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Manning decision to Denver still affects Dolphins

Several media outlets are reporting that Peyton Manning has picked the Denver Broncos as his new team and is in negotiations with the team to become the quarterback. That has created a domino effect that reaches the Dolphins.

Because Manning did not pick the San Francisco 49'ers, it seems to open up the possibility of a return to San Francisco for Alex Smith. And that would mean the player who visited the Dolphins on Sunday would be out of the running to continue his career in Miami.

This is not a 100 percent certainty as, frankly, Smith still is a free agent and has the right to negotiate with any team he wishes. But, as I reported this morning, Smith had told various NFL sources and had let the Dolphins know his first choice was to return to the Niners if Manning didn't pick that team.

We're not out of the wood yet, however.

As Manning is going to Denver, barring a snag in contract talks, that effectively ends Tim Tebow's time with that team. And, of course, that makes the Dolphins a possible landing spot for him.

Tebow, a University of Florida alumnus, has a huge following in South Florida. He did lead the Broncos to the playoffs and even a playoff victory over Pittsburgh. And he would definitely sell tickets for the Dolphins.

My guess is the football side of the organization would not be thrilled with the idea of Tebow because he is definitely not a classic West Coast offense quarterback. But ownership has recently been in charge of some football decision in Miami so I cannot discount it until, well, the Dolphins either say it isn't a possibility or show it isn't one.

Beyond that, where does this leave the Dolphins?

More and more it is looking like this team is going to be drafting a quarterback and rolling into training camp with Matt Moore as the presumed starter.

I suppose David Garrard is a veteran backup option that can be added to Moore plus a rookie draft pick as well.

As for a surprise bombshell ... we'll see.


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If they sign Tebow or Garrard I will sling-shot myself around the Sun in an effort to time-warp back to 1970, so I can encourage a 7 year old me to pick a different team.


Within a 1/2 mile radius around Mile High Stadium:

A Childrens Museum
University of Colorado at Denver
Downtown Aquarium
Sloans Lake Park
Pepsi Center
Colorado Convention Center

Within a 1/2 mile of Joe Robbie Stadium:

The Ronald Reagan Turnpike.
A strip club
Car dealerships

And you wonder why no body who is anybody wants to come here?

Tebow ending up a Dolphin is a worse-case scenario situation which I believe will occur because the Dolphins are a worse-case scenario franchise.

The notion that these guys don't care upon which field and where they play doesn't make any sense at all.

Now to Plan Z

I ahve absolutely no doubt that Ross will demand Tebow come here. Anybody remember last year when Ross put on the pathetic and unbelievable "gator day" celebration? Tebow will be a Dolphin, along with washed up never was David Garrard. Once again showcasing the fact that noone wants to play for this team, and Ross and Ireland are why.

I'll send you my phone number, call me too and tell me to pick the Steelers.

If they sign Tebow or Garrard I will sling-shot myself around the Sun in an effort to time-warp back to 1970, so I can encourage a 7 year old me to pick a different team.

Posted by: Blog Fodder | March 19, 2012 at 12:18 PM

The perfect surprise bombshell.....

Ireland fired. Philbin named interim GM.

Tebow has a noodle arm. I just watched tape of Russell Wilson's pro day at Wisconsin. He has been tutored by Chris Wenke and he can make all the NFL throws. His 5'11" height makes him as tall as Drew Brees and Bob Griese. Let's get him.

The off season mess makes me sick. This is a joke!

This search is getting ridiculous. I'm surely no owner or GM, but I know I could have handled this better

blogg dude...that was funny as hell!!!!! ha ha ha


Our franchise is imploding and all you keep doing is talking about the stadium? We could build a stadium on Sesame Street and it would still be empty because WE SUCK. We could build a stadium sponsored by the United Way, Boys and Girls Clubs, Boy Scouts of America, etc...but the fact of the matter is we still SUCK.

Tebow to Jags, get Henne back!!!


Tebow-#2 (also WR/TE)

I'm OK with that.....I really am.

Gut the team for 2013 draft picks and suck bad enough this year to be able to draft Barkley #1 in 2013 and in the meantime enjoy college football.

Tebow can only throw wounded ducks. This franchis is at an all time low.

My forty years of supporting the team would be completely done if Tebow comes here.....Philbin gotta be thinking "send me back to Green Bay".

What a disaster of a once proud franchise.

We are second rate fiasco....

Blog Fodder.. hilarious

Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!

If Tebow ends up in Miami I will finally stop following this team.

maoriii..You forgot Calder race track...That place is actually pretty sweet.

What sense does Tebow make here? WCO offense quartebacks need to complete more then 46 percent of their passes..Accuracy is paramount, getting rid of the ball is paramount..Tebow does neither. I'm going to stop now...

Way to go Armando..This is going to be a lightning rod topic for you today..Tebow???????

keep tebowmania out of miami.

Start buying your #15 jerseys!!

I'm as upset as the rest of you...BUT...I am from CT and listened to many talkies on the radio prior to last season saying the Giants had no plan and did nothing in Free Agency. Look how they ended up....Just sayin.

Ireland is incompetant but he must have SOME plan. The D looks decent, but the offense is dreadful. I'd like to know what the new coaching regime thinks of Matt Moore. If Mando can find this out, that'd be great.

Just say NO to Tebow!

The fact of the matter is that Joe Robbie exploited that community to build his stadium there. He gave this city the finger when he moved the Dolphins out of the Orange Bowl and we are still paying for his greed. He moved people out of their homes to build his stadium in unincorporated Dade. That stadium was built on Greed and every Dolphins home game celebrates the exploitation and greed of powerful people. This town is a selfish joke now because of people like Joe Robbie!

The way things are shaping up, I'd say Tebow is a perfect fit for the 2012 Miami Dolphins.

I'm going to start rooting for the hurricanes. Not UM but rather any hurricane that is available to wipe out the Fins HQ in Davie.

I'm not even sure a tropical depression would be willing to come to Miami at this point.

Does anybody have Dexter's digits?

Yes, sign Tebow (if the oppotunity arises)!

He's won
He'll sell tickets and jersey's
He'll get better (he's only 23 and hasn't had a full offseason yet)
Our FO will look less incompetant
We can use the NO:1 pick on another glaring need
He won't be expensive so we don't lose if it doesn't work out

Surely the west coast (whatever that actually is) can be combined with some option plays. Tebow has shown he can throw the ball.

if the dolphins sign tebow, someone please shoot me.

Darryl Dunphy yes that is exactly my point. When a Manning tries to decide if an area is worth him and his families time, the place Joe Robbie chose to build his disaster speaks for itself.

Big Splash Drew Brees we already missed out on him twice! Hes not happy being franchised and low balled by the Saints. Just a thought

The land the stadium sits on was VACANT before construction. It had sat VACANT for decades. Not a single home or resident was displaced. NOT ONE.

I guess it's just your bad luck to have posted your uninformed crap when someone who KNOWS the facts happens to be here.

Sorry, you cannot make up your own version of reality.

Slow down! Come off the ledge. The team could get Tebow as a tight end and a 3rd down gimmick threat. It would mean a boring style of play but could lead to wins if Moore is serviceable.

Within a 1/2 mile radius around Mile High Stadium:

A Childrens Museum
University of Colorado at Denver
Downtown Aquarium
Sloans Lake Park
Pepsi Center
Colorado Convention Center

Within a 1/2 mile of Joe Robbie Stadium:

The Ronald Reagan Turnpike.
A strip club
Car dealerships
Calder Race track and CASINO.

Yep Joe Robbie created the perfect FAMILY atmosphere all right!!!

As I said in another post this is not really that of a deal to me. The only option we had to upgrade the QB positon was move up in the draft to take RG3 or sign Manning. Both were longshots. Flynn or Smith is not an upgrade IMO. So sign a veteran backup and draft a rookie to develop. If there is a better option in next years draft then go after a QB then. There is no need to overpay for someone that is not an upgrade just for the sake of doing so. There are too many other holes to fill right not. The sky is not falling people.

Tebow has a noodle arm. I just watched tape of Russell Wilson's pro day at Wisconsin. He has been tutored by Chris Wenke and he can make all the NFL throws. His 5'11" height makes him as tall as Drew Brees and Bob Griese. Let's get him.

Posted by: Barry Chitwood | March 19, 2012 at 12:24 PM

Barry...I've been signing the praises of Russell Wilson here for months. Most bloggers think his size will be an issue. But you said, he's only an inch shorter than Drew Brees...diden't know Griese was that short as well? But things were different back in 1972.

Miami better not go after tebow. He is awful

Why not use both Moore and Tebow? Personnel change on each play, why not the QBs?

Moore is a gunslinger - he plays when we're behind or between the 20's.

Tebow can run better than some RBs. He plays when we're ahead or in the red zone.

Both compete for starter in every game meanwhile opposing defenses will face two offences all game long. Its tricky but surely not impossible? Has it even been tried before?

Wildcat 2.0

Get a couple of WR's in the draft and fix the O line.

That has the makings of a very good Offense.

Ok, it should happen like this folks, we should sign David Garrard or Vince Young to compete with Matt Moore for the starting job. Then we should draft in the first round, Michael Floyd, Tommy Streeter and sign sign free agent T.O. to replace Brandon Marshall, so that we can have some veteran leadership.

T-deck you are right. Tebow as a tight end and running the option with Bush on certain plays. We could keep the defense guessing.

Jacksonville built their stadium on the river, just like Pitt and Cleveland, Candlestick is between 2 State Parks and on the San Fran Bay. Joe Robbie gave us the Turnpike!

f the dolphins man...This guy Ross is an idiot. Ever since he took over the team they have sucked. Players recognize that ross and ireland are untrustworthy guys and would rather not play for the dolphins unless they get top dollar. That means the only types of players you are attracting are the ones who solely play for money. The leaders and players who play for the love of the game go elsewhere.

Look DolFANS, all 26 of you..SOMEONE HAS TO finish in last place in the AFC East...LOL!!! YEAH BABY!

I dont like where this is going. Do not think of signing Tebow. First of all Denver is going to want draft choices for him, dont even think of that senario. Second i dont like the idea of a qb that has to pray his way through every play. And third because he is not that good and he will retire soon to be a preacher man in the Gainsville area. And please dont pick up Girrard, That would be a worse move than the Cullpepper move as far as talent. Please just pick up a qb in the draft and keep Moore,pick up other needs in the draft, dont blow away our draft picks.

NOT gloom and doom folks. This is a blessing in disguise. It's not at all disguised for me, .. as this is what I was hoping for: Drafting our real future franchise QB.
And NO I don't mean Tannehill.
And No the Fins won't be losers if they don't trade UP to get Tannehill. On the contrary, it gives me faith and hope in their intelligence.
Cousins or Weeden in the 2nd. One happy fan here, if so.

Start buying your #15 jerseys!!

Posted by: j | March 19, 2012 at 12:30 PM

Dolphin fans have been buying #15 jerseys. But they say Bess on the back!

Tebow is not the answer. He is a mediocre qb at best.If Ross thinks he will sell tickets he won't. The only thing Mr. Ross will see is fans running for the exits. This is not Denver or Jacksonville, there will be NO Tebow mania here.I have been a dolphin fan since it's inseption and if they bring in Tebow all of my family and friends will be elated because I will join them and become a NY Giants supporter.

Pete you must be a gators fan. Tebow can't throw well. He can't read a defense. He is not an nfl player.

Soldier Field is on Lake MIchigan. We got the turnpike and a casino!

Peter King's MMQB column this morning says it all.


This is the worst case scenario for the Dolphins. Tebow is a instant quarterback controversy regardless of where he goes. The only way I'd want him on the Dolphins roster is to make him a full time H-back/wildcat threat. Not sure what the coaches would think about that but I'd bet that is not in their current plans.

Maorii..I'm glad you understood I was being sarcastic. The atmosphere in Denver for a game compaired to Miami is 1000 times better..I go to Denver a lot..The city itself is like any other big city..Downtown is much different though. Actually enjoyable. Being able to walk from your hotel to the game is sweet(Hotel Teatro is the pipe hit) Anyway I agree.

*Flynn will prove to be average, Fitzpatick like, and when the honeymoon wears off in Seattle, they'll realized they paid way oo much, and still aren't near a Superbowl.
*Alex Smith hasn't been the guy for years, and had one good season lately - how many times has THAT brought a big contract to a FA, and then blown up? Pretty much most of the time. Smith is serviceable. So is Moore. Nuf said.
*Manning would've made a great regent, but would've tied up all our cap space for years, even after he's hurt and waiting to retire. The Fins didn't lose or fail here, he just decided not to come here despite all the money and things we would've given him. We did try, and tried respectably. Multitudes of other teams missed out too, so we're in good company.
Garrard would be a back-up to Moore at best, so no worries there. I just don't think we need him.

And Tebow... I'll talk about in another post.

Draft time!!!

I would prefer the Bess jersey. Don't give up that #15 Devon if he comes here!

West Coast Offense needs an accurate QB. Tebow = perfect! Not.

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