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Jeff Ireland speaks to the media

Jeff Ireland is calling various media outlets today to share his viewpoint of what's going on with the Dolphins since the start of free agency and going forward.

About the idea that no one wants to come to play for the Dolphins -- a thread that has even hit national media following Miami's inability to land Jim Harbaugh, Jeff Fisher and Peyton Manning, among others:

"I absolutely think players and coaches want to be here," he said. "When we talk to people about the Dolphins, they still think highly of this franchise, its history, its direction. They have no problem coming here. And sometimes they don't. Sometimes they make other decisions. But it's a two-way street. We make our decisions also."

Ireland declined to be specific regarding the reasons Matt Flynn, Alex Smith and Peyton Manning did not come to the organization. Regarding everyone except Manning, he said, "Most of the time these decisions are about money."

As I have written previously, the Dolphins' pursuit of Flynn came with a caveat: They wanted him at their price. The contract Miami offered Flynn was not as lucrative as the one offered by Seattle. I have also learned the Dolphins stopped their chase of Smith when his price was above what they were prepared to pay.

Ireland declined to give details of any negotiation except to say he "would not be reckless" in making a move that could potentially affect the club's future. Ireland called the Dolphins a "storied franchise," and pointed to the club's commitment to return to that better past. He said owner Stephen Ross is spending over $1 million in updating the club's Davie, Florida training facility to make it more comfortable and football friendly for players.

The club is redoing the locker room among other places.

On the all-important quarterback issue, it seems clear the Dolphins are done (for now) chasing veteran options. Ireland confirmed what newly signed quarterback David Garrard said earlier: Garrard and Matt Moore will compete for the starting job in 2012.

There will be no further chase for Smith or any of the current free agent options on the market. Ireland, however, did not rule out selecting a quarterback in the coming draft.

"There's a chance of that," he said. "Let it run its course."

But in the meantime, Ireland said he is thrilled with the idea of adding Garrard.

"I've been chasing this guy since last year," Ireland said. "He's athletic, he has arm talent, he's got veteran experience, he brings great leadership. We went with a veteran at the position and we talked to Matt and he understands we need to play better at quarterback to get over the hump. So they'll compete and we'll see what happens."

As a result, Ireland seems content for the time being. But if an opportunity comes open, he would study or even chase it.

"Where we are at this juncture, I'm happy where we are at the quarterback position," he said. "You have to remember we're not even halfway through the player acquisition process. We will continue to leave no stone unturned. We have a process in place that we're following but we're also being flexible. And that means when opportunities arise, we bring players in, we talk to them, we work them out, we visit to see where they're at. And then we make decisions.

"I'm not naive to the fact we need more pieces. People think we're blind to that but we're not. We need to have another solid draft. But we're not where we're going to be in August."

One player the Dolphins will not be pursuing is Denver quarterback Tim Tebow. Ireland declined to discuss the topic other than to say, "he is a player under contract to another team so I can't talk about him."

But multiple highly placed club sources have told The Herald today there will be no pursuit of the former University of Florida star. The reasons for this is the Dolphins are unwilling to revamp their offense to suit Tebow and highlight his obvious strengths. The Dolphins intended, instead, to run a West Coast offense in 2012.

The Dolphins traded receiver Brandon Marshall the first day of free agency. Ireland was vague as to the reasons for that trade except to say, "There was not one singular event or singular incident that made us" make the trade.

Marshall was involved in an alleged bar fight in New York the night before Marshall was traded.

Ireland said the trade was made after discussions and in agreement with coach Joe Philbin, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, and yes, owner Stephen Ross. "We all felt it was in the best interest of the team," Ireland said.

The general manager also said there is no resentment by either party on the matter. "Brandon came by camp yesterday and we sat for a while and before he left we gave each other a hug," Ireland said. "There's no hard feelings there."

The Dolphins hope Yeremiah Bell has no hard feelings because on Monday night when Ireland spoke to the strong safety to him him he was being cut, he added that if he found no suitable takers in free agency and the Dolphins had still not filled the strong safety position, the club would be open to taking Bell back. Despite this, Ireland confirmed that for salary cap reasons the Dolphins did not offer to give Bell a pay cut. The club saved the full $4.3 million in salary Bell was to count against the cap.

Ireland is aware that his cutting of Bell ran counter to every indication he gave to the media publicly and to agent Drew Rosenhaus privately. "When I spoke with Drew a couple of weeks ago, I had no intention of making this move," he said. "But things change. Sometimes the allocation of resources makes it necessary to change direction and you make decision that you previously didn't think you'd make."

Ireland called me just after I returned home from the club's training facility. Outside the facility, approximately 20-30 people were gathered across the street protesting the job Ireland has been doing and calling for his ouster.

"I've heard they're out there," Ireland said. "But I haven't seen them. I don't have a window that gives me a view of them. And we've been pretty busy around here to look anyway."


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Jeff Ireland.
The Emperor with No Balls.

Um, flush the franchise down the toilet right now.

Tebow time babay...

...That is some insight right there??? These press conferences are about as informative as learning ancient Chinese manuscript class day 1...The teams keep everything close to the hip(as they should..)Exciting news about the clubhouse renovations...

This franchise is a joke.

Ireland, do us a favor and resign. You are absolutely horrible at your job.

How can we trade for new fans ?

Can you say typical corporate damage control. He said a whole bunch of nothing and The Herald just laps it up like a dog. Bring on baseball, basketball and yes even hockey...cuz football is dead in Miami for the forseeable future. What a shame.

wow...Garrard & Moore at QB, now there's some high-profile names that will fill up all those empty seats.

On a positive note, winning cures ALL...and I don't care if Mickey Mouse is under center, if were 12-4 and going to the playoffs, the rest is moot.

"I absolutely think players and coaches want to be here," he said.

All talk! What does anyone expect him to say?

"I'm an ashole & I know it." Really?

Players are NOT signing here & those are the facts. And it totally contradicts what he thinks!

Get this bum outta town before it's really too late!

Im watching the Manning new conference right now. LOL

Thanks, Armando...very insightful and needed to be out there...

but honestly, his image seems to be irreparable outside of winning multiple playoff games this upcoming season..is there any chance he is replaced after the draft with Brian Gaine and/or Carl Peterson? Waiting a full year to replace him seems like a Sparano situation all over again

He basically said a whole lot of nothing. Doesn't he realize all this privacy makes fans hate him even more? We don't want to know all the details, but at least be more definitive on your answers. We just decided to trade Marshall...It's a two way street to want to come here. I wouldn't be surprised if Ireland turns into a bat at night and turns into smoke.

F....ck you Ireland and Mando stop giving him a BJ!!!
How much are they paying you ass..le!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Gee, I wonder why Ireland called Armando, could it be the tongue bath he gave him in the last blog?

What a tool.

Let's trade Jeff Ireland for a bag of footballs. Bring in the Polians.

I feel better, at least now I know coach Philbin Neither Sherman wanted Marshall, they got to come out with small press conference on weekly basis, explain whats up, we stunk worse before but this secrecy stuff is ridiculous.

...But multiple highly placed club sources have told The Herald today there will be no pursuit of the former University of Florida star. The reasons for this is the Dolphins are unwilling to revamp their offense to suit Tebow (i.e. NO GIMMICKS or GADGETRY) and highlight his obvious strengths (and hide his obvious weaknesses). The Dolphins intended, instead, to run a West Coast offense in 2012...

Well now, how bout them apples.

He is still under the Parcells directions, and leadership skills. He rubs players and people the wrong way always secretitive and sneaky. When the Dolphins have another losing saeson this year it will finally be his last as a G.M. Then he will go back to being a college flunky where he dosent belong. We have been in this position for the last 4 yrs. Hopefully this is the last one. Fan no more!!!!!

Irescum is so full of chit!! He is a waterboy!

Here is a photo of fat tools who are complete losers:


It is amazing to me that the Dolphins are so concerned with "overpaying" for players, yet their roster is filled with a bunch of mediocre players who are generally making more money then what they are worth.

Yes the Dolphins won't commit money to the most important position on the team - QB. Note the Dolphins wanted Flynn, but at their price. IF Miami feels Flynn IS a franchise QB, they should have paid him what he wanted. If they DON'T feel he is a franchise QB, then why even bring him in to negotiate?

It creates the impression that Miami is either cheap (Matt Flynn) or second choice (Alex Smith / Peyton Manning).

Why not come right out and state we don't consider Matt Flynn or Alex Smith to be franchise QBs and therefore we are not interested in signing them? An example of a team who is doing this RIGHT NOW is the Cleveland Browns. They didn't even bother bringing Matt Flynn in as they didn't feel he was an upgrade.

Questions Mando should have asked:
(1) Why not sign Winston when he only wanted 4M per year, wanted to play in Miami, and is an obvious need at RT! If we select a RT in the first round I am going to blow a gasket!

(2) Why not have a free agency plan in place to get a #1 WR when you KNOW you are trading Brandon Marshall? Also why did you get so little in return?

Dolphin fans have a right to be pissed. As for waiting for the draft, we waited for a QB in the draft last year and what did it get us? Ryan Mallet (a first round talent) FALLS and instead of drafting him we trade up for Daniel Thomas?! Look at all of the free agent RBs now no one wants. Yet we still can't find a franchise QB.


Jeff Ireland, the chess master!

Ireland appears to be not telling the truth about the quarterback situation, Ireland stated that "he is thrilled with the idea of adding Garrard", which makes no sense at all, if he wanted Gerrard that bad, why didn't he take him when free agency started last week?. I think Ireland is a snake and it appears that Miami isn't the most desirable place for players to come play.

...Mark in Toronto. @3:09...I'm not sure of that rule. I didn't even think about it. If you are right..I guess my plan sucks..Not that it matters..I was just playing Fantasy GM..I'm going to do some digging. I'm interested to find out the rule just to see..Thanks.

also, I'd to like to mention I am a supporter of Jeff Ireland as a talent evaluator...this roster actually is well-stocked, it's just missing 1 or 2 "star" players and a legitimate QB, but I blame that more on Parcell's nature...

but from an image standpoint, it might be necessary to cut bait on Ireland. A fresh start seems inevitable and necessary.

"We just decided to trade Marshall..."

Im sure not wanting the Marshal bar issue to blow up in our face was the issue for trading him.

People keep pointing out what we do wrong, but what would you do for qb? Not like we had a lot of choices in Luck or RG3 because of price, a huge price.

We might have never had a fair shot at Manning but people blame Ross as if he closed his wallet and Ireland talked about Mannings momma.
People need to chill.

Preseason hasnt even started and your all already swimming in the water rooting for the ship to sink

First time I remember Ireland doing amage control - good for them. I am thrilled to hear they are not going to do the Tebow thing. I love to watch Tebow so long as it's for another team.

Good work today Armando

This franchise will be fine as long as we give philbin the time to draft his own style of players and let him run his team. Trust in the new

Jeff needs to admit he has failed to put a winning product on the field and the team is rebuilding. Then the negativity can shift to Ross for keeping Ireland in the first place. We got another 4 years of inept football before we can get rid of this guy.

I believe Ireland has got to be penny pinching per the request of Stephen Ross??? No??

Here is a photo of 21 total losers:



Now we know why you wrote that post this morning......coincidence.......I DON'T THINK SO......

For shame Armando...For shame....

I hope the "phone call" was worth your journalistic integrity.....


Nothing he said surprised me at all. This is his job and he has a plan, give him time, and after the NFL Draft, you guys can start complaining again. He is not going to tell you that he wants a QB, then every other team will move ahead of us and take our QB. Get real Dolphin fans. He has to be private with his plans, especially so close to the draft. And for the fans sitting outside the practice facility, go have a beer.

Allocation of resources? That sounds like what a college freshman would say.

Look, I don't like Jeff because of who he is as a person. I don't like Jeff because he had ample amount of time to get this right. I don't like Jeff because this team sucks and someone must be blamed. He is the talent scout!

With that being said...Garrard is a good signing. Nothing else he did makes sense.

"He said owner Stephen Ross is spending over $1 million in updating the club's Davie, Florida training facility to make it more comfortable and football friendly for players".

Wow, that should make all free agents want to sign with the Dolphins and make the existing players much more competitive...........

What a complete Joke!

"How can we trade for new fans ?


Problem is Mando gets these guys all fired up by stirring the pot, and he thinks one pro Phin FO story or two will make him seem "fair and balanced". 2 late for that, or its one guy making a ton of anti phin posts

What were peoples expectations before FA started? Has things changed that much? Did we want flynn if Philbin didn't? Did we want manning? Did we want to pay the cost for RG3? If you think about it, all that smacks of desperation had we paid those prices.

Not too many teams to battle for a qb in the draft now...

Hmmmmm, this morning Armando writes a glowing piece on Ireland, then magically he gets a phone call from him for an interview today...I have not seen any "other media outlets" yet with any quotes with Ireland. It all makes sense now.

At least we can put the Tebow idea behind us.

have you ever seen a worse GM? in any sport?

Like the post about trading for some new fans. Some of you gotta be jests fans as stupid as you sound

Flynn got $10mil guaranteed over three years.
That's $3.3mil/year (which is what Henne got form J'ville).
So Miami was offering less than $3.3mil to Flynn?
That's franchise QB money?

Its now my total opinion that Ireland is an idiot. He's vague on every issue of concern. What crap he feeds the fans.

Yo Jeffy Ireland, is your momma a hooka?

PS...I'm glad the prison is finally off lock down. We the fans deserve to know what the heck is INSIDE Jeff's mind. He is the quote unquote, leader, of this team. He is the face of Dolphin football right now.

What he does reflects on the TEAM. No other player, owner or management does that. He is the face! And he needs to get some plastic surgery or something.


I wish we could fire some of the fans.

Yeah Mando its your fault, we fans thought the FO was rocking til you pointed out they weren't. Get real.......SHEEP!

Garrard is another acorn.
Ha ha ha.
This acorn team.
Moore was acorn also.
This team start 6 acorns last season.
8-10 acorns will start this season.
Acorn belong on end of wang not is starting lineup.

Yeah fire the fans, its your fault!LMFAO

Fans, dont worry. I'm confident Ireland can find us another RoboHenne or Pat White.

No, trash Miami and its trash fans will not be smart enough to get Timmy Tebow.

Rather, as I have been telling you for 3 days, Belicheck will bring Tebow to New England as a FB/TE. Tebow will get 15 to 20 touches a game and rack up 1200 yards and 10 to 16 TDs for the Patriots next year.

Tebow is a winner with a winning attitude. That's who Belicheck uses to win year after year. See, e.g., Brady, Welker, that 170 pound white RB, etc etc. Fins are losers. We bring in people like Marshall and Ricky Williams, freakish athletic studs who always lose.

Write it down: Tebow will be a Patriot and will be a big contributor as a FB/TE and with his winning attitude that rubs off on the Brandon Marshall types.

The only Bronco who doesn't like Tebow is the UM Cane trash McGahee, who is a Brandon Marshall type person. Jealousy. Immaturity. Quicker to laugh; quicker to cry; quicker to get angry and violent. Quicker to commit battery on a woman. Quicker to commit a crime; More likely to be in bad night clubs getting in trouble at 3 AM.

Ireland comment about the processof interviewing them, working them out and then amking decisions. DEOS THIS MORON KNOWTHE DECESION ARE MADE FRO HIM WITH TOP TIER PLAYES AND COCAHES. The decisions are: NO THANKS JEFF.

BELL...SIX INT'S IN 8 YEARS. That's almost below average!

The national past time is to crap on the dolphins; even the stadium was called a dump by the PTI guys. So bring it on, a dozen of drunken moron who got nothing to do on a Tuesday afternoon.

Shure lets fire Ireland since was responsible for; Johnson, Wannstedt, Saban and Cameron and he should have cut most of the good players to make cap room for Payton’s 96 million dollars.

Let’s joint everyone including the fans of the Jets, Buffalo and Patriots and dump on our Fins.

Ireland said 2 weeks ago "We are absoultley not getting rid of Y Bell!"

2 weeks later he's cut!

Wonder why players dont want to play for this franchise.

He said he's "been chasing GARRARD around for years" - HELLOOOOOOO...if THAT COMMENT doesn't spell S-T-U-P-I-D, nothing does!

He's chasing around a second-tier, 35 year old QB for years?

What a dumb F**K!

I think Ross needs to sell the team....get outta here along with Ireland.

This guy is an A*S CLOWN (Ireland) of major proportions!!

Timmy Couch, you keep saying you're leaving but you never do. LMAO!

I'll admit I wasn't thrilled when I got the news we were getting Garrard, but after thinking about it I would not overpay for Flynn and Smith had one decent year. Moore and Garrard have been as good or better for their career. So let them battle it out and draft a young qb for the future Tanneyhill if Sherman believes in him. If Sherman isn't all in then don't do it. Let Ireland have this year and if we don't have a winning season say goodbye. As for Ross if your as old as I am you'd remember when everyone wanted to get rid of Robbie.

Think about this. JT was over the hill when we resigned him. Those are the players we need to get rid of and simply not sign anymore.

BELL...4 TACKLES PER GAME HE STARTED! This in a Brady division. He should have way more than that!

A photo of 21 losers:


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