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Manning: 'I'm throwing it pretty well'

Peyton Manning is no longer an Indianapolis Colts quarterback. At an emotional press conference moments ago, Manning said both he and owner Jim Irsay have talked about the circumstances and they have decided it is "necessary we take this next step."

The next step for Manning is toward another team. Manning did not wish to speak about any possibility of where he'll wind up, instead using today exclusively to say his farewells. "I haven't thought yet about where I'll play," Manning said, "But I have thought about where I've been."

Manning later reiterated that "I really don't know, I probably need to ask someone what these next few steps are," when he was asked how he next goes about seeking a new team.

The most newsy nugget to emerge from the emotonal 13-minute press conference was Manning discussing the progress of his throwing. Manning missed the entire 2011 season following at least three and possibly four procedures to his neck meant to help nerves that serve his right throwing arm regenerate after they stopped firing.

Manning was unable to play because the nerve damage stole strength from his arm and prevented him from throwing at his usual capability. That capability, Manning said, has improved lately.

'I'm throwing it pretty well," he said. "I've still got some work to do, I've got some progress to make. But I've come a long way. And I've really worked hard. I can't tell you the hours I've put in to working hard. I really enjoy being back out there. I've had a chance to throw with some of my old teammates -- guys like Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Austin [Collie], [Brandon] Stokley, [Jeff] Saturday's snapped to me a couple of times. That's been the most fun part ... being back out there on the field.

"You're in the training room all Fall, you're sort of off-limits to the field so to be cleared to be kind of be back out there and throw, I sure have enjoyed that. I'm doing better. I continue to work hard and hopefully keep making some progress."

Manning stopped short of saying he's 100 percent.

"I'm feeling closer and closer," he said. "I have to remind myself that it is March. I have a hard time doing that at times. But it sure feels comfortable. It feels like home being out there."

Manning mentioned that Irsay said he would always be welcome around the Colts. The Dolphins play the Colts this coming season. If he signs with the Dolphins, perhaps Manning can visit with the Colts the week before the game when they're drawing up their defensive game plan.


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no doubt nhfin if manning takes up rest of cap we are really run by a bunch of retarded men

I will say this with conviction:

Give me the only 2 choices of Manning versus Flynn, and I'm shaking pom-poms for Manning.

MVP QB Peyton Manning is the only Miami Dolphin player to win a Super Bowl in Miami

Can u say Leadership!

If Manning couldnt be a guidance for Curtis Painter how do we expect the young back up to learn from him?

MVP QB Peyton Manning is the only Miami Dolphin player to win a Super Bowl in Miami

Can u say Leadership!

1. We will sign Manning.
2. We will beat the ever living snot out of the Colts, which is a garbage organization that was not worthy of having Manning
3. We go 14-2. We are next year's San Fran, and we go to the dance.

Write it down.

This makes the RB/WR Reggie Bush FA signing soooo much more valuable

M2M !


I'm guessing Quentin Coples or Melvin Ingram are high on the list. But Ingram might not fit the Parcell's proto-type at only 6'1 270. If Coples is there I think he is a lock and would be a steal at. If Coples is gone and they are on the fence about Ingram I wouldn't be shocked to see Nick Perry be the pick. He blew the combine up and could be a surprise pick like Aldon Smith was for SF last year.

Talk is M2M is happening tonight!

You asked what i think Ross should do?
Use his cash-happy obsession for Manning, and spin it towards Griffin.
If that fails, let Philbin, Sherman and Ireland do their job and get the QB that best builds their team that they were hired to construct.
Honestly, Ross should sign the checks and let the people he hired to run his football team ... run his football team.

Also, dudes, D. Thomas is a beast. Don't give up on him yet. He's not a sissy like R. Brown.

manning loves a good te. better get one if u sign manning

agree js, i could be a caveman and know manning isnt the right choice if ross is the guy who wants him. ross has zero football iq

We are at a major crossroad for this team.

Track 1: With Peyton
Track 2: Without Peyton

Track 1 is a quick signing of Peyton prior to the start of free agency that allows us to rethink our strategy for which players to sign and draft to complement Peyton's needs.

Track 2 is another let down and most likely a tail between the legs signing of Flynn next Friday. This is followed by an attempt to focus on drafting defensive players to help our retooled 4-3 defensive scheme.

I don't like Track 2...it reeks of failure, it makes Miami the laughing stock of the NFL...it makes the confidence of the players fall (Remember what Marshall said at the Pro Bowl).

We sign Peyton this week, and you'll feel the excitement build throughout the entire Fins Nation!

Come on Ross - Get er' done!

nhfin if anyone signs manning this week then they are very dumb. make the guy prove hes healthy first

JJ had a qb that could have taken them all the way, but he wanted a running game. He ruined the end of Dan Marino's career.

If Peyton Manning said he could throw pretty well, then he is the guy. I trust what he says.

then we draft and sign protection for him..Not necessarily a lineman but maybe some guys with speed that can catch. Trade up for Blackmon.

blackmon,lol why would we need blackmon with marshall,wayne,bess,hartline,clay. horrible move. u take a rt or pass rusher

Mustache Man,

I hope that Daniel Thomas isn't like Ronnie Brown but reminded me all too much of him. He runs hard and through defenders for a game or 2 but gets dinged up in the process and then forgets how to run because he doesn't want to get hurt.

Daniel Thomas is a Ronnie clone so far. I hope he turns it around in year 2 but with his upright running style he reminds me of another productive when healthy which was hardly ever in Chris Brown the former Titans RB from Colorado.

Here are Manning's numbers next year, as QB of the Miami Football Dolphins:

Team: 14-2

Bush and Thomas will combine for 1800 rushing and 900 receiving.

Write it down, folks.

1. We will sign Manning.
2. We will beat the ever living snot out of the Colts, which is a garbage organization that was not worthy of having Manning
3. We go 14-2. We are next year's San Fran, and we go to the dance.
Write it down.
Posted by: Mustache Man | March 07, 2012 at 01:25 PM

Like we should have written down Henne would be franchised? Get lost knuckle duster.

I can agree that the signing of Peyton does take the Flynn failure off the table, and may also end up with a nice drafted QB to succeed Peyton ..better happen >:(

So there is definite benefits if this comes true.
There is the wake that follows though too, which may be benign, and may not. Just trying to raise awareness that rainbows and uniconrs don't shoot out of Peyton's rear. There will be a price. Hopefully it doesn't bite us.

db...we need to sign him BEFORE March 16th and the start of FA, that's the point I was trying to make.

... unicorns..
@ 1:35.
Ugh, Joke lost when you type this poorly.

Dusty Bottoms is consistently among the top 2 stupidest and most often wrong commenters here. If you will be "shocked" if he plays again, you are absolutely clueless and should be banned from watching football games.

I guarantee you that Dusty Bottoms wanted Fisher to come here. Only the very stupid wanted career 172-172 record Mustache Man IV Fisher.

If dusty says that the Dolphins should absolutely draft RGIII and forget about signing Manning, then that makes me feel REALLY good about signing Manning. dusty, thanks.....that's going to help me sleep that much better at night.


Guaranteed "Bonus" money is not counted against the cap. Only the Yearly salary. In other words Ross can give Manning a 25 Million signing bonus and a Yearly salary of 10 Million. ONLY the 10 million count against this years cap. The bonus only would count if he gets cut.

Albert | March 07, 2012 at 01:17 PM

Not correct, IF Ross gives Manning a 25 Million bonus with a base pay of 10 Million then you have to look at the Yrs of the deal and total amount of the contract. An example would be Manning signs a very realistic 4 Yr / 60 Million deal with 25 Million in signing bonus then out of the 35 Million left on the deal Manning would be owed spread out over 4 Yrs. which amounts to 8.75 Million in base pay per Season. You then grab his signing bonus of 25 Mil. and spread it out over the 4 Yrs. which breakdown to 6.25 Million a Season and add it to his base to get his CAP number which would be 15 MILLION a Season. We are of course being moderate here because IF Peyton can perform his base will be in the 20 to 25 Million range more likely a 4 Yr / 80 to 90 Mil deal which in the 25 Mil bonus scenario with the breakdown I just gave you would put his Yearly CAP # at anywhere from 21 to 24 Million, it's what I mean by a CAP killer

thank you mustache man, id be really worried if someone like u thought i was smart. great 14-2 prediction and even better stats on manning,lol

mustache man try losing your incredible retarded bias and come real. makes for much better debates

Henne should have been kept, that's true. He's our Steve Young and will one day win a super bowl.

the QB from michigan st. or case kenum will be stars in the nfl the dolphins need to draft one of these guys

I called Tebowmania 8 months before it happened, and I'm calling 14-2.

Would rather have MVP QB Peyton Manning as a Dolphin than Mitt Romney as president

have a HAARPy day :(

Henne? Mustache Man, are you on drugs

pretty sure mustache man is legally retarded in the state of florida

Clue...Because Painter is like henne..they have a little going for them but they will never be starters consistently..for any team..ever

Manning got his Super Bowl ring in Miami, ...
as a Colt

I have a feeling the Dolphins will do everything they can between now and Tuesday to get a deal done with Manning. If this isn't going the way they want and it appears he's going to drag this out or want too much money, I expect they will move on Tuesday and pursue Flynn. Just my gut feeling. They'll tell Manning everything he wants to hear and if it's not getting through they'll chase Flynn. To me they'll be like the jilted lover....they won't want to be left alone at night.

Kirk cousins will not be an nfl qb. Don't be ridiculous.

if they chase flynn over trading up for griffin ill drive to irelands house

AMG, Seems like Painter cared more about his hair than learing how to be a pro QB.

Anyways if we sign Manning we need to sure up our O line. Trade down in the first and select Reiff and a stud D lineman maybe Poe lower in the first, and draft the QB of the future in the second round. Any thought?

Craig, further to your point, Mike Golic on his show this morning said he thinks Peyton will not even answer the phone, let alone go visit the Jets if Rex called.

Apparently we are not alone in thinking the sleaze that are the jets.

Their window is officially closed. Back to the cellar!!


Every team that has a franchise QB has this problem and they all manage to make it work and still have money for other players. A Capologist in the NFL does wonders.

clue how u gonna have 2 first rd picks

Anyone who think the Colts are releasing Manning because he can't play are truly brain dead.

There is only one factor that led to Peyton's release - that's Andrew Luck. It was truly the perfect series of events that led to this, nothing else.

Irsay is using the injury as an excuse, ntohing more.

You really think Peyton would try to come back and risk serious injury if there was a real risk? Peyton has nothing left to prove. He's coming back because he will play and play well, that's it.

brees interview was awesome, he is pissed off at being franchise. and guaranteed he wont play this season at all under that deal

Painter is a horrible prospect. He could sit behind Jesus Christ himself and still not learn a thing.

dusty's right, NO ONE signs Manning at 4:01pm today (and if they do they're dumbsh*t).

He needs to pass a physical. He needs to throw the pigskin around (so a team can access where he is in his recovery) and then the negotiations will begin with the Agent.

So that's a day for him to go wherever (Miami, Arizona, Seattle, etc.) to do that stuff, and I guess negotiations can happen during that time (behind the scenes).

I don't see anyone signing him until this weekend at the earliest. What'll be interesting to see is where he goes first. Hopefully it's Miami, so they can entice him without having anything else on the table. Because I don't see a team wasting time landing him (once the physical is done).

Memo to Stephen Ross: If you really want to sign Manning, find Ireland something else to do that day. Maybe a 7 day cruise or a 'fact finding mission' in the far east.

Same people, same redundancy. Apparently it never gets old. Find something new to say or MOVE ON!

dusty, i think cinicnatti has 2 first round picks and reaaly like Trent Richardson, trade away the number 8 pick for cinnci 2 picks in the first.

And only Dolphins Fans who haven't had a useful leader in 15 years would complain about signing the best qb of our generation still in his prime.

Somehow giving up nothing but money on a short term contract that are easy to get out of in the NFL will set the team back 5 years. Set them back from a 6 win season? At this point it can only get better, not worse. Because being a 6-8 perrenial win team is the worst thing in the NFL.

It's best to either contend - or stink it up and grab a qb in the draft and get down to 3-4 wins. There truly is no downside here. We win either way.

Meanwhile signing a Matt Flynn is truly a move that can set the franchise back because that contract is going to be huge and hamstring the team like Buffalo and Arizona.

No balls, is that true? Was Ireland on a conference call yesterday with Season ticket holders? If so, Mando, were you aware of that? Nothing to report from that call?

dc nfl network said he goes to miami first, which is awful for the fans who want him. ross will set the bar very low, nowhere to go but up. hes flying back to so fla today and should meet with miami in a day or 2. but also said manning would probaly set up a "pro" day for however many teams are interested

I'm all for "Manning to Miami"!!!

If nothing else, it'll tick off Mando!

So, if our beat writer is against it, it must be a great move for the franchise. Because Mando is against it!


well yeah clue id do that in a second but no way they will. chart says a 1 and a 3 at best to get their earliest pick


Another thing to consider is that Manning where ever he goes will want to win. He knows he can't bleed the team of all its resources. He understands that money may need to be spent elsewhere to guarantee his success. He will make his money no doubt but the deal will not be a franchise killer.

Mark @1:57pm,

Well said. If you listened to Irsay's presser it was clear that the team is in 'rebuilding' mode. Now way was the team going to give Manning his $28 million bonus under ANY circumstances. This is much closer to being a 2-14 football team that it is one of those teams that consistently won 10 or more games. They remind me of the Cowboys of the mid '90s. Everybosy has gotten old at the same time and it's time for this team to retool, to slowly starting replacing guys like Manning and Wayne and Clark and Saturday. If anyone is thinking this team is a couple of players away from being right back in the playoffs they are kind themselves and it was clear from Irsay's tone that he realizes that. Manning doesn't fit on this team any more under any circustances. Has nothing to do with being able to play or not.

I never thought there would be the day when I would totally agree with Craig M but today is that day. I know we disagreed on Henne but Manning has to be priority number 1. I believe the Dolphins will offer alot hidden money (incentives and large signing bonus)contract that won't go aagainst the cap so that the Dolphins can sign draft picks and Reggie Wayne. I am sure there will be restructured contracts of existing players so the Dolphins can put together the best roster.

I agree w swamy actually Trent Richardson would compliment Manning n Bush really well. Thomas has trade value after putting up a couple back to back 100yrd games before getting injured. Or u could just keep 3 very different type RBs

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