants no part of the afc east now having to face Mario Williams twice a year. He know he'll rather quickly find out how those neck surgeries will hold up after the first Mario Williams sack.


Mando 2 good reports in a row, I may have to rethink my disdain for your blog. I agree with kentonkirkpatrick lets solidify the team with young, hungry players in the draft and sign a free agent QB to compete with Moore then draft next year when we have more of a chance to get a top QB and an extra second rounder to help trade up to get one.

Craig M....it was surprising.....but its true...

I'm so tired of hearing "they should trade down". They've done that with the past drafts and that is part of the reason this team sucks. No PLAYMAKERS! Even if they don't get Manning and Flynn, they need to get the best playmaker with the #8 pick. No more trading down to get average/below average players. As it is right now, without Brandon Marshall, who are the playmakers left on this team? Oh and by the way, Manning will stay with the Colts, along with Reggie Wayne.

Jeff Ireland on how he picks players from the draft. Yep, he's a real winner.

"It's an evaluation off tape only. We do not call the school or do any investigative work whatsoever. Playing is a huge part of it, but there's no talking to the coach, no seeing the guy on the hoof, no talking to the academic people or the strength coach."

The news must have caught most people having a good day yestrday Kris....LOL.

like that was the deciding factor of mannings decision to come here YG,*lmao*

all I know is buffalo paid up the @ss to land him and that he wasnt going to take any less from them over anyone else...

And all u people talking about how bad of owner ross is. Fact he just bought team three years ago he hasnt made any decisions at all he didnt hire anyone only thing he did was keep ireland and i must say ireland has drafted ok meanwhile hes only had one draft maybe two and hes gotten alot hate also its funny all u guys know absolutely nothing about anything but yet so quick to fold ur cards. Relax we finally have a smart and qualified coach lets see how it plays out before we jump off the bridge

Armando, Unlike dating in free agency you hope you don't get screwed.

Soliai is a great signing, I was hoping for Langford first but that doesn't seem likely. If Bell could be had at a value then that'd be the next guy Id secure although I haven't heard theyve even tried to resign him

Bad enough Peyton knew he would have to face Brady twice a year nwithout a proven #1 wr in Miami. Now he has to face playing Mario Williams twice a year and risk getting his neck broken, again.


If Peyton Manning was indeed leaning toward Miami as so many pundits had it early on wouldnt it be logical for him to give the teams he was less interested in more scrutiny in order to insure in his own mind that his initial decision was the right one?


Brandon Marshall, who you called a 'playmaker', was a fourth round pick. You can get them throughout the draft you know. For proof check out Colston (7th round), Gronkowski (2nd), Hernandez (4th), Charles (5th), Foster (undrafted) and so on.....didn't even mention the Miami TE in NO (4th).

What some of us are suggesting is a tradedown to gt playmakers. I like Floyd a lot from ND, but do yo take him at 8 or could you get him at 13 and get an extra pick. That's all. I also like WR Hill, who could be had later (think D Thomas from Denver). There are playmakers if you look.


So you saying that's enough of a resume? One game? Moreover, are you saying the entire Packers offense is coming with Flynn? Because last time I checked, he has to play with Miami's offense.

Who needs williams as a Pass rusher, when we've got a true burner in clyde gates baby*lol* Is columbo still on the market for us...just sayin!!!

Craig the West COast offense is based on dink and dunk in theory. Lots of quick passes on 5 yard slants, te outs, rb screens, and that opens you up for the big pass but the entire offense is based on the short stuff and very successful if your skilled guys can get YACs. It relies on that so it is important to make people miss. Bush is ideal for it and so was Marshall. Yep Marshall, but someone made an excellent point (and it's true) that the draft is full of talented receivers so maybe they have someone targeted for Philbin. And Flynn might not have a gun but he can throw the ball down the field.

The thing with that imo is people get caught up in the "big arm" mumbo jumbo the idiots at espn constantly regurgitate. What they don't tell people is big arm means fast ball. Henne had a "big arm". Flynn can throw just as far as Henne could it just takes a second longer to get there. BUT that's not necessarily a bad thing as long as the qb, who has played with that arm his whole life, releases the ball quicker and makes his decisions quick. Both traits that Flynn possesses. His whole life meaning he has adjusted to the way he throws and gets the ball where it needs to be.

Henne got it there fast but never consistently accurate. Moore's ball takes longewr but his accuracy is better (we're talking long ball) because he knows, like Flynn, how to go over the top of the defense.

All just my opinion here, not trying to be controversial rather just trying to point out some different ways of thinking on the Flynn issue.


Look at like this. Manning now has to face Brady twice a year without a proven #1 wr. We traded Marshall for two acorns remember? Now he has to risk getting his neck rebroken facing Mario Williams twice a year.

I'll take the grilling if Im wrong but right now:


Henne is gonna get his butt whipped trying to compete with Gappert for the starting Jax QB job...all you henne lovers will now get to see a real QB competition for him...and you will see how Blaine will destroy him hahahahahahahah

..Craig M..It looks like you were right about M. Williams..WOW!!! There is not a chance in the world the Phins could have entered that arena..I'm realistic, and I thought there would be ways to clear space.. Buffalo had to offer probably more then any other team in the league. Imagine...Come to beautiful Buffalo it is awesome here. Great wings....?????

Good for them I guess.

More teams are interested in Garrard than Flynn. That has to tell folks something right there.

Maybe flynn is thinking the same thing YG.....maybe he takes less to play for seattle now...who knows....

But dont worry, next year, our alpha reciever in clyde gates will make you say "Marshall Who"???!!!

Phins78, you are correct..except henne's long passes seemed to float and take forever to get downfield..In With Flynn can get it there faster from what I've seen.
Who cares though because we are rebuilding..no playoff hope this coming year at all..don't fool yo-self


Waddaya mean Craigm was right about Mario Williams? Buffalo was the only team he talked too. Duhhhhhh......... that wasnt hard for anyone to figure out.

Gessh he talked to only one team. Did anything concerning the number "ONE TEAM" confuse you a little? LOL

LOL wolFman! Don't get down man, it's just most of the defeatists in here who give up before the fight has started. It's funny too because that is NOT an American way of thinking. We fight, we don't back down. I'm ashamed to read some of these lets just give up and play for Barkley posts.

Craig M @ 12:40 - The problem with your logic is that you are talking to Dolphin fans. If you draft a guy....and it doesn't matter where you draft them....they had best make the pro-bowl year one, otherwise they are busts.

Dolphin fans do not understand the concept of player development. Everything should have happend yesterday....anything else is failure/bust.

I feel sorry for the people that have to take down the manning to miami billboard, Such a wasted effort and $$$ put into, maybe they could change it to (Back to the Future Once Again)

Jack the teams going after Garrard (are there any really?) are most likely looking for an experienced backup. Unless you hear that Seattle, Cleveland, or Miami is looking into Garrard in my opinion it only tells us that he is not starter material.

Lot of analogies today. How about this one: Jeff Ireland traded a cow (#1 WR) for some 'magic' beans (two 3rd round pics)


I actually expect Reggie Bush to become a primary reciever in a "Roger Craig-like" in the WC offense. Gates is a wildcard. So is Roberto Wallace. If one of these two breakout we wont miss Marshall at all.

If not, its going to be a very long season on the offensive side of the ball. No matter who plays qb.


Agree with you @ 12:49........but I think it is an epidemic spreading across all NFL fans, not just Miami

LOL wolFman! Don't get down man, it's just most of the defeatists in here who give up before the fight has started. It's funny too because that is NOT an American way of thinking. We fight, we don't back down. I'm ashamed to read some of these lets just give up and play for Barkley posts.
Posted by: Phins78 | March 15, 2012 at 12:49 PM


Being relatively new to this blog....I'm starting to understand the "gang of defeat" references.

Jack the teams going after Garrard (are there any really?) are most likely looking for an experienced backup. Unless you hear that Seattle, Cleveland, or Miami is looking into Garrard in my opinion it only tells us that he is not starter material.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 15, 2012 at 12:51 PM

Garrard*lmao*lmao* My morning coffee is all over the screen now....thanks alot Phins78!!!

All just my opinion here, not trying to be controversial rather just trying to point out some different ways of thinking on the Flynn issue.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 15, 2012 at 12:43 PM


In my opinion, that is not a different way to look at Flynn, that is the right way to look at Flynn. He is what he is...a WCO quarterback, who appears to grasp the concept very well. Not a very strong arm, but strong enough to get the job done within the system.

Jack Ireland didn't draft Jake Long Parcells did. And the thing you're pointing out to make Ireland look stupid is a human error. He had 10 mics in fromt of his face and seeing how it was his first year in front of cameras he was most likely pretty nervous.

There have to be some real things you can fault him for. Because objectively looking at that incident doesn't allow room for ridicule.

how many times has Peyton met with Stephen Ross openly? What about Denver, Arizona. and Tennessee? I don't think ESPN has the whole story..

Fins need to face it, he's just not that into you... snicker.

But as I hoped it would do (so far) his delay is helping the Flynn courting be resolved sans the Fins, and we'll miss both, and finally do what I hoped we would do and concentrate on drafting our franchise.

Suddenly the draft is looking more exciting again.

The Flynn bubble may be bursting. It's not over by any stretch, but reality seems to be whooping up on media-hyped-fantasy.

A few more days will tell.

YG...I'm not talking about Craig M being right about where Williams ended up. Last week I said that I thought Williams should be the Phins priority free agent(If Peyton Manning passed on our offers). Craig took offense to that, and said I was nuts. I played fantasy GM and came up with a reasonable scenario in which the team would have enough to go after him. Now obviously if Manning were to sign this point becomes a non factor, as we wouldn't be able to do both..Now it looks like we have no shot because the Bills pulled off the deal...That's all

Just kind of thinking about it. I wonder how commited Williams is to football? He could have gone anywhere but he choose the equivlent of the NFL graveyard to show off his talents. Signing in Buffalo makes me question a bit about how serious he is about winning.


If Manning comes to Miami....Other teams fans may say the same about him...

Peyton wasn't coming to Miami anyway YG but not because of this

"The Bills just signed Mario Williams. Peyton wants no part of the afc east now having to face Mario Williams twice a year."

Peyton is a winner and that is a pu**y way of thinking. Competitive athletes don't pick and choose where they want to play based on how easy it will be for them. That is a falsehood fed to people by media members who were never good enough to play sports. THEY are the ones who are afraid, not freaking Peyton Manning. Especially considering he has already faced him twice a year for 5 years now and did pretty well for himself WITHOUT having a pro bowl left tackle.

Wait I'm sorry, this is the Herald defeatist blog,, a LT who had injuries last year therefore he is garbage. :)

In todays NFL money talks BS walks. Williams contract is nutz!

wolfman13 --- Whether or not a QB will turn into a good QB has a lot less to do with fan support and more to do with his abilities, coaching, and talent around him.

Kris...Touche..Well played..That is true. Sad, but true. lol

Agree with Phins78 regarding Henne/Flynn.

I'll take accuracy and quick decision making over rocket arm any day. We won with CP10.

I'd feel pretty good about going into the season with Flynn/Moore.

What abut David garrard? I totally forgot about him. Heard his back is 100% and he has had some success on a mediocre team.

In my opinion, that is not a different way to look at Flynn, that is the right way to look at Flynn. He is what he is...a WCO quarterback, who appears to grasp the concept very well. Not a very strong arm, but strong enough to get the job done within the system.
Posted by: The Signal | March 15, 2012 at 12:54 PM


Perhaps it is also the "right" way to start viewing this Dolphin team. Perhaps we are moving away from....no system or assemblance of philosophy to an actual system and real philosophy.

Especially after the unloading of BM....

The Bills were in the hunt last year..until the wheels fall off....

We ALL KNOW how dangerous they were in the 90's....and as potent as Jim Kelly and the K-GUN was....that defence was just about as dominate....

Don't forget...they have FANS that go to games regardless of how bad the teams stinks...or how cold it is outside....

Speaking of weather....If they start winning...in SEPT...they could build one heck of Home Feild Advantage by NOV-DEC....

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