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Manning decision to Denver still affects Dolphins

Several media outlets are reporting that Peyton Manning has picked the Denver Broncos as his new team and is in negotiations with the team to become the quarterback. That has created a domino effect that reaches the Dolphins.

Because Manning did not pick the San Francisco 49'ers, it seems to open up the possibility of a return to San Francisco for Alex Smith. And that would mean the player who visited the Dolphins on Sunday would be out of the running to continue his career in Miami.

This is not a 100 percent certainty as, frankly, Smith still is a free agent and has the right to negotiate with any team he wishes. But, as I reported this morning, Smith had told various NFL sources and had let the Dolphins know his first choice was to return to the Niners if Manning didn't pick that team.

We're not out of the wood yet, however.

As Manning is going to Denver, barring a snag in contract talks, that effectively ends Tim Tebow's time with that team. And, of course, that makes the Dolphins a possible landing spot for him.

Tebow, a University of Florida alumnus, has a huge following in South Florida. He did lead the Broncos to the playoffs and even a playoff victory over Pittsburgh. And he would definitely sell tickets for the Dolphins.

My guess is the football side of the organization would not be thrilled with the idea of Tebow because he is definitely not a classic West Coast offense quarterback. But ownership has recently been in charge of some football decision in Miami so I cannot discount it until, well, the Dolphins either say it isn't a possibility or show it isn't one.

Beyond that, where does this leave the Dolphins?

More and more it is looking like this team is going to be drafting a quarterback and rolling into training camp with Matt Moore as the presumed starter.

I suppose David Garrard is a veteran backup option that can be added to Moore plus a rookie draft pick as well.

As for a surprise bombshell ... we'll see.


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as cliche as it is to say, this may be one of those "blessing in disguise" scenarios.
Now, we MUST draft a QB...hopefully Ross sees that Tebow, despite ALL the pub we'd get, is a bad fit for Philbin's offense. Philbin's will be the first REAL cohesive offensive game plan we've had since....CamMoron. (Can't win 'em all...almost lost them all....LOL)
Just a shame a REAL GM with an eye for the exceptional can't be in on this...like the recently fired Bill Polian.

Tim Tebow is the devil

man, how pissed off is chad henne gonna be if they trade gabbert for tebow. if they do, no way does he have a chance to start, or play.
personally i think its a good deal for both teams, and thats coming from someone who wants tebow. jacksonville gets a just as young but more experienced and better qb now at the helm, and denver gets a better chance of a qb learning from peyton manning than tebow, not to mention gabbert doesnt fit jax system.

on acid

"It's hard to know what's going on in that front office unless you're in there, and I'm most definitely not. But it's becoming clearer every day that there's something terribly wrong with the Miami Dolphins. They have a ridiculously rich owner willing to spend money, a GM who built up a good name as a Bill Parcells disciple in Dallas and Miami, a respected head coach in Philbin, and enough talent to compete. What they don't have is the respect of the league, or the people who cover it. What they are becoming is a joke."

Well said BUT who said Ireland built up a good name in Dallas & Miami. Last time I looked both teams had a lot of overrated talent.

Brandon Weeden FTW

If everyone thinks Tebow was bad in Denver, just wait till Manning arrives. Manning wont be able to dodge on rushing LB like Tebow did and being able to extend plays is not Mannings long suit. Denver has an OL that is as bad as Miamis. Im surprised Manning chose Denver over San Fran.or Tenn. Manning will regret this decision. Anyway I just want to say,,,way to go Ireland you idiot. Tannehill might not make it to the #8th pk you boozos, then what ya gonna do, get a franchise QB in the 3th rd???? Philpin, Im sorry to say, but man, you have hitched your wagon to a dead donkey.

we have draft picks.......jeff ireland, as much as i HATE HIM and as much as he's done nothing to get respect, was initally a very respected and sought after commodity as being somewhat of a bill parcell protege......and the smokescreen of a good season in 2008 didnt help matters for us but it solidified said respect. it's the reason why he wasn't fired after the dez bryant scandal, and the reason ross won't get rid of him now.

In Peter King's article he states the Phins have showed..."ridiculous inability to find, develop and decide on a quarterback who could be even half as good as Dan Marino. Miami, in the last 10 years, has traded a seven for Rosenfels, a two for Feeley, a two for Culpepper, a six for Lemon, a five for Green, and used a two to draft Beck and another two to draft Henne. None is on the team anymore. None became a shadow of Marino. And Sunday, when Matt Flynn chose Seattle over Miami as the prize of a thin free agent quarterback crop, it left the Dolphins scrambling and reconsidering how aggressively to go after Alex Smith. Or hope Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M would be there with the eighth pick in the first round on April 26. Or play with Matt Moore. Not very good options."

I'll just add that King left out the 2nd round pick for Pat White.

Moore was 6-6 last year. Not a good option based on his past play, but who knows.


Plain and simple Tebow isnt a real nfl qb. Denver only had success tailoring thier entire offense around having a "wish bone qb".

Elway is sh--ing bricks now that Peyton's in town. Only Manning makes it possible to what Elway has wanted to do all along. But Tebow's fanbase popularity wouldnt allow:

Ship Tebow out of Denver. I highly doubt Elway looks at Tebow as being his post Peyton Manning starting qb.

Ohio, yeah, too bad that failed philosophy is the reason we don't have any money to spend.

After making the oline the most expensive unit on the team, and seeing them win 7 games at their BEST, the team is realizing they don't have money to pay people who actually score TDs. Now we're shedding those extra d-linemen Sparano was stacking up and going with our backups for the oline.

I'm totally fine with that until we get the rest of the team in shape. Once we have our QB, WR, TE and Secondary established, THEN worry about the lines.

All we're doing now is wasting Jake Long's time (and career). He'll be the best player no one's ever heard about (because we're never in nationally televised games or in the Playoffs).

RYAN MALLET .... lets do it, lets make a trade, give up our 2nd rounder

DC, the Lions of the early 2000's went through coaches, numerous #1 picks & still sucked royally. High draft picks didn't help because of who was making the choices. Same problem in Miami.

Lions turned it around when they hired a COMPETENT GM. When Ross gets around to it, firing Ireland will save the franchise. I just read the article inimounts posted. It's beyond sad what this franchise is seen as.

I stand by what I told you 2 years ago! Ireland is problem 1A Ross 1B. As long as they're around, don't expect a winner.

The Fins are in a fragile state now, new coach, loss of Marshall, etc. Adding Tebow would be a HUGE distraction, may cause player resentment,and most of all, disrupt the relationship between Ross and Philbin. If Ross says Tebow, forget the West Coast.
It would have to be a spread, and we don't have the quality offensive threats to do that...no DEPENDABLE wideout with speed, and only Bush can catch it.
A Hines Ward type would be helpful.

dragonfly, i hear you, but we have a good offensive line. best left tackle in the biz, great center. cant give reggie bush his first solid good year or moore the same without it. columbo is a dumbo for sure, but i dont worry about the line as much as others. manning will have a problem if they dont get rid of tebow, but he will regret his decision mainly because he has nobody to throw to.

Excellent comment. If Ross did this he'd have all the money, celebrity and anything else he wants.

You don't sign or trade for players in order to put fans in the seats. You trade for/draft/sign players that will help make you a consistent winner year in and year out. That will put fans in the seats. Simple formula.
Posted by: polarrock | March 19, 2012 at 02:34 PM

What makes him a horrible owner is that he can't do the above. He is trying to do it the opposite way. Getting celebrity and money and hhoping to win.

Say NO to Tebow! Keep your cash, force an ownership change.


You did hear my sarcasm in my post right? Sorry tone can be difficult in this format sometimes....

Cant see winning a division game this year, so that's 0-6. Losing the other 10 shouldn't be difficult!



round 1-get blackmon(trade the extra 3rd to move up if need be)
round 2-take cousins,tannehill,or osweiler.all come with questions,but we have 2 guys that worked with favre and rodgers(rodgers was a late 1st & favre was a second rounder).get the guy ready to start by 2013.again trade this or next years xtra 3rd to get him.
round 3 thru 7-take the top rated de/olb available in the round and get a developmental tackle.

coyoteguy @3:43 PM,

Exactly why we shouldnt trade up nor take Tannehill at #8. On paper, we're already tailor made to compete for 1st overall pick in 2013 or Matt Barkley. LOL

JUST WIN BABY! What else matters?
Shuts 'em the FK up every single time.

u say that, which means that you deny what he's done. he didnt do what tom brady did his first year, take a winning team and win some more. he turned it around, and made EVERY player play harder, that is a fact that cannot be denied.
he is polarizing, he might not be able to throw, but he is a winner, he is a competitor, and anyone who has played sports seriously knows thats just as important.
and the fact is, we have no qb to compete and he is the best option available. that is also a fact, although some believe in the draft. not me, not with this team, or what we are looking at.
imawriter, denver has even worse wr options, or just as bad....tebow is not all to blame. eric decker is their star, no matter how much they want thomas to be, and thats not saying much.
if we at least had the option of tebow instead of moore, i would feel better about the season.
mclovin, i would love that.....but pats wont do it, unlike dolphins, jets, and bills, they aren't stupid enough to trade possible weapons to their own division rivals.

Joe, no way Ireland's here next year if the team does as bad as some think they'll do (of course, that's what I said this year, so.....)

Ohio, yeah, I heard it. But there was truth to the sarcasm (that's what I was bringing up).

Jlo responds to Ross reply to Ireland's email:
Ireland to Ross email "Mr. Ross, why don't we helicopter in Tebow and Donovan McNabb for a tryout? It will only cost about $50,000 worth of fuel if we do it non-stop roundtrip".
Ross answer to Ireland's email "It sounds reasonable, could we also pick up JLo?" JLo responds to Ross "Sorry can't make it, I have a minority owner tryout with Denver"


Sorry you didnt get the memo. Tannehill wont be available 2nd rd. Qb desperation has now pushed his value into the top 10 draft pick range.

Reports already projecting Cleveland will take him #4 unless Miami leapfrogs them. Tannehill #4-#8 imo is "desperation".

For all the morons out there. What other plan is there? Smith is not coming here because SF will give him a contract.

So besides this line up (Moore, Garrard and draft) what other plan is there? Its a very solid plan at this stage of the game.

You folks think the QB fairy is gonna drop an elite QB under the Dolphins pillow in the next few months?

Wolfman, I too see that Tebow for gabbert swap a mile away. Makes way too much sense. Hope it happens. Lets get our guy in the draft. Heck I'd even take Weeden in the first if tannehill is gone. In 2005 nobody complained when we took Ronnie brown with the 2nd pick. By 2010, he was finished. Weeden is a qb with a longer shelf life, he may have a longer career than brown.

I hate every single one of you.

round 1-get blackmon(trade the extra 3rd to move up if need be)
round 2-take cousins,tannehill,or osweiler.all come with questions,but we have 2 guys that worked with favre and rodgers(rodgers was a late 1st & favre was a second rounder).get the guy ready to start by 2013.again trade this or next years xtra 3rd to get him.
round 3 thru 7-take the top rated de/olb available in the round and get a developmental tackle.
Posted by: The Crusher | March 19, 2012 at 03:47 PM


Tannehill won't be their in the 2nd. He was a projected 1-2 before Barkely and Jones bowed out...but with them out, it has pushed Tannehill into the first. If he doesn't go 4 to Cleveland or 8 to Miami, he will go to Cleveland with their 2nd pick in the 1st.

Also....likely to have to give up that 2nd round pick to move up to get Blackmon....but I suppose they could package one of their 3rds and a 4th to move back into the 2nd....possibly.


but take this simple quiz, then turn it in, YG:

1. What was Denver's record with Kyle Orton?
2. What was Denver's record with Tim Tebow?
2b.Matt Moore's Record was?
3. Did Denver win their division?
4. Would they have won it with Kyle Orton?
5. Did Denver with Tim Tebow, not only make the playoffs, but beat the defending AFC champion and top three afc defense?
6. Should miami have more than 1 qb on their roster?
7. Was this Tebow's first year starting?
8. Do first year starter's get better?

End of Quiz
counts for 50% of your grade

inimounts..if memory serves, Denver had at least 1 speed guy that took it all the way against the Steelers in the playoffs...AGAINST THE STEELERS. On a slant, and outran the secondary.
We couldn't do that against the Browns.
And haven't done it in a decade, not even the Ginn family.

it's pretty hard to rate receivers with a QB who throws behind receivers. Even THAT TD was slightly behind the receiver.

Armando's blog a couple of days ago explained how a great QB makes good receivers GREAT..ala Brady and Welker, Manning an ANYBODY.

If Manning has it, you'll see multiple80 catch receivers with the Broncos.

Tebow ain't no Manning.

imimounts, one other point.
Philbin just got here, and we want to tie his hands?
He was hired in part because his (and his HC's) offense was a top3 offense. (no c0omparison to CamMoron PLEASE...LOL)

I admire waht Tebow brings as far as energy, will to win, etc. But all GREAT qb's posses that quality, AND can throw the ball.
Ever watch Brady on the sideline? I HATE that guy, but he wins.

BTW, I';ve enjoyed your contributions today.

inimounts @ 3:55 - No offense, but I think your Gatorness is getting the best of you. Yes...to most of what you posted...but c'mon, the Broncos had a lot of luck and the ball simply bouncing their way.

Look at Freeman a couple of seasons ago...pretty similar to what Tebow pulled off last season. Then look at Freeman last year. The ball didn't bounce Tampa's way last year...it did in 2010 and made everyone wonder how they missed Freeman. Now everyone is wondering if Freeman is a legit QB.

Sorry...but a guy that can't complete more than 35% of his passes isn't going to be long as an NFL QB. Yes...he could get better. But you also have to look at what guys like Dalton and Newton did last year as rookies. It's one thing to say a rookie or young QB is going to get better at reading defenses or making better decisions or whatever.....less than 35% completions is a huge mountain.

imawriter, ur talking about eric decker from minnesota, and he definitely isnt a speed guy. never has been. i already talked about him. and ginn did do it, once, on monday night, thrown by henne. his only good play. hartline did it once too. lex hilliard did it out of wildcat in 08. gone. doesnt mean speed.
and tebow's personality and beliefs make him open to every criticism in the world. we need him. he is the best option in a small ass market, and nobody doubts that, because it is fact. all u people talk is how u dont want him, he cant throw. keep doubting, because it doesnt mean ANYTHING. what does? facts. fact 1: we need a qb. fact 2: nobody will coompete with moore like tebow will. so.....we need tebow.

manning is amazing, and i wanted him. but on that team, manning is in trouble more than he would be in most other places. not a big fan of the o-line or weapons. even the running game was from a much loved and rejuvenated willis :)

Inimounts, you a gator?
UM grad here, BUT..if this was still Parcell's team, you'd have a better argument for Tebow.

i think one of the 3 will be there in round 2,and it is possible cleveland may take him with the 4th. i certainly hope they dont trade up to get tannehill though.
i say do what you have to do to make the blackmon pick happen.


Tim Tebow is a WISHBONE QB plain and simple.

inimounts, I was referring to the guy that caught the slant on the first play in overtime of the Denver/Steelers playoff game last season.
Was that Eric Decker?

BTW, With Tebow throwing, NO Miami dolphin would have scored in that manner in that Jets game. it took a 350 yard passing day from the "late" Chad Henne...which goes to prove my point that it's WHO THROWS THE BALL that makes things happen.
Chad was brilliant that night. Still scratching my head as to how he could do that and fall apart the rest of the time.


Im with you man and in no way advocating drafting Tannehill 1st rd.

I mean why draft Tannehill 1st rd, when on paper we look like overwhelming favorites to win 1st overall pick in 2013 anyway?

Just like another poster posted. It doesnt look like we'll even win a afc east division game this year. There's 0-6 right there. LOL

Why is everyone so afraid someone will trade up ahead of us to take Tannehill?

If Cleveland drafts Tannehill, what can they do with McCoy?

(just kidding, man)

WOLFMAN......DONT YOU EVER (EVER!) CALL ME A GATOR ANYTHING. live and die for the canes (mostly die, pretty sure both miami teams are trying to kill me)....
imawriter, congrats on UM, and i agree with that completely. in fact it was parcell's that said 'the wildcat cannot be truly effective or truly known until someone is behind center that is a LEGITIMATE threat to throw the ball'

and here's the thing, i have the best argument for tebow. and anyone else has none, and hasnt really argued that. because theyre argument is right now he cant pass. but thats not the issue at hand, especially since i completely agree. i want it known, however, that i am not arguing tebows credentials. i am arguing for the BENEFIT of our miami dolphins. we have one qb on the roster. and i ask u, what harm would it be to take, if eligible, the best qb available as of this second to compete with moore. everyone says no, tannehill. tannehill won't be there! qb shortage causes qbs to rise way past their worth as the draft closes in. it worked with cam newton in the past couple years. almost everyone else got screwed. tannehill is NOT an nfl qb. cousins will NEVER be one. osweiler should never start. russel wilson could be an nfl player if his height isnt the issue everyone says, and so could wheeden. but tebow is proven, and he is an option, an OPTION, folks. why not have that option. explain that to me in an intellectual way, and ill listen.

If you don't want Tebow, you are stupid. He wins. He's 250 pounds. He will switch to FB/TE eventually. Because of his good attitude, he'll work just as hard and be a locker room leader.

Of course you want him on your team.

If we go 0-6 within the afc east. Then split the remaining 10 games. That's a 5-11 finish right there.

With no true #1 wr we should easily finish worse. Im expecting around a 3-13 2012 record.

"WOLFMAN......DONT YOU EVER (EVER!) CALL ME A GATOR ANYTHING. live and die for the canes (mostly die, pretty sure both miami teams are trying to kill me)....


SO sorry, my friend imimounts.
I'm a victim as well, though I believe Al will straighten things out...same for Philbin.

Each have a problem...Shalala/All, FO/Philbin.

u guys, thats the funny part.....is ive always rooted against tebow. we (the hurricanes) played a game against florida and they had it won with like 24 seconds left, and tebow play actioned to the end zone solely to run up the score, well, urban meyer did, and when asked about it tebow said 'it's his job to score, it's theirs to stop us'.....if i didnt hate him enough till then, it doubled. every time he did a comeback for denver i rooted against him, i cannot stand him. mainly in college, because he wouldnt stop winning. but in the pros because he didnt deserve to go first round and he couldnt throw.
so it makes me wonder, if i cant deny his success, and im his biggest hater i thought, then how can anyone else?


Crusher @ 4:04 - I would presume the Phins would have to make a trade with Minnesota to get in front of Cleveland @ 4 and St. Louis at 6. I guess it depends on how much bluffing or not bluffing Cleveland does in RE to it's interest in Blackmon or if they are really going to draft Tannehill @ 4.

Personally, don't think it's going to happen...at least not if Philbin has a say. There was some interesting things last week in RE to what Philbin looks for in a WR and a true #1 isn't it.

From a draft value chart perspective, the #3 spot is worth 2,200 points. With the swap to number 8, that's 1.400 points, leaving the Phins 800 points short. Throw in our 2nd rounder...500 points; we're short 300 points....so looking at also throwing in our 72nd overall (3rd round pick) for 230 points. Still short 70 points...so throw in 5, 6, and 7...or some other combination of next years picks with conditionals.

In a nut shell...swap of 1sts with Minn, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th....though I'm sure there would be little interest in those later round picks...probably would have to do a conditional 2nd or 3rd next year to make up the difference.




By the by....my post @ 4:18....same for trade up for Tannehill.

i dont know yesterday. i must be a dolphin optimist.with a clueless head coach we were in almost every game last season.i think we got the right man for the hc job.he showed he has the right stuff by how he handled the death of his son(ala dungy).i think we can compete in 2012. the pats,steelers,ravens,texans,and 1 of the afc west teams will likely get in.that leaves 1 spot for who...the jets?raiders?bengals? i like our chances,i dont think we are a joke, and by the way F#CK you peter king and ryan clark.

chad was brilliant that night wasnt he? i couldnt agree more, his career, in it's entirety, is baffling. i love michigan, second favorite college team behind the canes....and i watched all four years he started, and henne, as a freshman starter, was really good, great at times, and was so calm, that all michigan fans couldnt wait to see what he became....but he never got better. he never got worse, but there was no improvement, just inconsistency, which give way more hope than being at just a good level all the time.....and we found his calm under pressure to be more of an unemotional leader, or lack of leadership, all this found out from his days with the dolphins (btw, i was very happy we drafted him, BECAUSE of the highs he gives, the good games he can have)
and im pretty sure it was decker. they drafted him after demaryius (sp?) thomas, but i think decker is better.
nobody is harder on our wr core than me. i dont want any of them. i thought hartline would be a stud, but instead of getting better when marshall came (welker type) he got worse. and they can't score td's. bess averages like three a year at best.

Why is everyone so afraid someone will trade up ahead of us to take Tannehill?
Posted by: IMAWriter | March 19, 2012 at 04:10 PM


I don't think anyone is afraid that someone will trade up ahead of the Phins to draft Tannehill.....some are worried he may got #4 to Cleveland. I say let them have him if they want him....if he's there at 8 I wouldn't be too upset about Miami drafting him, though wouldn't be my first choice. Just don't trade up to get him....if they are going to do that, they should have made a bigger push for RG3....we're only talking one slot difference here in a trade up scenario.

hey wolfman i was on vacation last week.was that a herald article about what philbin looks for in a wideout?

hey all, new post up from mando, if you didnt see....

Peter King is a nimrod. Who gives a - what Peter King thinks.


I dont want Tannehill. I believe he has the potential to be a very good qb. I just dont believe his upside is great.

Fast forward the tape 5yrs and look at the qb's he'll be competing against, even in the afc. Luck should be the new sherrif in town. Still dont know where Barkley will be. Top 5 nfl qb's give you your best opportunity to compete for multiple championship opportunities.

At best, Tannehill looks like he'll always play "bridemaid" to the qb's he'll face in the nfl future while trying to get us to a championship.

Tannehill may not be able to crown us afc east champs going against Mallet(Pats) 5yrs down the road. Why doesnt anyone play the tape ahead before posting thier comments

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