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Manning decision to Denver still affects Dolphins

Several media outlets are reporting that Peyton Manning has picked the Denver Broncos as his new team and is in negotiations with the team to become the quarterback. That has created a domino effect that reaches the Dolphins.

Because Manning did not pick the San Francisco 49'ers, it seems to open up the possibility of a return to San Francisco for Alex Smith. And that would mean the player who visited the Dolphins on Sunday would be out of the running to continue his career in Miami.

This is not a 100 percent certainty as, frankly, Smith still is a free agent and has the right to negotiate with any team he wishes. But, as I reported this morning, Smith had told various NFL sources and had let the Dolphins know his first choice was to return to the Niners if Manning didn't pick that team.

We're not out of the wood yet, however.

As Manning is going to Denver, barring a snag in contract talks, that effectively ends Tim Tebow's time with that team. And, of course, that makes the Dolphins a possible landing spot for him.

Tebow, a University of Florida alumnus, has a huge following in South Florida. He did lead the Broncos to the playoffs and even a playoff victory over Pittsburgh. And he would definitely sell tickets for the Dolphins.

My guess is the football side of the organization would not be thrilled with the idea of Tebow because he is definitely not a classic West Coast offense quarterback. But ownership has recently been in charge of some football decision in Miami so I cannot discount it until, well, the Dolphins either say it isn't a possibility or show it isn't one.

Beyond that, where does this leave the Dolphins?

More and more it is looking like this team is going to be drafting a quarterback and rolling into training camp with Matt Moore as the presumed starter.

I suppose David Garrard is a veteran backup option that can be added to Moore plus a rookie draft pick as well.

As for a surprise bombshell ... we'll see.


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Ok bring in Tebow if he agrees NOT to play QB.
I'd make him try out some LB.
But if not, he can play offense. Just NOT QB.

I LOVE TEBOW!!!!!!!!!!


I second this:

If they sign Tebow or Garrard I will sling-shot myself around the Sun in an effort to time-warp back to 1970, so I can encourage a 7 year old me to pick a different team.

All -time low, not really we were 6-10 last year. Not awfult but certainly not good. we have the same starting QB as last year. That starting QB had a winning record..................

Bottom line is nobody any good wants to play for the dolphins with the present regime in place. Our once proud franchise is now a laughing stock, even Dan Marino won't go near this organization. Look for plenty of futility until some major changes are made especially where personnel decisions are concerned.

Jeff, traded for TEBOW yet? What are you waiting for? What ya got to lose dude? Cmon man! Bring a winner to SFla for a change havent had it since Dan the Man left!! Get it done, Today, make the Fins a Winner, make them revelant for once! GO FINS!!

This ownership is crap. Ross is a deadbeat owner that has NO clue how to run a franchise. Parcells would not work for him and Ireland is a toad as G.M. A real owner that wanted a winning franchise would have gone after Polian, made him president and let him build our beloved franchise back up. SHAME ON YOU ROSS!!!

Well "todd neal" while I don't want Tebow to say that the Gator Day at DOLPHINS Stadium was pathetic is just moronic from an obvious cane fan. The fact is there are more Gator fans in south Florida than can fans. So for the Dolphins owner to cater to a large population of South Florida is hardly pathetic. What is pathetic is the fact the Hurricanes cannot afford a stadium of their own and the one they RENT they can never fill.

Now that is pathetic.

If Tebow becomes a Dolphin my mother will be spin in her grave and I will be without a football team to cheer for the first time in 46 years.

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