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Manning decision to Denver still affects Dolphins

Several media outlets are reporting that Peyton Manning has picked the Denver Broncos as his new team and is in negotiations with the team to become the quarterback. That has created a domino effect that reaches the Dolphins.

Because Manning did not pick the San Francisco 49'ers, it seems to open up the possibility of a return to San Francisco for Alex Smith. And that would mean the player who visited the Dolphins on Sunday would be out of the running to continue his career in Miami.

This is not a 100 percent certainty as, frankly, Smith still is a free agent and has the right to negotiate with any team he wishes. But, as I reported this morning, Smith had told various NFL sources and had let the Dolphins know his first choice was to return to the Niners if Manning didn't pick that team.

We're not out of the wood yet, however.

As Manning is going to Denver, barring a snag in contract talks, that effectively ends Tim Tebow's time with that team. And, of course, that makes the Dolphins a possible landing spot for him.

Tebow, a University of Florida alumnus, has a huge following in South Florida. He did lead the Broncos to the playoffs and even a playoff victory over Pittsburgh. And he would definitely sell tickets for the Dolphins.

My guess is the football side of the organization would not be thrilled with the idea of Tebow because he is definitely not a classic West Coast offense quarterback. But ownership has recently been in charge of some football decision in Miami so I cannot discount it until, well, the Dolphins either say it isn't a possibility or show it isn't one.

Beyond that, where does this leave the Dolphins?

More and more it is looking like this team is going to be drafting a quarterback and rolling into training camp with Matt Moore as the presumed starter.

I suppose David Garrard is a veteran backup option that can be added to Moore plus a rookie draft pick as well.

As for a surprise bombshell ... we'll see.


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It's just keep getting worse doesn't it....LOL. I mean Manning picking Denver and Smith supposedly going back to SF pretty much sucks. On top of all that we're staring down the gun barrels of adding Garrard or actually TRADING for Tebow. Is there ANYTHING else to do but laugh?

I'll be honest, trading ANYTHING of significance for Tebow would be a brutal mistake. You guys would be absolutely right to criticize Ross and Ireland for this move and I truly believe Ross is going to ORDER this. It's his way to sell tickets. Unfortunately, I don't think anything is going to change until we bottom out like we did in '07 when we went 1-15. I think we're fully capable of doing that again, which may not be a bad thing. Nothing changes until we get that first round QB and it's either happening this year or next. It's time....

fishspikely is stupid. buh bye.

I love how all you morons are threatening to not be fans anymore. I wish it were true, but you're lying. You are trash and it's in your nature.

Nobody cares, however, if you decide not to be a fan.

flipflopalert...would wants me to continue my man-crush and another AFC QB.....write roses and teddy bears about Manning who is signing with ANOTHER team that will be vying for OUR playoff spot....

Where do you TROLLS come up with this stuff....I means really....I want to know.....

OK, please ban all the Tebow-maniacs from posting. He is NOT an NFL QB, period end of discussion.

As Peter King wrote today, "It's absolutely amazing how much failure the Dolphins have endured in the last 10 years. And the way this year is beginning -- losing out on Fisher, Manning and Flynn -- I'm amazed that Ross is putting up with it without blowing a gasket.”

Either Ireland is the boob he appears to be, or there is something that we are all missing and the Phins from Philbin to Ross have had Tannehill as their plan B (after Manning) all along. If I'm Philbin andIreland blew the deal with Flynn, and he's the guy I wanted I am tendering my resignation today and getting away from the putrid, stinking mess that is the Miami Dolphins as fast as I can.

Armando, how is it that you don't know what's going on with this team? How is it that you don't have quotes or an interview with Philbin regarding how Flynn ended up in Seattle? Do your job before the Herald makes you a free agent!

3 passes a game? butki, you unmitigated buffoon, I guess you missed the playoff game in which Tebow threw for 316 yards and led his team to a playoff victory over perrenial power Pittsburgh?

that was after Tebow took a 1-6 team to the playoffs. and Denver also had no good WRs.

I guess we know who thought it was cool to be "First" :)

europe, UF doesn't have "fans" like UM does. We have students who earn degrees from the university. We *are* Gators. We are not *fans*.

Miami is trash.

Blog Fodder, as Moore is our only "legitimate" QB on the roster, he's Dan Marino to me (like Henne last year, I fear what might happen if he gets hurt this Season).

This may be a blessing in disguise though. Churchill once said something to the effect that the Americans would do the right thing once they exhausted every other option. Same can be said for Miami. They will do the right thing (draft a QB) once they exhaust every other option. And they are playing right into that. So keep on Jeff and team, doing great!!!

Tebow will put the fear of God in Ireland and cast the heathen out.

I'd like to revise my last post...I CAN explain it.

IMO, Moore demonstrated some ability, even proficiency at times, as a QB, while Sparano demonstrated little, as a coach.

seriously, you are stupid. I said a lot in that post.


If Tannehill was their choice all along...
Then, why all this chasing of Manning, Flynn, Smith, & Garrard?
Moore will be terrible as a starter this year! Why? Because he knows that none of them have any faith in him at all. No one stood up for him. No one said "He's our starter"! Instead, they've done everything they can to let him know that he's not good enough! Why should he play his heart out for them?
Tebow? Hasn't been released. Hasn't been put on the trading block. So, why are we talking about him? Maybe Denver keeps him!

Let's get a grip...the sky isn't falling yet!

But, you can get your "Fire Ireland" signs ready! That is if you go to the games...
It's gonna be like a ghost-town in Miami....

would rather see the franchise fold than have anything to do with Tim Tebow as a starting or backup qb He's not a viable option

If they sign Tebow or Garrard I will sling-shot myself around the Sun in an effort to time-warp back to 1970, so I can encourage a 7 year old me to pick a different team.

Posted by: Blog Fodder

Ahahahahahahahaha... Mee too

So the question becomes do you draft a 'maybe' in the fifth round or do you trade for a 'maybe' for a fifth round pick. Honestly, at this point I couldn't care less. You have just as mich chance of failing or succeeding on a fifth round pick as Tebow being something. I'd rather have Moore playing QB than Tebow but that's just me.

Again I don't really care. Whatever gets us that first round QB, either this year or next is where my head is at.

Several news outlets are reporting that the Miami Dolphins are bringing in Jay Fiedler for a workout.

Those of us who have been with the dolphins for years and years deserve the right to be upset, and the reason why nothing has been done yet is because girls like you say things like 'all u do is trash your team, u suck, wah wah!'. .... I will not whine or trash, only state fact:
It is time for all of us dolfans to take a stand. Don't scream and shout, because it does nothing to Ross or Ireland. NOTHING. There is only one thing we can do to have a voice, and that's not give them a dime. Don't stop watching, and whether we go 1-15 or 15-1 (more likely 1-15) don't stop cheering, but no matter what, DON'T SPEND A DIME.
Since last year, Ireland and Ross' plan to say they are getting the stars and franchises while gutting any real big name or talent from the team has fooled us long enough. Time for us to fight back, in the ONLY language Ross understands.

Whats wrong with bringing in Vince Young? Whats wrong with keeping Matt Moore? Didn't he go 6-3 as a starter last year? C'mon son

News flash! Ray Lucas is on a flight to Miami!

OMG I cant belive im saying it but Iagree..

Tebow to Jags, get Henne back!!!


Tebow is horrible

He would never have a winning record... except for last year

He would never throw more TD than INT... except for last year

He would never lead a team to victory in a 4th quarter comeback... except for last year

He would never lead a team to the playoffs... except for last year

He would never win a playoff game against a top defense.. except for last year.

I wonder if Mike Dee or the ticket sales department have walked into Ireland's office and kicked him yet for making their job ten times harder?

Have been a Fins fan since the very beginning, if Tebow becomes a Dolphin I will change my loyalty after being a fan over 40 years! Ross and Ireland, are they trying to reinvent the three stooges with only two guys, instead of three? They have proved just an inept for two as the stooges did with three!

I can't believe how easily false information gets spread.

I encourage anyone to do the math. Matt Moore went 6-6 last year. That's a FACT!

Not bringing the guy down, just stating the TRUTH. No need to sugarcoat reality, it is what it is (and what he is, Matt Moore I'm talking about, apparently is the only guy who wants to be in Miami to play QB).

It'll be interesting to see if anyone comes to the stadium for the first home game next year.

Tebow and the Wildcat?

As fans we’ve reached a new low with the Dolphins. I actually live in Indiana and would go to the games in Indy to watch Marino stick it to them. I quit going there once Dan retired. I would try to take in at least one game a year in S. Fla. and between the flight, ticket and all the other stuff I spent a lot of money and never saw them win at home. Stopped doing that 2 yrs. ago because it doesn’t feel like I’m going to a Miami home game down there. What few seats are occupied are fans rooting for the opponent…you wonder why players don’t want to be a Dolphin. I now just watch the pathetic fan base dwindle even more every weekend on DirecTV and I agree we need a smart GM to turn this ship around…but in the meantime I wish they would take down that STUPID f-ing sign on the field wall that says “Ireland’s Lucky Charms”…REALLY?? Are you frickin’ kidding me? How many other stadiums have the GM’s name on the field wall? The Miami Dolphins have been reduced to 3 words; Ireland’s Lucky Charms…how sad.

I know its been posted, but here it is, drom peter king:
Jeff Ireland. In the history of NFL general managers, Ireland is on the coldest streak ever. He needs to do something right. He doesn't even need to hit a home run. A seeing-eye single would do. That may make him more aggressive on Smith today -- and it may make Smith more inclined to go somewhere I don't think he really wants to go.
Miami looks like the worst team in the AFC East right now. Would Smith rather rub it in 49er GM Trent Baalke's face and run off to a bad team, and would he rather pray for Manning to pick Tennessee or Denver, enabling Smith to go back to where he has the best chance by far of making a Super Bowl run? Ireland may have to do what he loathes -- overspend for an OK player -- just to deodorize the stink of the last few years in Miami.

I feel sorry for the Dolphins because, unfortunately, a large % of the fanbase are UM Canes. Stupid thugs like anonymous cane.

To all the fans who have seen this coming, my heart goes out to you.

For all those who still don't think it's all bad, I pity you.

Indianadolfan, Ireland may have some lucky charms but he has no family jewels!


Who's going to pay for the new stadium?

You need to produce a championship to have a city, county or state put up any money. Last I knew we're still in a recession.

I'm against welfare for the rich. Joe Robbie financed and built the stadium with no government charity.

tebow to wear #-13 in mia.

I to have been a Dolphins fan for years and i watch them on Directv...i have not missed a game in over 20 years. I am at the breaking point now and may actually cancel my nfl sunday ticket this year. Why pay 350 to watch this team that does nothing to field a team that can win. I will still be a fan, but may no longer watch till they make a winning move to improve this team.

Everyone is complaining about the QB position how do you think Matt Moore feels he's probably surprised as anyone he is still the starter. I am sure he is wondering who in the hell he's going to throw the ball too. He wishes he was a free agent.

Dimwits like John Elway and UM Canes Miami fans are not worthy of Tebow.

Straight facts and
Dc dolfan are
Right, will u guys stop being
Such idiots! Nobody, not even Alex smith for the money, could help this team that's left for possible availability like Tim tebow. We need someone to compete with Matt 'I went .500 and now half the dolfans love me' Moore, would u rather that be a washed up jerk that never was good like garrard, or a playoff game winning (against afc champ pitt of all teams) SEASON saving qb that makes EVERY player better like tebow? Have I hated the guy? Yes, I'm a canes fan. But did he have a better record than Most other qbs, IN HIS FIRST YEAR STARTING? YES! W
With what's left in free agency, we need him. Having one qb on roster, we need him.
Tannehill is getting picked by Cleveland at four, and he shouldn't even go first round! There is a qb shortage, and if u can win in the nfl, then the dolphins need to have an effin spot on the roster for u!!!

I bet Cleveland wishes they had Matt Moore as their fallback instead of Colt.

Sign Tebow & I think I'm done with this team, sure I'm only one fan but I know many feel the same way. If you really want to sell more tickets Mr Ross try putting a winning team on the field.

You don't sign or trade for players in order to put fans in the seats. You trade for/draft/sign players that will help make you a consistent winner year in and year out. That will put fans in the seats. Simple formula.

This just in! The Miami Dolphins have signed former third string UM quarterback Spencer Whipple to compete with Matt Moore for the starting job.

All knowing truth, why are u here? Seriously, has anyone on here been so lame that they went to a pats or gators blog or site to chat?
It is an unprecedented amount of lame. As u should say here : go canes, go fins!

...and if Seattle had Matt Moore, they wouldn't have paid for Matt Flynn.

I actually prefer that they try to get Vince Young. Turns 29 this year, 30-17 record with the Titans.

Some say he's a head case but Marshall was a worse.

Fisher and his offensive scheme was the problem.

If Tebow is a Dolphin I'm done as a fan...No way he can run Philbins offense and basically your telling anyone playing here you don't want to win

Scoot, u might want to look at what straight facts posted about tebow. We need him, and nobody hates him more than me.
Fans need to stop thinking with their hearts and listening to media and start using their ball of junk three feet above their ass!!!
It's annoying.

This is pretty funny....I live in Bronco land (though not in Denver).....the local radio stations are blowing up with Bronco fans lambasting John Elway for this move and the likely departure of their beloved Tebow.

Man....they really love the Tebow in Denver....not even the signing of Manning seems to be capable of erasing Tebow Mania.

The bombshell-we suck and the front office failed. The big news is that there is no big news, it's status quo or rather low!

Lol if Craig isn't for it then it must be good!
Craig, last year all tebow did was win, bring a team with a losing record to win their division, win a playoff game against the afc defending champ (when was the last time we won one again) and have a much better record than Matt Moore. But I guess having one qb on the roster or signing garrard makes sense to u??


are you serious?

I guess it's true, the grass is always greener...

Wolfman, that can't be true, r u sure it's not
Just one station, and that one being Christian rock? Lol
The one player u can't replace with Peyton manning.

I would grade this offseason a S (for Speechless).

Blog Fodder, you just made me shoot water out of my nose as I started laughing so hard when I read your post. I would like to join you on that trip and we are the same age. Sucks to be a Finfan these days!

Depressed in Texas

The "I'm done as a fan" comments are so old! I'm sorry I'm not trying to pick a fight, but those comments are seriously getting so old.


Even YG DB wiggles out of his flip flops smoother than you do. Nobody said you should be a fan of someone elses QB, just stick to your own opinion which had nothing to do with where Manning ended up.

You've Flipped.
You've Flopped.
You've officially entered the Flip Flop Club. (long overdue)

Why do people make these idiotic and juvenile "threats" to "not watch the team on TV anymore?"

So don't watch. Cancel your freaking Sunday Ticket. Is that really supposed to be some kind of dramatic protest on your part?

Who the eff cares?

Ijust heard from a friend in Denver that the denver post reports that denver Broncos have no intention iof trading Tebow
he is under contract and has 2 more years to go and they will keep him as insurance because of Manning's health - the possibility he might get injured.
So Tebow will not be traded to Miami period.
It looks like the draft for us

Tebow is not coming to Miami to play QB. He is coming to Miami to perform an exorcism on the front office. :)

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