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Late wrap: Soliai in, Laurent Robinson out, more stuff ...

The recap so far:

Paul Soliai was scheduled to board a late afternoon flight to Denver today. He never boarded and instead signed a two-year contract worth $12 million. The deal includes $6 million in guaranteed money. This is a fair deal forSoliai because he has now made $18 million in guaranteed money from the Dolphins in the last couple of years. He also gets another bite of free agency before he's 30 in 2014 so that will be good for him. It's fair for the team because the money by no means is onerous to the point the club cannot do other things in free agency -- INCLUDING SIGNING PEYTON MANNING IF THE QB DECIDES TO COME TO MIAMI.

The Dolphins, who earlier flirted with unrestricted free agent receiver Laurent Robinson and were trying to get him to visit have to keep looking elsewhere. Robinson has agreed to a five-year deal worth approximately $32 million with Jacksonville, the first team that hosted him on a free agent visit. So much for the next best young wide receiver on the market.

On another WR front, Mario Manningham is scheduling visits and not one is including Miami yet. He's visiting San Francisco and Seattle in the next two days.

The Dolphins today announced the visit by Arizona defensive back Richard Marshall. The club, which is only confirming visits from unrestricted free agents but not street free agents or restricted or untendered free agents, confirmed this visit first reported by The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson.

The club today also hosted Jets untendered free agent Jamaal Westerman and Cleveland street free agent Artis Hicks, an offensive lineman. Both visits were first reported by Jackson as well but the club would not confirm them. No contracts are signed or agreed to at this time. Westerman is a very good special teams player with some pass-rush potential. He is 6-3 and 255 pounds. Hicks is a backup type.

The club did not confirm the visit from Eric Winston, the former Houston Texans right tackle and current potential prize of the Miami free agency crop outside of Manning. No contract has been agreed to here.

Did I mention Peyton Manning? He's in Nashville today. It's reportedly crazy there. Media buzzing. Helicopters flying. Planes being tracked. I wonder if ESPN will report he's turned off by the whole thing?

I continue to chug along and report that Manning still has not made a decision and the Dolphins remain in the running. They believe they are in the running. When they are out of the running, I will report that. I'm not going to give you rankings from sources of where teams stand because those have been unreliable in this case.

Matt Flynn? He's flying to Seattle on Thursday. He's following Chad Henne's visit there. They are kicking the tires on him. He is not, contrary to previous reports in other places, in negotiations with the Dolphins or Cleveland Browns. He is trying to get a market going for himself. Right now the market is slim. Makes you wonder why, right?


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The Solia deal is fair for both sides...

Actually, there is not that big of a "to do" about Manning being here. There are about 20 fans outside of the complex, and no planes or choppers in the air. I live about 5 miles from the complex. I think they are just trying to keep up with the Jones's.....


I think you're right. I like the deal for Solia.

It ain't sexy, but the big fat ones never are.


If the Marshall trade talks began at the combine as I think you reported. Have the Dolphins or your sources spoke to you of a plan at WR?

Are they sold on Hartline or Bess as the #2?

Armando...what do you think....trade #1 pick for Mike Wallace and sign Manningham and Flynn !

I think Ross is really a Jets fan and came to Miami to wipe them out all together


So, for team Ross/Ireland the off season has begun in earnest.

Lets see, we signed our own NT and lost our biggest playmaker.

Somehow I get the feeling this isn't going exactly according to script. Or maybe it IS!

God I hope not!

Yes, the Solia deal is fair...and good for us...especially since we are going to be unable to score more than 12 points a game next season. If we have a good defense, then maybe, just maybe Ceasar Ross and Brutus Irelandius can hide the fact that they are "Going Flat for Matt!" (Barkley) next year...awesome...simply awesome...

Let's see if Ireland is smart enough to think of it. The Fins sign Peyton, trade back from number 8 and pick up another 2nd rounder and the trading team's first. They then use that 1st rounder to grab Wallace from Pittsburgh.

So even though soliai was getting attention from other teams he stays here. Is it because he thought the other teams wouldnt offer a decent payday or did ireland and co. convince him to stay because of some yet to be announced plans? Just find it strange he signed so quick thats all.

What happen to "WIN NOW "

Mile Wallace ain't nothing without Big Ben lofting the ball to him. We can draft a receiver better than him in Floyd.

Remember the look on SpOranus's face after Colombo gave up his 10th sack of the season?

Yeah, I get the feeling Ross has the same stupid look right about now.

Breaking News: ESPN is one shite news organization.

We need to forget about the FA receivers and just draft Michael Floyd in the 1st round

I said early today that when the front office said "be patient" that that meant they were resigning Soliai. Well that's their big FA splash. Unfnbelievable.


Re: Free Agency and Other Updates

From: J. Ireland, GM
To: S. Ross, Owner

The trading of WR B. Marshall has been completed. The Bears gave us two acorns that we can use to trade up for a RB.

WR talent is now a deep concern as teams will more easily stop our projected 2.1 yards per carry running game and defense our QB (whoever it may be, but see below). Remaining WR talent in FA is limited as they signed when I was in the chopper stalking P. Manning.

Looking back, questions to Dez Bryant concerning his mother were a serious mistake on my part as it cost us not only the services of Mr. Bryant but led directly to us trading premium picks for B. Marshall.

Consultations with Giselle leads me to conclude that P. Manning or M. Flynn, like T. Brady, cannot both throw and then catch ball on same play. So, there's that, but see below.

In other FA activity, we re-signed our NT!!! Not really sure if he'll match the 4-3 defense, but at least we got a signing!

About the QB position. We are on target to fill this position by 2015 since it appears that P. Manning may wish to sign with a team with pass catchers. The self-centered brat! We may find value in Round 6 of draft for QB.

And the draft looks great! Our late wins last season against Buffalo and similar powerhouses have left us in perfect position to pick up another OL in the first round!!!

Run the ball and stop the run!!! This has led us to three wonderful seasons in a row. While the Colts are stupid enough to get Luck, we'll have invested a platoon of draft picks and cash on our 30th ranked and improving O-Line. Our ten year rebuilding plan is on schedule. I may resign M. Columbo since he sometimes can run block. It's not like we will be throwing much with the WR we have.

Ted Ginn and his family are still in FA!!!!! Will try to work on getting them signed to a 40 - 50 million over three years.

I'm worried about our new coaching staff. I heard one say you can make a West Coast Offense out of chicken something or other.

We are fine at CB. S. Smith can cover any WR on our roster in practice even when he is overweight and out-of-shape. It's unknown why that does not carry over on game days to other teams WR.

Finally, I was wondering if we could meet to go over an extension of my contract through the 2017 season since by that time all the groceries should be ready for the playoff appearance run.

Jeff 'Squirrel' Ireland

It's a good signing, but we have been fooled before, I just hope Philbin has a lot input in the next few moves the team makes, Ireland has yielded mixed results, some of them just baffling. There was a reason Fisher wanted last say but what's done it's done. Let's move on and trust the man with the clipboard and let's hope he models our team after Green Bay's success.

Market slim for Flynn?
Sounds like a case of media overhyping someone.
I heard Kolb deal at 10+ mill a while ago, plus 20 mill guarenteed. Then we're talking 8 mill, and no talk of guarenteed money.
And now, teams that supposedly were drooling for him are "kicking the tires". Hmmm.
I maintain that Moore would garner as much attention if he were a FA, so where is this big upgrade in Flynn?

Sure, you can argue that Manning is still in play, so teams are waiting.
...except Cleveland isn't in play for Manning
...nor is Seattle.
So, what's the delay? OTHER FAs that may need that money FIRST! So Flynn isn't even top banana FA to the teams that are courting him.
This bubble is bursting.

Reggie Wayne doesn't think Manning will be coming here either!

If Philbin really wanted this guy, this circus would be over.
I have a feeling, if Flynn signs here, the FO will paint the picture of how they were after Flynn all along, and Philbin was beging them to sign him.
Up to smart folks if they believe it.

I say... BRING ON THE DRAFT!!!!!

that was hilarious

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At Nick N, agree

..Not a banner couple of days for the Phins. It seems like the club gets so focused on one thing that they lose focus on the "whole picture". If it is true that the team had thrown around a trade for BM around the combine. Why was there not a plan in place to aquire a reciever should the scenario arise like the nightclub incedent? I understand that the Phins had no control of when Marshall was going to lose the plot for the last time.. But if the idea was one more outburst and your gone..You would think there would have been a plan in place to be prepared..Nope.

Onto Flynn..I have read where some think he is going to command a huge starters contract..Something close to Kevin Kolb..No way. He is going to, and should get a contract that is second tier..This is why the Phins should just sign him now..I know the team is huffing paint, and shooting meth while waiting for Peyton..I just think that Flynns price goes WAY UP after Manning is off the board.. Unless the team has some secret, pictures of Manning in Mexico with a Donkey, or comprimising pictures of his wife with other farm animals..It doesn't look like Manning is coming here. He may, so I understand why the team is holding out..It just seems that we are going to end up with Flyyn..Go get him now while his price is a low as it will get..This way, we could have a competition. If Flynn doesn't earn the job..He isn't killing the team with a huge salary. Sing him now, and it will be no risk.

Thank God the team still has an anchor in Soliai. We need a few pieces to move up but at least we keep the strength of the team

Peyton Manning is playing the Dolphins like a flute. He got us by the balls...

At this point, I can careless about Manning. We have missed out of big name receivers to fill in Marshall's shoes.

Frustrating Team as always.

I can see the future!

Henne takes the Hawks to the NFC Championship game vs. former Teamate Brandon Marshall of Da Bears.

In other news, Pat Devlin takes over for a winless Matty Moore and wins just enough garbage games to get the Dolphins the 13th pick in 2013 draft.

Devlin becomes the only NFL quarterback to complete less passes than Tim Tebow in an NFL game.

The Future has spoken!

Maybe Serena Williams can play some WR for us...maybe Gloria Estefan instead, she hasn't been covered since the 90's...

..Manning getting a physical in Tennessee..Can we just get on with it already??

Police, the National Guard, and the FBI were called out to Dolphin Stadium this week. Players on the field reported seeing a strange, white substance on the field that they had never seen before. Miami CSI took samples and determined that the substance did not come from anthrax or ricin, It was, instead, a Goal Line.

A small boy was spotted by police in Dade County, Florida carrying his belongings tied in a bandana on a stick over his shoulder. Instantly recognizing the boy as a runaway, the officer told him to get in the car and would take him home to his dad.
"Oh no, please don't do that. My mom and I left dad because he beats me."
So the police officer offered to take him home to his mom.
"Oh no, please don't do that. My mom beats me, too!" the boy cried.
The officer was perplexed. "Well where should I take you then?"
"Take me to Dolphin Stadium. I know the Dolphins don't beat anybody."

Someone please explain this to me. solar is a nose tackle and we are switching to a 4 -3 defense, which we need two dt and two de, while did we sign him and not Langford?

Devlin becomes the only NFL quarterback to complete less passes than Tim Tebow in an NFL game.
The Future has spoken!
Posted by: odinseye | March 14, 2012 at 07:38 PM

I believe Pat White holds that record at ZERO.
But, might as well keep the award here.

I have expressed my support for Philbin but all this lack of action is really hurting the team (thanks Ireland and Ross). The longer we wait to sign Flynn, the more we damage our chances to land decent free agents.

Passing on Robinson really has me kinda sad. The guy waited patiently for his chance, showing is a team player and we did not even try to get him here especially when all of the sudden we are thin at the position. Money-wise it would have been a good deal because it is far cheaper to find another pass rusher with our draft picks rather than pursuing say Floyd.

Please show some grit and get it over with and sign Flynn (even though far from my preference). If we miss on Flynn and we are at the mercy of yet another 2nd rounder what if 3 year project, wow, I mean seriously, at least with Flynn will know pretty quickly what we have.

Sigh, fruckin hilarious bro!! Funniest thing I've read in a long long time.

It's sad to read some of the commentary and not just on this "blog"....Honestly, I think what's required are new fans w/ an appreciation for the game of football, not all these armchair GM's (If any of you were good enough to be a GM, you would be one. I'm very sure NO one on this board is) All this lunacy about the Dolphins should get this guy or that guy , truly is retarded...but then again, I guess I should just take one good look @ the source "a blog", which is most likely the worst thing to ever happen to the newspaper business (kinda like letting the animals run the zoo), but that's a conversation for another day. Simply, a bunch of morons who have no clue about football, hiring personnel, playing the game, manipulating the CAP and so on...just a bunch of whiny children screaming for milk. Pathetic. They funny thing is that what makes this fanbase look "desperate" is not ESPN, but the reaction to every piece of minutia. YOU ALL ACT LIKE THAT GUY WHO DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO TAKE NO FROM A GIRL AND YOU KEEP BADGERING HER UNTIL SHE HAS TO CALL THE COPS AND SEND YOUR CRAZY ASS TO JAIL FOR THE NIGHT TO COOL DOWN. Apparently there is no age limit to post on a blog and by reading some of these comments, it's apparent. Just remember hysteria NEVER looks cool. I understand the owner may have had some missteps, but he's a new owner. Maybe he has to learn the hard way and by the looks of the PM chase, he has....It may also take awhile for the SPARANO firing to fade in football ppl's minds. That was not a cool thing to do but this owner didn't invent that move as it's been done plenty of times before. Did you hear me ROB M.? Nick N.? You truly ARE just jackasses w/ a keyboard.

well with flynn in we will need some solid wrs now

David...This is just my opinion. Even if we switch to a base 4-3. Soliai can surely play the 3 technique. It is a little different as you have more gap resposibility, over man responsibility in the 1 technique. Also. I'm sure that we will play some 3 down lineman sets..What I don't understand. And this is what keeps Solia from being a top tier defender. He is off the field in Nickel - Dime packages. We are in these sets as much as the base defense. I bet we play nickel more then any other defense...No Soliai in the Nickel.

what about Brees? 1st rd pick and same money Manning would require. just a thought

Didn't we sign up a WR from Arena Football or the CFL or something? Anybody know about the guy? I hope they don't expect him to be our #1.

I have a feeling we will go after Tannehill in the draft. It doesn't make sense that we haven't gone after Flynn yet. I have a feeling Philibin doesn't like him for some reason. Although I do remember him saying that he doesnt like signing FA he would rather draft talent instead. Sad that Henne is getting more looks than Flynn

hillis to kc, weird signing

bk makes perfect sense, ross will not go after anyone else until manning signs

no tracy, it was a rb

Boycott fins, fire Ireland..

Ireland isn't GM of the year yet; however, he made the right move by retaining Solia and should let Langford go. In light of the new report on Marshall, the trade is more palatable. We may have less talent at the receiver position right now but if Marshall truly struck a lady in the face, whether by accident or not, he will be facing a suspension from the commissioner. Who knows what type of problems lie ahead for Marshall.
He really is a liability. Let's see how the draft plays out with the receivers. Blackmon could fall to us at #8 or with the extra picks we could trade up a spot or two to get him. The quarterback situation is very perplexing but I don't think Manning is coming to South Beach unless it's to visit his condo. Flynn could be considered a reach and it's very telling that his own offensive coordinator (now our HC) hasn't jumped at the chance to sign him if he is so talented. I know, I know, everyone thinks we still have a chance at Manning. Not happening my friends.... Matt Moore isn't the end of the world. He played pretty well down the stretch with half an offensive line and too many dropped balls. Tannehill may be a reach at #8 but again, maybe we can use some of our extra picks to move back in to the latter part of the 1st round or early 2nd to get him. I'm willing to let this thing play out. I would recommend picking up Winston to solidfy the O-line and then use all our draft picks on skill positions such as receiver, tight end, defensive end/OLB, and a ball hawking safety.
Regardless of what any of us think, I don't think the Dolphins are playoff contenders in 2012. Thank Mr. Parcells for sitting this franchise back another 3 years. Let's see what the new regime can do without Parcells pulling the puppet strings.

we suck i cant believe we are not doing anything.
no wonder no one wants to play for miami i use to be
proud to say im a fins fan no more.the owner sucks

Draft Floyd and Marshall is replaced with less headaches.


It appears Brandon Lloyd is the best one left available at this point.

Kinda funny the reciever starved Rams are trying to resign him though.

like I dont understand why we have yet to arrange a matty flynn visit.

C-Los...The whole point of participating on a blog is share ideas..anyone that takes what said here as the gosphel has a problem. For the most part it is a forum to share, and debate ideas about the team. As moronical(is that a word?) as the ideas, or opinions may seem. They are just that..Opinions. Nobody gets hurt, nobody gets to make a decision that has anny affect on the team. The blog is a place to come to engage in converstion with folks who want to discuss football. Sure, we all get to play fake Gm..Who cares?? Nothing that is said here has any bearing on the team, or what it does. If it upsets you so much, don't participate.

I thirst.

brandon is very good, but i think everyone thinks hes going to pats

andrew i just told u why

free agency just started and all im seeing are people not understanding that we need to be cap careful and better at picking our free agents. we gave away a bunch for a reciever that wouldn't jump for a ball with a distinct hight advantage and dropped as many touchdowns as he caught. just remember, the giants won the super bowl this year with recievers they drafted, not free agents they signed. everyone wants to win a championship but nobody wants a team whos competetive for years. all good teams went through growing pains and when your constantly changing the coach you also change the players hense no cohesion and no comfort that your plan will be given time to work. detroit is finally a good team after how many years?

Agree with DD @7:57.

If you don't like it why are you here C-Los??

Few quick thoughts:
1) Solai is better than Langford. If we decide to play 4-3 he and Starks line up as tackles. Not an issue at all. If Wilfork can play NT and T in 3-4 and 4-3 so can Solai. I think it's great that we kept him. NT's are costly and good ones are hard to find. We have invested a lot of time and $'s in Solai so it's good we didn't let him go.

2) What I don't understand is we heard through multiple sources that Winston was coming to Miami for a visit TODAY. But we have NO updates? Did he come? Is he going to get a contract from us? I'd love to see us sign him as it would solidify our line and we could finally protect the QB, regardless of who that is.

3) I am still not loving the idea that the Fins let Marshall go. But it does show that Philbin has some say with Ireland and Ross. I really think it was his call to let him go to send a message to the locker room and the league. He is looking to build a squad of players who want to be here and who will handle themselves well. Overall I think that is a good move, as hard as it is to see Marshall go at a time where we don't really know who is going to replace him.

4) I continue to like Flynn and love the fact that there isn't an immediate push by the Fins or anyone else to sign him to a HUGE contract. I think the Fins will land him once they get the inevitable bad news from Manning. They might land him and pay less than we all initially thought.

5) If FA gets the Fins Flynn, Solai and Winston that would be good by me.

6) Assuming that plays out we should be able to use the Draft (1, 2, 3, and 3) to get one or two pass rushers and WR's. I'd love to sign two of each. We can run with our Safeties and TE's another year.

Nothing that is said here has any bearing on the team, or what it does. If it upsets you so much, don't participate.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | March 14, 2012 at 07:57 PM

Hey! Now THERE's an IDEA!

Wonder why C-Los didn't think of it?

i think we need to get together as a dolfin nation and all skip the first game of the year, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Lloyd and Floyd at WR...kinda catchy.

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