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Late wrap: Soliai in, Laurent Robinson out, more stuff ...

The recap so far:

Paul Soliai was scheduled to board a late afternoon flight to Denver today. He never boarded and instead signed a two-year contract worth $12 million. The deal includes $6 million in guaranteed money. This is a fair deal forSoliai because he has now made $18 million in guaranteed money from the Dolphins in the last couple of years. He also gets another bite of free agency before he's 30 in 2014 so that will be good for him. It's fair for the team because the money by no means is onerous to the point the club cannot do other things in free agency -- INCLUDING SIGNING PEYTON MANNING IF THE QB DECIDES TO COME TO MIAMI.

The Dolphins, who earlier flirted with unrestricted free agent receiver Laurent Robinson and were trying to get him to visit have to keep looking elsewhere. Robinson has agreed to a five-year deal worth approximately $32 million with Jacksonville, the first team that hosted him on a free agent visit. So much for the next best young wide receiver on the market.

On another WR front, Mario Manningham is scheduling visits and not one is including Miami yet. He's visiting San Francisco and Seattle in the next two days.

The Dolphins today announced the visit by Arizona defensive back Richard Marshall. The club, which is only confirming visits from unrestricted free agents but not street free agents or restricted or untendered free agents, confirmed this visit first reported by The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson.

The club today also hosted Jets untendered free agent Jamaal Westerman and Cleveland street free agent Artis Hicks, an offensive lineman. Both visits were first reported by Jackson as well but the club would not confirm them. No contracts are signed or agreed to at this time. Westerman is a very good special teams player with some pass-rush potential. He is 6-3 and 255 pounds. Hicks is a backup type.

The club did not confirm the visit from Eric Winston, the former Houston Texans right tackle and current potential prize of the Miami free agency crop outside of Manning. No contract has been agreed to here.

Did I mention Peyton Manning? He's in Nashville today. It's reportedly crazy there. Media buzzing. Helicopters flying. Planes being tracked. I wonder if ESPN will report he's turned off by the whole thing?

I continue to chug along and report that Manning still has not made a decision and the Dolphins remain in the running. They believe they are in the running. When they are out of the running, I will report that. I'm not going to give you rankings from sources of where teams stand because those have been unreliable in this case.

Matt Flynn? He's flying to Seattle on Thursday. He's following Chad Henne's visit there. They are kicking the tires on him. He is not, contrary to previous reports in other places, in negotiations with the Dolphins or Cleveland Browns. He is trying to get a market going for himself. Right now the market is slim. Makes you wonder why, right?


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To mustache man jr at 07:46 PM

Really appreciate the compliment and glad you got a good laugh.

Have a good night. :)

Paul FatFace.

Thats our big signing so far.

Our offense is going to be even more laugable than last year.

Wanny-ball is coming back1 IT IS NOT BAD TO PUNT!

im in kc and they are saying here that kc will offer winston a ton of cash to block for hillis and charles

the giants won the super bowl this year with recievers they drafted, not free agents they signed.

Posted by: finfan4ever | March 14, 2012 at 07:59 PM

Ok, so now I'm getting confused! Did Ireland screw up then or now?

One way or the other man, one way or the other.......

Gotta say the Chiefs could put Hillis as the FB and Charles as the RB and do a lot of different things

Ah, Great. So were closing in on some "Special team players" with pass rush potential and some "Back up types". When did Dave Wannstedt come back?????

..Hey Odin...You mentioned you were interested in coming out here to hunt this fall. The cuttoff date for tags is Friday..I'm not sure if this applies to out of state tags as well. But if you haven't put in for certain areas(Where I live is a special early season, limited tag sort of dealio)you get the doughnut. I have to go do some bar duty, I just saw you were here, and wanted to give you a heads up...I willl find out for sure tonight and let you know..


Hope the Dolphins draft about 5 WRs since they cannot get anyone to even visit.

To all of you who said that FA just started, you said the same thing last year. The other shoe never dropped. They kept all the cap space. They will do the same this year. Soliai was their big splash. Guaranteed.

I find it odd that Armando keeps bringing up that we are still in the peyton hunt when everyone including ourselves believes we have no shot. It would be easy for mando to give up the ghost too. Makes me think that we may be real players afterall.

And add in that Soliai could've signed for big dollars with Denver, the supposed favourite for manning but stays here for a relative pittance. Don't you think he would be excited to join the team that has manning, if indeed Denver was it?

Things that make you go hmmm ...

AK I setting myself up for another fall?

Armando you said the club did not confirm a visit with Eric Winston.

Did you mean did confirm? You went on to call him a current potential free agent prize of the Dolpins and no contract has been signed??

How can he sign a contract if he hasn't visited??

The offense might actually be bad enough in 2012 that I'll be missing those field goals and fist pumps.

Guys you have to remember we were a good offense before Marshall got here remember? Nobody could stop the wildcat and our rushing offense (I know it was gimic but it worked for that year). Look at GB they have at least 4 recievers that are studs and go to. There are no #1 guys everyone is a #1 guy. I can't wait to see this implemented. And good for the fins for showing Marshall the door. Don't forget he is one incident away from being gone for a year.

Thanks Darryl.

I'm always lurking, even when I'm not posting.

I appreciate it!

mark source close to manning an hour ago said miami was still very much alive


Not only are the Dolphins not an elite franchise anymore but they do not move fast enough on players they need due to arrogance. It has to be arrogance, no group of trained professionals could be this stupid and then loose out on some big time needs. The Dolphins should grab Santana Moss (WR) from the skins who will be released soon.

Chad Henne signed a 2 year deal with the Jags!!

jags, that sucks, wanted him to go to jets. guess jacksonville doesnt even want tebow

Thanks for that nugget dusty, this Soliai signing is very strange. He was dead and buried and there is a huge market for players of his ilk. Especially considering he's only 26. Just speculation right now ... but if the Miami boat was really sinking like we all think it is, wouldn't he take more money and a chance to win? Nobody takes less money in their prime to play for a joke.

was only 2 mill less and with no state taxes close to a wash. lets hope he doesnt get lazy now

I wish Henne well! Why are we looking at another running back, Hicks? We're deep there, we have more pressing needs! Like Winston!

Soliai likes it here?

Does anyone really want the arrogant, self interest only Peyton at this point? History says he will only be a disappointment.

Move on.

yeah redsky that too

yeah id still take him just to save us from flynn

Peyton struts around like he is 30 and healthy. He is making monkeys out of all that interview him. He thinks of nobody but himself. And....he is not even ready to perform. He won't even throw the ball for any FO.


Shut the door on him.

mannings ego is bigger than pamela andersons knocks, no doubt

I'm beginning to wonder if Philbin decided to start dismantling parts of our team so he can "build through the draft" like he said. Are we now in "Rebuild Mode" and no one old us? Have we got to go through 2 or 3 more years of a new coach installing his philosophy into this team like we had to contend with when Sparano was hired? Didn't the new coach sound optimistic about the guys already on our roster? Has he changed his mind already? He talked about "playmakers" and just got rid of one!

I'm kinda getting tired of all the smoke & mirrors from the management of this team! No one really cares about our "secrets" because we aren't relevant! Worry about hiding things once you've got a winning team! Until then, we should focus on becoming a classy organization again...please! No more of the same old same old...

When you kiss ass, like a bunch of teams are doing for Peyton, in the end, you only feel like the ass your are kissing.

Please make a note of it.

So, does Henne beat out Gabbert?

Who will Henne be competing with in Jax?

Oh wait, no contest.

Henne will be a starter!

Oh well, NO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY we could have extended him for cheap and got a 4th or 5th rounder..........RIGHT Jeffy?

I mean NObody gives up late picks for a starting QB!


lou, u could beat out gabbert

considering there isnt a QB worth taking in the draft, why don't we take a WR with our first rd. pick. blackmon might be there. if not there, trade down and get draft pick and take hill or floyd. they both could be a #1 reciever by the end of the season. don't take a ify QB just because of the demand. tannehill, wilson,cousins etc....none or them are legitimate franchise QB's. why take another henne?

jacksonville is beyond awful. what an easy div houston has. houston is super bowl bound

lou, u could beat out gabbert
Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 14, 2012 at 08:30 PM

LOL. Even in my Jazzy?

I believe Henne will outplay Gabbert and probably win the job. I'm not getting why they did not at least make an offer to keep him here to compete. This team doesn't make sense at times.

Henne starter in Jax by week 4....... Prediction

ill tell u why,cause henne is horrible. moore will backup either manning or flynn

ia gree ohio, henne injured by week 6

ok all meetings over now, dont u think peyton will announce tomm??


I told everybody were in full blown rebuild mode.

Think about it. 6-10, hunting for a QB, new head coach, new offense and coordinator, new defense and coordinator.

Every move we've made(inc. Marshall)this off season has SCREAMED rebuild mode. The Manning wet dream being the single exception.

It's definitely full blown rebuild mode and anyone denying it is DELUSIONAL.

Didn't you hear? Now LaConforna and Lombardi and saying Flynn isn't going to get starter money but he's going to need to be happy to get higher end backup money.
So, they went from saying Flynn would be the $hit in free agency and command big money and get a starting position somewhere to "he needs to accept that he isn't going to get starter money and will need to compete for a starting position."

Ha Dusty! True....I never said he'd stay healthy! :)

So with Henne going to Jax, that means Flynn is the only one visiting Seattle now right?


a measly 2 years.....


a good chance to win the starting job IMO.....

That rookie QB in Jacksonville was terrible....

Flynn is a back up. Why is that so hard to understand? Just because months ago ESPN said he will be a hot FA means nothing. He ain't. FACTS show Henne was hotter and signed sooner. Flynn is a waste of time. 32 GM's are confirming it.

Peyton struts around like he is 30 and healthy. He is making monkeys out of all that interview him. He thinks of nobody but himself. And....he is not even ready to perform. He won't even throw the ball for any FO.


Shut the door on him.

Posted by: Quilombo | March 14, 2012 at 08:24 PM


Flynn is a back up. Why is that so hard to understand? Just because months ago ESPN said he will be a hot FA means nothing. He ain't. FACTS show Henne was hotter and signed sooner. Flynn is a waste of time. 32 GM's are confirming it.

Posted by: Quilombo | March 14, 2012 at 08:43 PM


Based on the latest moves by the fins I am going to give a quick mock

Rest of FA

Sign CB/S Richard Manning
Sign Bears QB Hanie (hey you gotta have a backup)
Sing Buff Demtirus Bell

1st- Qb Ryan Tannehill
2nd- OLB/DE Vinny Curry (pass rusher we needed)
3rd- S Harrison Smith
3rd- WR Marvin Jones
Rest is BPA


You say you disagree on Flynn. Ok. Neither of us know the future.

I say his two game success was due to a SB team around him and several years in the system, with no tape for DC's to check out on him. I believe ultimately he is closer to the 7th round draft status he had. I also see lot's of players getting signed ahead of him. Maybe only Seattle and Miami have interest. That does not suggest to me the league sees him as a potential franchise QB. I wonder why Jax signed Henne and didn't even look at Flynn. I don't really wonder.

Odin, you are 100% right. Full blown rebuild mode. Ireland convinced Ross we had the players and stuck the knife in Sparano's back. We the fans are led to believe we are one or two playmakers away. Of course when you bring in a new coach and staff, the rebuild is going to happen. No one should be shocked.

I will not deny I was one saying I want Manning........but I will say this......after all this big road trip he's been on and dragging it out, he better be able to play or it's going to make him look really bad

It's JI RUNING the show Redsky! Let's see so far he sign a RB from the CFL, so far in FA he has interviewed special team players another RB CB OL Backup WR. Has anybody notice. No high price FA want to come to the PHINS!! It's not Mia It's because of JI or Ross but I believe it's all JI!!

Franchise QB's are the hottest commodity. If even half the teams in the league saw Flynn as a 'potential' franchise QB, you could be sure he'd be signed by now.

I'm beginning to see Ross and Ireland's true intentions, and they are simply this: pretend u want franchise players and superstars, but make sure u end up with none and have a cheap team that will not win but will make money.
That's is Ross and Ireland's true form, and it is proven fact. Try and doubt it.

Here is what we should do. trade first rounder to steelers for mike wallace. then immediately acquire flynn. then mario manningham. cut some players. then wait for draft day.

"It doesn't make sense we haven't gone after Flynn yet." Well, that one statement summed up how ignorant 95% of all comments on this and other boards/blogs are. You're the guy bidding against yourself at auction... First of all, you aren't a member of the Dolphins, so get rid of the "we"; second, since there is no market for Flynn yet, the Dolphins don't need to "go after" him; and third, when Flynn's agent gets an offer, he will then ask everyone else that has shown interest to counter. Every agent will do this every time with every client; that is how they get the client the best deal to meet their wants and needs.

I'm glad you guys have access to inside information; it is very impressive, since most of the media covering FA don't have much access at all and are slinging whatever unfounded and over-hyped opinion they can. No one on this or any other board/blog has any, and I mean ANY, knowledge of what is going on. And no, just because you spend all your free time looking at highlight reels on YouTube, you don't have any idea about what you keep prattling on about. Just watch La Canfora and his bosom buddy contradict themselves from one day to the next or anyone at ESPN reporting about absolutely nothing. They get paid to have knowledge of the inside and they have nothing.

And for those that think PM is playing games, what are you, 12? He owes no one in the NFL and most definitely not any of us, a decision within any timeframe. He gets to decide what he wants to do, not you. not me, not anyone. If the Dolphins (and I have been a diehard fan for 30 years)don't want to wait, they won't. It is that simple.

Lebron, stick to basketball. Wallace is not worth a first rounder. Big Ben made Wallace, he will be ordinary on 30 other teams.


I pray that you are wrong....but the thought has crossed my mind...

Henne signed with Jax


Montana retired.

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