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Manning decision to Denver still affects Dolphins

Several media outlets are reporting that Peyton Manning has picked the Denver Broncos as his new team and is in negotiations with the team to become the quarterback. That has created a domino effect that reaches the Dolphins.

Because Manning did not pick the San Francisco 49'ers, it seems to open up the possibility of a return to San Francisco for Alex Smith. And that would mean the player who visited the Dolphins on Sunday would be out of the running to continue his career in Miami.

This is not a 100 percent certainty as, frankly, Smith still is a free agent and has the right to negotiate with any team he wishes. But, as I reported this morning, Smith had told various NFL sources and had let the Dolphins know his first choice was to return to the Niners if Manning didn't pick that team.

We're not out of the wood yet, however.

As Manning is going to Denver, barring a snag in contract talks, that effectively ends Tim Tebow's time with that team. And, of course, that makes the Dolphins a possible landing spot for him.

Tebow, a University of Florida alumnus, has a huge following in South Florida. He did lead the Broncos to the playoffs and even a playoff victory over Pittsburgh. And he would definitely sell tickets for the Dolphins.

My guess is the football side of the organization would not be thrilled with the idea of Tebow because he is definitely not a classic West Coast offense quarterback. But ownership has recently been in charge of some football decision in Miami so I cannot discount it until, well, the Dolphins either say it isn't a possibility or show it isn't one.

Beyond that, where does this leave the Dolphins?

More and more it is looking like this team is going to be drafting a quarterback and rolling into training camp with Matt Moore as the presumed starter.

I suppose David Garrard is a veteran backup option that can be added to Moore plus a rookie draft pick as well.

As for a surprise bombshell ... we'll see.


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Forget Manning. We blew it on Flynn & Alex Smith. Way to go Dolphins. Fire Ireland now!!!

NHFINSFAN--You've got a great set of jugs. They really turn me on, babe.

Posted by: Reverend Howard Laughlin, Our Lady of Mercy, Revere, Massachusetts | March 19, 2012 at 12:39 PM

My word Reverend, I did not think you were so enamored with me. They are real ya know...no silicon here baby!

Exactly Darryl. I'm sick of the "money over everything" argument. It's lazy and misses the point.

PLEASE..PLEASE...PLEASE.. do not even think Tebow will be a dolphin! I alredy accepted the the fact that Matt Moore is our QB in addition of drafting another. The mighty dolphins are the bottom of the NFL barrel!!!!!

If tebow comes to Miami, I am stitching teams. My daughter has a better arm. I am sick of this. Years ago we got every fa we wanted, now we get poop.

Tebow would be the last nail in the coffin.

Dolphins = old Detroit Lions

how many people really think Flynn worth 28M? Cmon


I live in London, UK. I'm not a Gators fan!

I understand the consenus on Tebow's QB skills however...

He wins games and still has upside. for the right price surely not a bad option?

In fact he doesn't even need to do great on day 1, just do something to make the Dolphins relevant again...

The cynic knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. Oscar Wilde.


why wouldn't the broncos keep him to learn under manning??

i agree with the 1st guy, can i time warp with you? i live in pittsburgh so if i go back to 72, i'll make the steelers my favorite team. at least they know how to win!!

Would anyone put it past Ross to have orchestrated this whole thing in order to get Tebow? That's what it's looking like. LOL

I'll take Matt Moore, thank you. No Tebow.

I would prefer the Bess jersey. Don't give up that #15 Devon if he comes here!

Posted by: maoriii | March 19, 2012 at 12:41 PM

Bess didn't give it up to Marshall so he's not giving it up to Tebow.

Good luck in Denevr Manning...especially after 4 neck surgries...and possibly a 5th....make sure you stretch that neck and shoulder real well.....

Tebow to the Dolphins is a trade for 2 third round draft picks. Steve Young comes out of retirement to start for tge Dolphins and tutor Tebow.......DOLPHINS WIN SUPERBOWL MI.

Tebow is not a good fit for Miami football-wise. Period. A Tebow signing would be ALL about marketing and would tell me the Dolphins are resigned to finish at the bottom of the AFC East. DRAFT A QB!

Tebow would be a better tight end than Gronkowski. He would be a great blocking full back for Bush. We could get him on the cheap because Denver has to pay most of his salary. We could get him for a 5th round pick. He is good in the locker room and this team is gonna need that.

Trading for Tim Tebow would be an absolute joke. The guy is not a quarterback. Not to mention we will be running a west coast offense which requires quick short reads and passes. He has the slowest release ever. His accuracy is the worst I've ever seen even on short routes. And he can't read defenses. I will without a doubt remove myself from the Dolphins fan base if our joke of a front office and ownership get him.


Maoriii, please shut up.


Miami gets Tebow and we make the playoffs...travel to Denver and beat the snot out of Manning during a snowstorm. GAME OF THE YEAR!

Now I see that all of this was a master plan conceived to land Tim Tebow as our starter. Well played, Mr. Ireland.

Bottom line.....

BRADY AND THE PATS OWN MANNING.....and Manning knows it.....

"If they sign Tebow or Garrard I will sling-shot myself around the Sun in an effort to time-warp back to 1970, so I can encourage a 7 year old me to pick a different team.

Posted by: Blog Fodder | March 19, 2012 at 12:18 PM"

LOL! If you're successful will you let me know that as well? Just do me a favor and steer us away from being fans of the other AFC East teams. Giants might be a good team - they won a few championships, get to upstage the Jets, and swept that Patriots in the Super Bowl.

No tebow please, draft tanihill and get garrard to back up Matt more and get a new gm immediately wake me up when this circus ends.... This organization can kill a wet dream

I'm as big a Tebow fan as anyone else, as I'm both a fan of his person and play, AND a Gator alum. that said, I do not expect, nor really want Tebow with the Fins.
Here's why:
Tebow needs however his next team is to be all-in on him. Give him a stand-up chance and give him the tools to be successful. If it doesn't work, they tried. The Dolphins are still waiting for their gunslinging Marino replacement, and won't be very patient with poor Tim if he has a bad game or two. Plus the split of fans in this forum spells it out. He's great - OR - he's a bum. No in between. Not the best starting circumstance.
Philbin and Sherman's system is not the kind of system Tebow would excel in. Nor would they change their system as dramatically as Fox did to suit him. Just spells failure.
I'd rather see Tim go elsewhere and have a fighting chance, then be set up for failure. Benefits neither us nor him.
I'd love to have Tebow in a Dolphin jersey, but the coach, system and situation are against it. So I think it's best he has a fair chance somewhere else.

Bring on the draft!

The casino and strip club beside the stadium is actually a selling point to me. What the fukk do I want to go to an acquarium or hockey arena in their offseason for?

Ohio, I am in the camp that says Tebow doesn't fit in Miami's approach. I actually think a Gabbert for Tebow swap is the best thing for both franchises and both players too. Just makes too much sense, which is why it probably won't happen.

But serioulsy, no way Tebow can be on the Denver roster come opening day. That would be a mess.

The ONLY thing that could make this OFF-SEASON worse...would be an embarrasing chase of TEBOW.....

Give the Bronco’s one of the third round picks for Tebow, Trade down and get Tannehill and suddenly they are genius. Do you think if Ryan was a franchise QB the Fins would not jump all over him? And who would know more than his coach for four years. Now if they sign Alex Smith they should be hang.

Hey, Tebow's not a WC QB, but he's better than nothing and thats what we have nothing, unless you want Token from Jax's or some other loser. The season is already lost, and the team won't get better until Ross dumps Ireland.

Going to sell tickets (check)
Going to not throw INTS (check)
No#1 Rushing team in the league (check)
Ireland/Ross get rebooted with a winner (check)
Bills/Jets flattened by bruising back field (check)
didnt close the gap on the Pats, but was that really gong to happen this offseason, playing for the 2 spot which should be a Wild Card back in the playoffs and you know Tebow can single hand beat Steelers / Ravens /Bengals / Texans
AFC championship game @ New England any given sunday
Look if you can't have one of the elite 8 passing QBs in the league, but have a top 5 D why not raise that right hand up and start chanting TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW, a heck of a lot more hopes and dreams can hang on that over Garrard, A.Smith...
Moore and Tebow in 2012 sounds like a winning ticket
(get him for anything but the no#1 this year awesome sauce, heck switch spots with Broncos and give up a conditional Marshall 3 if he wins starting)


You may be totaly on point with your projections. The issue I have is that If any of those quarterbacks would have accepted offers from the team, they would be here. This isn't a case of the team, or Ireland being dilligent..all these players passed on us.

It is ironic that some of the fan base is trying to build in their own excuses that none of them were actually good enough for this team..(I'm not saying you are doing this) That the plan all along was to draft a guy of our own..We all know this is false. The team was ran over by a freight train this free agency..We couldnt sign a hooker up to do our virgin little brother right now..That is the point. Players, personel people do not see Miami as a first level destination..We may sign some players, some may even work out being very good. I just wonder how many of them have Miami first, or second on their list of teams.

This franchise can't get any lower, can it? It stinks like dead fish washed up onshore, baking in the sun for days while gulls rip out the guts. Yup. This IS your 2012 Miami Dullphins.

I'm with the guy who wants to time warp back to the 70's and convince his 7 year-old self to pick another team. ANY team but this one.

Look DolFANS, all 26 of you..SOMEONE HAS TO finish in last place in the AFC East...LOL!!! YEAH BABY!
Posted by: Paul Orndorff | March 19, 2012 at 12:38 PM

Is this Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff? Loved the piledriver you gave Hulk Hogan in that swerve on that memorable Saturday morning in my youth.

How Long will Belicheat and Brady keep good coaches (Harbaugh)...and good QBs out of our division....

This is pathetic.....


Steelers would have been a great choice.

Who knew?

Scotty! we need more power...

Hey...at least Tebow WANTS to live in Miami and play for the Dolphins...obviously all the other free agent QB's don't like it in Miami.

What silly columnists and fans we have here.

We get this from Salguero: "ownership has recently been in charge of some football decision in Miami..." but no proof of it.

And when I look at the headlines I see evidence suggesting it's an outright fabrication on the part of Salguero or someone else.

Why? Because if ownership had been making decisions wouldn't Manning or Flynn have already been signed? Yes. Absolutely, especially since ownership has already stated it wants a QB.

Here's another funny one: the Dolphins are a cheap organization; they don't want to spend money.

Well, then why is it that they're so close to the cap and don't have enough to spend on high profile free agents?

Oh, and this hilarious one from local writers: Ireland can't attract free agents. Yeah. Right. Except Reggie Bush, Matt Moore, Paul Solai and Richard Marshall were all free agents. 3 of those 4 are good players. Marshall comes with high marks.

And let's not forget the old "they got nothing for Brandon Marshall". Well, that's obviously not true. They got two 3rd round picks for him which is probably one pick more than he's worth.

So they missed out on a 36 year old QB one hit away from retirement and who would not have taken them to the Super Bowl this year and is only getting older. And they also missed out on a QB who wanted $10 million or more in guaranteed money, has all of two games under his belt and very much could turn out like Arizona's Kevin Colb disaster. Both of these QB's would've killed the salary cap and prevented the drafting and development of a young franchise QB.

Contrary to popular opinion those are *smart* moves by Ireland. He's picked up productive free agents, saved money by not committing to old/injured or unproven QB's and acquired extra picks for a wide receiver who never played up to par and is being investigated yet again for off field issues.

I'd ask you to reason it out but then, reason is has never been the friend of fans or most sports writers.


Don'y you have an "occupy" protest to go to???

I got it now- Sun Life Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, or whatever we're calling it these days (who cares anymore?)- must have been built on an old Tequesta burial site and now we will forever be cursed.

wobet si a nihplod
The team is back assward if this happens. No to Tebow

why are we talking about tebow when the focus should be in firing Ireland...

Hey I heard Jacory Harris is in Fins training camp! Wow now we're really a contender!

FormFactor...Nicely done my friend.

maoriii - dude...stop with the troll crap...stay on topic..no one cares that your grandpappy lost His home in the Hood...fact is that the location of a stadium has nothing to do with the crap you see on the field...Manning and others are not interested in the children's museum..they want to win superbowls and make coin...sheesh...so as a fin fan since 1968..I have to say get over the location already...post something that does not take up space....I am out....

Tim Tebow.....I literally just threw up in my mouth thinking about that. If the Dolphins sign Tebow, it will literally be like Stephen Ross is personally slapping every Dolfan in the face. It would be PURELY based on selling tickets and filling his pockets at the expense of hard working real fans. As angry as I currently am, trading for Tebow would push me over the boiling point and into full Dolphins revolt.

To clarify, I'm ok with the non-signing of QBs so far. What I'm advocating, is NOT signing any at all.

Just draft, baby.

I doubt Garrard will sign in Miami, he will go to another team where he has a chance to win a championship. Tebow in Miami would be a disaster. Look to the draft, their picks should be in this order 1)QB Tannehill 2)WR 3)TE 3)OLB/DE then the remaining picks should be 4)OT 5)RB 6)QB 7)ILB

Mark IN TORONTO obviously knows more about my city than I do LOL. I have 2 words for you sir: Myopic Egotism. There aren't many libraries in your strip clubs or casinos are there?

A player like Manning and probably Tebow are not going to attach their legacies to Strip Clubs and Casinos willingly. Period. that may fly in Canada but it doesn't fly very far here.

Any more Ayn Rand disciples who want to debate the selfish actions of whores?

I'm done with the Phins if they bring in tebow.

Thanks Mark.......yea most people seem to be in agreement that he can't make the quick accurate timing throws the offense will need.

To everyone saying we should make him a TE on running back type player......that won't happen, now that he's had the taste of succeeding a little bit as a starting QB he will want to go somewhere he'll at least have a chance to do that again.


Can Miami go after Drew Brees, or is completely unfeasible? thanks>

So, does anyone know if Tebow's mom was a prostitute?

Okay I'm back to complain :) Seriously though, that's who we might end up with after this is all said and done? Tebow! Oh God tell me this won't happen. Best case scenario and only way fans don't leave in droves is to sign Garrard and draft Tannehill or Weeden. They must really like one of the college kids or they would have payed Flynn what he wanted. That's the only other option. Mike Sherman thinks Tannehill will be a good qb and the Phins have a plan to grab him. Or Jeff likes Weeden and the immediate experience and maturity he brings.

If one of those two scenarios doesn't play out in April I will be a full fledged Ireland hater. But don't worry, I won't be in here every day complaining about the same exact things.

We will all now see why Jeff Fisher INSISTED on having final say...& why Ross/Ireland wouldn't give it to him. I have absolutely no doubt the business decision will outweigh the football decision & not only will Tebow be a Dolphin but, despite being by far the worst QB in the league, Ross/Ireland will DEMAND he start. 2-14 anybody?

Please, please, please, please do not get Tebow.
I have nothing wrong with him as a person, but the Dolphins do not need him as a player.
PLUS - he is on the trading block. The last thing the Dolphins need now is to trade away more picks for a player like Tebow.
I can see it now - our number 8 pick to Denver for Tebow because of Ross's man crush.
Sigh - Oh help us.

Double F Tem Tibow

Tripple F Ireland


We're totally getting our a**sses kicked- plain and simple, and everybody is watching... It's embarrassing. We're left with not a shred of respect. It's like when you were a kid and you totally get a school yard beat down- bleeding nose, crying. And the next day you go back to school and everybody is making fun of you... that's the Dolphins right now.

I prefer Tannehill to Tebow

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