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Jeff Ireland speaks to the media

Jeff Ireland is calling various media outlets today to share his viewpoint of what's going on with the Dolphins since the start of free agency and going forward.

About the idea that no one wants to come to play for the Dolphins -- a thread that has even hit national media following Miami's inability to land Jim Harbaugh, Jeff Fisher and Peyton Manning, among others:

"I absolutely think players and coaches want to be here," he said. "When we talk to people about the Dolphins, they still think highly of this franchise, its history, its direction. They have no problem coming here. And sometimes they don't. Sometimes they make other decisions. But it's a two-way street. We make our decisions also."

Ireland declined to be specific regarding the reasons Matt Flynn, Alex Smith and Peyton Manning did not come to the organization. Regarding everyone except Manning, he said, "Most of the time these decisions are about money."

As I have written previously, the Dolphins' pursuit of Flynn came with a caveat: They wanted him at their price. The contract Miami offered Flynn was not as lucrative as the one offered by Seattle. I have also learned the Dolphins stopped their chase of Smith when his price was above what they were prepared to pay.

Ireland declined to give details of any negotiation except to say he "would not be reckless" in making a move that could potentially affect the club's future. Ireland called the Dolphins a "storied franchise," and pointed to the club's commitment to return to that better past. He said owner Stephen Ross is spending over $1 million in updating the club's Davie, Florida training facility to make it more comfortable and football friendly for players.

The club is redoing the locker room among other places.

On the all-important quarterback issue, it seems clear the Dolphins are done (for now) chasing veteran options. Ireland confirmed what newly signed quarterback David Garrard said earlier: Garrard and Matt Moore will compete for the starting job in 2012.

There will be no further chase for Smith or any of the current free agent options on the market. Ireland, however, did not rule out selecting a quarterback in the coming draft.

"There's a chance of that," he said. "Let it run its course."

But in the meantime, Ireland said he is thrilled with the idea of adding Garrard.

"I've been chasing this guy since last year," Ireland said. "He's athletic, he has arm talent, he's got veteran experience, he brings great leadership. We went with a veteran at the position and we talked to Matt and he understands we need to play better at quarterback to get over the hump. So they'll compete and we'll see what happens."

As a result, Ireland seems content for the time being. But if an opportunity comes open, he would study or even chase it.

"Where we are at this juncture, I'm happy where we are at the quarterback position," he said. "You have to remember we're not even halfway through the player acquisition process. We will continue to leave no stone unturned. We have a process in place that we're following but we're also being flexible. And that means when opportunities arise, we bring players in, we talk to them, we work them out, we visit to see where they're at. And then we make decisions.

"I'm not naive to the fact we need more pieces. People think we're blind to that but we're not. We need to have another solid draft. But we're not where we're going to be in August."

One player the Dolphins will not be pursuing is Denver quarterback Tim Tebow. Ireland declined to discuss the topic other than to say, "he is a player under contract to another team so I can't talk about him."

But multiple highly placed club sources have told The Herald today there will be no pursuit of the former University of Florida star. The reasons for this is the Dolphins are unwilling to revamp their offense to suit Tebow and highlight his obvious strengths. The Dolphins intended, instead, to run a West Coast offense in 2012.

The Dolphins traded receiver Brandon Marshall the first day of free agency. Ireland was vague as to the reasons for that trade except to say, "There was not one singular event or singular incident that made us" make the trade.

Marshall was involved in an alleged bar fight in New York the night before Marshall was traded.

Ireland said the trade was made after discussions and in agreement with coach Joe Philbin, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, and yes, owner Stephen Ross. "We all felt it was in the best interest of the team," Ireland said.

The general manager also said there is no resentment by either party on the matter. "Brandon came by camp yesterday and we sat for a while and before he left we gave each other a hug," Ireland said. "There's no hard feelings there."

The Dolphins hope Yeremiah Bell has no hard feelings because on Monday night when Ireland spoke to the strong safety to him him he was being cut, he added that if he found no suitable takers in free agency and the Dolphins had still not filled the strong safety position, the club would be open to taking Bell back. Despite this, Ireland confirmed that for salary cap reasons the Dolphins did not offer to give Bell a pay cut. The club saved the full $4.3 million in salary Bell was to count against the cap.

Ireland is aware that his cutting of Bell ran counter to every indication he gave to the media publicly and to agent Drew Rosenhaus privately. "When I spoke with Drew a couple of weeks ago, I had no intention of making this move," he said. "But things change. Sometimes the allocation of resources makes it necessary to change direction and you make decision that you previously didn't think you'd make."

Ireland called me just after I returned home from the club's training facility. Outside the facility, approximately 20-30 people were gathered across the street protesting the job Ireland has been doing and calling for his ouster.

"I've heard they're out there," Ireland said. "But I haven't seen them. I don't have a window that gives me a view of them. And we've been pretty busy around here to look anyway."


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What is Ireland smoking? No one wants to sign here and we're the laughing stock of the NFL. When current and former players are saying it, there's got to be some truth.


Just watched the NFL network and listened to them discuss the Dolphins and Ireland and Ross. There was NOTHING, NOT A SINGLE POSITIVE THING that was said about the Dolphins. In short they said Miami is not a viable home for ANY player who has a choice.

You can defend them Armando but as I said before, they have no plan. Ireland admitted it when he said he had no idea he was cutting Bell until he had the idea to cut him. Now, he has no idea what to do next. His "let it come together" is code for "I have no idea what I am going to do in the draft or how to turn this around."

Timmy has had some fantastic predictions, especially regarding manning.. he is "in the know"!!

No to Garrard Yes to Manning
Yes to Joey Porter No to Ross

Where is Matt Flynn?
Fire Ireland!

People don't need to show up to a protest to voice their displeasure. That's the glory of the internets as Dubya would say. Many outlets to vent frustrations nowadays. Look at this blog as a perfect example!

It's not like it was pre-arranged for months like something out of George Soros' playbook.

People have families & jobs to attend to. You would hope those priorities come ahead of protesting some lousy GM of a sports team.

This team will rebuild through the draft. The funny part is the guy partly responsible for this mess is the guy that's gonna be doing the rebuilding. It's comical in & of itself.

Which is why Miami is a punching bag in the NFL & the punchline of all the jokes. Give it time, given his track record, I have no confidence in Ireland to fix this mess. With that, he'll be shown the door just like Sporano.

Eventually, the owner will have to face reality. That being, no matter how many coaches you fire & players you release, the ultimate responsibility goes to the person putting it all together.

The Turk is coming for Jeff ireland sooner or later.


I have always enjoyed reading your blog, although I might not agree with your point of view. This latest posting reminds me of what is typically referred to as, "filler-material".

Your prior post, however, reeked of too much ass-kissin'. Perhaps the devil made you write it.

The best part (I thoroughly enjoyed it!) was your writing near the end:

"Someon [your typo, sir] hacked into Ireland's Wikipedia page Tuesday and edited in some unkind things about him being born in a Denny's parking lot etc... Maybe that sounds funny to you. Maybe you're cheering the imagination of that move. I guess I'm not talking to you."

Oh, but you are. You just let the cat out of the bag...

"I am talking to the folks who are thinking for themselves. Break down the moves on their own merit. Tell me what you would have done. Tell me where you would depart from the current course.
Be fair."

Ok, it is fair to say that I personally could not be a successful NFL GM. The other 31 GM's have far more experience than I could ever imagine.
Out of those 32 GM's, some are good, while some are just, so-so. Some stink it up. There is no way to sugar-coat it. This organization seems lost, and bewilderd.

I do know one thing though. The Dolphins might likely be in better hands today, had just one different decision been made many years ago in that dirty, dank, Denny's parking lot. Had the dumpster been filled with just one more piece of trash, we'd have some other GM today.

Fair enough?

Idiots, please try to pay attention. Most of you who did not attend a real university like UF or get a real education or follow Tebow in college don't get it.

He's a winner. Yeah, he's a terrible QB. But he's a teammater. He's the marine you want in the bunker next to you. He will eventually be forced to switch to FB/TE, but he will keep his great attitude and he'll do it. As a FB/TE, he will smash people in the mouth and be a great part of a winning team.

No, he will not go to Miami. We are not that smart.

Mark my words: Tim Tebow will eventually switch to FB/TE and have a good NFL career in that role. The dude is a winner.

You guys will see this happen, seriously.

The word is that Belicheck will get Tebow. A winner like Belicheck will set with Tebow and get him to want to play RB and this is what will happen.

Last year Brady and Belicheck won with a 170 pound white RB. Imagine what they'll do with Tebow playing half back--the real half back.

we have bill parcells to blame for destroying the fins. and with his handpicked genius -- jeff ireland -- running the show, his legacy will continue. winter sundays were my favorite day of the year, for many many years. no more, as i know owner/management of this team is far more interested in signing brittany spears to a halftime show contract than getting serious about building a solid football franchise. i can see the wheels spinning in steve ross's head now: hmm, i can't get manning to play quarterback, but i could probably get herb albert to take a .5% ownership deal, and certainly THAT will sell some seats! Frigging clown!

Ireland has Mondo wrapped around his finger.

So now we have Garrard who will win 3 more games then Moore would BUT that places us like this year..no top 3 pick...get a clue, either tank like Indy did last year..or scrape together just enough wins to fork us in the draft...a rut we've been stuck in for many years...

Why did he even talk? He gave no insight, no method or reason behind the moves, didn't even give the BS 'we will look under every stone and upgrade this roster' line. Just fire this prick already.

Lets hope that's Ireland's remark about "maybe" adding a QB in he draft is just the usual poker game.
If he does NOT draft a QB, I'll fly down to Davie and carry one of those darned signs myself.

Sooooo looking forward to the draft.
Don't f- it up Jeffy.


Oh gee, you ignorant Cane thugs. Five teams already want Tebow. How many wanted Flynn?

Come play for us! I'm an @#$hole and we suck, but we gotta nice new locker room!!

I'm gonna puke!! "I've been chasing Garrard for a year"

We'll select Thomas Magans Streeter in the first and then maybe Weeden in the second. I really think Tebow for a 3rd is viable

I'm not sticking up for this dude but...

This team went to bed with people of the wrong sorts.

Wandstant, Ricky and his Pot, Saban and his sh*tty drafts and intimidation. Cam Cameron and Ginn's family, Parcells and his half assed involvement and ego. Blown high draft pic after pic. Dan Henning and the Wildcat. Missing on every QB besides Pennington.

So far it looks like we need to let this play out a bit. No one picked up Crowder? Ronnie and Ricky did nothing. Burnette turned out good. Marshall has too much baggage, cost a lot and couldn't be trusted in the clutch. Way too many drops on key downs and TDs. Manning will bite Denver in the but. Not over paying for Orton, 2 game Flynn and Alex they couldn't run him from town enough quick enough Smith.

I think Moore if given a whole training camp will surprise some people. There were a few key drops and the defense really stunk it up until late in the season. In this league there Is a healthy Manning and his Bro, Brady, Breese, Rodgers, Fatburger, and Rivers. Everyone else can be put at the same level as Moore, yeah even Vick as far as winning playoffs. Think back to Gannon and Hostetler who were backups that it suddenly clicked and they excelled. I'm willing to see what this Ireland can build without Parcell's breathing over his shoulder.

Go Phins!!!!

what an absolute crap artist! he's been chasing david garrard for a year?? he's been chasing him ever since he lowballed Matt Flynn, who laughed at his offer. he reneged on the offer to Yaramiah Bell due to the fact that he needed the dollars to sign Garrard. please tell me how it is that Buffalo and Washington can make deals and sign high octane free agents when the Dolphins, knowing they were up against the cap, couldn't make a realistic offer. no one wants to play down here BECAUSE of jeff ireland and it doesnt make any differance what cosmetic changes he makes at the training facility. and how clueless is Stephen Ross to actually promise the Miami fans that they would make every effort to sign Peyton Manning?

news flash girls: Peyton looks 28 and has at least 5 more years of kicking *ssz left.


The following people are winners:

1. Peyton Manning
2. Tim Tebow.

They are both winners.

Most of you, on the other hand, are losers.


"I've been chasing this guy since last year," Ireland said.


Guess that explains why you waited until Plan A, B, C all said no thanks before bringing him in.

I've been left miffed and floored by Jeff Ireland to the point of not even really wanting to post anything!! You can spin it any way you see fit Mando but the lack of moves and League wide rumbling regarding just how far the Fins have sunk is in a way reminding alot of what happened with the Raiders after Big Al started to loose his noodle. You posted that B.Marshall was immature and not worth the headaches and I say he was NEVER properly used in his time with Miami until Moore started to look for him deep in the 2nd part of last Season. I'm guessing were all going to be left sick to our stomachs when Marshall has a Randy Moss like re-awakening when he left Oak. for N.E.

I don't believe for a second he didn't intend to trade him from jump street and hadn't had that conversation with Ross months ago when he probably told Steven his fav. words,"WERE GOING TO SAVE MONEY ON THIS MOVE" I wasn't terribly shocked by a cost cutting move but believed Dansby the one who would get the ax long before Marshall. I wasn't 100% sold on Manning and posted it often but there half-a ssed way of holding a 6 hour meeting with a guy who lives in their back yard really spoke volumes. I'm also happy with the non-move for Flynn but am real worried now we will end up reaching on a very overrated Tannehill with pick#8.

Were was the sure fire move on Reggie Nelson who's contract would have been a wash with Bell's?? Were is the RT we need to replace Columbo when we whiffed again on E.Winston??? Sorry Mando I now it's your job to sell these non-moves and tell us all it's Christmas day when it feels like the Winter of every Fin Fans discontent but I'm not buying!!! I want to get high on the draft and start talking about the plan in place but got a bad feeling were all just going to be left even more perplexed on that April Weekend with Ireland desperately standing on a podium explaining another head scratcher really grasping at strings with this guy and I won't even get started on Ross who's pay back will come in the form of empty stadium venues!!!!

Timmy, you know you didn't graduate from UF. I did when we had some of the best ever to enter the NFL. Tebow is a winner but he isn't a QB.

Ireland leave with dignity, your crap we don't want you in Miami.

Dear Mr. Braman and/or Mr. Limbaugh,
Please make Mr. Ross an offer he can't refuse.

Thank you,
I got the cannolis.

Negative...Negative...Negative......it's sickening!!


i agree with you 100%. ireland officially began work the day the big buffoona took his MASSIVE EGO and vanished into the night.since then ireland has not wasted $$/picks on the likes of blain gabbart,kyle orten,matt "scott mitchell" flynn, and smith. his 2011 draft bought us some nice players(watch bush/thomas/clay explode in the WC offense) & MOST important:he held his breath while our d!ckhead owner went after that dinosaur jeff ".500" fisher and when it was over he hired a 21st century,passminded,GB Packer bloodline,charactor guy named philbin. now stop talkin jeff and ross(you both must be tired of the taste of feet and the smell of egg on your face) and let joe be the face of the franchise. oh and get that qb in april(cousins/owseiler/tannehill)or someone might fire a bazooka at your office and get you that window.

Hi Jeff,

You promised us an upgrade at QB. I think we're actually more disappointed in hearing that Garrard is coming than we would have been to hear that Chad Henne was returning.

One of the Dolphins strongest players was cut, presumably because of off the field issues, and we failed to land any of the top free agents out there and now the sleazy way you dealt with Yeremiah Bell is why we hate you. Especially, given your reputation you couldn't afford (or the Dolphins) any more of that type of behavior.

let's face it armando miami will suck again this year
i can't beleive you buy into this crap with ireland he has brought this proud franchise so far down hell i think the owner is cheap and don't really want this team to win have a good day.

Of course Brandon Marshall was happy to get out of Miami...for the same reason nobody wants to come here!

We have people trolling my name. I'm the one and only Timmy Couch, I must change my name from you devils stealing it

Tough to feel good about the upcoming year. Lousy thing to do to YBell. How do u do that to your Captain?!?

Hate Hate Hate this team so much I could cry!!!!!!

Ireland what are you smoking?????????

At least now I can cancel my NFL SUNDAY TICKET which is the way I have had to watch the 'Fins games... I live south of Denver now, so at least I can get exciting football... not some circus... I have been a 'Fins fan since the first game... had season tickets... I will always love the 'Fins... please somebody buy this franchise and kick a few butts through the EXIT door (Ross and Ireland come to mind)

I am becoming kind of embarressed t associate myself with the Miami fan base. I pride myself on being a knowledgable sports fan and after 35 years of being a Dolphin fan Im afraid that our fan base is clueless. The media feeds off the negativity because otherwise they have zero stories other than peyton manning. Do our fan really want to see Miami overspend for Flynn when Philbin is our knowledge base of the kid, he was a 7th round pick, and has had 2 starts? 2 ????. Wow,....the fans think that Flyn is worth a 26+ million dollar contract over Moore??? Insanity.....stupidity on the fans. And how good was B Marshall??? I watched him. He made some good plays but he dropped a ton and mentally checks out under pressure. We will draft Blackmon or the kid from Notre Dame,...and remember Mike Wallace is still out there in free agency. Where are the DIEHARD fans???? No matter what? Where are we??? Im here. We will compete next year. We will be tough and make the playoffs. Check out youtube.com. Get a load of Garrard. He has ALOT of talent and experience and will also help out our future by grooming a potential drafted QB ala Tannehill or Cousins. Miami fans stop drinking the Media Kool aide. It is the problem with our country, our government, and now our football team. Wake up please and think POSITIVELY......

I've been reading through the blog and see there are still some who actually give Ireland the benefit of the doubt, really??? So far in the State of Fla. the one team with a plan making moves and getting better by leaps and bounds is Tampa, you reading this Tim?? If I were you I'd take in some NFC Bucs next Season!! The Greg Shiano move is flying under the radar but he was a solid no-nonsense guy at UM and what he did at Rutgers was nothing short of a miracle!! Ask any UM Fan and they'll tell you the Canes whiffed big time with the Randy Shannon hire letting Shiano walk. The players they signed should have everybody drooling as well while the Fins and Jags keep tripping all over themselves in comical fashion.

fins down

marshall cost us 2-3 games last year.he was tackled by thin air against the jets. he is a ME 1st Kind of guy. the west coast offense requires group think (see rice & taylor and the Packers for the last 20 years).agree on the bell thing.just another case of foot in mouth disease this guy has but y bell is past his prime too.ireland and ross need to shut the F@CK up and let philbin do the talkin

Let's be completely honest. There is no plan. Garrard is evidence of that. Trading Marshall, cutting Bell, more evidence of that. Interviewing 4-3 DCs for the opening at HC and then resigning Soliai because he fits the 3-4, still more evidence. There is no plan. Ireland has no clue what he's doing.

Timmy Couch - Which one of you is the real Timmy? I'm assuming you're not the Timmy going around calling people a bunch of names and posting about how awesome T.O. still is.

Mr. Ireland,

Where the hell is Manning?
Where the hell is Matt Flynn?

IRESCUM MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ireland is behind the wheel, let him finish the race and he either wins or he crashes and burns. Elite teams are built in the draft not in FA.


please sign if you think Ireland and Ross are not helping OUR franchise

Peyton is in Denver!

Happy now, Mr. Ireland?

Wolfman, the real Timmy thinks TO still productive. I really think he can be an asset for a team.

More losers:

Joey Porter; Warren Sapp.

Are they older than 2? Because they are unable to speak English.


This is the real Timmy.

Randy Moss will be a good player this year. I said that.

I said no such thing about T.O. He's finished.

We were stupid not to go after Moss, and I said that long before we gave away Marshall.

Moss will go 60/800/14 this year for San Fran, you watch.

Jeff Ireland is clearly in damage control mode.

How happy is Marshall to be off this garbage team?

What the hell am I?

y is the franchise cutting and trading away players for the sole purpose of getting more cap room?? who r they planning on signing with the $20+ mil they have now thats better than Marshall or Bell?? and y not bring Carey back?? theres no reason we shouldve cut his contract down to 1 year

the only thing I don't understand is how Ireland can say he's sticking to a master plan, but decided over night to cut our FS. As he says, "I had no intention of cutting him the day before."

Where are the DIEHARD fans???? No matter what? Where are we??? Im here. We will compete next year. We will be tough and make the playoffs. Check out youtube.com. Get a load of Garrard. He has ALOT of talent and experience and will also help out our future by grooming a potential drafted QB ala Tannehill or Cousins. Miami fans stop drinking the Media Kool aide. It is the problem with our country, our government, and now our football team. Wake up please and think POSITIVELY......

Posted by: mrbobkat62@rocketmail.com | March 20, 2012 at 05:24 PM

There are a ton of DIEHARD FANS on hear as well!! Did you see the up and down career of Gerrard in Jax?? Leadership you say, really?? I think you need to go back and start youtubing old Jax games from 07 to 2011, half that Offensive team had mentally checked out on him!! I was never a huge fan of the Manning move but felt the teams less than inspired pursuit of him telling. He was in our back yard so we fly out to Indy to meet him there for 6 hrs when the Broncos and Titans are in full court press with starting caliber QB's on their rosters. Hey this wasn't pitching Matt Hasellbeck, this is one of the greats in League history, you talk mentor nobody has a better football mind than Peyton. There was more reward to the risk in Manning and drafting a QB for the future. You can paint it anyway you want but Marshall was checking out mentally with half the team dragging through the Sparano era!!

Fake Timmy is either a child or a UM grad who puts commas where periods belong. You won't see me do that.

Ross should rename the team "The Miami Rejects" with mascots that have paper bags over their faces.


Season tickets in the kitchen food grinder.
No longer attending games.
No more dolphins gear (dreamt of #18 Manning shirt)
Canceling NFL Sunday ticket.
Not watching cable tv any more.
No more internet.
No more of Armando's blog.
or posting thought proviking comments here.


GetaClue, that's why I said he will eventually switch to FB/TE and have a good career doing that. He'll apply his winning attitude to whatever he is asked to do.

Go Gators. I have a couple of degrees from UF. I saw UF beat Peyton 4 times. Funny, Tebow never seemed to lose to Tenn.

Ross and Ireland have turned a storied and once proud franchise into the 1960's and 1970's New Orleans Saints...bring on the "paperbags" dolfans, it's going to be another loooong season!!

Can they transfer to the Arena league? LOL

I told you guys Manning was way too smart to join this trainwreck.

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