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Manning will trim teams before, you know, trimming teams

How to sign Peyton Manning?

It is not as easy as inviting Manning over to the Dolphins facility, shaking his hand, passing him a blank contract and asking him to fill it in and sign. Some fans wouldn't mind the Dolphins operating that way, but that is not the way it's done.

That doesn't mean there aren't several other approaches that range from making it easy on the guy to taking a more in-depth approach that could actually reveal enough reasons not to sign Manning or could be off-putting to Manning.

First, the Dolphins must get from the Manning camp a signal that they are included among the teams he would be interested in joining. I'm told this will be the first step in the process because, although Manning has been contacted by approximately one third of the NFL, he's only interested in a handful of teams at best.

So the initial decision is his in that he will trim teams from consideration.

Assuming the Dolphins are among Manning's handful of favorites, they'll find out if he intends to visit with each team. If that's the case, they already have an advantage because the guy is a 40-minute drive (or 13-minute helicopter ride) from camp. They have the home field advantage!

Beyond that, Miami's braintrust must figure out what exactly they want to see from Manning. Remember, this is not a healthy player we're talking about. Yes, Manning is a star. Yes, he is a future Hall of Famer. But he's not healthy. Not yet anyway.

The Dolphins must decide how much they have to see to convince themselves that its a good idea to hand him the keys to the franchise.

Do the Dolphins need to see Manning throw? I'm sorry but any general manager that accepts that 27-second video as proof Manning is good to go is committing personnel department malpractice. That video proves nothing. So the Dolphins have to ask themselves if they need to see Manning throw a route tree. They have to decided if they must see Manning throw a deep out from the opposite hash mark, a come back, a 9-route, etc...

The Dolphins need to figure out if they must see Manning work out to be sold. Some teams won't sign Manning unless they see this. I think some teams won't require this because, well, desperation is a mighty motivator.

Teams also must decide if they're going to ask Manning for all his medical records. Beyond that, teams must decide if they will buy what those records say, assuming they get a peek, or whether they must also have Manning submit to a physical with team doctors.

Remember, the Colts made the decision to cut Manning without even watching him throw. But Manning's official reason for being cut was that he failed his physical. So can he pass a physical?

(This, by the way, is the step where the Fins got tripped up on the Drew Brees free agency visit. Club doctors recommended Brees not be signed because of his surgically repaired shoulder.)

So that memory, while haunting a different coach and different owner, might still be roaming the halls at Dolphins camp.

The Dolphins must basically decide their comfort level on how much due diligence they're going to do with Manning. They know he's great when he's healthy. But how thorough are they going to be in investigating that health?

And Miami, like all teams, will be making their decisions understanding that other teams might not put Manning through such rigors. Perhaps Manning will be understanding with teams that put him under the microscope. Perhaps he'll get a better vibe from teams that aren't quite so demanding.

No one knows.

So far, not even Manning or the teams.


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All the possible draft choices for quarterback are good if you don't give too high picks for them, even better if combined w/Peyton.
No matter who we get, well beat the Jets & Sparano's "3 yards & field goal crunch your fist" offense.

Look, Philbin has to know what Matt Moore has, and does not have. If he feels he can be the franchise then he would be fighting to get him in Miami. Forget Peyton, if Moore is the real deal. If Philbin does not think so, then you do all you can to get Peyton. RG3 is not realistic. These guys have to know all the players capabilities as they have all coached them. You don't know how healthy Manning is, but, if you feel he is the best chance to win, then go get him. There should not be a plan b, get the best guy you know, period.

Wolfman, this packer way is hypocritical. Everyone over the age of 32the knows that the move that our the packers back on the map was signing Reggie white as a free agent. It all started there. Before that the packers were the Siberia of the NFL. So bullocks to the idea that you shouldn't sign established free agents.

I mean Matt Flynn.

If you do NOT want Manning in Miami, then the best hope if for WASHINGTON to get him. That will leave RGIII and Flynn going to either the Dolphins or Browns.

Miami could out bid the Browns for RGIII (who isn't too interested in giving up draft picks even though they have 2 #1s). Flynn would go to Cleveland.

This would be a great scenario! (Unless of course you think Manning is the saviour).




Craig M. I have posted this a zilliion times in different ways for the past couple of months, and nobody responds to it.

Posted by: forfortoo | March 09, 2012 at 01:26 PM

So what name did you use the other zillion times?

Well, they could just go with who they have and hope to get the #1 pick next year. That is not a bad thing, but I am tired of a losing team year after year...Would be fun to watch Manning if he can play.


Miami has an easy schedule in 2012. No way we have a high pick next year. This team is too good. We will compete for a wildcard spot even if Matt Moore is our QB the entire season. 10-6 is not unrealistic looking at the schedule.

The time to DRAFT a QB high is THIS YEAR.

Even if we get Manning, I am drafting Tannehill at #8 and letting him learn behind Manning next 2-3 years.



Thats fine if you love Tannehill, 8th pick is tough to give up for a QB who may not be much.

Peyton Manning narrows finalists to Dolphins, Broncos and Cardinals, wants to make decision by Tuesday!


Looks like Arizona is going to be the winner. Go figure.

Manning will meet with:

Denver Friday (Today)
Arizona Saturday

Will make decision Monday & sign on Tuesday.

Signing A QB who can not or will not pass a physical is beyond stupidity. If a QB refuses to have a try out, you dont sign him. Its as simple as that. As DC said, the timetable here is short, I just hope Miami does not throw a contract together just because his name is Manning.

Maybe that is a good sign, whenever Fins meet guys first they sign some place else. Look at Fisher, see what they offer then tell Miami..pay me more.

"So what name did you use the other zillion times?"

Hehehe, Same name, just gave up after a while. Care to actually discuss my comments?

"Manning will meet with:
Denver Friday (Today)
Arizona Saturday

No balls, Confirmed fact or just opinion? If fact could you tell us the source?

If Ireland has been listening to most of the bloggers advice on this blog, I can understand why we have been so pathetic for so long. Don't draft a qb at the top of round one. Trade down and get some non-impact player (Koa Misi). Sign a journeyman free agent qb (A.J. Flynn). Man, trade up and get RG3. You won't be spending these blog folks money. And if they can put up with a season like last year, they will idolize Ross once they witness RG3 lead this team to victories.

Some insite on Peyton. His health is just fine. Surgeons have reported in Indy Star, his neck is stronger now than ever before. Nerve regeneration is a huge issue when they are hit with a scalpel, along with muscle tissue. Takes a good 6 months to heal & regain strength (for a non-athlete). This guy has been working his butt off for 5+ months. He's been throwing a lot more lately. I'd bet he's at 80-85% already. He's a freak for work & perfection. He won't lie to teams pursuing him. He won't let anyone down, especially his team and the fans. He was injured & hurting for a few years. It just got worse. The surgery was a success and Doctors will affirm it. This guy at 85% is better than most at 100%. HE interviewed Broncos brass for over 7 hours.
Latest news: STL & WAS deal reached. WAS now has #2 draft pick=RG3 gone. NYJ out of running, gave Sanchez 3 yr extn. Heard Peyton heading to Arizona after Denver. It's a dome, but NFC. He prefers AFC. KC may be in the mix-not certain. Supposedly Peyton meets with Dolphins on Sunday. Apparently they are ready with the best pitch. No time set. Dolphins were not ready when he was right there. But, if they are the final suitor on the tour, it may be the beet shot. Need to keep media from stalking him. If no one has heard yet, Colts also cut 5 key vet players today, more coming/available. As long as you have pieces in place, good things to lure him, make him comfortable, he can make an easy choice. Fantastic QB, good sense of humor, great leader, community driven. You can't go wrong with Peyton Manning. He's a master at his position, studies everything. He's amazing and fun to watch. I've watched him play for many years. You won't be disappointed and your empty seats will fill quickly. Hope Miami lands him. I like Dolphins- looking forward to seeing Peyton kick Brady's butt 2x a season, Miami return to top of AFC East and Pats back to cellar (like when Marino was in town). Go after this man. He's worth it.

If he's 80 percent healthy thaat means he's better thans 80% of the nfl qbs right now ....SIGN THE DUDE, I WANT A SUPERBOWL, ITS BEEN 26 YRS SENCE WE LOST THE LAST ONE WTF


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