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Jeff Ireland speaks to the media

Jeff Ireland is calling various media outlets today to share his viewpoint of what's going on with the Dolphins since the start of free agency and going forward.

About the idea that no one wants to come to play for the Dolphins -- a thread that has even hit national media following Miami's inability to land Jim Harbaugh, Jeff Fisher and Peyton Manning, among others:

"I absolutely think players and coaches want to be here," he said. "When we talk to people about the Dolphins, they still think highly of this franchise, its history, its direction. They have no problem coming here. And sometimes they don't. Sometimes they make other decisions. But it's a two-way street. We make our decisions also."

Ireland declined to be specific regarding the reasons Matt Flynn, Alex Smith and Peyton Manning did not come to the organization. Regarding everyone except Manning, he said, "Most of the time these decisions are about money."

As I have written previously, the Dolphins' pursuit of Flynn came with a caveat: They wanted him at their price. The contract Miami offered Flynn was not as lucrative as the one offered by Seattle. I have also learned the Dolphins stopped their chase of Smith when his price was above what they were prepared to pay.

Ireland declined to give details of any negotiation except to say he "would not be reckless" in making a move that could potentially affect the club's future. Ireland called the Dolphins a "storied franchise," and pointed to the club's commitment to return to that better past. He said owner Stephen Ross is spending over $1 million in updating the club's Davie, Florida training facility to make it more comfortable and football friendly for players.

The club is redoing the locker room among other places.

On the all-important quarterback issue, it seems clear the Dolphins are done (for now) chasing veteran options. Ireland confirmed what newly signed quarterback David Garrard said earlier: Garrard and Matt Moore will compete for the starting job in 2012.

There will be no further chase for Smith or any of the current free agent options on the market. Ireland, however, did not rule out selecting a quarterback in the coming draft.

"There's a chance of that," he said. "Let it run its course."

But in the meantime, Ireland said he is thrilled with the idea of adding Garrard.

"I've been chasing this guy since last year," Ireland said. "He's athletic, he has arm talent, he's got veteran experience, he brings great leadership. We went with a veteran at the position and we talked to Matt and he understands we need to play better at quarterback to get over the hump. So they'll compete and we'll see what happens."

As a result, Ireland seems content for the time being. But if an opportunity comes open, he would study or even chase it.

"Where we are at this juncture, I'm happy where we are at the quarterback position," he said. "You have to remember we're not even halfway through the player acquisition process. We will continue to leave no stone unturned. We have a process in place that we're following but we're also being flexible. And that means when opportunities arise, we bring players in, we talk to them, we work them out, we visit to see where they're at. And then we make decisions.

"I'm not naive to the fact we need more pieces. People think we're blind to that but we're not. We need to have another solid draft. But we're not where we're going to be in August."

One player the Dolphins will not be pursuing is Denver quarterback Tim Tebow. Ireland declined to discuss the topic other than to say, "he is a player under contract to another team so I can't talk about him."

But multiple highly placed club sources have told The Herald today there will be no pursuit of the former University of Florida star. The reasons for this is the Dolphins are unwilling to revamp their offense to suit Tebow and highlight his obvious strengths. The Dolphins intended, instead, to run a West Coast offense in 2012.

The Dolphins traded receiver Brandon Marshall the first day of free agency. Ireland was vague as to the reasons for that trade except to say, "There was not one singular event or singular incident that made us" make the trade.

Marshall was involved in an alleged bar fight in New York the night before Marshall was traded.

Ireland said the trade was made after discussions and in agreement with coach Joe Philbin, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, and yes, owner Stephen Ross. "We all felt it was in the best interest of the team," Ireland said.

The general manager also said there is no resentment by either party on the matter. "Brandon came by camp yesterday and we sat for a while and before he left we gave each other a hug," Ireland said. "There's no hard feelings there."

The Dolphins hope Yeremiah Bell has no hard feelings because on Monday night when Ireland spoke to the strong safety to him him he was being cut, he added that if he found no suitable takers in free agency and the Dolphins had still not filled the strong safety position, the club would be open to taking Bell back. Despite this, Ireland confirmed that for salary cap reasons the Dolphins did not offer to give Bell a pay cut. The club saved the full $4.3 million in salary Bell was to count against the cap.

Ireland is aware that his cutting of Bell ran counter to every indication he gave to the media publicly and to agent Drew Rosenhaus privately. "When I spoke with Drew a couple of weeks ago, I had no intention of making this move," he said. "But things change. Sometimes the allocation of resources makes it necessary to change direction and you make decision that you previously didn't think you'd make."

Ireland called me just after I returned home from the club's training facility. Outside the facility, approximately 20-30 people were gathered across the street protesting the job Ireland has been doing and calling for his ouster.

"I've heard they're out there," Ireland said. "But I haven't seen them. I don't have a window that gives me a view of them. And we've been pretty busy around here to look anyway."


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A couple dozen fans protesting outside facilities...uummmmm
Weak Sauce.
I could get a couple dozen people together at work for a solid farting competition.

I caught that arrogant dig as well Bobby. Totally oblivious that the fans ultimately pay his salary.

With Free Agency approaching, we needed a franchise QB, a no. 2 WR, a Free Safety and a Right Tackle.

So far we've managed to land an unemployed backup QB.

Now we need a no. 1 and 2 receiver.

We need a Free Safety AND a Strong Safety.

Finally, still no right tackle.

Ireland ain't the Devil, but the facts will tell ya, he ain't no GM either.

Posted by: odinseye | March 20, 2012 at 06:44 PM

Good post sums it up in few words from my prespective!!

It amazes me how stupid most of you people are.

Thanks to Ireland, we have more holes to plug than we have fingers! Another lost year!

I caught that arrogant dig as well Bobby. Totally oblivious that the fans ultimately pay his salary.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | March 20, 2012 at 07:49 PM

A-R-R-O-G-A-N-T-!!!!!! Doesn't really begin to cover it and any paragraph regarding this B-R-A-I-N-I-A-C should include the word delusional!!!!


You're right, Ireland is not the devil...He's your PIMP!!!

Forget Jeff we need this owner out. He is the prob.
help me out the more like the btter.

Mando I have got news for you, IRELAND IS THE DEVIL!!!!!!! For every decent move he has made there are 20 horrible. He is the last POS left from Parcells awful era, get rid of him. He is the reason we didn't land Fisher!! Probably Harbaugh as well!!! It's impossible to stick up for a guy who has in 4 years brought in ZERO hope at qb. We used the #1 overall pick on Jake Long to protect NOBODY!!!!!!! Matt Ryan might have been tastier pick huh, you can't build a team around a tackle, even a great one like Jake Long. First round picks under Ireland, Jake Long, Vontae Davis, Jared Odrick and Mike Pouncey. 2 lineman, on one of the most sacked teams in the NFL in 2011. A cb who hasn't panned out worthy of round one talent. And a D-lineman who hasn't done squat. Great job Jeff, Mando you seriously need your head examined if you can defend that pig of a man in the dolphins front office. You are defending a GM who actually asked a prospective draft pick whether his mother was a prostitute. I challenge you Mr Salguero to write your next segment rebutting the "facts" I've just listed about a GM who does his job just about as well as Matt Millen.

The MVP of the NO ONE gives a crap we might just scrap this game in the future bowl...are you freaking kidding me! People complain just to complain. 4 months ago you all were screaming for Marshalls head.

Brandon Marshall - buh bye. Thanks for dropping enough passes to lose us AT LEAST 3 games.

to all the ireland bashers
jeff irelands 1st day in charge was the day the big buffoona left with his suitcase full of waynes cash. does ANYONE think that MASSIVE/HUGE/COLLOSAL/BLOATED EGOTISTICAL ARSE would let anyone but the man he see's in his housefull of floor to ceiling mirrors have final say on his grocery purchases?....nothing but cricket chirps....anyone?

BobbyD, Ireland doesn't care, he is like Samson with the Marlins, arrogant, better than the stupid fans that make their jobs possible. It sickens me! And Mando defended Ireland!

I don't disagree with you but the man also said
If you want me to cook the dinner you should let me buy the groceries. I think Sporano had a lot of say in the decisions. I also think Jeff recognizes this and works with Philbin throughout this process.

Redsky. Ireland has a better job than the fans do, so maybe he is better than the stupid fans who couldn't get any team to pay them even a dollar for some scouting?

What a weasel this guy Ireland is. Why not give us the fans at least a clue of what kind of plan he is trying to install. Who cares about spending Ross' money on improving the locker room and the club's training facility. This team has been garbage for the last three seasons! The record says it! We need talented players you despicable moron!


Ireland and Ross just called and they want a fat round faced yes man for dinner!!

to all ireland/dolphin bashers
since he took charge he has:
-not given in to the catcalls to trade up & take girlieman gabbert
-drafted/signed the following
*pouncy-great passing teams have great pivot men
*bush/thompson/clay-will be hard to deal with in the WC passing game(think tom rathman only better w/clay)all totally misused by caveman tony who's with the jest(serrendipity)
*wilson(killer-literally & figuratively)
*gates-perhaps the 1st man not in the ginn family to take one to the house since tommy vigarito(now theres a plast from the past)
-held his breath while dopey/star crossed stevie went after wanstache clone/caveman mr .500 fisher(whose ass we will kick this year)
*did not waste money on matt "scottmitchellajfeelyjoeyharringtonkyleorten" flynn
-DRUM ROLL please-hired a man who is not a 3yd and a cloud of dust caveman,has GB bloodlines,shows strong character(jeff & stevie if you're smart you will let this man become the face of the franchise.you both must be tired of the taste of foot by now..no?)

6 and 10 next year!!!!!!!

hey thavafin

i go to bed at night praying ireland listens to philbin (though i think he made some good moves on his own too since 2011).i want this team to look like the packers...yesterday.we have some pieces but we are probably looking at 2013 before it clicks.i can wait.i've been waiting since january 1974.

maybe yo
but look up ahead to 2013 see the light. 10-6 maybe 11-5 and hopefully philbin & grenbay south in the playoff hunt as a regular contributor

You don't need to fire fans... they're leaving in droves. There will be plenty of empty seats for anyone who wants to sign up for this three hour cruise.

South Florida has now become ire land. I have been a die hard unflinching dolfan every since this team was born. I will continue to support the players and team in spite of the present front office bone head decisions, because of the past years of enjoyment the franchise has given me. These want a be football men, and I use the term men very loosely because they are obviously boys that are too afraid to get dirty and take a real chance, have yet to make any decisions of consequence other than a new coaching staff. I feel sorry for coaches and the team. They will not get any help from the owner or GM. They have all been left out to dry. This will definitely show how good of coach Filbin is because he will have do a lot of home work to make any progress. Go Miami!!!

This just in.... the Dolphins are going to cut Carpentar, and trade Dansby for a 7th round pick (next year), trade out of the 1st round, for a sixth round pick, and draft a kicker with their 2nd rounder. Go Ireland! You are my favorite tool!!!

true fans like myself and mr bob p above will always be here.bandwagon jumpers will be back when philbin turns this team into an arsekicking machine.

I think our franchise is headed in the right direction. Where were the protests when we were 1-15 and had Cleo Lemon as our starting quarterback. Some fans don't have a clue

Ryan Clark had it right. Ross has it wrong. DUMP IRELAND Hire Polian and get out of his way and watch the glory come back. DUMP HIM DUMP HIM!!!!

We went with a veteran at the position and we talked to Matt and he understands we need to play better at quarterback to get over the hump. So they'll compete and we'll see what happens."

Ireland, The Dolphins really need to get better on the right side of the offensive line. Then Moore will be better with some protection. Tom Brady would be in trouble with Marc Colombo at right tackle.

random thought...i wonder how parcels and jerry jones fit their heads in the same road

sorry i meant same room

Fins need to go defense with their #8 pick unless Blackmon or Clairborne drops into their lap.

Two pass rushers (Wake and the #1 round DE) would create the pincher action rush that will flatten Brady and any QB they face and create more 3 and outs.

I think Dennis Dixon is a better option than Garrard.


what do you think of jerry @ rg(he showed flashes @ the end of 2011) and murtha or garner @ rt. also draft a versitile tackle/guard type in the draft. i would have liked to have gotten winston(a true beast) but they chose poorly on that one.


yeah blackmon or floyd would be nice. then qb in rd 2(cousins,tannehil,osweiler) then olb/de's the rest of the way in the mold of taylor/tuck/pierre-paul & perhaps a developmental tackle/guard type.

Mr. Ross and Jeff are not cheap, if they were we would not be up against the cap.
You figure it out.

I will always pull for the dolphins. I just wish I could be proud of them again.

I can't phantom how a team that was only a few players away from legit contention, can self-destruct in a matter of weeks of FA.

The upcoming draft will not fill the gaps, much less address the glaring holes this FO self-created.

This team is working against itself. What is the motive?

The disease is infecting all.

It is still early but the way it looks right now we would be lucky to get six wins next year even though I think Philbin will be a good coach, he has got Ireland screwing things up for him before he has a chance to get started good job Jeff, he has to have pics on somebody


we are rebuilding. all we did in the last 2 weeks was avoid overspending for a guy who his own coach didn't think was worth it, flynn may be great but he may be the next scott mitchell,aj feely,joey harrington clone too. we got a HC with GB packer bloodlines(thank God that .500 dinosaur fisher turned us down) & ireland hired him. now lets see what they can do together.i see the light and it is philbin+sherman+cousins/tannehill/osweiler in 2013


hey how are the heat doing

goodnight phish nation

Not as if we could figure this FO out but which way do we go in the draft guys?





With you Crusher.
Would love to be 11-5 or 10-6 next year but prefer 10 to 12 wins for a a long time.
Give Coach Joe a chance, what do we have to lose.
Draft is loaded wit WRs, rush De/OLBs and OLs.
Let Coach Joe and Sherman take a shot at their QB.
Might happen.


dolfan rick

-blackmon or floyd in round 1 or possibly trade down for more picks but use them on 2 wc offense wr's
-cousins/osweiler/tannehill in round 2
-every taylor/tuck/pierre-paul clone you can get to make tom brady wet his wifes pants(she's wearin his)
-1 developmental versitile tackle/guard type

Wow...another wonderful write-up -


hey signal & others like you F@CK the nfl talking heads peter king is a self appointed blowhard.joey porter is F@CKin joey porter. clark should give half his paycheck to troy p and his linebackers. sapp is ok but he needs to say something and he aint gonna bash the bucs for signing....wait for it...yawn...greg schiano....cue chirping crickets

Sounds good Crusher. Unfortunately JPP's don't come around too ofton. The man is a beast.

Gotta give the Giants credit rhey know how to draft d-lineman.

SKU, the truly stupid man is the one who thinks he is smarter than the rest.

I really hate Jeff Ireland but I support my team to the end. I get tired of the loosing but I'm not switching teams, and I'll still watch. On the other hand if everybody were like me then ownership would see their product sell for no good reason. We need checks and balances here. Therefore, to all you bandwagon jumpers, Thank you!

On another note I don't believe Ireland can come out and say they are going to draft a QB in the first round (if that is their intention). Their is competition for QB's and if the Dolphins reveal their hand just to satisfy some angry fans, then this team will go nowhere. Yes, this years FA moves leave much to be desired. The immediate future looks bleak, but hopefully this team will be better coached which could lead to more wins. Last years 6-10 record really sucked, but how many more games could this team have won with better coaching? Miami up 17-10 going into the 4th Qtr against the Giants, eventual SB champs. 2nd game against NE, SB runner up, Miami up 17-0 to start the 3rd Qtr. The loss to the Browns on McCoy's TD pass with under a minute. A 20-19 loss on a last second FG in Dallas. Oh, and the infamous Tebow game loss.

Five losses that could have been wins if the Dolphins had better coaching. This all means nothing for this year, but I'll give Philbin a chance, along with all the players that make this years 53.

I like to think that two very respected football minds ever in the game in parcel and Peterson (whether u like them or not), know a hell of a lot more about football than ant beat reporter or recently retired player. If they endorse Ireland, I'm giving him a chance. If Flynn was the answer, he would be here. Manning didn't want to come...u can't hit him on the head and toss him a bag to Miami. It sucks about bell, but realistically he should of been cut a long time ago at that price tag. So what else is the guy suppose to do?
His draft looks ok from last year, and he's not over paying for players. Who cares what other upset players think. Their fragile egos were probably hurt when they were told they're not worth the money....Joey Porter
This is not. The 2007 team. We are far better than that!

ROFLMAO at Jeff THE SCOUT talks to the media... LOL

you need to read THE Scouts words of which almost EVERYONE should have noticed.

Below is some of what he said... Interpretation from me in CAPS.

THE SCOUT SAID >>>You have to remember we're not even halfway through the player acquisition process. JEFF WE FANS REMEMBER YOU ARE A SCOUT. We will continue to leave no stone unturned. ACORN, ACORN, ACORN.. We have a process in place that we're following but we're also being flexible. LOOKING FOR ACORNS, TURNING OVER ROCKS LOOKING FOR ACORNS.

This ENTIRE "speaking to the media" is 100% DAMAGE AND IMAGE CONTROL because THE SCOUT knows that HE SUCKS and the Fans want him OUT.

We MUST continue with the protests, screaming writing on these blogs not only HERE but elsewhere on this SCOUT.

OUR GOAL is to make this so public and keep it in HIGH PROFILE to the point that owner ROSS gets so much pressure that he succumbs and fires THE SCOUT.

Don't fall for all the Armando nice reporting about Jeff as Armando will be Armando. It's NOT about Armando, it's about this organization and it's utter failure to bring this team back to where it ranked as champions. It's about the fans displeasure with having a left over parcells VIRUS who was only qualified as a SCOUT in Dallas and has no business being and making GM decisions.

90% of the people on here that post can make better choices with players both in FA and the draft then THE SCOUT has.


DolphinRick, the Fins never seem to Draft who everyone predicts. I would not not mind Blackmon-Wheadon Rds 1and 2. Couples is a nice player but with the Fins signing Westerman, I think they will stay away from him.

At least some of Ireland's players look promising. Sure beats the Rick speilman draft days. Can't be that bad having a scout as your background. It is about making player personnel decisions. I rather have a scout doing that than a former player.....Matt millen

Jeff THE SCOUT is on the HOT SEAT and is the laughing stock of the NFL.


ANY GM that has to call various media outlets to share his viewpoint IS IN BIG TROUBLE. THE SCOUT may be on his last legs AND with any luck, Ross should look to replace him with a REAL PROVIN GM with the last name Polian from the Colts.

I want to say to ALL OF YOU, friend or foe that has done his or hers part in helping post, scream and protest. YOU ARE MAKING THIS HAPPEN.

This is so HOT that we cannot allow it to fall off. STAND FAST and let's do all we can collectively to purge this great organization of THE SCOUT.

Myself as a lifer since the AFL merger does NOT want to wast any more time or opportunities with this clown Ireland.

Thank you all and have a great night. OUT.

Here's the problem. This front office has created two additional "needs" that were not there at the start of free agency. The "trenches" are a top need. We need someone to help put pressure on the QB because Wake can't do it along. If they don't it will expose our average secondary which now we need an FS and SS. Our O-line has to have someone for the right side who will be good and start right away. Teams will stack the line, due to the fact we will have at least two rookie receivers playing. They will blitz the heck out of us and we won't we able to run the ball for anything. Lets not even get into it about the TE position. A position that has been disregarded for years and now this draft would be a luxury. We need several WRs. We already needed a #2 and now we need a #1 and #2. Those just fall from the sky. Even if we draft several receivers they are not all going to be quality starters and they may take a couple years to develope. I guess what really kills me is we have more holes now then before free agency and when Irland said "they would leave no stone unturned.". Why can't we just get the free agents who fills a need and are known to be good instead of the Parcell's way and finding that diamond in the rought. So that's a O-lineman, Dlineman, FS, SS, QB, Several WRs and the luxury pick of a TE. Good thing we have all our picks and Jeff is so good at finding acorns because those late round picks will need to start and contribute.If we don't fill a couple of these needs before the draft we won't win more than five games. By the way Jeff, there is a stigma about this team now whether you want to see it or not. Just turn on any sports channel or listen to the radio. I live in GA and the sports station up here makes comments about a once respected and proud franchise. Love my Phins and will continue to cheer for them but this kills me to see how my Phins have fallen.

Garrard and Moore. That's the 'fierce' qb option, while we probably let the jets get tebow.....screw u Jeff Ireland, and screw u mando. We were promised so much this ad last offseason and got NONE of it, losing all the little we had. Mando, get ur head on straight, because we will call for ur replacement as well, u r literally playing devil's advocate, and before u give us a whine about ur and Ireland's family. There is somebody waiting for both ur jobs, that not only has a family as well but will actually do the job they're paid handsomely to do!

Agreed Bobby, Blackmon would be nice start to replace Marshall and i think most wouldd like the pick.

He probably won't make it to 8 though and i don't know if our extra 3's would be enough to move up.

I'm so miserable I could just cry non-stop. What is Ireland smoking? You heard what Joey Porter had to say- Irescum needs to go, ASAP. What misery! Am seriously considering canceling my DerecTV Sunday Ticket subscription. You hear that Irescum? You need to go! I hate you I hate you I hate you! Where is Matt Flynn? Where is Alex Smith? Peyton went following the money to Denver! Are you happy irescum? And Joey Perter is very upset! Apparently he hates you as much as I do!

Fire Irescum Mr. Ross for the love of God!

Armando has become such a transparent apologist for Jeff Ireland that I almost feel compelled to listen to Le Betard's puerile show to hear a full airing of what King Ross's Fool had to say.

Rarely have I witnessed such abject incompetence find a more sympathetic reception than on this blog.

Evidently, a football journalist has to bend very far at the knee to gain entree into Davie's sewer or to preserve his seat at Ross' vaudevillian theater.

Or perhaps, Ireland simply satisfies Salguero's exalted moral criteria for the paterfamilias of virtue-- he doesn't worship his wife's feet.

I curse the Deity that made me a Dolphin fan.

Me, and another, are the only serious Dolfans here. The rest of you don't keep up with the news, write English as it is pronounced and overall are like Ireland, who couldn't care less.

Yesterday news.

Denise White of Vince Young’s publicity firm EAG made a tweet today saying “How about @VinceYoung to the Dolphins? I hear rumblings? Would he be a good fit for them??”. Vince Young responded with a re-tweet, adding “or the 49ers“.

HOW COME these news haven't been picked up by any sports blog?

NY"G" great comments! BobbyD12, finally someone agrees with me about Weeden and Blackmon. Everyone says Weeden is too old, he's in his prime and younger than Garrard. No maturity issues. Blackmon is a great receiver, if Ireland can get those two, I might rethink my position on him.

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