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Manning: 'I'm throwing it pretty well'

Peyton Manning is no longer an Indianapolis Colts quarterback. At an emotional press conference moments ago, Manning said both he and owner Jim Irsay have talked about the circumstances and they have decided it is "necessary we take this next step."

The next step for Manning is toward another team. Manning did not wish to speak about any possibility of where he'll wind up, instead using today exclusively to say his farewells. "I haven't thought yet about where I'll play," Manning said, "But I have thought about where I've been."

Manning later reiterated that "I really don't know, I probably need to ask someone what these next few steps are," when he was asked how he next goes about seeking a new team.

The most newsy nugget to emerge from the emotonal 13-minute press conference was Manning discussing the progress of his throwing. Manning missed the entire 2011 season following at least three and possibly four procedures to his neck meant to help nerves that serve his right throwing arm regenerate after they stopped firing.

Manning was unable to play because the nerve damage stole strength from his arm and prevented him from throwing at his usual capability. That capability, Manning said, has improved lately.

'I'm throwing it pretty well," he said. "I've still got some work to do, I've got some progress to make. But I've come a long way. And I've really worked hard. I can't tell you the hours I've put in to working hard. I really enjoy being back out there. I've had a chance to throw with some of my old teammates -- guys like Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Austin [Collie], [Brandon] Stokley, [Jeff] Saturday's snapped to me a couple of times. That's been the most fun part ... being back out there on the field.

"You're in the training room all Fall, you're sort of off-limits to the field so to be cleared to be kind of be back out there and throw, I sure have enjoyed that. I'm doing better. I continue to work hard and hopefully keep making some progress."

Manning stopped short of saying he's 100 percent.

"I'm feeling closer and closer," he said. "I have to remind myself that it is March. I have a hard time doing that at times. But it sure feels comfortable. It feels like home being out there."

Manning mentioned that Irsay said he would always be welcome around the Colts. The Dolphins play the Colts this coming season. If he signs with the Dolphins, perhaps Manning can visit with the Colts the week before the game when they're drawing up their defensive game plan.


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NFL Network is talking about how Rex Ryan would 'jump' at signing Peyton and putting Sanchez on the bench.
The media would love it and the Jets are built to win now.

First sign him and win

Matt Moore is your 2012 starting QB

Manning could take the Fins all the way if Trent Richardson becomes the next Edgerrin James.

OK I guess this blog is going nowhere... back to my hole. I think a team like the niners or texans are in play. We need to be ready for the Moore era, unless Schaub or Smith is available.

Payton Manning is a class act. May he enjoy success wherever he ends up.

Saturday said that Peyton would be insulted to throw for a team to prove his arm's progress.
Really? And folks wonder why we're skeptical about these sources, reports, and "leaked" video.

I'll assume that peyton can throw well enough to play NFL ball, or I really don't think he'd risk the embarassment. But something stinks here.

I do wish him well whether he's a fin, or any other team's Qb, or retired.

Peyton Manning doesnt choke like Marino did.

I noticed that Peyton tried to cut the presser short a couple of teams. Seems he's got to get ready to announce his signing with the Dolphins at his 4pm presser.

Rex Ryan would sign Manning just for the attention.

Man does he drive me crazy. I'd love to get Peyton and beat the crap out of the Jets. (and Pats)

Elway got his two SB wins after they got Terell Davis.

Aikman didn't start winning SBs until he had Emmit Smith.

Assuming the Fins get Manning or Flynn, they should get a FA o-lineman and Richardson with their 1st round pick.

Daniel Thomas and Bush are both susceptible to the injury bug.

The Dolphins should approach Peyton with the idea of becoming a player/coach, transitioning him to OC once his playing days come to an end.

can he sign immediately or is he a free agent that has to wait until next week.

Armando the last paragraph you wrote is a stupid joke.


GM's have the biggest ego in the room and there is NO way Ireland will give up in Daniel Thomas so soon. However, I would love Trent Richardson. I just don't see it happening. Ireland traded up for Thomas and that paid zero dividends so far.

Peyton, not Marino, will take the #Dolphins to its first title sice the 70's???

The Colts release him because not the money, beacuse he is done as QB. that's a future vision.
With 14 years under a System created for him, 36 years old and 4 neck surgery will be hard for him adapt to a new system...the Dolphins should never go after him, I hope the Cardinals or Washington take him.

Ross will not fvck this one up...I will be very surprised if he fail to land Peyton.

He failed to land Harbaugh & Fisher...he is now a man on a mission.

Peyton or Bust!

He can sign as soon as the paperwork is filed and the league office releases the free agent list with him on it. Which can be as early as 4pm today.


I'll be SHOCKED if Peyton ends up in NYJ. Rex Ryan isn't to Peyton's taste. There's nothing class about the guy...he's all crass. Take a look at some of the stuff that was going on with the Jets last year. Do you really think Ryan has control of that football team? Infighting, back-stabbing, whining and complaining. Do you REALLY think Peyton wants any part of that? Do you REALLY see NYJ being a better fit for Manning than Miami? I sure don't, including the fact that soon I think Ryan's going to be on the hotseat. All hot air and he hasn't backed it up.....it's not Peyton's style.

Manning sounds alot like pennington...feel great..working hard..throwing all the time..blah blah blah...if He was really that good..why release HIM?

no on jets yes on niners or cards.

Rumor mill has other teams worried that Ross will trump them all with ridiculous money and a long term contract (ESPN radio).
No one would mind having Peyton on their team. But spending everything you have, and mortgaging the future for it?
THAT'S my beef, and has been. Hopefully it won't be necessary.
We will still need many things in FA and the draft to build what we need to build under Philbin.


A relaxed, engaged Jimmy Johnson is sitting on the sprawling outdoor patio of his bustling Key Largo restaurant (The Big Chill), overlooking an exquisite view of Florida Bay, and taking a break for a one-on-one chat about Dolphins and Hurricanes football.

J.J., who was in the middle of hosting a three-day event last weekend to raise money for the UM Sports Hall of Fame, has a quick response for those who suggest the Dolphins shouldn’t pursue Peyton Manning, 35, who is expected to be released by the Colts on Wednesday.

“Oh please!” the former Dolphins and Hurricanes coach said.

“Age is not a concern. You do whatever you have to do to get Peyton Manning! If Manning has the supporting cast, he’s still a great player. The Dolphins have a good team, not great. They are pretty solid on defense. A great quarterback with a good team can win it all. With Brandon Marshall, Reggie Bush, it gives them some weapons offensively. Bring in Reggie Wayne with Peyton.” (Wayne, we hear, would love for this to happen.)

J.J. pointed out, “It used to be a quarterback-driven league. Now it is a quarterback-only league. You can win today with an average defense, an average running game. If you have a great quarterback, you have a shot.”

Johnson said “the biggest concern I have is will Peyton be as precise with a new group. Is he going to have the same chemistry and be as efficient as he was in Indianapolis? No, he’s not." That, Johnson said, is a compelling reason to sign Wayne. "But if he’s close to what he was, all of a sudden they’re a contender.”

How much would Joe Philbin and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman need to adjust their offense for Manning?

“You use whatever Peyton wants,” J.J. said. “You fit your style to your great players. Great coaches do that.”

J.J. said the Philbin/Sherman offense would be different for Manning, “but not as dramatic as people think. I mean, really. They’re the same routes, they’re the same drops. There’s not quite as much play action. People make so much of the West Coast offense. I learned when I came into the league that everything is so similar.”

If the Dolphins cannot get Manning, Johnson said, “I would be nervous” about signing Matt Flynn. But he loves Robert Griffin III, and “maybe in the Dolphins’ case, pay whatever it takes to get a quarterback. I know Andrew Luck’s the guy, but I would love to coach Griffin. He’s a split second behind Michael Vick as far as speed, but he’s bigger. I love his leadership.”

When he was with the Cowboys, Johnson came up with the trade value chart that’s used today in trading up in the draft. He said teams might need to offer more than what the chart calls for because of the competition for St. Louis’ No. 2 pick. “But whoever gets Manning and Flynn probably will be out of the race, so it may not be as competitive as what you think. You’ve got to play some poker.”

Rex Ryan would sign Manning just for the attention.

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | March 07, 2012 at 12:53 PM

Ross will sign Manning just for the attention! LOL


I hope you are right. Nothing would make me happier than for the 'Phins to get something done with Manning in the next few days. What's going to be interesting is if things are looking good, does the team back away and sign Flynn next Tuesday. It's going to be an interesting few days and they need to get this one right.


What do you think the Fins will do with their 1st rd. pick assuming they sign Manning?


How is signing Manning, mortgaging the future? Trading multiple picks for RGIII is mortgaging the future. If you are saying throwing a lot of money at Manning is mortgaging the future, these guys ar smart and can make it so cap hit isn't huge.

He failed to land Harbaugh & Fisher...he is now a man on a mission.
Peyton or Bust!
Posted by: NHFINSFAN | March 07, 2012 at 12:58 PM

That's what bothers me. Obsessive, not smart. And from a guy who has the least amount of football knowledge in the room. And this is indeed the rumor going around is that Ross will pull out all the stops regardless of cost or contract.

I might buy a couple tickets if they get Manning..

This has disaster written all over it!
Whatever happens, Jeff Ireland will find a way to screw it up.

Love how Jeff Ireland last night mentioned how badly the Dolphins needed an upgrade at QB during the voice call with season tickets.

Yeah Jeff, we have been telling you this the last two years. Where have you been? Why didn't you draft one last year?

Anyways, Miami will be getting a QB this year. Except this team is now in "win now" mode hence trying to get Manning. Because we are SO close! Love how Ireland has completely changed strategy. We are no longer building for the future. We are now going to blow our entire load on Manning. Great.


Manningis coming back to Miami where he won his only Super Bowl

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was named the game's Most Valuable Player, completing 25 of 38 passes for 247 yards and a touchdown, with one interception for a passer rating of 81.8. This was Manning's first Super Bowl title after being one of the league's most dominant quarterbacks throughout his nine-year career.

MVP QB Peyton Manning WILL be a Miami Dolphin in 2012

Craig...Ross has one plan and that's to sign Peyton. IMO Ross will spend ALL his cap $$$ to sign him.

M2M !

JS in LA,

What is it you would propose that Ross do instead? Everyone knew this day was coming. The Dolphins were prepared for this. The Dolphins will do nothing more than get seriously involved wit discussions for Manning. Is that not what you want them to do? Everything else after this is just pure speculation on the part of the media and fans. We don't know what Ross' limits will be. I'm sure there will be some. Regardless of what you think of Ross, he's not a dumb business man. Guys don't become billionaires by being dumb. Sit back and enjoy and let's see where the wheel stops spinning.

Good point about the Jets Craig.

I just like Manning and don't want to have to hate him in a Green and white Jersey

Miami 8-0 A Home in 2012

Miami undefeated @ Home w Peyton Manning in 2012

Mortaging the future is exactly what the Colts are setting Manning free to avoid. Multi-year contract worth piles of $$ that will handicap any spending we can do for the future.
Picks can be reacquired, or lost and it's essentially house money.
Anyway, you're one of the few smart Manning supporters, so I won't try to sway you. There is good and bad in this. I just want everyone to understand that.
Manning does NOT equal problem solved at QB.
He has a short shelf life, so hopefully these grandeous super-bowl predictions come true.
As long as we draft a stud rookie QB to succeed Peyton, I'm OK.


I don't agree with your last point. I think Ross may be tempted to outspend other owners but I'm not convinced he will spend all his cap space to sign Manning. Then what? He still has to sign Wake. He'll have draft choices to sign. Doing what you suggest will also prevent him from signing anybody else in FA. I believe Ross badly wants Manning but I don't think he'll be stupid about it. I think when it's all said and done both parties will be happy.

Rex Ryan would only sign manning if Peyton would let Rex play with his feet lmao puke on jets


Regardless of what you think of Ross, he's not a dumb business man. Guys don't become billionaires by being dumb

Posted by: Craig M

>>>You are right, he is not a dumb business man. That doesn't mean he isn't a dumb NFL owner.

Peyton's name will be on the 4pm waiver wire today...

At that time teams can contact him...


Miami Dolphins have 90 % more votes on NFL Network Facebook page than ANY other team


I agree with your last post. I want Manning in a Dolphins jersey but in no way am I saying this is the long term answer. There has to be another part to this puzzle and I fear they will neglect that thinking everything is taken care of. Of course there could be downside to this. I'm just thankful our woner sees the value in going out and aggressively pursuing a guy like Manning. There are many around the league who won't bother. The real crime would have been if Ross did what they did in Buffalo with Fitz and committed big dollars to Moore, content that he was the answer. Could easily have happened.


Guaranteed "Bonus" money is not counted against the cap. Only the Yearly salary. In other words Ross can give Manning a 25 Million signing bonus and a Yearly salary of 10 Million. ONLY the 10 million count against this years cap. The bonus only would count if he gets cut.

Manning 2 Miami

M2M !

NFL Network Poll: where should Peyton go:

Dolphins = 12,589
Seahawks = 2,914
Jets = 2,356
Cardinals = 2,445
Redskins = 2,356
Other = 8,250

We are running away with it!!!

griffin is EASILY the right choice

JS you are correct, However getting manning does not stop this coaching staff from finding a QB for the future.

If the manning thing falls apart, then we will be in a good drafting position anyway. If he succeeds it may be harder to get that guy in the draft... maybe not... but it should be harder.

But if Manning succeeds here it gets rid of the "stigma" Miami has had for the last 10 or so years. More free agents are looking here, we become a place that players would "want" to get traded to because of Football rasons, not because of South Beach only.

I see it as a win win eityher way.

lol js who would that be

How many games woul Mannig remain upright behind that OL? Over/under is 4 games.

The article regarding JJ's statements is interesting because he didn't exactly adjust to Marino and their relationship was dicey to say the very least. He stripped Dan of his WR (Fryar) and gave OG K.Donnalley a bunch of money to block for K.Abdul Jabbar, JJ Johnson and J.Avery. AHHHH UMMMMM, adjusting to your star player JJ?? I am and always was a fan of JJ the H.C. but had he taken his own advice and left Fryar who still put up big #'s in Philly and drafted Randy Moss maybe Marino might have made a move with him in 98.

That aside maybe he's looking at it through hindsight and wondering what might have been had he just rebuilt the D and left well enough alone with Marino on O. In any event I think Manning makes us, if healthy of course at least relevant again in a way we haven't been since 98 because we all knew those early 2000 teams would play great D but fold come playoff time because of lackluster QB play. My only worry is the CAP implication Manning brings it's almost better to take the hit completely in base salary like Minnesota did with Favre and not spread out money that kills us down the line on a player who may suffer a Favre like collapse in the next few Yrs. himself but still be a serious CAP implication becasue of Pro-rated money.

IFF the Dolphins sign Manning they should draft Ryan Tannehill with their first pick (Trade back). He could learn from Manning for three years then take over long term. That is what GB did with Favre and Rodgers.


Thanks for the clarification. And at the end of the end, money against the cap is the only thing I'm worried about. I couldn't care less how much money Ross wants to throw at Manning. It's not my money and it's not yours. All Ic are about is, what are the cap ramifications. If it stops us adding a safety and a guy like Wayne then now we have to say, 'wait a minute, now'. At some point they have to be able to come up with money for Cam Wake also.

flh id be shocked if manning ever plays again. but if he comes here i hope im wrong. just please sign with someone else and lets go get griffin

I will most definitely sit back and enjoy. Assuming Manning is our QB, we will be relevant immediately, a good TV watch, and an interesting circus. Succeeding him will also be a circus - not quite as big as his current situation, but he'll have to retire rather than be replaced if the ownership/media thing make a stink.
I've seen far worse in my 40 year fandom, but I am truly getting tired of seeing the fins stumble over themselves.
Like I said there is good and bad with Manning. The good is obvious, as I stated. Nobody works harder at his job than Peyton, and competitive isn't a question.
But for how long? And do we have a plan, and the ability to execute that plan when it's over? Philbin was a great hire. Good plan basis, and a solid building philosophy. But even he will have to put part of that on hold to hand the keys to Peyton and HIS plan. Peyton's offense works, but he's the owner of it, and when he's gone we start changing again.
It will be a circus. Good and bad.


Manningis coming back to Miami where he won his only Super Bowl

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning was named the game's Most Valuable Player, completing 25 of 38 passes for 247 yards and a touchdown, with one interception for a passer rating of 81.8. This was Manning's first Super Bowl title after being one of the league's most dominant quarterbacks throughout his nine-year career.

MVP QB Peyton Manning WILL be a Miami Dolphin in 2012

Craig....well, maybe not all of the cap money, that would not be prudent;-)

As much as I would love to see T. Richardson in a Dolfin uniform...it will never happen. Ireland would be admitting that D. Thomas (aka steaming pantload w. a bad hammy) would be a wasted/bad pick.

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