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Manning will trim teams before, you know, trimming teams

How to sign Peyton Manning?

It is not as easy as inviting Manning over to the Dolphins facility, shaking his hand, passing him a blank contract and asking him to fill it in and sign. Some fans wouldn't mind the Dolphins operating that way, but that is not the way it's done.

That doesn't mean there aren't several other approaches that range from making it easy on the guy to taking a more in-depth approach that could actually reveal enough reasons not to sign Manning or could be off-putting to Manning.

First, the Dolphins must get from the Manning camp a signal that they are included among the teams he would be interested in joining. I'm told this will be the first step in the process because, although Manning has been contacted by approximately one third of the NFL, he's only interested in a handful of teams at best.

So the initial decision is his in that he will trim teams from consideration.

Assuming the Dolphins are among Manning's handful of favorites, they'll find out if he intends to visit with each team. If that's the case, they already have an advantage because the guy is a 40-minute drive (or 13-minute helicopter ride) from camp. They have the home field advantage!

Beyond that, Miami's braintrust must figure out what exactly they want to see from Manning. Remember, this is not a healthy player we're talking about. Yes, Manning is a star. Yes, he is a future Hall of Famer. But he's not healthy. Not yet anyway.

The Dolphins must decide how much they have to see to convince themselves that its a good idea to hand him the keys to the franchise.

Do the Dolphins need to see Manning throw? I'm sorry but any general manager that accepts that 27-second video as proof Manning is good to go is committing personnel department malpractice. That video proves nothing. So the Dolphins have to ask themselves if they need to see Manning throw a route tree. They have to decided if they must see Manning throw a deep out from the opposite hash mark, a come back, a 9-route, etc...

The Dolphins need to figure out if they must see Manning work out to be sold. Some teams won't sign Manning unless they see this. I think some teams won't require this because, well, desperation is a mighty motivator.

Teams also must decide if they're going to ask Manning for all his medical records. Beyond that, teams must decide if they will buy what those records say, assuming they get a peek, or whether they must also have Manning submit to a physical with team doctors.

Remember, the Colts made the decision to cut Manning without even watching him throw. But Manning's official reason for being cut was that he failed his physical. So can he pass a physical?

(This, by the way, is the step where the Fins got tripped up on the Drew Brees free agency visit. Club doctors recommended Brees not be signed because of his surgically repaired shoulder.)

So that memory, while haunting a different coach and different owner, might still be roaming the halls at Dolphins camp.

The Dolphins must basically decide their comfort level on how much due diligence they're going to do with Manning. They know he's great when he's healthy. But how thorough are they going to be in investigating that health?

And Miami, like all teams, will be making their decisions understanding that other teams might not put Manning through such rigors. Perhaps Manning will be understanding with teams that put him under the microscope. Perhaps he'll get a better vibe from teams that aren't quite so demanding.

No one knows.

So far, not even Manning or the teams.


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You sign Manning, Period.

Can't wait for a Big 3 on the Dolphins. Like Armando, I'd rather go for Griffin. But, and it's a big but, the team decides to swing for the Manning fences, then do your due diligence.

With all that said, I'm secretly giggling like I did during the last 'decision', knowing the power that may come here to play. Manning, Marshall, Bush. Wow. I'm psyched.

Unless the guys arm is falling off...Ross will pay him whatever he wants to lead this team...period.

The consensus of most bloggers here is just to sign him. They don't want to know if he is not healthy. They just want to revel in joy we have Manning whether he can play or not.

I say it's totally irresponsible not to see all his medical records and not to give him a thorough workout, regardless of the outs in the contract. Why waste time if he is a gimp? And if he is fine, well only then do you sign him.

I agree that, on the surface, it looks exciting but this guy is completely damaged goods. FOUR neck surgeries? And the team that knows more about him than anyone cuts him? I'm telling you, signing this guy would be a HUGE mistake that would only serve to set the team back 5 years or more.

Interesting article Mando....tons of insight.

Almost forgot, any decision Ireland makes is most assuredly the wrong one.

Matt Flynn is the answer but I have a seroius feeling that we are going to make a huge mistake on Manning.

Signing a guy to a 3 year deal with options (in case of permanent injury) to get out of the contract would be great. Signing a guy would might screw up the cap but we still have draft picks.
We still have Moore as a backup. That aint all bad. But giving away 2 years of draft picks could be really stupid.
It is only money and that can be replaced. But draft pics once gone are gone forever.
Safest thing to do is nothing but if you are going to sign a guy sign the best that you can and keep the picks.

Peyton is confident and would not even consider playing if he wasn't healthy ,all the Doctors have the same opinion of this surgery and say that he is capable of taking hits as anyone else...Also they say the area he had the surgery is stronger then it has been in years...Peyton will no doubt WANT to show he is more than capable of throwing that ball as good as he ever has and will...If Miami don;t get Manning it will be Mannings choice not to play for Miami ,You can take that to the bank.......

LOL If you honestly think Peyton will work out for ANYONE why should he? as Kirwan said in CBS NO WAY he works out for people to prove anything.

"Matt Flynn is the answer"....why? He had two good games. Even Jay Fiedler had two good games lol

Matt Flynn is the answer but I have a seroius feeling that we are going to make a huge mistake on Manning.

Posted by: Rick | March 09, 2012 at 07:46 AM

Flynn stinks, Moore is far better. Plenty of NFL insiders have come out and said Flynn is nothing special, back up at best.

Forget Flynn already. Overhyped FA. After Manning, Henne is going to get the most interest. Wait and see.

Peyton is confident and would not even consider playing if he wasn't healthy ,all the Doctors have the same opinion of this surgery and say that he is capable of taking hits as anyone else..

Posted by: Alan Cochran | March 09, 2012 at 07:51 AM

His neck is not the issue. It's the nerve regeneration in his throwing arm that is delaying. Doesn't anybody read more than the headlines these days?

Secondly, Peyton already tried to get into the game late last season when he wasn't healthy. He wanted to be inserted in the red zone because he could only throw 20 yards.

So Peyton will say and do anything to play again. He most certainly will try to play even if not ready, he has already tried.

Signing him without a thorough work out is crazy. I don't care who he is.

Like Home said 2 months ago,before all the whoppla and struggling sportswriters talking to hear themselves talk,

MVP QB Peyton Manning WILL be a Miami Dolphin in 2012

have a HAARPy day :(

We have 14 years of film on Peyton Manning.
We have two games of film, over four years, on Matt Flynn.
We have no NFL film on RGIII.

The obvious choice is Manning. Even at 80%, Manning is a gold mine.

My choice would be RG3. I like his skill set and find that it is the future of the NFL.

Flynn seems to be more of the same, more Henne , more Moore, More Ferotte.

For those of you who do not live in the Tri-County area of South Fla, you simply do not understand. The Dolphins lost more than 30,000 season tickets last year and 5 of the 8 games needed Stephen Ross to guarantee that he would buy up the reset of the tickets. If the Front Office does not understand that, they are even bigger fools than I thought.
Te fans want an exciting team. A game won on 5 field goals is not a much fun as a 41 - 45 shoot out.

The local fans who actually show up at the games, want something exciting, Manning and Griffin would provide that excitement.


M2M !

Manning to Miami

Cam Newton says, RGwhat?

"R U Kidding Me!"

M2M !

Manning to Miami

Go Phins!

Ross will go ahead and sign Manning - then the Dolphins will suck for three more years, and this regime will get fired and we will start over from zero again. Bright side is maybe after all that the idiot owner will sell to someone who wants to win first and sell tickets second.

Doesn't matter that much. I have been waiting for a Dolphins Super Bowl win since 1974, I can wait some more years.

I like your first idea better. Give him a blank contract and have him fill in the numbers. Cut dansby and long to make sure we're still under the cap and sign manning.

I'm in favour of signing manning so long as we have a parallel strategy to draft a long term franchise QB from the draft in the next two or three years and strengthen the lines this year to contend for the play offs.

As has been mentioned by others, this means trading down to acquire picks (as the browns did) in order to trade up to get the next best QB coming out of college.

Ireland's work in the draft this year and next will define him as a GM with the dolphins.

Of course Marino is jealous

Peyton Manning came to Miami, won the Super Bowl and was voted MVP of the Super Bowl

Now Manning is going to do it again for the Miami Dolphins

M2M !

Go Phins!

That's just the start of it Mando. Throw in the fact that in 4 days, FA begins, and the race starts. This isn't like Miami has all offseason to do all this and make their decisions. They will need to decide on the fly. Flynn will be on the table Tues. As will a multitude of other FA's (other than QB) that might be desirable to the team IF they have enough CAP space to fit them in (and what happens with the QB position will play a huge part in that).

So today there are a multitude of options for us. Pretty soon they will be dwindled down. The worst case scenario (like last year) is we end up with nothing but what we already have. Hope that doesn't happen.

The attention span and level of comprehension of many bloggers is dismally low. It's alarming.

No other choices

M2M !




have a HAARPy day :(

Didn't we just go through all of this with Chad P.? I don't want a one year rent-a-QB. We need a long term answer. Go out and get RGIII.

I think that 27 sec video of manning is much more telling of what he can do in the future then Flynns 2 starts over 4 years is of his future. Flynn has never been game planned by an NFL defense to this date, and we want to give the guy 20 mil guaranteed? I think not. Bring on Manning or RG3

It will be another Culpepper scenario. Each week rehab is going well, working hard, blah blah blah, but never really ready.

You can watch me throw. I'll throw for anybody, anytime, anywhere. In fact, I'll be throwing at Tropical Park, tonight, 7:30 PM. Bring your camcorders. I'll be throwing 60 yard bombs on a rope.

From PhinPhanatic

"According to Sources of Adam Schefter, Peyton Manning wants to be signed before the beginning of Free Agency, which only leaves a 5 day window for him to choose. It seems every team in the NFL is cuddling up to Payton so we will look at every team and make our cuts from there."

So we could hear something by Monday one way or another.

Dark Matter, I weep for the future. The same fans who have to see a 45-41 shootout to get excited are the same stupid sheep who do things like stand in line to buy the next ipad and get all of their opinions fed to them by CNN or Fox News. Totally stupid, braindead, never read a book, idiotic, childish, sheep. It's not exciting to watch the opposing team score 41. Why? Because you're watching a 215 pound man run moderately fast for 40 yards after catching a ball? It's exciting, rather, to watch your team's defense smother the other side. If you want to watch 45-41 with nothing but passing, you can go to an Arena League game. The most exciting play in football is a run up the middle that breaks for a big gain.

Peyton is a really easy word to spell. Peyton. Easy. That is, unless you're one of the idiots here who spouts off his mouth all day without ever reading anything or listening.

Those who think the signing should have already happened or will happen today are abysmally stupid. Very complex and drawn out negotiations over the details of the contract will have to be ironed out over several weeks.

I vote for Tom Brady getting the snot knocked out of him.

Texas, that will greatly help Jeff Ireland. If the Manning issue gets resolved one way or the other by Monday, then Jeff can concentrate on FA on Tuesday. If Manning's still up in the air, that's when it becomes a multitasking event.

What if option 1 for Ireland is Manning, 2 is Flynn, but option 1 is Flynn for Seattle? On Tues, Seattle's ready to make a deal, but if Manning isn't done by then, what does Ireland do? Let's say he sticks with getting Manning, Seattle gets Flynn, and Arizona gets Manning. Now we're limited in our options.

So, for our sake, I hope this gets done by Monday regardless if we land him or not.

Oh my, what's Ireland to do? LOL. My oh my.



have a HAARPy day :(

At least we have options this year. I personally thing FA QB with Manning or Flynn is the way to go so we retain our draft picks and address other issues on the team at the same time. I agree with the statement made that "Money can be replaced. Draft picks cannot."

So before everyone get their shorts bunched up too much, my recommendation is:

Just sit back and enjoy the show!!!

Heavens to Betsy! What's Ireland to do? Oh for heavens sake! LOL.

Manning wants to sign fast? He sure is delaying a public workout, or private workout for a team.

Gee, I wonder why? I'm sure it has nothing to do with not wanting to show the state of his arm. Most likely he has some personal errands to run.

Flynn is a whiff

Flynn has a QB rating of 68 -minus his one good game which the dump off passes to Rb going 80 Yds made his stats look good

Only other game Flynn started = Flynn threw 3 Interceptions in one game

Would ruin the Dolphin franchise for at least 3 years

(see QB Matt Castle in KC and QB Fitzi in Buffalo, both paid Ginormous amounts of money and now both teams looking to replace them with, ...... WAIT FOR IT, ........... MVP QB PEYTON MANNING

R U freakin kidding me, Flynn!

M2M !

Go Phins !



Cam Newton says, RGwhat?

“R U Kidding Me!”

M2M !

Manning to Miami

Go Phins!

I see all the 'brilliant' comments are coming out here again this morning. 'If we sign Manning it will set us back 5 years'. I've yet to figure that one out. Someone has to explain exactly how that one works. We finish 6-10 last year and guys are worried about being set back 5 years. Brilliant! If that were to happen (and it don't see how it would) wouldn't that be a good thing? Maybe then we could draft hight enough to get our franchise QB. And then I read (drop Dansby and Long and give Manning a blank cheque'. Another brilliant comment. Where do guys come up with this stuff? One of the best LT's in the game and a good LB gone...don't get some people.

DC - I don't know about this but for some reason I get the feeling Manning wants to play in Miami. Hopefully this does get done soon.

I think stopping for the media in Miami the other day when he had already had a long day was just very generous.

What a class act!!!

Whenever and wherevet life is miserable, hope is the ground to keep on bearing the burden.

People who want Manning whatever means, are people who, just as I, love the Dolphins and, just as I, are so desperate for them to be exciting again. I dream, in the narrow sense of the word, that the Dolphins win the Super Bowl.

YET, unlike me, I can bear the burden without wishful thinking convinced that right decisions help more than big names from players that are disposed by other teams.

JUST think: After 13 seasons of having been brought to greatness, would you not fulfill the contract you gave just a year ago to the guy who made you SB champion and eternal contender? Just for $$? Doesn't that smell fishy?

THINK for once, Miami Dolphins organization!!



have a HAARPy day :(

Some Dolphin fans are saying Manning wants to play in Miami but I cant imagine why. Idiot owner, incompetent GM, and novice HC .

Armando and others who said no to Manning from the get go,

I wonder if you've changed your mind on Manning at all? We're told that within hours of Manning becoming a FA, as many as 12 teams had inquiring about Manning. What do you know that all these smart GMs don't know? Isn't it your GMs job to look at any and all possibilities at the QB position, especially when the results have been so mediocre ever since Marino retired? Isn't it vital that your GM look under every stone with the idea of improving the roster, and that includes signing RBs from Canada. I don't want a GM who has his mind made up on a Hall of Fame QB before even examining him. Don't you think you owe it to your readers to say you were wrong on Manning, Armando, that maybe you jumped the gun a bit on your thoughts on Manning? That maybe you were putting cart before the horse, before any due dillegence was done on the matter. Not sure how you can make a decision on a guy because he's 36 and had four neck surgeries, without at least exploring the opportunity. It's clear that 12 GMs in the league disagree with you.

Me and my coworkers agree with you Craig M.
Clearly HOME makes more astute observations on the Miami Dolphins than Armando Salguero, Omar Kelly and Ben Volin.
Home has predicted the correct free agent signings,draft picks and is amazingly accurate in his weekly score predictions for Miami during the season.
Salguero, once again has no real feel for our team or any clue what direction they are going in.

If HOME is again right on Miami signing Peyton Manning then he truly should be interviewed by the media down there as some type of Dolfan prophet.

It's clear that 12 GMs in the league disagree with you.

Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2012 at 09:43 AM

The only thing that is clear is that you are truly an idiot. 12 GM's have interest in investigating Manning's status. None of them have any idea how well he can throw the football yet. How many will have interest in Manning after they see him perform is the million dollar question.

12 GM's do not agree or disagree on anything yet.

Quilomobo, so your solution is to stick with Moore? Is he franchise material in your eyes?

Have we signed Manning yet?

I am hearing that Peyton does not like the big media.. Watch for KC to be the player in this one. We need to make sure we have a decision before FA and move on with plan B.

No,not yet.Home said it is happening on Monday.


Thanks for the vote of confidence bud. Happy Friday to you too.

If you'd bothered to read my post properly, what I said was that Armando had his mind up on Manning BEFORE anyone had even investigated Manning, based on his age and 4 neck surgeries. He wouldn't have pursued him. 12 GMS felt differently and are actually doing their jobs. For a franchise that completely screwed up the whole Drew Brees fiasco, it's imperative that they take the time to get this one right.

The story from one of Peter King's sources this morning is that Denver wants Manning 'desperately'. The questions is, how does Manning feel about Denver and is that greater or less than how he feels about Miami? I've thought all along that Denver would be involved in this at some point.

If the fools ask/demand that Peyton throw, then, be prepared to pay the cost. Perhaps he really wants to come to Miami, we already have advantages, one advvantage, is that Peyton wants to win a championship. And for us to win a championship, we need a little help on defense, ie. pass russher, safety, and Peyton, in the past, had used some of his salary for the organization to get another player, look it up. You distrust Peyton, be prepared to shell out the dough, you trust him, then, you win.

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