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Manning on the move from Cardinals facility

Various reporters covering the Peyton Manning visit to the Arizona Cardinals have confirmed Manning left the building after a 6 1/2 hour visit today.

Manning left, riding an SUV driven by Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt. They were trailed by club owner Bill Bidwell Jr.

It is unclear where Manning is going -- either to another Arizona appointment or to the airport. One assumes if he's en route to the airport, he could be headed back to South Florida. (Get the media helicopters warmed up!)

Reading those last couple of words probably gave Jeff Ireland arrhythmia. The Dolphins are still, yes still hoping to get an opportunity to meet with Manning. The Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans also want such an opportunity, according to NFL sources.

Not all of those teams will actually succeed in getting an audience with King Manning.

I do know this: If the Dolphins do get the expected visit with Manning, they plan to "think outside the box," I've been told. That means they might not conduct most of their business at their Davie, Fl. facility. They will absolutely have to go there at some point, I suppose so that Manning can become re-acclimated with the physical plant.

But remember this isn't a certainty because Manning and the Indianapolis Colts used Miami's practice facility during both their Super Bowl visits to Miami. So he's been in the locker room and training room and so forth.

If the Dolphins go forward with this, um, different approach, I would say they would be gambling. Yes, it could convince Manning the team has his best private interests in mind by keeping him under wraps. Or the team could seriously freak the guy out that they simply don't do things as a normal operating NFL team does.

It is, as they say, a double-edged sword.


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Ireland will screw this up. Stop me if you've heard that sentence before....

Beware the loonie Odinseye who has the nerve to make stuff up, as his post below. Everyone knows all posts always show up in black, and anyone who has 10 minutes of internet programming experience knows there is no way for bloggers to create hyperlinks in their posts here.

If he was a man he would retract his phony accusation.

. . . . . . . . . . . .


Just curious, how do you get certain phrases in your posts to show up highlighted in blue with a link and all?

That's very similar to certain phrases that show up that way in Mando's blogs.


Posted by: odinseye | March 11, 2012 at 06:19 PM

This reminds me of the old Polynesian saying: "Ha'aai faao opoka'i ni haaole kiri bati mo'oana" lol

Manning will sign with Cardinals

Manning has farted, at 7:23PM.

I continue to say Manning's miami's to lose. I also believe if there's a way to lose Manning, Ross/Ireland will find it. LOL

Yawn... Manning left the Broncos and left the Cardinals and probably just like the rest of us wants to just get back home to his nice Fla condo and catch up on a nice dinner and try and catch up on the hour of lost sleep.

Tomorrow is another day.

I love pelicans. They are wonderful.

Have any of the reporters covering/trailing Manning seen him throwing a football?

I like pelicans a lot, too. And gouda cheese.

Manning has known all along where he wants to go its a leverage game

oscar....was it silent, or deadly.....or both?--and did he hurt his neck while farting?

Miami should call a presser and announce they are no longer interested in chasing or trying to impress Coaches who hire defensive coordinators who pay bounties or QB's who play games with others time.

Miami needs to stop this ridiculous hunt for "Big Names" and heed the advice and recommendation of the VERY GOOD coach they just hired. A coach bred in a system that drafts and develops ITS OWN players and deals them away to teams for draft picks and numb nuts who chase dreams....

How many times will Ross and Co. Drag the Dolphins franchise into a situation where embarrassment and snickering media is all that will ever be gained...?

Get Smart about your team, Mr. Ross. Please... For the love of all things Dolphins stop dragging your fans and team through these "Waiting for some player or coach to tell us we are good enough for him to be here" rituals, get yourself a young man like Flynn or Tannehill take your chances or try again next year.

For 40 years I have loved and followed our Dolphins... and Mr. Ross... YOU have aged me more in the 3 or 4 years yo8u have owned the team then the previous owners did in 35 years... STOP THE MADDNESS.... STOP CHASING OTHER TEAMS DREAMS...

If they don't land Manning, I'll live. If they don't land Flynn? I'm done!

Derek....just reviewing your numbers and comments.....so are you 38......or 39.....or 40?--(hint.....this should not be difficult)

Armando seems to confirm there is not yet a meeting scheduled with Peyton:

"If the Dolphins do get the expected visit with Manning"

Flynn or Tannehill.......the best options initially, and now

Denver going get him this sucks?

From Pft

These things are subject to change, but it’s tentatively expected that Manning will now head back to his South Beach condo. He’s not known to have scheduled a visit with the Dolphins. Yet.

So either they already met in secret or he may bail on the idea.

He did make a funny movement with his neck. Hmm..

If the Dolphins whiff on Manning, they should go after Mario Williams.

If Manning goes Denver, it means all about money.

Dolphins will not take Manning to Davie because the whole facility is under construction and it looks like a dust bowl.

Mando where is he now?

wow ireland and ross already trying to mess it up


course he wont meet with fins tonight clyde. it would be tomm

It don't look good, better start scouting M Flynn folks...

Mando's been running this Peyton game for 2 months and all you load swallowing morons fell for it.

Once again: Good FA's go to good teams.
Acorns go to s hitty teams.
We started 6 acorns last season: Moore, Incogs, Columbus, Fasano, Olshansky, J. Taylor

He is using us, just like Jeff Fisher, he has no intention of coming here, looks like another black eye for this organization, we should tell him to kiss it and just get flynn




dusty my only point is that the meetings with Denver and Arizona were publicly announced, yet there has been no official word on a meeting with Miami.


flynn isnt the answer

Ross would be smart to think outside the box. The meeting should start at Ross' mansion or yacht. He's probably tired of the same pitch from different teams.

I think one fact that everyone is missing is that if indeed he is meeting with the dolphins it's a great thing that he does so last. Chances are the last place he interviews he will go. Just like Jeff Fisher. Give teams you aren't sure of or high on a chance to impress, which no doubt Denver and Arizona brass did, then go to the team that clearly has the best surrounding talent. Bottom line compare offenses and it is clear Miami has better weapons, best blindside tackle and a defense that's young and improving. Clearly Fitzgerald is a great wr but so is Marshall. Denvers receiving corp isnt even worth mentioning in the same sentence as Marshall and Fitz. Bush is by far the deadliest rb catching out of backfield out of the three teams. While Denver's O-line is great they are run blockers first, pass blockers second. Plus Davone Bess is probably the most underrated slot guy in the game. Warm weather and being an AFC team also are heavily on Fins side. Add it all up and I still like our chances best overall. Bring in Jeff Saturday to be our center slide Pouncey to guard and draft a right tackle, oh and bring in your buddy Reggie Wayne and/or Dallas Clark. Sounds like a team New England and New York Jets don't wanna play twice a year.

cause it hasnt been decided yet. sure once he lands in miami he will tell his agent how he feels and if to schedule a meeting or not.

agree on that jcb, miami has one thing those other 2 dont. an ocean

ziggy your missing the fact that denver has 50 mill to spend. which means wayne and clark to start

If Manning doesn't bite, just bring a QB that Philbin and Sherman can work with, easiest, Flynn, Tannehill. That simple.

tannheill is a huge waste. flynn would take up too much cash

and the MEDIA had some of you wetting your bottoms....

Looks like we will get our shot.....

Do you guys that talk bad about Ireland and Ross back your team up when your arguing with a jets or pats fan etc? Or do you agree and say I know were lame.?

Im tired of all the bashing. Ya theyve made mistakes. Every franchise does. But if theyre working for my beloved team? Well then Im rooting for them, not bashing em constantly. Thats why our fanbase has lost respect from other teams fanbase(s). We arent supporting to the point we back them up, right or wrong. Fact is Ireland is a damn good GM. To say that Peyton Manning should come to Miami because we have pieces in place to supporft him is to say that Ireland has put pieces in place. Ya But Nothing! Perhaps the blood will be on your hands when Manning doesnt come because he fears the F.O. is incompetent. Afterall you guys(whoever you are) cant shut up about how lame we are right? Learn to be a True Die Hard Fan.

says who kris?

cavemanna, your simply wrong, i mean very wrong. ireland is garbage, the entire nfl knows this. doesnt mean we arent fans just because we admit the fact

no a good sign, denver talking to jacksonville about trading tebow

So, if we don't get Manning, dusty, what do you propose? You have realized, haven't you, that RG3 is non-existent for us?

Damaged goods. Move on. Dreaming won't change facts. I'd withdraw and say no thanks. Stick with the new coach and his plan.

yeah oscar my man rg3 is gone. so stand pat and suck again because flynn isnt gonna help us

So he spent 30 hours with Denver, 7 with the Cardinals and looks like about 7 with Miami. Seem very odd to spend 30 with Denver and not go with Denver.

I would not be opposed to going after Mario Williams. He's a pretty decent pass rusher. And as we have proven time and time again, putting pressure on Brady is the only way to beat Brady.

Odinseye, if you have any dignity you will retract your silly, ignorant accusation. There is no way you saw what you saw. All posts are always in black, and every one here knows it.

Posted by: Clyde | March 11, 2012 at 06:59 PM

Chill out Clyde.

For the record, two of your posts did have blue link phrases in them. For whatever reasons, I could care less. The posts were there. Shortly after I mentioned it to you, they WERE deleted. Make of it what you will.

Other than that, I was just trying to be humorous by implying that you were Armando posting here, while being bored to death at a golfing event his editor ADE him attend.

Lifes to short to be so uptight-C'mon Man!

hey dusty, we're talking football no bluffing like poker

Dusty there are plenty of ways to finagle the salary cap with bonuses and not to mention cuts and or trades. If you are a GM who wants to clear up some extra cap room which I'm figuring Miami needs to clear up to an additional 8-10 million you make it happen, that's your job youre a numbers guy. Denver has 43 million in cap space but they also have only 1 qb under contract and a slew of starters to re-sign. Money matters but so does weather and surrounding talent. I think Miami can come at Peyton monetarily as hard as the other teams.

sure ziggy but denver doesnt have too. manning wont sign here just by hearing ross say well after u sign we will restructure everyone

Cavemanna sounds like a "yes man"...no wonder he's a Ross/Ireland fan.

You idiots think flynn wants to go to miami. Lets see they pretty much said we want manning or ross said i want manning and flynn is just a plan b or fallback option. What is ross going to tell him. Matt it was you we wanted all along, you are the right qb for this team. Sorry but flynn will go to clev.

We should sign Jeff Saturday and Reggie Wayne and then tell Manning we are going after Matt Flynn, thanks anyway lol

640 just reported Peyton Manning is deciding between Denver and Arizona. He’s not coming to this trainwreck.. What a surprise!

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