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Manning: 'I'm throwing it pretty well'

Peyton Manning is no longer an Indianapolis Colts quarterback. At an emotional press conference moments ago, Manning said both he and owner Jim Irsay have talked about the circumstances and they have decided it is "necessary we take this next step."

The next step for Manning is toward another team. Manning did not wish to speak about any possibility of where he'll wind up, instead using today exclusively to say his farewells. "I haven't thought yet about where I'll play," Manning said, "But I have thought about where I've been."

Manning later reiterated that "I really don't know, I probably need to ask someone what these next few steps are," when he was asked how he next goes about seeking a new team.

The most newsy nugget to emerge from the emotonal 13-minute press conference was Manning discussing the progress of his throwing. Manning missed the entire 2011 season following at least three and possibly four procedures to his neck meant to help nerves that serve his right throwing arm regenerate after they stopped firing.

Manning was unable to play because the nerve damage stole strength from his arm and prevented him from throwing at his usual capability. That capability, Manning said, has improved lately.

'I'm throwing it pretty well," he said. "I've still got some work to do, I've got some progress to make. But I've come a long way. And I've really worked hard. I can't tell you the hours I've put in to working hard. I really enjoy being back out there. I've had a chance to throw with some of my old teammates -- guys like Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Austin [Collie], [Brandon] Stokley, [Jeff] Saturday's snapped to me a couple of times. That's been the most fun part ... being back out there on the field.

"You're in the training room all Fall, you're sort of off-limits to the field so to be cleared to be kind of be back out there and throw, I sure have enjoyed that. I'm doing better. I continue to work hard and hopefully keep making some progress."

Manning stopped short of saying he's 100 percent.

"I'm feeling closer and closer," he said. "I have to remind myself that it is March. I have a hard time doing that at times. But it sure feels comfortable. It feels like home being out there."

Manning mentioned that Irsay said he would always be welcome around the Colts. The Dolphins play the Colts this coming season. If he signs with the Dolphins, perhaps Manning can visit with the Colts the week before the game when they're drawing up their defensive game plan.


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Back to my point on the CAP we can give Manning a base pay of 10 Million as Albert pointed out and instead of a signing bonus give him a roster bonus for 2013 like Wash. did with Haynsworth but you have to remember that was for 21 Million in 2010 with a 6 Million base which put his figure at 27 Million for the Season. The Titans did it with McNair back in 05 when his reporting bonus and base were over 30 Million and they had to release him if everybody remembers they actually barred him from their practice facility, Pro-Rating money is a tricky proposition which can destroy an entire Season if the player falters because it leaves you with a gigantic hole and no player to show for it.

Mark, when you have people saying Matt Moore should be the QB of the future, you know you're not talking to the brightest bulbs in the fixture. You still have people wanting to WASTE a 1st-rd pick on a RUNNING BACK. Saying dumb things like, "Marino never won a SB, so that franchise QB theory to becoming relevant is b.s."

It used to be entertaining to argue with them, but now, do like me and just ignore them. We know what's necessary for this team to ever get back to where they once were. Let's just continue to push it out there, and once it happens (the way we said it would) we can enjoy the fact we were right all along.

Who ever signs Manning it will be on Mannings terms. He is not going to be running the 40 or having a "Pro Day". Too much pride in that man.

last thing we need is another rb. need a pass rusher and a rt. and wheres everyone that got excited about nelson from cincy,lol

dusty, disagree. I don't think he gets out of Miami without Ross' top offer. He knows he can't be cheap on this one. He's got to swing for the fences if he wants Manning. I'm glad we're first, this needs to be wrapped up by Tues., because if this doesn't go down, Ireland needs to move on to the next option.

ANY Team that passes on a healthy Peyton Manning, is Crazy.

And, if he's willing to work with us on the salary thing; I'd bring in Reggie Wayne, Colston, Saturday, or whomever...

It's Peyton friggen Manning!!! Give him whatever he wants!

He makes us a better team right out of the gate! And, strikes terror in the eyes of the Pats, Jets, and Bills!

On the M2M bandwagon...

thats exactly why albert, wants to show he can make the throws

BTW, JJ likes RG3 a lot, and he is a good evaluator of talent.

Well said. If you listened to Irsay's presser it was clear that the team is in 'rebuilding' mode. Now way was the team going to give Manning his $28 million bonus under ANY circumstances. This is much closer to being a 2-14 football team that it is one of those teams that consistently won 10 or more games. They remind me of the Cowboys of the mid '90s. Everybosy has gotten old at the same time and it's time for this team to retool, to slowly starting replacing guys like Manning and Wayne and Clark and Saturday. If anyone is thinking this team is a couple of players away from being right back in the playoffs they are kind themselves and it was clear from Irsay's tone that he realizes that. Manning doesn't fit on this team any more under any circustances. Has nothing to do with being able to play or not.
Posted by: Craig M | March 07, 2012 at 02:05 PM

Ya know, its not critical that everyone knows your thoughts on everything. Space is limited, keep somethings to yourself!

This was a prime example of how to say the same thing you've already said on the last 20 blogs.

dc im not talking money, all that matters to manning is the atmosphere of the organization, and we both know ross is awful at that


I am not knocking signing Manning just hoping he doesn't suffer a Favre like collapse because if this were to happen we eat the entire signing bonus in the CAP were we terminate the deal and in roster bonuses the annual figure for the player is ridiculous. Your right about the Capologist, heck the one in NY did wonders for that window the Jets had but there will always be a Season when a Vet heavy team with lots of CAP money tied up in future earnings eventually bites you.

Jimmy Johnson made a very good point. In today's "video game" NFL you can win a Super bowl with an average team and a great QB. Look at the Giants. They won and they went 9-7 during the season. That's ONE game over 500!! The Patriots had the league's worst defense!! Today ALL you need is a great QB and a so-so team.

The Bengals have the 17th and 21st pick in the draft and really wants Richardson.

So after signing Manning, sign Wayne then send the 8th pick to them for the 17th and 21st pick.

Select Couples with 17th and Reiff with the 21st pick.

Draft future QB in the second round. Prob Tannehill

I should be GM.


I am sure there will be a fail safe portion on the contract in case Manning can't perform. It only makes sense.

albert,lol, thats 2 games over 500

fin4life, you are correct. Signing bonus does count (devided by years of contract). The Post has a good breakdown of where and how the money goes. I didn't know about how the incentives were classified....LTBE (likely to be earned and NLTBE (not likely to be earned). Pretty good stuff.

clue again no chance they would ever do that

and coples tries about 25 percent of the time, and tannehill is a huge waste of a pick

I have the same fear you do on Flynn.
IF Peyton drags ou his decision, Flynn might jump into someone else's arms (YAY!)
I think this entirely depends on Philbin. If he reallys thinks that Flynn is his best chance to build a super-bowl caliber team, then we will see some serious manuevering and strange things from the FO while Peyton delays.
But if Philbin would rather find his stud elsewhere, then Flynn was never worth it anyway.
Either way, i hope Flynn is someone's else chance.

Will be funny to watch all the pro Manning folks in 2 years when Miami is still without a championhsip or a QB.

js please let flynn go somewhere else and manning. force ireland to finally make the right move

dusty, why wouldnt the Bengals pull the trigger on that? They want Richardson he not going to be there at 17. Couples or Ingram at 17, And a second round QB is a project sitting behing Manning. Tanehill is rated 3rd after Rg3 and Luck.

AMG, Seems like Painter cared more about his hair than learing how to be a pro QB.
Anyways if we sign Manning we need to sure up our O line. Trade down in the first and select Reiff and a stud D lineman maybe Poe lower in the first, and draft the QB of the future in the second round. Any thought?
Posted by: Clue | March 07, 2012 at 01:51 PM


My only thought would be that we've signed two "QBs of the future" in the 2nd round in the last five years, and neither have looked to be anything close to being a true "QB of the future."

Franchise QBs tend to come out of the first round. Yes, there are exceptions.....but they are exceptions.


You are right. Teams that "overspend" continually on free agents will eventually implode. BUT signing one good QB in free agency and doing the rest of your work in the draft guarantees long term success. Look at New Orleans with Drew Breese. The Pats have been at the top a long time because they may sign one good free agent every year but do the majority of their work thru the draft.

dolphin fan in Georgia,

You're not the first person to say "I never thought I would agree with Craig M but today is the day'. It either means that this blog is going to the dogs or I'm softening in my old age....LOL.

dont care where tannehill is rated, hes not good. no reason to waste a second rd pick if u sign manning on a project. find one a different year if u have to. and like i said the chart says for cincy to give up a 1 and a 3rd rd pick to move up to 8, not another first rd pick.

Dusty Bottoms,

If you are 9-7 and would of lost ONE more game you would be of been 8-8. LOL back at you.

wolfman, If we sign Manning, we will not be drafting a first round QB, so in order to have a QB of the future we must take a young QB who needs time to develop while Manning is at the realms.

LOL, baby steps bro. All we're looking for is to make the Playoffs (like with Pennington). Anything past that is gravy.

exactly albert! 9-7 is 2 games over 500, 8-7 is one.

maybe so clue but not this year. nobody worth wasting second rd pick on like we have many times


I honestly have NO clue why you are even a Dolphin fan. Here's the best QB to come on the market in years (granted he's 36 and had four neck surgeries) and you make comments like 'he's done' and 'I hope he signs somewhere else'. Then talk is that he's coming to Miami first and you say 'Ross will set the bar very low'. What is it about you and this franchise? If you think so poorly of the organization then why even be a fan? Seriously, you've got the Chiefs in your own back yard, with some good talent on the team and a competent GM. If you have no confidence or pride in the Miami Dolphin franchise then why bother? Ross and Ireland are trying to make this team better and all you do is constantly run them down. Manning is a guy that could help this team and they are supposedly one of the first teams in line to talk to him. I don't get why this makes you unhappy as a fan.

Take it from me (and Mark can relate to this), as a kid, I was the biggest Toronto Maple Leaf. After years of futility and incompetence I finally gave up on them. Life is too short and I wasn't wasting another minute on such a loser organization. You might want to think about applying some of that advice to your own life.....just saying.

js please let flynn go somewhere else and manning. force ireland to finally make the right move
Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 07, 2012 at 02:20 PM

If we only had that real ability, Dusty.
I honestly think hat we had a better shot at changing Irelenad's mind than we do Ross. He's in full Jerra/Al Davis/Snyder mode on this one.
He has decreed we want this.
I truly hope it works, because I think it's going to happen.

Brady's knee surgery ws bigger than Manning's minor 2 inch incision neck surgery

M2M !

Craig M @2:05,

I agree they remind of those Cowboys teams as well with everybody declining but gotta tell you that the drunk jokes aside I like what Irsay has done here and envy the Colts situation. In Dallas Jones thought he could take DB Coach Dave Campo and make him the HC (I knew Dave from his days as a UM Assis. and saw the writing on the wall)He then proceeded if you remember to throw ridiculous sums at other aging overrated Vets and that team fell appart.

The Colts hired a young and hungry GM that looks the part after making his bones in Philly for the last 8 Yrs as Director of College scouting and as an X-Offensive Linemen looks like a no nonsense guy more up to the challange of today's players than our babe in the woods Ireland. They kept this new tough approach with their new HC C.Pagano who was DC in Balt. recently but also DC of the Raiders from 2001-04 in their SB runs of the ERA and remember them being pretty solid, you factor in A.Luck and you can't help but be impressed with the moves that Irsay has made here, to bad he doesn't own the Dolphins!!

Good point DC, seem to be a lot of challenged people here ....

I guess it's our job to prop them up ...

Dusty Bottoms

My POINT is that IFF they would of LOST ONE more game they would have been 8-8. GEEZZZ!!! ( YOU REDUCE THE NUMBER OF WINS BY ONE MAKING IT 8 AND INCREASE THE NUMBER OF LOSSES BY ONE MAKING THAT ALSO 8) Consider that your math class today.

sorry craig just cause we differ on who we should get at qb doesnt mean im not a fan of the team. manning is basically all but finished. griffin would set us up for years and years. its really an easy choice, but if they do sing manning ill hop on the train and pray. if manning was 100 percent sure id be fired up. but im so worried if they do get him that he will set us wayyyyyyyyy back

The pundits are saying Peyton can play from between 3-5 yrs

Dolphins need to Win Now, not suck now

M2M !

So are guys says if we sign Manning we will draft Tannehill at 8? I can't see it. I think Ireland will make pass rush more of a priority. Now he may choose to trade back in the first, which I would be fine with and grab Tannehill and maybe a safety or pass rush. The beauty of it is (and this is the point I think the Manning haters miss), picking up Manning opens the draft up to a whole bunch of possibilities. If we've got the QB for the next 3-4 years, let's say, maybe QB doesn't become as much a priority and you can draft a guy like Foles or Cousins or someone who is 3-4 years off. It's how the Packers do things and it works. Anyone think Flynn would have any value in the league today if he'd been thrown right into starting duty right out of College? Not a chance.

Tracy at 2:11. Exaclty right. This offseason will be tough to bear if we whiff on both Manning and RG3. ANd Ross will be buying tickets again. SO instead of spending $15m on unused tickets, I'm sure he'd want to put that money into the team to increase his investment.

He knows the score....

no way am i givning up ever, i dont switch teams. been a miami fan my entire life. and your simply being bias if u think ross or ireland has done even close to a good job here, they both are clowns ruining our franchise. guess im more reality than u, no biggie

can someone please teach albert a little math

I agree on skipping Tannehill, but disagree on skipping this years' drafted QB. Cousins is comparable to Dalton or Ryan, which isn't superstar, but quite doable. Eli Manning wasn't and still isn't a superstar.

And next year, especially w/ Manning, our draft position will be worse, and QB choices will be thinner. Barkely will be tops, OU Qb will be #2 (far cry from he two freaks we have pushing down the choices this year). Think if Griffin and Luck stayed in school, Tannehill, Weeden annd Cousins are #1-3 choices.

No time like the present, I say. We could've had Dalton last year and passed.
Grab Cousins this year. Easy peasey. Only wasting a 2nd rounder, anyway.

Dolphin's are revamping the stadium and going to put in new seats only 20 ft from the field at ground level

Home will be looking into upgrading his (4) season tickets to enjoy the HOME SWEEP BY MIAMI IN 2012

wolfman @ 2:23, agree 100%. Either get a first round talent qb, or a very late round qb if you have the established vet.

These 2nd round qbs are just as likely to make it as late rounders and you pay such an inflated price. It's a waste of a pick if you ask me.

i disagree man on eli, the guy is a stud elite qb with 2 sb titles

wolfman, If we sign Manning, we will not be drafting a first round QB, so in order to have a QB of the future we must take a young QB who needs time to develop while Manning is at the realms.
Posted by: Clue | March 07, 2012 at 02:28 PM


I know, I just think it'll be a waste of a pick. It won't work out. I've yet to really see a "developmental" QB become a franchise calibre QB. Serivceable, yes....good backup, yes.....but I've yet to see anyone draft a guy to "develop" behind their starter and really have that work out.

I know, I know....Rivers, Rodgers, etc....but these were first round picks and simply waited in the wings until the appropriate time....these weren't developmental/project QBs.

Tannehill may be listed as 3rd best, but that doesn't mean squat....there's a huge drop off from Luck/RG3 to Tannehill. If Matt Barkley and L Jones had declared for this draft, Tannehill would easily be the 5th best QB available and nobody would be talking about Tanehill late in the first as many are doing now.

yeah a second rounder for a team with many needs

Brady's knee surgery ws bigger than Manning's minor 2 inch incision neck surgery
M2M !
Posted by: Home for Christ's Sake ; ) | March 07, 2012 at 02:31 PM

Say Whattttttt?????????????????????
It's not the 'small incision'.....its the metal bracket screwed into the vertebrae. Minor?

I don't know, some evaluators of talent are good at some positions and not in others(Shula was good at QB's). Maybe Clue, is right, Cincy desperate enough for Richardson(I don't blame them) that they will give their 17th and 21st spots for our #8. Hmm..

Thinking 346 LB Beast 44 reps w 225 LBs DT Poe w the signing of QB Peyton and
the loss of not resigning NT Phat Paul
would be a great move by the Dolphins to but Brady on his backside

Really, the only sure-fire option at QB this year is a healthy Peyton Manning.

No iffesne but I don't consider the opinion as credible from anyone who says Eli Manning isn't a superstar. Geez, he's only beaten the best team in the NFL since the 85 bears and carried an average Giants team on his back to another championship.

Not a superstar, jiminy fukkin cricket!!!!

sure offer it up oscar, but cincy would laugh

true oscar, but that isnt available


Ross and Ireland having been running the show for TWO years. TWO. Not FOUR. Not FIVE, as so many guys want to say. Both of these guys had Tony Sparano thrust on them by Bill Parcells. Wasn't Ireland's choice to make. Ross inherited this mess when he bought the team. So in all honesty you have no CLUE what these guys are capable of. They don't have a big enough trachk record to judge them on. You're criticizing Ross for what exactly? He chased Harbaugh. It was too late and poorly planned out but turns out he knew he'd be a good NFL coach. He was proven right after last year's 13-3 season in SF. I happen to like Jeff Fisher (others don't) and he agressively chaces him. He's intent on improving the QB position and putting fans in the seats. There's really not a lot not to like about this guy. This isn't Ralph Wilson, taking his team to Toronto twice a year and padding his pockets, while paying his coaches and GM peanuts.

I find your comment about 'Ross will lower the bar', while describing his chase of Manning to be inacurate and biased. You want to take a look at biased? Take a look in the mirror.

Dusty, Dusty, Dusty,

It's not me, dusty! It was Clue, it was Clue!

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