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Jeff Ireland speaks to the media

Jeff Ireland is calling various media outlets today to share his viewpoint of what's going on with the Dolphins since the start of free agency and going forward.

About the idea that no one wants to come to play for the Dolphins -- a thread that has even hit national media following Miami's inability to land Jim Harbaugh, Jeff Fisher and Peyton Manning, among others:

"I absolutely think players and coaches want to be here," he said. "When we talk to people about the Dolphins, they still think highly of this franchise, its history, its direction. They have no problem coming here. And sometimes they don't. Sometimes they make other decisions. But it's a two-way street. We make our decisions also."

Ireland declined to be specific regarding the reasons Matt Flynn, Alex Smith and Peyton Manning did not come to the organization. Regarding everyone except Manning, he said, "Most of the time these decisions are about money."

As I have written previously, the Dolphins' pursuit of Flynn came with a caveat: They wanted him at their price. The contract Miami offered Flynn was not as lucrative as the one offered by Seattle. I have also learned the Dolphins stopped their chase of Smith when his price was above what they were prepared to pay.

Ireland declined to give details of any negotiation except to say he "would not be reckless" in making a move that could potentially affect the club's future. Ireland called the Dolphins a "storied franchise," and pointed to the club's commitment to return to that better past. He said owner Stephen Ross is spending over $1 million in updating the club's Davie, Florida training facility to make it more comfortable and football friendly for players.

The club is redoing the locker room among other places.

On the all-important quarterback issue, it seems clear the Dolphins are done (for now) chasing veteran options. Ireland confirmed what newly signed quarterback David Garrard said earlier: Garrard and Matt Moore will compete for the starting job in 2012.

There will be no further chase for Smith or any of the current free agent options on the market. Ireland, however, did not rule out selecting a quarterback in the coming draft.

"There's a chance of that," he said. "Let it run its course."

But in the meantime, Ireland said he is thrilled with the idea of adding Garrard.

"I've been chasing this guy since last year," Ireland said. "He's athletic, he has arm talent, he's got veteran experience, he brings great leadership. We went with a veteran at the position and we talked to Matt and he understands we need to play better at quarterback to get over the hump. So they'll compete and we'll see what happens."

As a result, Ireland seems content for the time being. But if an opportunity comes open, he would study or even chase it.

"Where we are at this juncture, I'm happy where we are at the quarterback position," he said. "You have to remember we're not even halfway through the player acquisition process. We will continue to leave no stone unturned. We have a process in place that we're following but we're also being flexible. And that means when opportunities arise, we bring players in, we talk to them, we work them out, we visit to see where they're at. And then we make decisions.

"I'm not naive to the fact we need more pieces. People think we're blind to that but we're not. We need to have another solid draft. But we're not where we're going to be in August."

One player the Dolphins will not be pursuing is Denver quarterback Tim Tebow. Ireland declined to discuss the topic other than to say, "he is a player under contract to another team so I can't talk about him."

But multiple highly placed club sources have told The Herald today there will be no pursuit of the former University of Florida star. The reasons for this is the Dolphins are unwilling to revamp their offense to suit Tebow and highlight his obvious strengths. The Dolphins intended, instead, to run a West Coast offense in 2012.

The Dolphins traded receiver Brandon Marshall the first day of free agency. Ireland was vague as to the reasons for that trade except to say, "There was not one singular event or singular incident that made us" make the trade.

Marshall was involved in an alleged bar fight in New York the night before Marshall was traded.

Ireland said the trade was made after discussions and in agreement with coach Joe Philbin, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, and yes, owner Stephen Ross. "We all felt it was in the best interest of the team," Ireland said.

The general manager also said there is no resentment by either party on the matter. "Brandon came by camp yesterday and we sat for a while and before he left we gave each other a hug," Ireland said. "There's no hard feelings there."

The Dolphins hope Yeremiah Bell has no hard feelings because on Monday night when Ireland spoke to the strong safety to him him he was being cut, he added that if he found no suitable takers in free agency and the Dolphins had still not filled the strong safety position, the club would be open to taking Bell back. Despite this, Ireland confirmed that for salary cap reasons the Dolphins did not offer to give Bell a pay cut. The club saved the full $4.3 million in salary Bell was to count against the cap.

Ireland is aware that his cutting of Bell ran counter to every indication he gave to the media publicly and to agent Drew Rosenhaus privately. "When I spoke with Drew a couple of weeks ago, I had no intention of making this move," he said. "But things change. Sometimes the allocation of resources makes it necessary to change direction and you make decision that you previously didn't think you'd make."

Ireland called me just after I returned home from the club's training facility. Outside the facility, approximately 20-30 people were gathered across the street protesting the job Ireland has been doing and calling for his ouster.

"I've heard they're out there," Ireland said. "But I haven't seen them. I don't have a window that gives me a view of them. And we've been pretty busy around here to look anyway."


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Garrard only signed to 1yr contract. So I definitely see drafting a qb no later than 2nd rd. It just scares hell out me to draft a qb at #8.


ALOCO, yes, LOL YG LOL, AKA DB, LOL, is drunk as a skunk! LOL!



We dont say the same crap every year. Its just every we're presented with new ways to say it!


ALOCO, Garrad had emasculation surgery





ALOCO, Garrad had emasculation surgery


Not sure how its officially medically listed. But my sources tell me Garrard had "foot in as" surgery. I hear the foot belonged to the Jacksonville Jaguars front office.

Crap is crap and no matter how mch sugar Ross puts on Ireland, he is still crap and reeks of it!!!


YG is back! Yes they had to remove J'ville's foot from his rear end!

Feels good to come here for a change and not be all caught up in the Dolphins organizational bs. Just to have some fun!





No Garrard didnt pay us to sign him. But he did make a promise to Jeff Ireland that he would get him Dez Bryant's mom phone number. He told Ireland Dez's mom owes him a freebie! LOL

ALOCO, emasculation is when they turn you into a eunuch!



Myu sources did tell me Ireland rubbed one out immediately after Dez Bryant left his office.


Ireland had Mafia surgery!


DB/YG, ALOCO, you know what mafia surgery is?

My sources also tell me Ireland/Bryant never have really made up. When Ireland called to make up with Bryant. I was told the first question he asked Dez was, "How's your mom?".

So as you can imagine, thier 2nd meeting didnt go over so well either.

No redsky tell us. LOL




Philbin will be fine. Philbin has a river of knowledge that begins at his lower brow and extends all the way back to the crop of his upper neck.

Have you seen Philbin's forehead? That guys gotta be a genius.


From looking at the size of Philbin's forehead. This guy needs to be checked for alien dna! LOL

YG, mafia surgery is when they cut off your private parts stick them in your mouth and kill you!


No I didnt have heineken, but I expect to get some "hienee" from your mom later. "JUST KIDDING" LOL

YG, Philbin=C3PO

FIRE IRELAND NOW......................


That's nice of those guys. They allow you to nget your last blow job before blowing you away. Albeit, you wouldnt want the last bj you ever recieved to be self delivered.

I guess its the thought that counts with those guys! LOL

The ultimate irony will be if the dolphins win the superbowl this year. Imagine that

Draft a promising QB, win some games and it all changes, right? Problem is is that at the moment of truth Ireland gets his butt kicked by the rest of the league! It's all speculation and we're led to believe it will happen. But it hasn't happened. We'll be led to believe (like last year)that our QB situation is fine after he gets cute again during the draft (like last year) and fails to draft a QB! Then the stadium will be empty again next year whether we win or not. The fans are beginning to see a pattern and with that losing hope and getting angry. If Ireland does not make progress at QB during the draft he absolutely has to go!

I just hope ET(Philbin) doesnt get called back home before we have a chance to win our very first 2012 regular season game. That would suck! LOL


Winning the sb would be great this year. The our very own ET Philbin will have the alien mothership hover over the stadium. Doing a never before seen laser light show thats out of this world! LOL

This franchise will be fine as long as we give philbin the time to draft his own style of players and let him run his team. Trust in the new

Posted by: jamesthefinfan

James YOU Need to Wake Up! Philbin as a Head Coach is NEVER going to be able to Draft his own style of Players... Why do you think Cowher, Gruden, & Fisher DIDN'T want to come to Miami? Because They were TOLD By Ross that they COULDN'T Bring in their OWN GM...

See you guys later Im out.

Richard3000, the Fins are as close to winning a SB as Earth is close to Uranus!

Sorry, meant your anus!

Nahh! Just joking!

One last post:

What do you tell your mom when you catch her with 2 black guys?

Nothing, you already caught her twice! LOL

Question? So you folks think Ireland can hold a gun to someone's head to get them to sign a contract?

If they don't want to sign then they don't want to sign.

Point being this....when Jeff does good then he does good. I'm not going to bash him on 10% of the good signings. Just the other 90% of bad signings.

YG, did you overdose on C2H6O?

@Yesterday's Gone

So exactly what is the difference between giving up four 1st rounders and sucking four years?

Last time I checked, a first rounder can be replaced by a FA who can come in and start right away. You guys don't think like professional football folks think. A first rounder is no better or worse than a FA with experience.

Oh yeah, you guys think a first round is the #1 overall pick in the draft. Sometimes its the 22nd pick or the 32nd pick.

If we gave up those picks then RGIII would be ours. Then next year, we can start to BUILD around him. As it stands now, we are plugging and playing.

We gonna suck forever until Brady and Belecheat are dead.

Brady and Belecheat run the AFC. The road to the superbowl will always go through Brady and Belecheat as long as they breathe air.

All the other 15 teams in the AFC can do is wait it out. OR..outwit them. RGIII would have cause Belecheat to have many a sleepless night.

Ya'll a bunch of cackling no life losers, blah blah bloo. None of you know jack sheet, you just like to laugh at others that in all reality blow you away in knowledge.

Question: How is it possible the Pats are always at the top of the jungle gym? Answer: Because they don't have to game plan for anyone in the AFC East besides the Jets. Even then, they just rely on their offense to counter the Jets defense.

They have to game plan for Garrard.

The only mistake Ireland made in the last week was bringing in Flynn. If they felt he was only worth a low offer, why even bother? Do the Miami Dolphins really need another mediocre low potential QB?


Jack Sparrow, Arghhhhh! Under the pirates articles, Ireland would be keel hauled! Arghhhhh!

JackSparrow, in parts of Great Britain, Sparrow is slang for Gay. JackGay?

Guys, Manning went to the weakest NFL division, where he thought he could win

f u ireland and the boat u came on

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