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Manning will trim teams before, you know, trimming teams

How to sign Peyton Manning?

It is not as easy as inviting Manning over to the Dolphins facility, shaking his hand, passing him a blank contract and asking him to fill it in and sign. Some fans wouldn't mind the Dolphins operating that way, but that is not the way it's done.

That doesn't mean there aren't several other approaches that range from making it easy on the guy to taking a more in-depth approach that could actually reveal enough reasons not to sign Manning or could be off-putting to Manning.

First, the Dolphins must get from the Manning camp a signal that they are included among the teams he would be interested in joining. I'm told this will be the first step in the process because, although Manning has been contacted by approximately one third of the NFL, he's only interested in a handful of teams at best.

So the initial decision is his in that he will trim teams from consideration.

Assuming the Dolphins are among Manning's handful of favorites, they'll find out if he intends to visit with each team. If that's the case, they already have an advantage because the guy is a 40-minute drive (or 13-minute helicopter ride) from camp. They have the home field advantage!

Beyond that, Miami's braintrust must figure out what exactly they want to see from Manning. Remember, this is not a healthy player we're talking about. Yes, Manning is a star. Yes, he is a future Hall of Famer. But he's not healthy. Not yet anyway.

The Dolphins must decide how much they have to see to convince themselves that its a good idea to hand him the keys to the franchise.

Do the Dolphins need to see Manning throw? I'm sorry but any general manager that accepts that 27-second video as proof Manning is good to go is committing personnel department malpractice. That video proves nothing. So the Dolphins have to ask themselves if they need to see Manning throw a route tree. They have to decided if they must see Manning throw a deep out from the opposite hash mark, a come back, a 9-route, etc...

The Dolphins need to figure out if they must see Manning work out to be sold. Some teams won't sign Manning unless they see this. I think some teams won't require this because, well, desperation is a mighty motivator.

Teams also must decide if they're going to ask Manning for all his medical records. Beyond that, teams must decide if they will buy what those records say, assuming they get a peek, or whether they must also have Manning submit to a physical with team doctors.

Remember, the Colts made the decision to cut Manning without even watching him throw. But Manning's official reason for being cut was that he failed his physical. So can he pass a physical?

(This, by the way, is the step where the Fins got tripped up on the Drew Brees free agency visit. Club doctors recommended Brees not be signed because of his surgically repaired shoulder.)

So that memory, while haunting a different coach and different owner, might still be roaming the halls at Dolphins camp.

The Dolphins must basically decide their comfort level on how much due diligence they're going to do with Manning. They know he's great when he's healthy. But how thorough are they going to be in investigating that health?

And Miami, like all teams, will be making their decisions understanding that other teams might not put Manning through such rigors. Perhaps Manning will be understanding with teams that put him under the microscope. Perhaps he'll get a better vibe from teams that aren't quite so demanding.

No one knows.

So far, not even Manning or the teams.


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ThanX Miami Dolphin Fans!

and, ...



have a HAARPy day :(


My solution is sell the farm and the farmers daughter to get RG3. It's a risk. It's a gamble. It's the risk/reward ratio I am most willing to take a chance on.

I like Moore over Flynn or Tannehill by a mile. I don't want to go through a training camp reading daily rehab reports on Manning.

ctphinsfan, there is not big media in Miami

another former Miami Dolphin QB that was not Peyton Manning:

Newport News, Va. — Former Virginia Tech and Miami Dolphins player Marcus Vick will spend at least 10 days in jail for ignoring court orders.

Newport News Sheriff's spokeswoman Kathleen Carey says the younger brother of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick reported to jail on Sunday.

A judge ordered him to spend 10 days in jail for contempt of court after failing to appear at two court dates on a charge of driving on a suspended license.

Carey says once Vick serves his time there, he will be transferred to Virginia's Montgomery County, where he is wanted on a warrant for failing to appear in a civil case.

Vick was dropped from Virginia Tech in 2006 and released from the Dolphins a year later. His attorney didn't immediately return messages seeking comment.

Didn't we just go through all of this with Chad P.? I don't want a one year rent-a-QB. We need a long term answer. Go out and get RGIII.

Posted by: PA Phins fan | March 09, 2012 at 08:49 AM

Agree 1000%. Stop renting QB's, finish the rebuild with a YOUNG qb & be relevant for the next decade. Manning offers NO future. In fact, he delays the future because if he signs, Miami will not be picking a young talented QB.

Sadly, Manning is a stellar regular season QB & a subpar post season QB. His numbers are on the decline for years before the injury. Even his superbowl run in 2006, he threw twice as many int's than TD's. Yet, some fans think Manning is the answer for a Superbowl.

There is no cure for stupid.

DC Dolfan, I hate you, but I actually thought you had a mature mind. I was wrong. There is no reason it should get done by Monday except that YOU WANT TO HAVE THAT INTERESTING NEWS. You are like a child the night before Christmas with that comment. For what possible reason should it get done by Monday? There is no hurry and no chance of that happening. Many, many complex contractual details have to be worked out. Manning might have to be "worked out." Why the heck would it get done by Monday? The only thing pulling for that is juvenile fans wanting a cool headline to read.

Matt Moore will be an outstanding back up QB and maybe signed s a started after a year of daily studying and learning from Peyton

Matt Moore went 6-3 at the end of the season and had Brandon Marshall and co actually held on to some of those perfectly placed footballs by QB Moore and we had an improved O-line, Matt Moore could have easily finished w a 8-1 record

Matt Moore gave us Miami fans a lot of good football in 2011 and is def a keeper at 4 million for the 2012 season

Where is it written that if we sign Manning we don't draft a young QB? Where has Ireland or Philbin said that ANYWHERE? Honest to God, some of you guys just make stuff up to try and make your points. You don't know what the Dolphins plans are and neither do I. I happen to think drafting a guy like Tannehill for 3 years down the road, to learn from a guy like Manning and further work with Sherman would be a great plan. The kid's starting 20 games at QB in College and has a lot of developing to do. Who better to learn things from than a Hall of Fme QB like Manning. This would be a great plan!

HOME has an uncanny ability to predict events and he must be commended.

With that said, my only concern with M2M is our newly hired head coach, Joe Philbin.

The guy wants to build through the draft and install his own system.

Bringing in Peyton within two months of being on the job will present challenges to his budding role as the team leader.

In meetings, on the sidelines, during half-time...players will naturally gravitate to Peyton for leadership, while poor old Joe takes a back seat. I see his ego being bruised and jealousy and resentment settling in over time that will create friction between the two.

I may be off on this assessment, but my gut tells me its a red flag.


Craig, there are just some people who want to crap on everything this team does including getting the best qb on the market. Go figure. I love the peyton setting us back five years comment too. He is the only qb besides Moore that wouldn't set us back at all. If manning can't play, he retires, no harm done. If we get Flynn or rg3 and they suck, they will sit around and collect their chewiest and force us to cut them and get hit on the cap. And that doesn't even factor losing many premium picks to get rg3



have a HAARPy day :(

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com

Home was right about Manning coming to Miami, but this time Home is wrong about the timing. It won't be announced on Monday. Too many details to work out and he *will* listen to other teams' ideas first.

Anyone who still advocates getting Flynn is 70% clueless and 30% ignorant.

For the Miami Dolphins organization to take such desperate risk on a player in exchange for maybe three years of even excellent performance, or more likely good performace, is inconceivable.

I've thought all along that Denver would be involved in this at some point.

Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2012 at 10:04 AM

would you like a pat on the back? maybe a medal? maybe a monument? who really cares? all of your posts have 1 of these.."I told ya so's" in it.

get over yourself you blow harding ego maniac


Well said at 10:19am. Totally agree. I actually think this fanbase has a fear of success. The team's been so mediocre for so long, I think people are actually scared of having success again and then being letdown at some point. It's easier to bash and remain mediocre...it's safe and comfortable for some people.

There is no cure for stupid.

Posted by: U R ALL KIDDING YOURSELVES | March 09, 2012 at 10:13 AM

Speaking of stupid, I'd like to introduce you to home!

Manning said he was open to an incentive laden contract. So what's the big risk in signing him besides missing out on Flynn and RGIII?

IMO...this deal DOES get done before the start of FA.
Peyton is smart enough to realize that the team who signs him will take a different approach to both FA & the draft to help complement his style of play as well as surrounding him with the right tools.

Teams must know one way or the other so they can proceed with their strategic plans prior to the Colts release of him this week.

Peyton knew this was coming back in Dec when the Colts locked up the #1 pick and Andrew Luck. He's been researching teams strengths and weaknesses just in case Irsey cut him.

The guy is human and lays awake at night just like you and me when a big event is taking place in ones life..trust me the guy knows where he wants to go and its going to happen faster than most of you believe it will.

M2M by COB on Monday!

Happy Friday to you too blow hard. This is a blog where you get to express 'opinions'. You might have heard of it. If it bothers you, you can choose not to read my comments or f*ck off somewhere else...I really couldn't care. Some of us are pretty excited about the prospects of Maning coming here and if that doesn't jive with you then too bad.

OK, you can go back to your miserable existence now....enjoy the weekend!

Craig...don't take the hook, he wants to drag you into his lonely world.

AKansas City just offered Manning a contract. And Ladanian says Miam's front 7 is one of the best in the league.


I agree woith your comments above. I think this gets done by Monday. Right now Manning is the 'belle of the ball'. There's nobody else out there that teams can even talk to right now. That all changes Tuesday. I think Manning, as you've said, has a short list of teams he wants to go to. I believe that would include Miami, Arizona, possibly Denver and possibly KC. I think intense conversations happen over the weekend and Manning signs Monday pending passing a physical. Just my two cents....


You're right man....thanks for the advice.

Wait,Home at the Herald,don't go.Stick around a little bitlonger.Tell Us more about the ex-Colts that will follow.
Thx for filling my weekend with SO MUCH HOPE.
HELL YEAH.GO DOLPHINS! Also, Home at the Herald,what jersey # will Mr.Peyton Manning wear?

Wow! People are getting uptight about this QB situation. The needing to feel right about it is just a maturity thing.

I feel the Dolphins are in play for Payton,and that to go after him is the right choice. It's very proven against unproven choices available and Ross needs to win now. The medical issues are the risk you take, and any team signing him would have to have him get a team physical. I'm not sure about contract signing protocol in the NFL but you would figure a physical would be mandatory at some point.

See Craig, this is why I took such umbrage to your painting me as an Ireland-hater last week. I feel like I'm firm but fair (like the boxing referee). I criticize Ireland for things which I believe are completely debatable (his record up to this point).

But I don't go as far as to hope he gets it wrong (like I've read), or EXPECT him to make the wrong choice (like I've read), or browbeat every choice available.

I understand either of these choices carry risks and rewards. Manning might or might not work. Ditto Flynn. Ditto RG3. Ditto sticking with Moore.

Also, I'm giving Ireland the room to be the GM and make the choice HE feels is best, and then let the Coaches work with that personnel, and see what happens then. And only THEN would I comment on how well I feel that went. Plus, I've said I will not criticize Ireland if Manning goes down Week 1 (or doesn't win us a SB) because I think any "attempted" upgrade of the QB position is a respectable move for Ireland to make.

These posters are showing you hating for the sake of hating. That's a FAR DIFFERENT perspective than I have.

Most importantly, in the end, I want WHATEVER choice Ireland makes to work out, because more than anything I just want the team to be successful, that's all that matters to me.

Spell check ..... meant Peyton.


Good post at 10:41am. Most sense you've made in weeks....LOL.

I think the most important aspect here is his health, in the sense of how long is he going to last. Half a Season? 1 Season? The lenght of whatever contract he signs for? Not even the Doctors know that.

Happy Friday to you too blow hard. This is a blog where you get to express 'opinions'. You might have heard of it. If it bothers you, you can choose not to read my comments or f*ck off somewhere else...I really couldn't care. Some of us are pretty excited about the prospects of Maning coming here and if that doesn't jive with you then too bad.
OK, you can go back to your miserable existence now....enjoy the weekend!
Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2012 at 10:30 AM

my comment was about you professing to the blog, as usual, about you being right. it actually had nothing to do with manning to miami or denver. LOL anything to give yourself a reason to rant LMAO put your ego on the shelf & get some better reading glasses!


So Quilimbo you want to draft RG3 and suck for 3 years while he gets adjusted to the NFL game, instead of being relevant for the next 3 years with Manning and suck after that. Am I right?

KC brings in the heat. Matt Cassel will be our new QB?

I hope that someday this organization will grow a pair and DRAFT their own QB....not in the 2nd round or 3rd round......DRAFT their OWN stinkin' QB in the first round. Even if it's a swing and a miss, it's better than what has been going on the past 15 years. Grow a pair already Dolphins!

I'm not the biggest fan of Ryan Mallett, but I still can't believe he slipped in the draft and Miami moved up to the 2nd to take.....Thomas. Nothing against Thomas, but Mallett would have been a far better pick there....and probably just as productive. I'm fearful that he will be throwing TD bombs against the Dolphins in the near future and probably for a decade plus.

He wants to be in a small market people!!

Don't believe those comments going around that D players are going to take it easy on Peyton. That's not the nature of the Beast. Besides,if one of those monster rushers sees that Manning is killing them, they will try to get him out of the Game. For sure. I'd do the same thing.


You may want to change your name to Clueless. Many recent rookie QB's have made the playoffs over the last few years. RG3 can too.

If you want to just automatically assume he will suck for 3 years, fine. I see a superior athlete and student that will progress rapidly just as other rookie have. The thinking that top pick QB's need 3 years on the bench is old school. They don't and they have proved it.




As a follow-up to your 10:41 am post. My problem with you is, you say "I want Ireland to make whatever choice Ireland wants" and you're 'giving Ireland the room to be GM' but afterwards you rip him to shreds if he gets it wrong. NEWSFLASH....every GM in the league gets it wrong along the way. I've pointed out Bellichick as a guy who consitently gets it wrong (great coach but questionable draft and FA record since Pioli left). He always seems to get a free pass. Ireland and Ross are TRYING to make this team better any way they can. I could see the point in criticizing them if they did nothing and said 'we're committed to Moore'. Status quo isn't good enough....applaud them for that! Not every move works out. If this miss out on Manning, I'm sure they will be in talks to get Flynn. If this miss out on Flynn, I'm sure they will be trying to trade up for RGIII. If they miss out on RGIII, I'm sure they'll be looking at guys like Campbell or Kolb (should he become available). They have a plan. Guys don't need to like it but they do have a plan.

You guys confuse hate with opinion or criticism. Get off it already. What do you want, just fans that come here sucking lollipops all day? Really. You spout your opinions like people are dumb if they don't agree.

Half of you want 7th round Flynn, that same half that complains about Ireland picking acorns. Flynn is an acorn and is not starter material. That is the insiders consensus being reported. Henne is going to command far more interest than Flynn.

Scouts Inc rates Tannehill average in arm strength and no long ball. You either have that or you don't. They rate is accuracy average at best. They say no way he deserves a first round pick. Some of you want to groom him behind Peyton. That strategy has failed us endlessly. I'd rather go after the best possible.

That is why I am against more overhyped acorns like Flynn and Tannehill. Peyton is not even ready today by his own admission. I'm sick of hearing about his rehab and he isn't even on our team. He is a band aid IMHO and I don't see him returning back to form after all his surgerious and nerve regeneration issues. If he does, great, I'll be wrong, but I don't see it happening. His rehab has been going on forever now.

So tell me I am a hater and a jet fan and whatever else you need to do to make yourselves look like whiny children.

Manning said he was open to an incentive laden contract. So what's the big risk in signing him besides missing out on Flynn and RGIII?

Posted by: Dan | March 09, 2012 at 10:26 AM


He's still going to command roughly $10M guaranteed....the incentives will simply add up to the roughly $30-$35M he would have made with the Colts this year. Personally, I don't care....not my money and there are ways to work around the salary cap. I'm just sayin'.....seems like a lot of people think Manning is going to sign for next to nothing and have it all in incentives....not going to happen that way.

So, if M2N lands in Miami, it will be an absolute must to protect him. Solidify that OL, specially the R side. Have some good blocking RBs back there. And we'll see.

To say he is not healthy is INACCURATE!! Poor reporting, we all know you do not want Manning Armando. Accurate reporting would be that he is healthy but not ready to play today. Not in football shape or strength.

He will want 3-4 year deal 40-50 locked. Then 8-10 salary. he will get his 90-100 million. Now way will he take less guaranteed.

I will admit I was not a fan of signing Manning. But after thinking about it and looking at this team overall Im just about on board. However, I hope the Fins do sign him to a performance based deal with options after each year. He might not go for that but I think that is the best way to go.


I hear this argument about Mallett all the time. There is NO proof as of yet that Mallett will be a good NFL QB, so I realize you're just expressing an opinion. The reality of the situation was (and I've argued this point a HUNDRED times), at the draft last year, the Dolphins had no one who could start at RB for them. They'd made up their mind to say good bye to Brown and Williams, which turned out to be a smart decision. Logic would suggest drafting a young RB and getting 4-5 years out of him, which is typical for a running back in the NFL these days. Top three guys are gone by the time the second round rolls around. What are you going to do? Trade up to get one or sit in the 3rd round and hope someone drops to you? Wouldn't guys have taken Ireland to task if he'd waited in the third and a few more running backs got snapped up? Then what? OK, let's wait until the CBA gets settled and grad a couple in FA. But who and when? And what if guys don't come here? I'd much rather he did what he did and GUARANTEE we got a RB than sat on his hands and waited. Gusy could argue that Demarco Murray was the guy to get later and in hindsight that might be right but they want a power back and that's not Murray. To this day, even if Thomas doesn't work out, I have NO problem with what Ireland did to get a running back. Guys bring up the fact that he tradeda 3rd, 5th and 7th for him like he broke one of the ten commandements. It's nonsense. He did what he had to to get a back and regardless of what people say, that's not selling the farm.

If Manning brings us even two years of playoff runs and super bowl contention I'm all for it. What's the alternative? 2 More years of 6-10, or if we're really lucky 8-8?

Last I checked the Patriots still have Tom Brady.

Take what we can when we can and worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

Wow people are still having Mallet conversations. Do you still talk about te girl you should have asked out to prom??? Move on!

That Philbin and Ireland might not particularly like the move? They should understand. Ross to sell seats, and us Fans, to have a great QB to lead us to the Playoffs(and beyond).

All the talk about how the Colts cut Manning because of all these injury reasons. The Colts cut Manning because they have the #1 pick and LUCK is the best QB prospect SINCE Peyton. Circumstances dictate they have no choice really. If they do not have the #1 pick or Andrew Luck is not in the draft this year then Manning is still a Colt. Period.

Craig M - My point was to illustrate this organizations complete lack of BALLS and utter unwillingness to take any risk to find a long term solution to QB. I'm tired of the rent-a-QBs and 2nd round acorns. Take a first round prospect already....it's only the most important position on the field.

Like I said, not a big Mallett fan....but given the luck of this franchise, I fear that it will come back to bite for decades.

thavafin - you obviously have reading comprehension problems.


You say the idea of drafting a first round QB and grooming him for three years has 'failed us endlessly'. Can you give us ONE example of who you are talking about? This has NEVER been the Dolphins approach. They like to draft guys AFTER the first round and usually have the guy playing within a year or less. This isn't how the Packers do things.

You're quick to write off a 22 year old QB, who many consider athletic and who has started 20 games in College. The problem is that neither you nor the scouts nor myself know exactly what Tennehill will become. You talk like it's etched in stone but it's not. You're talking about Tannehill in the same definitive tone that caused Brees and Rodgers to drop in the draft. The reality is that the Tannehill you see today may or may not be what he may become as an NFL QB. But at this point it's all conjecture. I think what some of us are saying is, why not take a 'chance' on the kid. It's not any different than what you are saying about RGIII. He's not guaranteed to have success either, as we've seen from guys like Leaf, Russell, Couh, Carr, Akili Smith, Harrington, Mire.....

Do I need to go on? We like RGIII.....we don't like the price it takes to gt him.


I agree with your point. I'm all for taking a first round QB too. Mark and others showed me the light. I think this year I'd prefer to go pass rush IF Manning signs, at 8. But I would do all I could to get back into the first to take Tannehill. I've seen enough of him to want to take the risk and let him develop. This year's second and maybe next year's second to get back into the first to get him. I don't care if people think that's nuts or not, it's time to get one of these well thought of QBs.

winning meaningless games in 2011 has turned the miami dolphins fanbase into a psychiatrists wet dream. anyone else find themselves laying awake at 3am thinking "who should we get? peyton, flynn rg3...help mommy". i have no clue(no offense mr clue). i would love to see them get rg3 but i think starry-eyed stephen is going after peyton.damned the torpedos (and philbin & ireland)and full speed ahead. just draft a lot of passrushers because if peyton cant go then matt more and a ny giant like front 7 can take us deep and maybe all the way.

Dolphins. DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give up the house, the whole draft if needed, to draft either of the two top college prospects.
What do the Dolphins have to lose????????????????


And wolf,

One other point. Ireland's only being running the show for the last two years...tops. I know we're all frustrated that this team has been inept for way too long but the stuff that happened before he got here, really wasn't his fault. I think we know why they didn't take a QB early the last two years. They had to find out what they had in Chad Henne. People can say 'well we already knew that he wasn't good enough' but nobody can after only a season of starting. If that were the case then Brees and Aikman would have been out of the league a long time ago and Elway wouldn't be in the Hall of Fame today. Any young QB needs TIME to develop as an NFL QB. If not, then the Rams should be looking to replace Bradford right now, the Bucs should get rid of Freeman, the Lions should have got rid of Stafford and the Niners never would have had Smith take them to a 13-3 season. It takes time.

Craig, M, spot on, which is why I keep telling you morons that Chad Henne is to the Dolphins what Steve Young was to the Bucs.

John Valdes,

Couldn't we turn that around and say 'what does the team have to lose signing Manning'? I don't get your point. What do they have to lose? How about 4-5 premium talent players that could have helped this team become Super Bowl contenders. Is that enough for you?

"the chances of good players being healthy and being allowed to become free agents is very minimal in the National Football League."

sounds like coach Philbin isn't as excited with bringing in Manning as the fans. I'm not getting my hopes up on this one.

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