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Late wrap: Soliai in, Laurent Robinson out, more stuff ...

The recap so far:

Paul Soliai was scheduled to board a late afternoon flight to Denver today. He never boarded and instead signed a two-year contract worth $12 million. The deal includes $6 million in guaranteed money. This is a fair deal forSoliai because he has now made $18 million in guaranteed money from the Dolphins in the last couple of years. He also gets another bite of free agency before he's 30 in 2014 so that will be good for him. It's fair for the team because the money by no means is onerous to the point the club cannot do other things in free agency -- INCLUDING SIGNING PEYTON MANNING IF THE QB DECIDES TO COME TO MIAMI.

The Dolphins, who earlier flirted with unrestricted free agent receiver Laurent Robinson and were trying to get him to visit have to keep looking elsewhere. Robinson has agreed to a five-year deal worth approximately $32 million with Jacksonville, the first team that hosted him on a free agent visit. So much for the next best young wide receiver on the market.

On another WR front, Mario Manningham is scheduling visits and not one is including Miami yet. He's visiting San Francisco and Seattle in the next two days.

The Dolphins today announced the visit by Arizona defensive back Richard Marshall. The club, which is only confirming visits from unrestricted free agents but not street free agents or restricted or untendered free agents, confirmed this visit first reported by The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson.

The club today also hosted Jets untendered free agent Jamaal Westerman and Cleveland street free agent Artis Hicks, an offensive lineman. Both visits were first reported by Jackson as well but the club would not confirm them. No contracts are signed or agreed to at this time. Westerman is a very good special teams player with some pass-rush potential. He is 6-3 and 255 pounds. Hicks is a backup type.

The club did not confirm the visit from Eric Winston, the former Houston Texans right tackle and current potential prize of the Miami free agency crop outside of Manning. No contract has been agreed to here.

Did I mention Peyton Manning? He's in Nashville today. It's reportedly crazy there. Media buzzing. Helicopters flying. Planes being tracked. I wonder if ESPN will report he's turned off by the whole thing?

I continue to chug along and report that Manning still has not made a decision and the Dolphins remain in the running. They believe they are in the running. When they are out of the running, I will report that. I'm not going to give you rankings from sources of where teams stand because those have been unreliable in this case.

Matt Flynn? He's flying to Seattle on Thursday. He's following Chad Henne's visit there. They are kicking the tires on him. He is not, contrary to previous reports in other places, in negotiations with the Dolphins or Cleveland Browns. He is trying to get a market going for himself. Right now the market is slim. Makes you wonder why, right?


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Believe me, no one wants Tannehill at #4 but you! LOL

Just because Tannehill played for Sherman does not make him a franchise QB.

Fins shouldn't take any QB in the draft.

I believe the Browns will take Tannehill if they can't find a FA QB.

McCoy is not the answer.


I like Kendall Wright, but not sure where he should be drafted. My biggest concern about him is learning to get off of nfl corner jams right away. The kid is kind of small and we would need to be a #1 wr right away. That maybe asking too much.

He may not be ready to go after #1 nfl corners just yet. But if you could get his feet wet at #2 wr or slot. It may benifit him and the team that selects right away. Because of this, 2nd rd is the highest bgrade I would put on him right now.


Tannehill will still be around when the Browns use thier #22 pick of the 1st rd. Bank on it.

I believe this is Ireland's toughest year of all that he's been completely in charge of. Besides many other things, he has to listen to Philbin and Sherman and try to eliminate any bias in them in respect to Flynn and Tannehill respectively. Tough. Very tough.

Fins should take the best player available if they stay at #8.

Take anyone ranked in the top 7 of their draft board that slides down to them.

I'm not convinced that Thomas is the RB answer. Richardson could be the next Emmitt Smith (or the next Sammie Smith). Blackmon could be the real deal or he could be the next Yatil Green.

It's a crap shoot. Just be lucky.

Kendall is very quick, YG, and I don't think he can be jammed at the line. The reason I don't mention the very tall receivers in the Draft is, that if we are really into a "WC" offense, patterns have to be run quick and precise. Both Kendall and Blackmon can do that.

My last post.

Fins should do their due diligence on Vince Young.

Last year in Philly shouldn't count against him. He was brought in as a backup. Not to compete.

The Fins could see the VY of 2006 if he's brought in to compete with Moore.

Good night.


With Wallace seemingly out the door. I can so see a team like the Steelers taking Kendall Wright 1st rd. They have a real qb(Big Ben) and for the Steelers it would be a case of the rich getting richer.

Kendall Wright would perfect for the Steelers. No way do I see Jeff Ireland taking him #1 even though he's a Baylor Alumn. Just Makes to much sense for Ireland to do something like that. LOL

No need to worry about wr's, it is all about the o-line and pass rush. Overrated wr's just get overpaid. System guys are more important. I actually believe Clyde Gates will be a very usefull player next year. Hw leaned in year 1 and will explode under Philbin. He really reminds me of Mike Wallace. Also Solai is a great signing. He is great at plugging the line in a 3-4 and will be hard to stop 1 on 1 in a 4-3. Re-signing of Solai and signing of Marshall are the usefull little signings that in the end win football games.

As reported by (shudder)ESPN:
"All-Pro guard Carl Nicks, two-time Pro Bowl receiver Vincent Jackson and well-regarded cornerback Eric Wright comprise the biggest one-day free agent haul in franchise history and figure to play key roles in whether the first-year coach makes a successful transition from Rutgers to the NFL."

You don't sign Soliai, you could have had both Nicks and Jackson, as anyone with with brain can surmise that Peyton won't be a Fin.
Lets hope, with no real help coming in, save what we draft, OUR 1st year coach can transition as well.

Obviously, referring to the the Bucs.

Quilombo, Flynn is a WCO QB Jacksonville does not run the WCO 32 GMs dont need a QB. We will see how good Flynn is only if Philbin does not want him. Certainly Seattle's GM wants him. The Fins are waiting for the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM i.e. Manning, but by tomorrow (if Flynn does not sign with Seattle first) You should see the Fins ask Flynn in for a chat if they don't then he is not good in the eyes of Philbin which are the only iones that count

Miami will pursue Tannehill with the same aggressive nature in which they are pursuing Flynn.

The dolphins will trade down in the draft. We will use low first round pick on Brandon Weeden. We will draft Stephen Hill wr out of ga tech in second. With second pick in second round aquired via trade down with whomever takes the bait the dolphins will select bufict lb out of arizona state.

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