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Late wrap: Soliai in, Laurent Robinson out, more stuff ...

The recap so far:

Paul Soliai was scheduled to board a late afternoon flight to Denver today. He never boarded and instead signed a two-year contract worth $12 million. The deal includes $6 million in guaranteed money. This is a fair deal forSoliai because he has now made $18 million in guaranteed money from the Dolphins in the last couple of years. He also gets another bite of free agency before he's 30 in 2014 so that will be good for him. It's fair for the team because the money by no means is onerous to the point the club cannot do other things in free agency -- INCLUDING SIGNING PEYTON MANNING IF THE QB DECIDES TO COME TO MIAMI.

The Dolphins, who earlier flirted with unrestricted free agent receiver Laurent Robinson and were trying to get him to visit have to keep looking elsewhere. Robinson has agreed to a five-year deal worth approximately $32 million with Jacksonville, the first team that hosted him on a free agent visit. So much for the next best young wide receiver on the market.

On another WR front, Mario Manningham is scheduling visits and not one is including Miami yet. He's visiting San Francisco and Seattle in the next two days.

The Dolphins today announced the visit by Arizona defensive back Richard Marshall. The club, which is only confirming visits from unrestricted free agents but not street free agents or restricted or untendered free agents, confirmed this visit first reported by The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson.

The club today also hosted Jets untendered free agent Jamaal Westerman and Cleveland street free agent Artis Hicks, an offensive lineman. Both visits were first reported by Jackson as well but the club would not confirm them. No contracts are signed or agreed to at this time. Westerman is a very good special teams player with some pass-rush potential. He is 6-3 and 255 pounds. Hicks is a backup type.

The club did not confirm the visit from Eric Winston, the former Houston Texans right tackle and current potential prize of the Miami free agency crop outside of Manning. No contract has been agreed to here.

Did I mention Peyton Manning? He's in Nashville today. It's reportedly crazy there. Media buzzing. Helicopters flying. Planes being tracked. I wonder if ESPN will report he's turned off by the whole thing?

I continue to chug along and report that Manning still has not made a decision and the Dolphins remain in the running. They believe they are in the running. When they are out of the running, I will report that. I'm not going to give you rankings from sources of where teams stand because those have been unreliable in this case.

Matt Flynn? He's flying to Seattle on Thursday. He's following Chad Henne's visit there. They are kicking the tires on him. He is not, contrary to previous reports in other places, in negotiations with the Dolphins or Cleveland Browns. He is trying to get a market going for himself. Right now the market is slim. Makes you wonder why, right?


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The offense might actually be bad enough in 2012 that I'll be missing those field goals and fist pumps.
Posted by: kjm93vmi | March 14, 2012 at 08:12 PM

FIELD GOALS AND FIST PUMPS! YEEEEEEAH! FIST PUMP (Fumbling my chewy,gooey bubble gum)!!!


In response to your last question...perhaps Flynn isn't getting more attention as a first tier quarterback because of the Kevin Kolb fiasco. The market for quarterbacks in that regard is righting itself.

Well I guess the good news is that we WILL have the number one pick next year :). The Matt Barkley sweepstakes is on and strong in South Beach!

finally we have lost a great player, thanks Marshall
I wish good luck to Henne.

Brian Quick
Greg Childs
Nick Toon
Juron Criner
Jarius Wright
Joe Adams

All receivers who can help this team. I wouldn't be surprised if Miami targets at least two of them in the draft.

A 52yo Dolfan since 1968. I have been through some great times with this once PROUD franchise. I look at the current state of my beloved Dolphins with tears in my eyes. I was a season ticket holder that lives in NYC. I also travel to many away games as I live in the Northeast. I have Miami Dolphins jewelry, pictures signed by Marino, Shula and the 72 team. I am far from a fair weather fan. It saddens me to think that the Patriots and NYJ, whom I truly hate, have better organizations than the team I love. We used to be the organization that other teams copied. We were innovators that other teams strived to be like. I am at wits end with my beloved Dolphins.
How in the world do we not try to trade up to #2 in the draft?
How do we trade for players we know have legitimate issues? Eg. Marshall 2 #2's and 2yrs later we get 2 #3's?
Why did we get embarrssed by the Harbuagh fiasco?
The Saban fiasco?
The Parcells fiasco?
The Fisher fiasco?
We are now being played by Manning, free agents avoid us like the plague...why?
It is time for season ticket holders to release their tickets. Let the owners know we have had enough. It is time to return this once PROUD organization where they belong and that is as a shining light in a storm to be followed by every other NFL oragnization. I will sign my real name. I don't hide in shadows.

"Soliai, who made $12 million last season, will receive $12 million over the next two years, including $6 million guaranteed. His 2012 cap hit is a bit under $5 million, leaving Miami with $10 million in space as of early Wednesday evening."

Hmmmm....$10 Million of cap space left??? Not great considering all we did was re-sign Soliai. At this point I'm very curious if Philbin even wants to make a play for Flynn??? No matter who our QB is we need a RT so we might as well spend the money on Winston who is established.

B/c of the huge void created by trading away Marshall Ireland basically has to draft a WR in the first two rounds but probably won't. And Ireland had to go & open his mouth about getting a franchise QB instead of saying that Moore did a good job last year. Well good luck with that. If we pass on Flynn I wouldn't be surprised if Ireland drafts Tannehill.

It is quite possible that Ross/Ireland are the most hated owner/GM combo in the NFL today. Our fans detest them & who can blame them????

Miami is interested in Flynn but not in the way some had thought. I said from the beginning it would be fine if they bring him in as long as Moore has a chance to compete against him for the starting position and, apparently, they are thinking the same way.
When all is said and done, if Flynn does sign with Miami, the contract isn't going to be anywhere near what anyone had been quoting before free agency. Flynn's appeal is nowhere near as great as some thought it would be and it appears as though Miami may have been thinking about bringing him in to do nothing more than compete with Moore and hope they found an "acorn".


I find it hard to believe that people will actually pay money to watch this team play. If starting the season @ 0-7 last year wasn't bad enough I've got to believe this FA (or lack thereof) will kill any enthusiasm that a Dolphin fan has left.

I was looking at some mocks, and just noticing that the 3rd round picks we have are in great position for Wheeden or Cousins, Just saying--- But I am in favor of trading down. This draft has alot of talent in the first 2-3 rounds. I would like to develope the 6 foot 8 Osweiller.

They should change the team colors to brown and beige and change the team name to the Farts.

professor lou, some great observations (looks like you have been watching the razorbacks quite closely; perhaps not coincidentally, holtz was the coach at arkansas). sherman played arkansas, so he knows full well about these guys. wright had over 200 yards receiving against a and m, and joe adams is not only an explosive slot-type receiver, but is the best punt returner in college football. finally, greg childs was a stud two years ago, but i think he had microfracture surgery on his knee which slowed him down. nonetheless, i think he can be a good pro. i am sure these guys will all be seriously considered.

We Have Draft Picks

From your mouth to God's ears. If the owners continue to realize a profit by doing what they have been doing since buying the team then there is no reason for them to change. THE FANS MUST STAY AWAY. THE STADIUM NEEDS TO BE EMPTY. Either put a REAL NFL team on the field or sell the franchise to somebody that wants to restore this organization to its glory.

The Ross/Ireland infactuation has now caused "collateral damage" to Matt Flynn's chances to gain an "outer space" type contract. Wtih Joe Philbin aboard as new Dolphins hc. Im sure Flynn's agent was depending on great interest fr4om the Dolphins to highly inflate Flynn's value on the fa market.

Now with Flynn now considered an after thought for the Dolphins even with Philbin aboard. It cant bode well for increasing Flynn's fa "sky's the limit" asking price.

Henne to Jacksonville...no place for Tebow trade. Denver stuck.

Based on "lack of body of work" and depth. Flynn's true fa value should be no more than $5 million a year. Even that's pretty high for a guy with only two nfl starts. But paying over $5 million a year is "confirmed brain deadiness" to land Matt Flynn.

Jaguars are an amazing landing spot for Henne. If he cant beat out Blaine Gabbert for the starting spot. Its confirmed Henne will never be an Nfl calibre starting qb ever again.

The clock begins ticking on Henne ever being a starting nfl qb again. Right now!

TC If Manning signs with Denver and Flynn who is meeting with Seattle tomorrow and they sign Flynn then Fins will make a play for Tebow. If they don't end up with Flynn or Manning trust me Tebow will be next I'm a trade.

Those 3 had just as much to do with Mallet's success in Arkansas, if not more, as Mallet.
If Miami got Ingram in the first and Adams later it would make the draft for me.

Gabbert didnt show lack of ability last year. The guy actually looked like he was "sacred to death" behind center. Based on last season Gabbert definitely looks a nfl 1st rd bust.

If Henne cant beat Gabbert out he'll never become a nfl starting qb ever again.

Don't see Philbin buying into Tebow. If Manning goes there QB controversy looms. Who else would buy into Tebow?

Last year our season was over by game 4. This year our season ended yesterday.

Yeah your right Moron!!! There a lot of Morons including your self!! What in f u c has JI proven in the NFL as a GM

You better believe we are going to get push up the middle with Soliai and Starks in the base 4-3. Brady, ya hear!

...besides the Jets?

Fins will sign Flynn to compete with Moore for about the same number that they signed Moore for, 2 years $10M. They will draft Tannehill #8 for $20 M for 4 or someone else, Cousins, Foles, or Weedon in 2-3, if a really good WR is available at 8, Floyd maybe.
We will not start 2012 with 2 QBs. We will fill the WR core in Rd 3.
Like what I feel is coming down for a long time to come. Thanks Marshall for the time.
Remember this is the new CBA.

They haven't signed Langford, so apparently they are going DE in the Draft. How bout, Odrick, Starks, Soliai and Coples(or Ingram) as our base. Broder!

Does anyone really think this team will be anywhere near the playoffs at this point? Get real.

Ireland will use the two 3rd rd picks he got for Marshall in a trade with the 49ers to bring Ted Ginn back. One 3rd pick for Ginn and the other 3rd rd pick for Ginn's family.

U heard it here first!

My predictions going forward...
Eric Winston RT FA
Reggie Nelson S FA
Ryan Tannehill QB RD 1
WR, TE, DE, CB in no particular order RDs 2, 3, 3 and 4

My predictions going forward...

Afc East cellar!

Havent you guys noticed?

Every year the only bold moves we make are the boldly stupid ones. Other than that, all we do is "settle". Only thing that "settles" is dirt. Dirt always eventually settles straight to the bottom.

Eric, we have all made a note of your predictions and if they come true, we will chip in and buy you a fruit cake.

We already wasted $1.2 million on Murtha...He is worse than Columbo! Mark my words....We are now desperate for a #1 WR...YIKES

The proudest way to nstrike out is to swing for the fences. The most cowardly way to strike out is to take every pitch.

Swinging for the fences you eventually hit one out of the park. Taking every pitch eventually you'll get a walk.

Nexting to striking out, getting a walk is the surest way not to score. Swinging for the fences sooner or later you score in a huge and heroic way!

Fins should stop any Flynn talks (and possibly Manning if he doesn't make a decision by Friday) and start considering the QB who turns 29 this year and who was the 2006 3rd pick of the 1st round.


2006 NFL AP Offensive Rookie of the Year
2007 Pro Bowl
2010 Pro Bowl


He should excel in the west coast offense with his athleticism. He wants to play here.

Those saying it would have cost too much to get RG3. Should go have Jeff Ireland sign your birth certificates declaring that he's your father. LOL

Right now I would take Tim Tebow over Vince Young. And I dont want Tim Tebow either!

Tebow probably wouldnt be a better qb. But Tebow would sell a helluva lot more tickets than Matt Flynn! LOL

I will be so glad when Steven Ross finally realizes "he's the major road block" to Miami ever becoming a championship team. Then sell the damn team already!

We have a lot of offensive holes to fill and have done nothing on that side of the ball. With Marshall signed at CB/S , I say we trade Sean Smith and play Jimmy Wilson in the slot. At least he has upside. Sign Winston at RT and draft Floyd in the 1st. We can go with Moore or Flynn, if that works out, or draft Weeden in the 2nd or 3rd. Maybe we get a crack at Barkley next year. Any thoughts?

Vince Young finished his Titans career with a 30-17 record (63.8%) over five years.

Bring him in to compete with Moore.

May the best QB win.

Hey Mr. Ross SELL THE DOLPHINS NOW! you SUCK,SUCK,SUCK at anything that has to do with football and the personnel involved. We will be lousy again this year and i'm sure over spend on some 2nd rate QB. I feel sorry for Joe Philbin cause I hear he is a real nice guy, good luck Joe working with the Idiots in the front office. Some advice for Ireland: if you are going to trade the 8th pick move up and get Blackmon, might as well it makes more sense than anything else you've done to this point.

Why most People focus on Offense when it's Defense that wins Championships???

The average age of the Posters here is 30 yrs. old, but many show much less.


If Ireland traded Marshall for only two 3rds, then he would probably let Smith go for 2 7th rd picks.

Oscar Canosa,

In 1972, the undefeated-untied championship Dolphins finished ranked #1 in defense and ranked #1 in offense. It takes both defense and offense my friend.

Most championship teams finished ranked at or near the top of the charts on both sides of the ball. But there are "RARE" occassions when that doesnt happen.

Some of the great Steelers, Cowboys, and 49ers cahmapionship teams finished ranked #1 bon both sides of the ball too. Elway's last two championship Bronco teams did the same.

If you're great on both sides of the ball youre nearly guaranteed to make a deep playoff run. If not, you'll have to get lucky or just get really hot just at about the right time.

Fins don't need to waste any picks on QBs.

Blackmon will drop to #8.

1)Colts - Luck
2)Skins - Griffin
3)Vikings - Kalil
4)Browns - will either take Richardson due to losing Hillis or take Tannehill if they can't get a FA QB.
5)Bucs - Richardson if available or Clairborne to replace Talib or Barber
6)Rams - decide that protecting Bradford with LT Reiff is more important than getting Blackmon
7)Jags - take WR Floyd or DE Ingram
8)Fins - Richardson if Bucs take Clairborne, Blackmon assuming Jags prefer Floyd or a DE


Browns aint taking Tannehill at #4. Maybe with thier 2nd 1st rd pick(#22). But never at #4. LOL

i wish miami could trade their owner

No way do I see Blackmon falling further than the Rams. Yes the Rams need a LT, but they also need to get a major weapon for Bradford too. Bill Parcells is not thier gm. Gotta score points to win too.

I agree with mickey

Browns will pick Tannehill at #4 if the Fins don't get a FA QB.

They know that if he's there at #8 the Fins will pull the trigger (I believe it would be a reach).

Fins won't risk dropping down to pick up extra picks and to then shoot themselves in the foot and miss getting him.

How bout the last 10 yrs., YG?

Let's see if the Rams get a FA LT.

If they get one, then Blackmon will be their pick.

Bradford has been injury prone in college and in the NFL. Blackmon can't protect him. Reiff who every mock draft indicated as the Fins pick is the best LT pick after Kalil.

Fine, Blackmon not there? I'll take Kendall Wright.

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