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Jeff Ireland speaks to the media

Jeff Ireland is calling various media outlets today to share his viewpoint of what's going on with the Dolphins since the start of free agency and going forward.

About the idea that no one wants to come to play for the Dolphins -- a thread that has even hit national media following Miami's inability to land Jim Harbaugh, Jeff Fisher and Peyton Manning, among others:

"I absolutely think players and coaches want to be here," he said. "When we talk to people about the Dolphins, they still think highly of this franchise, its history, its direction. They have no problem coming here. And sometimes they don't. Sometimes they make other decisions. But it's a two-way street. We make our decisions also."

Ireland declined to be specific regarding the reasons Matt Flynn, Alex Smith and Peyton Manning did not come to the organization. Regarding everyone except Manning, he said, "Most of the time these decisions are about money."

As I have written previously, the Dolphins' pursuit of Flynn came with a caveat: They wanted him at their price. The contract Miami offered Flynn was not as lucrative as the one offered by Seattle. I have also learned the Dolphins stopped their chase of Smith when his price was above what they were prepared to pay.

Ireland declined to give details of any negotiation except to say he "would not be reckless" in making a move that could potentially affect the club's future. Ireland called the Dolphins a "storied franchise," and pointed to the club's commitment to return to that better past. He said owner Stephen Ross is spending over $1 million in updating the club's Davie, Florida training facility to make it more comfortable and football friendly for players.

The club is redoing the locker room among other places.

On the all-important quarterback issue, it seems clear the Dolphins are done (for now) chasing veteran options. Ireland confirmed what newly signed quarterback David Garrard said earlier: Garrard and Matt Moore will compete for the starting job in 2012.

There will be no further chase for Smith or any of the current free agent options on the market. Ireland, however, did not rule out selecting a quarterback in the coming draft.

"There's a chance of that," he said. "Let it run its course."

But in the meantime, Ireland said he is thrilled with the idea of adding Garrard.

"I've been chasing this guy since last year," Ireland said. "He's athletic, he has arm talent, he's got veteran experience, he brings great leadership. We went with a veteran at the position and we talked to Matt and he understands we need to play better at quarterback to get over the hump. So they'll compete and we'll see what happens."

As a result, Ireland seems content for the time being. But if an opportunity comes open, he would study or even chase it.

"Where we are at this juncture, I'm happy where we are at the quarterback position," he said. "You have to remember we're not even halfway through the player acquisition process. We will continue to leave no stone unturned. We have a process in place that we're following but we're also being flexible. And that means when opportunities arise, we bring players in, we talk to them, we work them out, we visit to see where they're at. And then we make decisions.

"I'm not naive to the fact we need more pieces. People think we're blind to that but we're not. We need to have another solid draft. But we're not where we're going to be in August."

One player the Dolphins will not be pursuing is Denver quarterback Tim Tebow. Ireland declined to discuss the topic other than to say, "he is a player under contract to another team so I can't talk about him."

But multiple highly placed club sources have told The Herald today there will be no pursuit of the former University of Florida star. The reasons for this is the Dolphins are unwilling to revamp their offense to suit Tebow and highlight his obvious strengths. The Dolphins intended, instead, to run a West Coast offense in 2012.

The Dolphins traded receiver Brandon Marshall the first day of free agency. Ireland was vague as to the reasons for that trade except to say, "There was not one singular event or singular incident that made us" make the trade.

Marshall was involved in an alleged bar fight in New York the night before Marshall was traded.

Ireland said the trade was made after discussions and in agreement with coach Joe Philbin, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, and yes, owner Stephen Ross. "We all felt it was in the best interest of the team," Ireland said.

The general manager also said there is no resentment by either party on the matter. "Brandon came by camp yesterday and we sat for a while and before he left we gave each other a hug," Ireland said. "There's no hard feelings there."

The Dolphins hope Yeremiah Bell has no hard feelings because on Monday night when Ireland spoke to the strong safety to him him he was being cut, he added that if he found no suitable takers in free agency and the Dolphins had still not filled the strong safety position, the club would be open to taking Bell back. Despite this, Ireland confirmed that for salary cap reasons the Dolphins did not offer to give Bell a pay cut. The club saved the full $4.3 million in salary Bell was to count against the cap.

Ireland is aware that his cutting of Bell ran counter to every indication he gave to the media publicly and to agent Drew Rosenhaus privately. "When I spoke with Drew a couple of weeks ago, I had no intention of making this move," he said. "But things change. Sometimes the allocation of resources makes it necessary to change direction and you make decision that you previously didn't think you'd make."

Ireland called me just after I returned home from the club's training facility. Outside the facility, approximately 20-30 people were gathered across the street protesting the job Ireland has been doing and calling for his ouster.

"I've heard they're out there," Ireland said. "But I haven't seen them. I don't have a window that gives me a view of them. And we've been pretty busy around here to look anyway."


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Move this stinkin team to LA and stop embarrassing S Fla.

I thinks some of you would complain if you shat gold bricks

..Timmy Couch..what are you talking about?? Tebow is going to become the featured player in the New England offense? (if he got 15-20 touches a game it would suggest that)...This isn't worth responding to.. I have a feeling I just got duped..I'll stop

Good one TC..You got me.

I'll never forgive this regime for mistreating Dolfin great JT.

Lol I remember the same talk Over not getting kolb , how did that work out? Dolphins fans, chill out. I been a dolphin fan for 25 years, no I don't like some things going on, but I will not piss and moan like a little kid like most for you are doing. All of you need a time out!

I commend Ireland for at least talking and letting us know he is trying. Still very disappointed

Resigning JT was just throwing away money. We need to stop signing and resigning over the hill players. Garrard is not over the hill. Garrard is at the top of the hill looking left and looking right.

I'd take those odds given his experience in this league.

He has no plan for this franchise. If they don't make their first three picks QB, WR, and TE in that order and if all those three players aren't starters by the end of the year then Ireland has to be fired then if not sooner. Garrard will be Culpepper all over again.

Ok Ok lets see how the team looks in august. But they need to be careful with perception, say that you like a guy ir not but don't think we are stupid. If you are gonna be open be open but don't let the perception of things ruin ya

Run Philbin Run!

Will Irescum squander 3 picks on a 3rd string RB this year?

According to Timmy Couch's and Home's logic, Jay Fiedler should have been the Phins next Marino....Jay Fiedler "just won"...I mean c'mon...Fiedler was a great guy..smart guy...nice guy...good role model...good leader...many intangibles, but a great NFL QB he was not. But in the minds of Timmy Couch and Home, Fiedler was a pure winner:

Jay Fiedler (1st 16 starts) - 11 wins 5 losses
Jay Fiedler (2nd 16 starts) - 11 wins 5 losses

Like I said....Jay Fiedler....winner baby! Of course, you have to completely ignore the following:

1st 16 starts - 14 TD/14 Int
2nd 16 starts - 20 TDs/19 Int

All of Fiedler's other stats blow Tebow's away. Miami won those first couple seasons with Fiedler, despite having Fiedler under center...not because of him. Similarly, Denver won some games with Tebow despite Tebow being under center.

Maybe dipshit should think about showing some balls and offering Washington 4 #1's for the #2 spot in the draft this year. The way he has drafted over the past 4 years losing the next 4 #1's seems like peanuts to finally get our franchise QB with RGIII......


Did he happen to mention Garrard's SALARY?

Timmy Couch, you keep saying you're leaving but you never do. LMAO!
Posted by: .. | March 20, 2012 at 03:40 PM

Home never does what he says he's gonna!

Ireland's Image is gone and will never be repaired. He's a nutball for making for a bold move. Look What Miami Heat is doing. Ronnie Turiaf and Derek Fisher (maybe). He has no commitment to winning that is my opinion and will never cange. Let's gather and make sure Ireland doesn't touch our organizations or us ever again. (harsh, but it's cold truth reality)

I'm pretty sure Ross gives him this year. I do believe this to be a good idea. It would be premature at this time to fire Ireland. As stupid as that guy is with PR, he MAY have an iota of sense when picking players. Remember, people also learn and some actually improve at doing something the longer they do it. Maybe the Dez Bryant was a learning experience for Ross.. as in: "Oh sh it I'm a public figure now, I can't just call people's mothers prostitutes." lol..

I just figured this stuff out. Management is so afraid to go 1-15 they continue to plug and play. I'd rather go 1-15, draft a QB, then let the chips lay where they are.

RGIII was something I would have sold my wife into slavery for.

I would have sold her for cheesy grits to get RGIII.

I think we should sign TO, Marvin Harrison, and trade our 2nd for Tebow, the guy will bring people in the seats. TO is dominating the AFl check his stats.

oh and just read no Tim Tebow?!!! Ireland just sucks.

Please Mr Ross send Jeff down the road and watch the fan cheer you for doing something beside setting next to some actor. I wish you would sell the dolphins and watch how fast Jeff hits the road

Ross is a cheap SOB.

First, as fans we should not drink the Kool-Aid. Secondly, lets see how the draft works out this year, because I have to admit I did like last years draft. I believe they are going to take a QB with the 1st pick, then add at least two WRs, a TE, Safety, and a middle line backers. As for our pass rushing DEs-you will see Wake, Merling, and Misi at those positions. Merling and Misi played those positions in college in a 4-3 defense, but we need a Middle Line Backer, as I say a ZACK Thomas clone, who makes a lot of tackles.

Nice Article. Think Ireland is a smart guy. I also like his draft picks from last year. Let him do his job! Go Phins and greetings from Germany!

Matter of fact, Garrard is an unknown commodity. Dude took a year off. He is FRESH! Heck, we don't even truly know if Peyton's neck is healed. Just like Garrards back.

Y'all need to understand something. Garrard was the best available QB left. Dude does not turn the ball over that much. Ball control is fundamental in the NFL.

If they go after Tebow it should not be as a qb. Let him play the role of Jim Jensen not qb and unless he takes a pay cut we would be paying to much to do that.


Way to get that QB that "puts us over the hump" - what a chooch this guy is. Wow! Can't wait to get season tickets to watch a never was and a never will be lead this team to another 6-10 record - just good enough to deny us a franchise changing draft pick but not good enough to make the season exciting. Can't wait.

After last season finished, Ireland conceded we need an upgrade at QB. Now he says we should be content and he's happy with a competition between last year's QB and the QB they rejected last year

He says no move was made (Manning, Flynn, Smith) because we can't afford it, then says Bell was cut to have enough money for a new direction...can't believe a word this guy says

I wanted him to speak to address his decisions but now I just want him to shut the f--- up! No idea what he is doing with absolutely no plan. "Just let it play out". We have let it play out for over 4 years now and are sick an tired of the same BS. Leave already!

Timmy Couch - you mean T.O. is dominating the IFL don't you? He plays for the Allen Wranglers of the IFL...they recently played against the NM Stars here....he looked great against a bunch of guys that haven't played football since highschool or were backups for small collge teams.

I agree, we should go get an almost 40 years old WR who looks really awesome against a bunch of never have beens.

..Elway has the look on his face like he just screwed the deans daughter.. Good for Denver.

The thing is that Manning may not work out..He may never be the same again.. At least the fan base has SOMETHING to feel good about..Miami fans are dying to have this feeling. It doesn't have to be a huge free agent..But something.

Tim Tebow doesn't count..I said something good.

How hard did Ireland have to sell Garrard to Philbin?
Notice he said "I've been chasing this guy since last year,"

Hey Philbin, I know your the new Head Coach and we tried to stuff Manning down your throat, then decided to pinch pennies on your guy Flynn.

...but this Garrard guy, he's the real deal and I already talked to Ross and he gave me the green light.
So sharpen your pencil and start redrawing the playbook for Garrard, it's gonna be awesome!

Philbin - um' Jeff, were you ever going to ask me if I liked him?
Ireland - Too late, he's already here.

No matter what Ireland does though, you gotta admit he is a super intelligent genius of a man. I say this cause he convinced Ireland to pay him a ton of money to work for him. You may say "No Richard3000 you're the fool cause Ross is retarded for paying Ireland" and to that I retort that if Ross was a fool he would be paying any joe schmo millions of dollars and there being many joe schmos out there, Ross would no longer be rich


JAX RELEASED THE GUY LAST YEAR! Why would they resign him now?

"I've been chasing this guy since last year," Ireland said.... what a f-ckin joke....Garrard !!!

So many fans and players whining about the Miami Dolphins. They're a bunch of whiny babies!

Why is Timmy Couch, aka Home, still posting? Just on the last blog, you said you weren't gonna comment on the blog anymore.

Home, don't go away mad. Just go away!

What ever dude you said nothing, You come out of hiding now that the fans are threatening your job!

David --- have fun watching the draft and prepared to be disappointed again and again! Glad you liked last years draft because using 3 picks to get a mediocre RB is worth it when you can get much better players in free-agency.

Watch Miami draft a RT with the #8 pick because we need one and Ireland was too cheap to sign Winston at 4M per year.

Watch Tannehill or Blackmon be available and us PASS or trade down so we can take a bunch of average players hoping to become acorns.

Jeff Ireland is a bad GM.

He is also a jack***.

You can be a jack*** and a good GM. You can be a bad GM and a good guy. But you can't be a bad GM and a jack*** and last very long. Unless your owner is Stephen Ross.

Where we are at this juncture, I'm happy where we are at the quarterback position," he said.

He should be fired for this statement alone!

Dont forget Miami fans as bad a reputation Ireland has and the miami dolphins have around the league we the FANS of the dolphins have a just as bad or worse reputation around the league and COUNTRY. i guess you get what you deserve.

I'd like to give 'em a hug too and show that there are no hard feelings!

Ireland says he gets along with everyone, hugging and talking....a few NFL guys have spoken out to the contrary....Who is telling the truth?? becuase it really matters for this team. Just for me, if I was a new owner, I would have fired Ireland for what he said to D. Bryant...Now Ireland says it was blown out of proportion, basically no big deal....what's the truth????

Ireland : What a classless,cheap and stupid moron.

DD - Actually, out here in Bronco country....there are many fans not smiling and not feeling good about the Denver play for Manning. That fan base is completely sold on Tebow.

I have been listening to the local Broncos network here and all I hear the last couple of days is a bunch of whiners who would rather have Tebow start than Manning....some of them to include my entire Denver Bronco lovin' family.

Two weeks ago to season ticket holder, Ireland tells us how he knows we have to get a franchise QB and the team is in WIN-NOW MODE.

Today he states, "Where we are at this juncture, I'm happy where we are at the quarterback position"


Ireland, thanks for the update, it wasn't too difficult was it? It's called PR and treating fans with respect.

It's a shame it took protesting Dolfans to get Ireland to make a call. Who does PR for e Dolphins? I think he or she needs to come back from holiday. Or perhaps you should hire Amando, he's already been doing the job for the past few months...

@wolfman13 we would have worshiped manning in a dolphin uniform! No doubt lol

Ireland declined to give details of that negotiation except to say he would "not be reckless" in making a move that could potentially affect the club's future

Hasn't he already made that move. We are worse today than last week. What a tool

I don't care that everyone is bitchin. I like Garrard and really think he will be our started come September and do well in this system. If we can strenghten the right side of the OL and get another pass rusher we will be competitive. Go Dolphins!!

Beside Garrard's back, what makes you folks think he can't win in this division? What drives you to think Garrard can't win in this division?

When was the last time Belecheat had to contend with a QB like Garrard?

wolfman13, your an idiot if dont think TO, isnt a beast. Effin douche

Thank you for this insightful interview, Jeff Ireland. You have firmly confirmed what many of us believe: YOU ARE A LYING WEASEL!

What makes you folks think the 31st ranked defense in the league can counter David FK Garrard?

players and coaches go where the money is. They don't care if Ireland is there or not. This is still and NFL team. This whole Ireland thing is over blown by the media and the fans.
All the b@tching won't change anything this year anyway. Just enjoy the ride!!

Slam @ 4:01 - Very true. Some of the worst fans in the NFL...no home field advantage.

In my estimation, the top five worst fan bases in the NFL:

5.) Tampa Bay
4.) San Diego
3.) St. Louis
2.) Miami
1.) Jacksonville

He must of taken a course in Lieing 101.

"I've heard they're out there," Ireland said. "But I haven't seen them. I don't have a window that gives me a view of them. And we've been pretty busy around here screwing things up to look anyway.

The world is separated into two groups:

1. Tebow is the son of Christ
2. Tebow is a below average QB

Which group are you in?

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