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Manning will trim teams before, you know, trimming teams

How to sign Peyton Manning?

It is not as easy as inviting Manning over to the Dolphins facility, shaking his hand, passing him a blank contract and asking him to fill it in and sign. Some fans wouldn't mind the Dolphins operating that way, but that is not the way it's done.

That doesn't mean there aren't several other approaches that range from making it easy on the guy to taking a more in-depth approach that could actually reveal enough reasons not to sign Manning or could be off-putting to Manning.

First, the Dolphins must get from the Manning camp a signal that they are included among the teams he would be interested in joining. I'm told this will be the first step in the process because, although Manning has been contacted by approximately one third of the NFL, he's only interested in a handful of teams at best.

So the initial decision is his in that he will trim teams from consideration.

Assuming the Dolphins are among Manning's handful of favorites, they'll find out if he intends to visit with each team. If that's the case, they already have an advantage because the guy is a 40-minute drive (or 13-minute helicopter ride) from camp. They have the home field advantage!

Beyond that, Miami's braintrust must figure out what exactly they want to see from Manning. Remember, this is not a healthy player we're talking about. Yes, Manning is a star. Yes, he is a future Hall of Famer. But he's not healthy. Not yet anyway.

The Dolphins must decide how much they have to see to convince themselves that its a good idea to hand him the keys to the franchise.

Do the Dolphins need to see Manning throw? I'm sorry but any general manager that accepts that 27-second video as proof Manning is good to go is committing personnel department malpractice. That video proves nothing. So the Dolphins have to ask themselves if they need to see Manning throw a route tree. They have to decided if they must see Manning throw a deep out from the opposite hash mark, a come back, a 9-route, etc...

The Dolphins need to figure out if they must see Manning work out to be sold. Some teams won't sign Manning unless they see this. I think some teams won't require this because, well, desperation is a mighty motivator.

Teams also must decide if they're going to ask Manning for all his medical records. Beyond that, teams must decide if they will buy what those records say, assuming they get a peek, or whether they must also have Manning submit to a physical with team doctors.

Remember, the Colts made the decision to cut Manning without even watching him throw. But Manning's official reason for being cut was that he failed his physical. So can he pass a physical?

(This, by the way, is the step where the Fins got tripped up on the Drew Brees free agency visit. Club doctors recommended Brees not be signed because of his surgically repaired shoulder.)

So that memory, while haunting a different coach and different owner, might still be roaming the halls at Dolphins camp.

The Dolphins must basically decide their comfort level on how much due diligence they're going to do with Manning. They know he's great when he's healthy. But how thorough are they going to be in investigating that health?

And Miami, like all teams, will be making their decisions understanding that other teams might not put Manning through such rigors. Perhaps Manning will be understanding with teams that put him under the microscope. Perhaps he'll get a better vibe from teams that aren't quite so demanding.

No one knows.

So far, not even Manning or the teams.


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Craig - If the Phins land Manning (which I think they will), I'd be all for them drafting Tannehill as well. I just don't see it happening given; 1) this teams history, and 2.) the fact that it is very rare to see a team in "win now" mode (as they would be with Manning) also be planning for the future. If history is an indicator, they will use their picks to surround Manning with as much talent as they can to "win now." They'll be looking for guys that can make an immediate impact on the field, whether offense, defense, or special teams.

An argument for being "win now" and still drafting a QB of the future can be made in RE to the Packers and Favre/Rodgers....however, I would argue that Rogers nose dived in the draft and fell to them. It was simply too good to pass up....similar to what happened with Marino and the Phins. I would argue that the Packers weren't actively seeking a successor to Favre....the chips just fell that way. Same as Shula wasn't seeking out a new QB...Marino just fell into his lap.

He wants to be in a small market people!!
Posted by: ctphinsfan

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/03/it-is-not-as-easy-as-inviting-peyton-manning-over-to-the-dolphins-facility-shaking-his-hand-passing-him-a-blank-contract-an/comments/page/2/#comments#storylink=cpy

Meet CTphinsfan, consistently one of the most wrong people here. Miami is a small market. We ain't NY and we ain't won in 40 years.

The deal WILL NOT be done by Monday, mark my words. You regulars, almost all of you, have confirmed my point that you are stupid children.

You WANT it to be announced by Monday, sort of like how children anticipate Christmas morning. But it will not. You will have to wait weeks to read the news, just like the Fisher "Mustache Man" coach thing.

In the real world, things are shades of grey, not black and white.

If they announce that Manning has been signed on Monday, I will eat my hot girlfriend's thong.

wolfman, the niners actively sought steve young's services when they traded for him back in the 80's and developed him behind montana as a move toward the future. that worked out ok for them.

Craig M @ 11;31 - I totally agree. It does often take time, which is why I've never really given Henne a hard time and I do believe he will go elsewhere and have some success. At this point I don't think he's franchise material, but I still think he's going to be a solid to good QB for somebody.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I think taking Long instead of Ryan was the pretty much the beginning of the end for the Parcells regime and it hadn't even started yet. Don't get me wrong, I love J Long.....but it was just another example in a long list of this organization simply being unwilling to put themselves out there and take a risk.

Also I do not put this all on Ireland/Ross. I know that they aren't responsible for everything in the past....it just ultimately seems to be more of the same at this point.

clarification, small market= indy= KC, Miami itself is not a small city. I am barely on this site as it gets taken over by trollers.

You say the idea of drafting a first round QB and grooming him for three years has 'failed us endlessly'. Can you give us ONE example of who you are talking about?

Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2012 at 11:16 AM

I have never said that. You misinterpreted my post. In my mind Tannehill is no first rounder even if some dumb GM picks him in the first round. Now Flynn, he was a later rounder, and some of the others being discussed fall right into the same category as our Hennes and Becks and Whites and FA pick ups.

wolfman, the niners actively sought steve young's services when they traded for him back in the 80's and developed him behind montana as a move toward the future. that worked out ok for them.

Posted by: The Crusher | March 09, 2012 at 11:39 AM


You seem to have missed my point. I said it was RARE! Which it is. Where did I ever say it wouldn't work out. In fact, I advocated for just that in my post....simply said that I didn't think it would happen given this organizations history and the fact that it is RARE!

Yeah, how did that Medical Exam work out for you with Drew Brees? He ONLY WON A SUPER BOWL after Miami Doctors passed on him for Gimp Duante.

Oh and what's the chances of Miami getting Griffin? Slim to None without giving up 2 first rounders which kills their future ability to build. Miami is not 1 or 2 pieces away so the Draft is HUGE. We need MORE players NOT Less - See perennial Super Bowl Contender NE Pats and how they STOCKPILE Draft picks instead of Gambling them away.

You can still draft Tennehill if you want to learn behind Manning or just let Moore learn behind Manning.

Again, Miami still needs lots of Players to become Elite. Don't screw it up by throwing away an entire draft for 1 player. Ireland isn't great. He needs MORE chances to get the draft right vs less.

Manning and his wife love Miami, obviously. Who wouldn't? Hot chicas everywhere. For the wife, lots of shoes to buy.

I wish everyone would STFU about Drew Brees not being signed. There is no guarantee that he would have succeeded with this team back then and he may have been ruined just like all the other QB's were ruined.

Now that Sparano is gone, and some of the other bozo's, maybe we can develop QB's if we don't get Peyton. But Peyton looks like a good idea if he can stay productive for a couple of years.

Wolfman, you got that right on long v Ryan. I love Jake but it was a tragic case of not being bold enough. Nobody there thought Ryan was a bust, they just though Jake was the more sure bet. That is fine with all factors being equal but the qb position is the most important by miles and you need to take risks with that position.

Peytons age and injuries are a risk

Rg3's price tag is a risk

But you can't be scared.

Nugent you moron troll. Still love Henne, then root for his next team.

Brian - If Miami is indeed NOT one or two pieces away then I doubt Manning will grace us with his presence. He has about a 2-3 year window and wants another ring. If Miami doesn't fit that bill, then he's not coming anyway.

Actually, your argument actually makes more sense to sell the farm and get RG3. If we're not a piece or two away, then it really doesn't matter. You solidify the QB position potentially for the next decade and build around him with whatever you have remaining in the draft, future drafts, and FA. Since it would be a rebuild, a good 3-4 years would be reasonable.

For the one that claims Manning doesn't like big media therefore isn't coming here, GIVE US A BREAK! Miami has mostly clown media. They're about as tough as rubber nails.

wolfman i did not miss your point. i agree it is rare. that is why i only pointed out that one instance. i could not come up with another. it's also rare that teams get as lucky as the colts to go from a hof QB to another potential great. the phish are just snakebitten. i sometimes think the 72 team was a blessing and a curse. i sincerely hope they take the rg3 risk but again it's the dolphins so i dont think so

I realize it comes with the territory for some of you guys to desperately (and comically) try to present yourselves as "experts" on everything from 21-year-old draft prospects to the thought processes of coaches and general managers, but when you take your delusions to MEDICAL prognostication you truly start to sound like complete nitwits.

The fact of the matter is that you have ZERO knowledge of Peyton Manning's current health, not do you have the slightest idea how he will (or won't) progress over time. None whatsoever.

If you want to stick to the same old, same old of parroting ESPN talking heads about players and throw out terms like "field awareness" and "initial burst" in some attempt to actually sound as if you know what the hell you're talking about (even though you really don't) that's fine. It's what fans do, regardless of how silly it actually is.

But medical expertise? Puhleeze. I don't know who you think you're kidding but it sure as hell isn't me.

the good thing is we'll have a new QB this year. Either manning, flynn, rgIII or tannehill.

the good thing is we'll have a new QB this year. Either manning, flynn, rgIII or tannehill.

Posted by: BoulderPhinfan | March 09, 2012 at 11:57 AM


Or Weeden........I've actually seen a couple of mocks that have Miami taking Weeden at 8 and Washington taking Tannehill at 6. I pretty much think that this blog would explode.

i dont know if tannehill or flynn are upgrades over what matt moore might be able to give us (or even "between the 20's" chad who played for the most stoneage uncreative coaches to ever carry a clipboard & wear a headset). i really wish we could get mr robert the 3rd.


Here is what you said to me earlier:

'Scouts Inc rates Tannehill average in arm strength and no long ball. You either have that or you don't. They rate is accuracy average at best. They say no way he deserves a first round pick. Some of you want to groom him behind Peyton. That strategy has failed us endlessly. I'd rather go after the best possible'.

First of all, your comment makes it sound like there is consensus on Tannehill. There is not. Guys like Mayock and Brandt LOVE this guy. They aren't saying ANY of the things that you are saying. Both of these guys have Tannehill going top ten. I've seen others say he's mid to late first round. SO I'm not sure where you're getting this 'consenus' that he's all the things you say he is. That's made up.

I'll go back to my original point, it's all guesswork at this point. There's NO proof that RGIII will be a better QB than Tannehill in the NFL, scouts and GMS have been wrong time after time amd further to my point, this idea of drafting a guy in the first round and letting him sit and learn is NEW to the Dolphins. They've never done it...start now!

Probably should have posted this yesterday on the balancing FA with the draft blog.....

But I do find it rather ironic that the Phins bring in Philbin to (one would assume) bring some of that "Packer way" to Miami....and then turn right back around and say, "never mind, we're going to acquire a 36 year old QB that we have no idea whether he'll be ready to play or not....and to boot, we're probably going to acquire his aged wide receiver as well."

So much for brining the "Packer way" to Miami....maybe in 3 or 4 more years if Philbin lasts that long. My guess is that any failure will be layed squarely on the shoulders of Philbin even though he wasn't given the opportunity to draft and bring in his players for his system and his philosophy.

weeden would make sense in the second round.

If Manning signs with Miami (and I really hope he does), it will stop all of the disrespect that our team has suffered over the past few years. Orton, Fischer, Harbaugh, etc.

Players and coaches have used the thought of going to Miami to drive up their price with other teams. It has made us a laughing-stock in the NFL.

But, signing one of the greatest players to ever play the game would finally give some legitimacy to the franchise as an actual place to play, not just a place that you talk about going to just to raise your stock on the market.

We're tired if being the red-headed stepchild of the NFL!!!


M2M, baby!


Really good post at 12:06pm. I guess he's going to have to be OK with Manning if that's the way Ireland decides to go.

Boulder - 2nd round, yes....at 8.....I think this blog would explode. Of course, those mocks that I've seen with Weeden going 8 to the Phins also have Miami losing out on the Manning sweepstakes.

It is interesting though.....what if neither Miami nor Washington acquire either Manning or Flynn and Cleveland ends up with RG3. Would Washington really reach for Tannehill at 6? Would Miami really reach for Weeden at 8?


At any rate, last day of my little vacation week and it's finally nice outside....think I'll take the old mountain bike out to the Sandia foothills and romp a bit.

Enjoy the debate today everyone!

Peyton is old, high risk from injuries and everyone is saying good for maybe 2-3 years...NO!

Flynn: Not much to judge with, reportedly has a noodle arm, high risk he may be a Kolb or the guy at Chiefs

RGIII: Hear that no way Miami outbids Browns or Skins.

Tannehill: Too raw, will go too high relative to risk.

Weedon: Old for a rookie, but this is my pick...

Who cares what I think!!

here you go:
ESPN's Adam Schefter suggested Friday that the media "circus" that ensued after Peyton Manning touched down in Miami following his release by the Colts may have affected his outlook on playing for the Dolphins. PFT's Mike Florio called it a "South Florida frenzy." Citing people who know Manning, Schefter reported that the helicopter chases were especially "jarring" for a person who is unaccustomed to over-the-top, paparazzi-style media coverage. Manning probably hasn't ruled out the Dolphins yet, but this is a factor he'll have to consider when contemplating whether to play for the Fins

Read that Brian and Nugent? Chasing him around, is not the best thing. Miami is no a small market, fins maybe but not the city. KC and Indy r.


I stated my source on the Tannehill information, Scouts Inc. The consensus I spoke about was regarding Flynn. That was coming from reporters on the popular sites relaying what they've been hearing about him from their nfl sources (implied gm's or scouts) that wanted to remain anonymous. How anyone can see Flynn as an upgrade to Moore is beyond me.

Watch, after Peyton the most sought after FA QB will be Henne, not Flynn.

sorry again folks, but the reality of manning choosing miami, is fading very quickly. it comes down to the to clowns ross and ireland again being the deciding factor. just do the only thing that would save those two and that is give up everything and get rg3!

the biggest HEIST IN HISTORY.........





People who say the price is too big for RG3, is it really higher than the price we've paid by not giving up a wad for a QB? We've spend years on half missed picks and our on our longest losing streak in history. What have those picks we didn't give up brought us exactly?

Trade the farm, the farmers daughter, and the dog for RG3.





Really good post at 12:06pm. I guess he's going to have to be OK with Manning if that's the way Ireland decides to go.

Posted by: Craig M | March 09, 2012 at 12:11 PM

Craig M, gotta LOL at the thought it's the way Ireland decided to go.

Philbins words were measured. I think this FO thinks like me :), they need to feel reasonably confident Manning will be in top form, not 80 percent form, before they pull the trigger on him.

I am still curious why we have not heard yet about a meeting or workout for Manning being set up anywhere yet. And he wants to decide in a week?

WOW -- forget about Blackmon slipping. Was just reported by Mortensen of ESPN that he ran a 4.46 at his pro day.

Did someone say Miami was a "small market?" They may want to look at the numbers (or come out from that cave stuck in 1965 they've been living in).

The Miami MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) is now the 5th biggest in the country, surpassing Philadelphia in the last census.

Miami is a HUGE metropolitan area. The days of it being a sleepy retirement haven ended decades ago.

CBSSports.com claim that Manning has narrowed it down to 3 teams; Miami, Washington, and Denver. How they know that is beyond me. I say it's pure speculation. Much like everything on this blog.

And, many are concerned about the FOUR surgeries that he's had. Having had back surgery myself (times 3), let me say this. The first few were to try and relieve pressure on the nerve. Basically, they go in and scrape the bone so that it doesn't touch the nerve. Barring that, the last procedure was a bone fusion where the disc is removed and replaced with bone (usually from the hip) and the whole thing is fused together with titanium rods and pins. Structurally, this leaves it stronger than before once the bones fuse together. Usually, that occurs within six months from surgery. However, the nerve heals differently. It takes longer in most cases. And, that is what he's dealing with. Waiting for the nerve to heal itself which it can do since it wasn't completely severed. That's why he was having problems throwing the football. But, now he's able to throw it some, which is a good sign. Now, the worry is whether or not he can throw for extended periods of time. Does the arm give out after 15 minutes? 30? No one really knows how strong it will be once the season begins. But, the fact that he IS throwing at all is a good sign that he'll be ready!

So, if any of you are actual doctors (hahahaha! Sorry, that's just funny to me), please feel free to jump in and verify or refute what I just posted.


Just sign him. Cut the bull Armando. You have been against it from the beginning. I would rather sign him and get one or two years to find the right long term answer. It won't impact the draft and it might be a home run. It is only money that will be lost if it does't work out. This is not rocket science and it makes total sense.

Right now they should have the full quart press for Manning!! They simply have to get him!! There is no plan B in my eyes.

We know the talent we are going to get. The respect and work ethic is unmatched. The Dolphin team and offense needs this. Another nice thing is we have a HC and OC that are quality offensive minds!!

Then Jeffy has all his picks and draft the positions we need!!

WOW -- forget about Blackmon slipping. Was just reported by Mortensen of ESPN that he ran a 4.46 at his pro day.
Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 09, 2012 at 12:41 PM

that's the first interesting thing anyone has said on this blog today.

Craig, Wolf,
I agreee with you both on the Philbin vs. Manning thing.
It's obvious he's holding his tongue on this. Granted there's no one that DOESN'T want Peyton on their team, but at what cost, and what does it do to the rest of your plans?
If I'm Philbin, i treat Peyton as my really great outgoing regent, who'll keep me in games and set up a nice table for me to operate from in the respectability game. I give him a lot of leeway, BUT... I was hired because of the plan I presented, and I fully plan on instituting it. If I get fired it's because my plan failed, NOT because my owner did something that changed my philosophy.
Philbin comes across very smart. I have faith he'll find a way to merge all this together. Peyton won't have carte blanche.

But, i get the distinct feeling that if Peyton chooses a different team, Philbin won't lose any sleep.

Henne will find work in the Arena league.

Right now they should have the full quart press for Manning!! They simply have to get him!! There is no plan B in my eyes.

We know the talent we are going to get.

Posted by: JOE PHILBIN CLIPBOARD | March 09, 2012 at 12:48 PM

We don't know, nobody knows what condition Manning is in.





Waste of time reading this blog.

Manning can run the West Coast! Player and coaches for the Colts say that Peyton used to love to run the Practice Squad so he could operate in another team's system. He's a student of the game! There should be no problems running whatever Philbin and Sherman want. But, if they're smart, they won't hand-cuff him and let him change plays/call audibles at the line because that's where he's most effective!

It is also possible Ireland will pass on Manning, just like Irsay did.


An attempt at an unbiased look at our chances of signing Manning:

1. Seattle -

easy division to win, some fair talent on the team. Weather is bad, but Indy was no picnic. No popular QB to displace, easy to slide in. Carrol is an easy coach to deal with. Domed stadium. But... who the heck wants to go to Seattle? Just seems unattractive in general despite the pluses. Plus, Peyton prefers the AFC - prob because all his homework has been done on thos eteams, and he knows what he's facing immediately wherever he goes there. He'd have a lot of research to do on all those NFC teams to play them twice a year.

2. Arizona - warm, good talent on the roster, easy slide in, except that Kolb will be a distraction to ownership since they sank so much $ into him. Again, division is easy, but AFC is preferable. O-line needs work, might be a sore spot. Maybe.

3. Washington - Owner issue, weather, head coach is a veteran OC, and superbowl winner, offense roster looks lame. Play Eli twice a year. This sounds like a NO from the start. Snyder will throw serious cash at PM, the only real factor.

4. KC - they would trade one of their current QBS, they have too many "starters" right now. Roster looks OK, the weather is bland, and it's outdoors. Nothing to do there for Mrs. manning. Easy division though. Seems lame on the surface, but may be a top prospect overall. Maybe.

5. Denver - This one seems the second dumbest. COntroversy every day on PM vs. Tebow, PM will start but how often will he have to field questions on Tebow, Tebow's progress, fans wanting tebow to start if Manning has a bad game, etc etc. Elway loving the winning, but not loving the comparisons to his own legend, and will come across chilly unintentionally. Fox likes run. run, run ...and Peyton likes pass, pass, pass. Seems a square peg in a round hole to me.

6. Jets - NYC is ELi's town, and PM will be second fiddle to his little brother. Awkward at best. Outdoors, cold and annoying head coach to boot. Seems like a NO.

7. 5 other teams. Unknown who they are.

8. Dolphins - New offensive minded HC, warm weather, lots to do for Mrs. Manning (they already live here)... so also easiest transition. No young Qb to displace (yet), fair talent on the roster. HC is luke-warm about this affair though, and the WCO isn't Peyton's thang, although not entirely wrong for him either. Excellent LT, best out of the teams mentioned above. Doubt Philbin will give him free reign, but will give a lot of leeway. Brady twice a year - tougher, but I think peyton prefers the challenge. Maybe.

So it's breaks down IMO to this:
Miami, Arizona, KC as the best bets, Seattle as a wildcard.


"I happen to think drafting a guy like Tannehill for 3 years down the road, to learn from a guy like Manning and further work with Sherman would be a great plan."

Craig M. I have posted this a zilliion times in different ways for the past couple of months, and nobody responds to it. I would like to discuss HOW we make this happen.

I believe that if we trade back a few picks, (as long as we stay in front of Seattle) that we could gain an extra draft pick and have enough (maybe by adding a player like Hartline?) to trade back into the tail end of the first round. I think Seattle will pick Tannehill in the first round if he's available at pick 12. If we pull off this trade, I would be in favor of drafting Tannehill with our first pick, then a DE/OLB with our second pick. I believe that we can shore up the O-Line and Secondary with later picks and/or free agents. Case in point? Sign Jeff Saturday, let Pouncey slide over and learn from Saturday for a year or two, then get Murtha, Jerry, Carey, or a free agent like Jared Gaither to cover the RT spot. The O-Line would be dominant and set with just some later round picks for depth.

I feel VERY STRONGLY about Ryan Tannehill playing under Philbin / Sherman, ESPECIALLY if he can sit for a couple of years and learn from Peyton Manning. I agree he would be a project if expected to start this season, and that there would be growing pains. Frankly, if Manning were'nt available, I'd be willing to draft Tannehill and wait it out under this new coaching staff.

I have only one remaining concern with signing Manning. I'm not sure how the offensive system is going to work out with Manning coming in at QB. Philbin and Sherman are firmly entrenched in their offensive philosophy and so is Manning. Can they find a happy medium? Do we want a happy medium? Will the happy medium work? Might Manning be such a team player that he could just learn the offensive system (he's certainly intelligent enough to learn it), and run it? Would he be as effective under Philbin's/Sherman's offense? I feel that if we just hand Manning the reins to the offense and let him run it as he sees fit, that we are wasting Philbin's and Sherman's expertise.

The only other minor concern I have is the salary cap, and making it all work. I think it can be done with a good bit of creative restructuring of existing contracts.

If Manning goes to Denver (which rumor is Manning is looking that way), will the Broncos then try to trade Tim Tebow? My guess is Tebow goes to Jacksonville.

Miami and Cleveland will go after Matt Flynn. Let's say Flynn goes to Cleveland.

Skins trade up for RGIII (Cause Ireland doesn't have the balls to do it).

Where does that leave Miami? Having to draft Tannehill with the #8 pick?? Ouch!

Waterboy ireland has no say. Ross wants Manning!

I will eat my hat if Manning goes to Denver and they trade Tebow. Awkward and circus wouldn't begin to describe that possibility.

I think Washington is the only worse/less-likely scenario.

Guys if no manning and we cannot get RG3 then Moore starts with Tannehill as the rookie backup!

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