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Loyalty no longer an NFL tenet

Loyalty schmoloyalty!

Long ago, when I moved over to NFL coverage after covering the University of Miami for much of its football and baseball heyday, I was still bought in to the idea of team loyalty -- athlete to team, team to athlete.  I truly believed that athletes cared about playing for their team as part of a heartfelt tie to the colors, the city, the organization, the relationships, all that. And that teams felt a tie and kinship to their core players.

The idea was alive and well before free agency (I covered the Dolphins before the advent of free agency) but, I must admit, my beliefs began to change in Dan Marino's final days. The Dolphins, unwilling to carry the legend that had carried the franchise for so many years, cut Marino.

Marino did the noble thing and refused to cut ties with the Dolphins. He declined a couple of offers to go elsewhere and retired instead.

But the die was cast. I recognized that football is a business. Period. Loyalty is a viable bond only as long as the two parties are serving one another. And when that service no longer benefits one of the two parties, no history, nor heartstring, nor contract can keep the athlete and the team loyal one to another.

We have seen more than our share of examples of that through the years and, particularly, in recent weeks. Recently the Dolphins fired coach Tony Sparano despite the fact he had two more years left on his contract. Sparano was working for the Jets, a team he despised during his Miami tenure, within a couple of weeks of the regular season's end.

Last week we learned that Chad Pennington, who played for the Jets before he finished his career (apparently) with the Dolphins, has been tutoring Jets QB Mark Sanchez. Rich Cimini of ESPN.com reported Pennington, armed with a Dolphins playbook from the Sparano days, tutored Sanchez on what is expected to be his new system.

So the QB that left the Jets to come to Miami is now helping the Jets QB learn the Dolphins playbook likely to be used by the old Dolphins head coach who is now the Jets offensive coordinator. And if that doesn't cross loyalty lines, here's the kicker: That QB learning the old Dolphins system to use in New York might not be the Jets starter in 2012 if the Jets replace him with Peyton Manning, who is presumed to be departing Indianapolis after 14 great seasons because, well, because his time is apparently up.

Speaking of Manning, the day of decision for him comes this week, no later than Thursday. Despite my very well read Sunday column on why I don't like the idea of Manning to the Dolphins, it seems clear the Dolphins are going to be in line for him once he's released -- assuming the Colts do not pay the $28 million bonus due him that date.

The club's priority is not to trade a bounty of draft picks or combination of picks and players to the St. Louis Rams for the right to draft Robert Griffin III, according to several NFL sources, one of which works for the Dolphins.

Miami's talk with the Rams the past few weeks was preliminary and not by any means a signal that a trade is imminent. Simply, the Dolphins have apparently decided their priority is to get a free agent franchise QB -- albeit an aged, injured one -- than to gut their draft for a potential draft-day franchise quarterback who has yet to prove himself.

The only way the Dolphins are even players on the RG3 front going forward is if Manning goes elsewhere, such as Washington, Kansas City or, yes, the Jets.

Oh, and about that loyalty thing?

Manning is said to be ready for the eventual moment when he's no longer a Colt. He wants to stay in Indianapolis, I'm told by NFL people. He wants to finish his career with one team. But that team isn't going to be paying him $28 million on Thursday.

So the sides are more likely than not splitting -- loyalty to one another be darned.


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MVP QB Peyton Manning and (5) draft picks to of them
#1 Picks of 2012 & 2013

is far better than one unproven college QB throwing against girls teams in college

One Again

Home was Right

Mando, The Hyena was Wrong

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.comy

Manning has 2 inch scar on his neck.

Cheerleaders have much worse injuries and still play for years

Dumb Sheeple like ALoco believe a 5 min procedure cleaning up the injury or fighting an infection is career ending spinal surgery


brain dead moron


Random thoughts...

Only loyalty there really is is to the game itself. They play as long as they can, for whoever allows them.

Would anyone want Flynn if he never played that one game? Would you have drafted him with asumptions of him winning the job? If you watch THAT one game without knowing which QB was supposed to be the awesome one, would you have picked Flynn over Stafford? The answer to all of these is NO.

What happens when Peyton gets too many jarring hits to the neck, or his arm gives out. How is our QB of the future status looking then?

I'm less concerned about who starts this season rather than who is set to take over. Who is our future? This question has been 17 Qbs in the making and is still not answered. THAT's what makes me testy, and grouchy.





Loyalty, really dude? Chad Pennington now tutoring Mark Sanchez, really dude?

How loyal are you really to the "HERALD"? If crosstown newspaper rival "Sun Sentinel" offered you twice as much as the Herald. You wouldnt bolt "across town" for Lauderdale, "the heated rival paper"? Common on, LOL.

ALoco, you think Rivera and Chudzynski aren't grooming Newton? Or the OC for Cincinnati? Believe me when I tell you the good players have mentors (be they active players, former player or Coaches). Heck, Brady STILL takes advice from his H.S. Coach. So I think you're equating grooming/mentoring with something bad. I don't see it like that. I think to have a guy (like Marino) come in and instantly be a superstar is extremely rare. Most likely a team will have to develop a guy (at least minimally) to maximize their potential.


Just like the owners, today's players are "businessmen". In business money rules the roost. We're not talking "family heirlooms here buddy. LOL

Hopefully the Packs franchise Flynn so we wont go after him.

I am upset Home didn't answer any of my very serious chemtrail questions.

And Home, do chemtrails make your pee pee burn while you pee?


WE KNOW ............

well now u know

Home is smarter

and Peyton Manning was throwing 50 YDs just perfectly last Friday the 3.5.2012


Dumbed Downed Sheeple, thanks for stopping by!

QB's dont "GROOM" other qb's. It's the "Responsibility" of "the under study" to get himself ready.

This begins first by recognizing your own "weaknesses". Then "asking the right questions" of the guy ahead of you. Ever hear of the phrase, "God helps those whom help themselves"?

No matter the "position" or "job desription". First a guy has to have "inbredded" into him to wanna be great. Then he has to know the right questions to ask to get better. Lastly, he has to be willing to put in "the work" required to be great.

If any of those "CRITICAL INGREDIENTS" are missing. A person's socalled desire to be great is just "lip service". No supposed mentor can overcome those faults.

...YG. You are right. The thought of loyalty ended the day the salaries became so inflated. Back in the day players made modest salaries there was no free agency(I realize this goes back a ways)..There was no incentive to move around. There were boundaries drawn and rivalries born..

It has happened in every sport..From Baseball to Soccer overseas where people kill each other over local rivalries...20 years ago a player would never think about moving from United to City..It would have never happened...Money talks. The only real rivalries are among the fan bases...Players could really care less as long as they get paid..I don't blame them.

Regarding RGIII, how many black QB's have won SB's? Not many.

Oh, well, I care less about that issue. I would never advocate taking a player because of how well you think he'll "groom" another player. If that's what happens, it's an added benefit, but that's not why you should want to take Manning.

We all SHOULD be able to see the best case scenario that could play out with Manning. He's an elite QB, he might give us the most effective play at that position since Marino (or Pennington), and get us to the Playoffs. That's why I'm interested in Manning, nothing else.

14.4 Million dollars will be the price if the Packers franchise the 2 game QB w a 68 QB rating (-minus his one good game) and threw 3 INTs in his only other game.

QB Matt Flynn as the Dolphin's franchise QB = Home LMAO


How many red head QB have won the superbowl? What about latino QB?

I'm loyal to Pennington because he gave me the best season of Dolphin Football in a long time. I really loved that whole team and would have been happy to let Chad P run the show for a few years.

As for him teaching Sparanos playbook. Did Tony have a playbook?? This is not a cheap shot at a man I did like as a Dolphin Coach, but man it didn't look like Tony was calling many of the shots. He was more the emotional glue that held a rebuilding process together.

Our whole problem was Tony didn't seem to be able to assert a playbook, was stunned that the Jets turned their O over to him. Really going to be interesting to see what a Tony O looks like.

And yes I still think he was done wrong, our team played hard for the man so I am going to let that speak for its self because they know more than any of us. But Tonys play book was dink and dunk and run Sanchez should be able to learn those things pretty fast.

NFL Expert,


It wasnt until Doug Williams that a "black qb" was even given a chance to be a starting qb in the nfl. He would go onto win a sb with the 'Skins.

Warren Moon's best days as a qb were left behind in the CFL. Still there hye was quite the "phenom" winning 6 straight Grey Cups, or the CFL's version of the sb. No matter the level of play no qb's has matched that and probaably nevr will.

Donovan McNabb managed to lead Philly to 3 NFC Championship games. Even a sb appearance.

Your question could also be "how many white qb's" havent wont the sb? That answer would also be far many than "black qb's" too. Im also sure thier have benn far many "plain m&m's" sold than "m&m's" with peanuts. Duhh..... "plain M&m's hyave been around far longer. LOL

Ha Yesterday, you took the bait on that troll looking for a fight.



QB Matt Moore is way better than QB Flynn


8 million cheaper per year

both are glorified backups

Sign MVP QB Peyton Manning to the Miami Dolphins!

No Indian QB has ever won the superbowl or Homosexual QB has ever won the superbowl although Jeff Garcia came close :)

For all of you who think We won't be available to draft Barkley next year I say why not? With Manning on Our team, We will be guaranteed the first overall pick on the 2013 draft.He did it for the Colts.Everyone knows he's a winner.So he can be counted delivering another.Just like he was always relied on to make the playoffs every year.Peyton Manning will lead us to the promise land folks.SIGN HIM UP!

Reason for letting Manning go is NOT health issue


Maybe the most sought after rookie QB EVER!

plus 28 Million the Colts dont have to give Manning for a BONUS mandated in 3 days

So Sheeple get your head out of your buttttts!

FA MVP QB Peyton Manning will be the best Miami Dolphin F signing EVER

Home that cleared up for the4 Dumbed Downed Sheeple!

have a HAARPy day :(


Save your breath man. I dont think even Ireland's "dumb enough" to buy into a qb(FLYNN) with two great "intermiddant" starts is a franchise qb in the making.

It's either Peyton Manning, RG3, or both. But getting both RG3 and Peyton Manning looks to be the greatest of longshots. However, I believe getting both Manning and RG3 has a greater prospect of happening than going after Matt Flynn.

There's to great a risk Matt Flynn may not even be as good as Matt Moore. It would be better to sign Matt Moore to $50 million contract right now than Matt Flynn. At least there's far "MOORE" to base it on. LOL

RGIII may yet become a Dolphin!

Let him get drafted by whomever and once his rookie contract is up (say 4 or 5 years) Miami can sign him to a nice big free agent contract! Then, we'll know if he's a superstar NFL Quarterback or not.

That'll be about the time we're done with Peyton Manning and whatever back-up QB that comes after him.

So, the fan-base that's screaming for RGIII may get their wish. The Manning crowd gets what they want. And, Miami stays competitive for the next 10-15 years!

Sounds like a Win-Win kinda thing to me...

Rest assured. The phins will screw this decision up, like all the rest. We'll get an over the hill Manning & people will think playoffs or even Superbowl.

I'd love to see this team with Manning with an unsettled oline that gave up a ton of sacks last year. No FS, old SS, unreliable corners & almost no Dlineman.

QB's make up for alot of things but, not all those. With or without Manning, this isn't a playoff team unless the schedule is as powder puff as it presently seems. Even then I don't buy it.


If we sign a fa qb Manning's the only no brainer. Because Manning's a 2-3yr stop gap at best. We still must at least make a modest attempt to land RG3, land him or not.

There's still the possibility in 2-3yrs when Peyton's done Matt Moore will be able to make a "Rogers-esque like" impact at qb. Moore had 4 qb ratings of 100 or more. That isnt a smoke and mirrors falsh in the pan type showing. Moore's very good, he just needs to clean up "a few things" and the guy could be phenominal.

Dear Fans,
Unfortunately we will not be signing RGIII. You see, Jeff Fisher who is now coach of the St Louis Rams hurt Mr. Ross' feelings when he decided to sign with them instead of the Miami Dolphins. Therefore, Mr. Ross has instructed me to not do any business with the St. Louis Rams no matter what. This is the same reason we didn't consider hiring Brian Billick for the Head Coaching job. Screw with Mr. Ross and we are not going to do business with you!! True RGIII has incredible talent. But he simply is not an option anymore! Take that Jeff Fisher!! Who feels stupid now?!! Therefore, we will instead pursue Payton Manning to be QB of your Miami Dolphins. Payton Manning will make us a ton of money!! Think of all of the jerseys we will sell. All of the season tickets we will sell. Who cares if he actually plays or plays well!! Think of all of the stars who will come out on the Orange Carpet! The best seats in the stadium this year are at CLUB LIV! Get them now while you can!

Thanks for all of the support! And guess who will get the last laugh Jeff Fisher!!

Fins Up!


Matt Moore IS A BACK-UP QB FOLKS.If he were anything else We would be using Our resources scouting other needs.Moore is chump chad's back-up.He didn't earn the starting job.It landed on him after ineffectual henne threw the towel in!

Maybe we need to ask ourselves who is going to make Mike Sherman change the least??

Everyone thinks Flynn will come in and run Philbins O. Well Flynn has been running Mike Mcarthys O, Not Philbins and I think with Sherman running the O Flynn will be at just the same disadvantage as Manning and RBIII.

RGIII looks like a run first QB, and I've watched enough NFL Films on TV to see that every time Farve jumped ship and ran Sherman wanted to strangle him.

Manning on the other hand has seen it all. Does anyone really think Sherman has a more complicated system than INdy??? If anything Manning would probably allow Sherman to open his playbook more with say the no Hudle??

The only person who really has the upper hand on our O next season is Tanehill. He ran Shermans O in Texas and none of us could possibly think he is better than the above list in execution. So even if you would want to throw Tanehill a bone in say the second round he would be better served ridding the Bench for two years, and then you still would probably want him to compete with Moore.

Manning is a gift from the Football gods to every dolphin fan who has suffered for o so long. We didn't suck for Luck and throw the season like many other teams tried to do. We competed and got better our reward for that process is Manning being thrown into our laps.

Better Jump this time or we will be talking in the same manner as we now talk about Brees.

Go Dolphins!! Come Thursday the Miami Front Office will be on the Clock!!Get Er" Done"


Way to dream, baby! Because that's all you're doing.

If RG3 is as advertised, no way he makes the fa market. He'll be signed to a huge extension with his drafting team at least a year before he becomes a fa.

Just because the pretty girl gives us a woody, it doesnt mean we're getting any. LOL

plus 28 Million the Colts dont have to give Manning for a BONUS mandated in 3 days
So Sheeple get your head out of your buttttts!

Posted by: Home on the Herald | March 05, 2012 at 02:05 PM

Dude, you're an idiot. Sorry, it must be said! They paid him 20 something million last year & he didn't play a down.

If it was about not paying him, your reasoning doesn't work because they already did. The fact that they aren't willing to pay him again speaks volumes & has more credibility than any of your inane rambling.

Seriously, everyone of your posts is dumber than the last. Get off Manning's tip, it's beyond weird.

Manning must be paid 28 million in 72 hours and that is the fact

Also the Colts must pay for very 1st pick of the draft Andrew Luck

Home knows the Colts will not be paying 45 million dollars or more to sign two QBs

MVP QB Peyton Manning WILL be a Miami Dolphin in 2012


Colts are moving on to franchise QB Andrew Luck and WILL NOT PAY AN ADDITIONAL 28 MILLION for a front loaded contract to QB Peyton Manning

that would be a ridiculous waste of money!

MVP QB Peyton Manning WILL be a Miami Dolphin in 2012


I think your shine box is enough. I don't want to whip mine out & steal your customers.

What a dope.

Hey jacka**es grooming doesn't mean Manning is going to lick his fur like a cat. It doesn't mean he's going to take the kids hand and walk him through everything he needs to know. It means the kid is going to sit on the bench and watch one of the best who has ever played. He's going to watch him in the locker room and in front of the press. He's going to sit next to him in meetings and pick his brain. He's going to be most likely bunking with him,flying,running,eating,sleeping,shi**ing, next to Peyton freakin Manning.

Or he could learn from Matt Moore/Chad Henne. Get off the definition of grooming and stop arguing. Use your head and try to understand what people are saying. Playing under a HOF QB has it's advantages.

NFL expert, mark rypien was native American or did you mean Asian Indian?

And as far as homosexuals, tom Brady won 3, and Joe Namath, one.

IMO, the Colts still want Peyton Manning. They just dont wanna pay $28 million with the prospects of getting Andrew Luck sitting right in thier laps.

I totally agree with ESPN reports Manning will be be cut. But the Colts do wanna "renegotiate" a figure more doable with him that keeps Manning a Colt for the remainder of his career.

Should the Colts do this, the price to do business with Manning has to be significantly higher than what the Colts will offer him. My guess is Irsay will still offer him the full $28 million. But he tries to renegotiate that figure with Peyton in the of at least 10-11 $million of that in "performance bonus".

It's also nmy best guess, the team eventually landing Manning will at least give up around $20 million in upfront money.

Sorry to burst your bubble ozcar but if Manning is signed, and then gets hurt, Moore will win at least 9 games for the Phins. 7 to 9 games AT LEAST for Moore and that puts us way out of position to draft Barkley. Don't forget that the Dolphins have the easiest strength of schedule in the league. Sign a healthy Peyton Manning and I guarantee we're watching playoff games next season. Probably at least two as I suspect whomever we play in the wild card won't have a Peyton Manning type QB.

What do u mean prospects, Yesterday's Gone ?


Colts have 1st pick!

No Prospects!


There is nothing that stops the Colts from signing him to a lessor contract.

Aloco who in the hell are you to say "at last" an informative post. Do me a favor and go back over your last 1000 posts and tell me which one of them is informative. And while you're at it try to find one that isn't loaded with grammatical errors. It's pretty hypocritical of you to write the nonsense you do and then pass judgement on others posts. Maybe if you added some insight instead of calling everyone donkeys all of the time you could be taken seriously. And I didn't even touch on the fact that you use multiple f***ing names to post under. Not only using different names but coming up with personas for each "different" poster. Dude,,,puhlease,,,,,,so sad.

There's no such thing as an easy schedule.We play the bills,the jets and pats each twice.We're guaranteed at least four losses there.

Captain obvious the obvious seems to have slipped your grasp on one of your posts. Half of the reason there were so many sacks was because of Colombo who won't be anywhere near our line this season. Pouncey was a rookie and made some mistakes but still was awesome, one of the best rooks last year in the league. The whole left side of the line is set. Carey moves back to RT and we have Jerry for RG while also having the possibility of signing Saturday and moving Pouncey to RG which will speed up our lines progress due to Sat and Peyton's familiarity with each other.

And a bunch of other sacks can be traced back to the fact that Moore has a super slow delivery and Henne was fine with holding the ball and taking a sack rather than throwing it away. Peyton takes few sacks not because he has the best o-line in the world. He makes them look better than they are because he GETS RID OF THE BALL IN THE FLASH OF AN EYE.

He knows where the ball is going before it's snapped because he can read the defense like no one else in the league.

Look, Peyton haters, EVERYONE in the league that needs a QB is hoping Peyton will go to their team. Only in Miami would fans be calling for two unproven rookies before they get a chance to sign a HOF QB who before his surgery was top 2 in the league. What will that make him now? Top 5? Oh noooooooooooo,,,,what a scrub we will be signing.

Bottom line, If Manning is healthy and you're a QB starved team you would be an absolute idiot if you didn't try to add him. It's just stupid on so many levels.

Plus Matt Moore will regress.This is the only blog that has its commentators prognosticating that Moore is some kind of hidden gem.Matt Moore is a journey-man.He's worthy of being Manning's back-up.Matt's success from last season says more of the playmakers We have on offense then to his ability to carry a team.

Don't We seem like a bunch of hillybillies with this Chemtrails post?

Radcliffe is my alias when in beautiful Quebec

ozcar there is such a thing as an easy schedule because we only play a couple of playoff teams where this year and last we played like 6 to 8. Strength of schedule meaning the same schedule as we had the year Penny took them to the playoffs. Played a bunch of scrub teams and got lucky. The Bills and the Jets? I don't know if you're aware but Fitzpatrick is done and the Jets are a joke who now emplys the head clown Tony Sparano as their,,,,get this because it still makes me crack up,,,their offensive coordinator! Bwaaaahahahahahahahahaha. Tony's about to turn them into a run first team in a pass first league. Yeah, I'm frightened.

I love these statements "Matt Moore WILL regress". Boy ozcar I wish I knew you because I would be betting you and winning a lot of money. Do you know Matt Moore? Do you know the coaching staff? Do you know any inside information that leads you to believe he will regress? Just a guess right?

Okay since we're guessing I say he's going to stay the same. He won't get any better or worse. Which means if Manning is signed and can't play then Matt will win 6 to 9 games which will put us out of position to draft Barkley. Yeah, I'm convinced, that's exactly what would happen. I just know it. Don't ask me how, it just has to be true because I believe it. Oh and I also used one example of the same situation happening where the QB stayed the same. I ignored all of the other information out there and figured since it happened once in the past 20 years then surely that is the rule. I am a smart Dolphins fan :) (that was all sarcasm).

I'm out! One last thing.Cause I know We suffer from an advanced rare form of amnesia.Matt Moore is a back-up folks.An NFL back-up quaterback.Bring Manning,his center,a blue chip offensive lineman and let the chips fall where they might

Ever since the invention of the salary cap, there is no incentive to be loyal to one team. These contracts aren't guaranteed anyways. They can cut you in your sleep without pay.

But that is pretty foul Penny is tutoring Dirty Sanchise with Miami's playbook. That is pretty foul.

Assuming he can play a couple of season, Manning is the right choice.

The Dolphins can't beat either the Browns or Redskins for RGIII. That's just a fact.

Get Manning. Trade down in the draft for picks next year to land a top QB prospect to replace him and strengthen either line this year.

Only if the Browns stick with McCoy and the Redskins opt for Manning do the dolphins trade up for RGIII.



AND GIVE THEM MILLIONS ...............

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