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Manning on the move from Cardinals facility

Various reporters covering the Peyton Manning visit to the Arizona Cardinals have confirmed Manning left the building after a 6 1/2 hour visit today.

Manning left, riding an SUV driven by Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt. They were trailed by club owner Bill Bidwell Jr.

It is unclear where Manning is going -- either to another Arizona appointment or to the airport. One assumes if he's en route to the airport, he could be headed back to South Florida. (Get the media helicopters warmed up!)

Reading those last couple of words probably gave Jeff Ireland arrhythmia. The Dolphins are still, yes still hoping to get an opportunity to meet with Manning. The Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans also want such an opportunity, according to NFL sources.

Not all of those teams will actually succeed in getting an audience with King Manning.

I do know this: If the Dolphins do get the expected visit with Manning, they plan to "think outside the box," I've been told. That means they might not conduct most of their business at their Davie, Fl. facility. They will absolutely have to go there at some point, I suppose so that Manning can become re-acclimated with the physical plant.

But remember this isn't a certainty because Manning and the Indianapolis Colts used Miami's practice facility during both their Super Bowl visits to Miami. So he's been in the locker room and training room and so forth.

If the Dolphins go forward with this, um, different approach, I would say they would be gambling. Yes, it could convince Manning the team has his best private interests in mind by keeping him under wraps. Or the team could seriously freak the guy out that they simply don't do things as a normal operating NFL team does.

It is, as they say, a double-edged sword.


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77 i think miami is the only team that may want flynn

The Titans getting involved could end this whole thing if Manning considers them. There are more Manning fans in Tennessee than there were in Indy.
I am hoping Manning has done his homework and doesn't want late interests jumping in. Hopefully he sticks to the teams he initially wanted to speak with and makes a decision. That would be good for Miami.
If not, Tennessee gets him without question...

saturday and wayne would never come here without manning

Kiss next season goodbye, fans. Oh, and can we fire Irescum now?

I like the "whole NFL know it comment" As if Dusty you've spoken to the whole NFL and they concurred with your assessment. Exactly who is the whole NFL? When did they give such a report? Im a Miami Dolphins fan. I support whoever that involves. You guys somehow are fans that spend your time talking @#$@ about your team...I realize there is a generation Of Football fans who grew up not watching football on Sunday so much as they learned the game from EASPORTS

wow he wasnt lying, are reporting manning wont even meet with fins. pathetic

congrats cavemanna, u support guys who ruin your franchise. again congrats, what are u looking for from us


Peyton while having dinner at a restaurant ordered a bottle of mineral water.

Shut the door on that arrogant greedy SOB.

Ross just lost another 100 mill. SELL THE TEAM, IDIOT!!

LOL didnt he take over a 1-15 team? Your the fool with the veil over your eyes. List me all the bad moves he has made. Not Parcells. Come on Line em up and then the good ones he has done.

ross is basically done now. that was suicide not gettimg him. all time low for this franchise and will be sad to see the stadium empty

Fans can be free thinkers. We don't have to blindly take it in the a** by the owner

Ross will be buying boatloads of his own tickets. Serves him right for keeping Irescum.

Breaking News

Peyton was reported to have been at the Arizona camp for six and a half hours, but further reports show it was really six hours and twenty minutes.

ross wont be able to buy enough. guessing most every game will be blacked out

so depressing, its march and season is basically already over for us. unreal

The fans have a voice. There wouldn't and shouldn't be a team without the fans. While Ross isn't responsible for the years and years of crap, he isn't helping. The buck stops with the owner...it's his team. He deserves criticism as much as anybody.

Whoever we sign at QB be sure to draft Russell Wilson in the mid rounds as he will be great!

No one in the league respects Ross, Irescum, or Philbin. So is it "Suck for Barkley" next year? LMAO!

he chases the right people (harbaugh,fisher,manning) but he fails everytime

Ya the stadium will be empty because 36 yr old Manning isnt there. ALL time low for the franchise? That we didnt sign the aging superstar? Not the 1-15 season right? This is the type of thinking/bashing im talking about...Its ridiculous, The season is basically over?
Your season is bud. I just realized the level of intellect here....Im out, Fake Fans
And you do take it blindly in the ass. There is nothing really you can do. The man OWNS the team.

Breaking News

Peyton scratched his balls. Will ask Ireland to scratch them for him next.

I can't believe there are so many negative Dolphins Fans. Either they are fair-weather Fans as caveman said or they are getting paid to spew such bile-streaking vomit here.

Manning to denver, then we trade for Tebow!

good riddens caveidiot

What a nightmare. Ross has lost a fortune.

tebow is going to jacksonville, thankfully. that guy is awful

oscar, I can't believe there are so many seriously dumb dolphin fans drooling over an aging gimp QB in rehab who still is not in game shape. We are going to pay millions for that? Stupid gets no dumber.

Ross says the stadium is too big(for his garbage team) LOL

There is something we can all do. Stop spending our money on Ross' team instead of blindly agreeing with everything he does because we are fans.

I wonder if Ross's mom was a prostitute!

Ross will honor Mark Sanchez next season to sell a few extra tickets!!

Will Ireland as Peyton if his mom is a prostitute?


Maybe Ireland will ask Peyton if his moter is anhooket

I still think we have a very good chance to sign Manning and we should draft Russell Wilson later as he could very well be our long term prospect. He does not have the typical size but is very very accurate (72%) and has a great arm. He has played consistently well in two separate systems and is a quick study.

Maybe Ireland will ask Peyton if his mother is a hooker?

Maybe Irelands mom was a prostitute?


Rozco, you have a point there. Any suggestion on who our QB should be?

Im out, you guys badmouthing the front office are knuckleheads...BLAME THEM FOR MANNING? First you have no idea whether he will sign here or not...secondly, HOW IS IT THEIR FAULT IF PEYTON WANTS TO BE SOMEWHERE ELSE?
Gotta blame someone huh?
I swear, bunch of clueless losers in here sometimes.

Everyone needs to calm down, "sources" have reported a million things in regards to Peyton this past week that have proven they're not usually accurate or right. That being said the honus is not on Ross or Ireland or Philbin to sign Manning unless Manning actually meets with the team. If he neglects to meet with us then we are better off without him. Why would anyone want a guy that doesn't want to be here? He isn't the only qb in the world capable of doing great things in Miami. In Mike Sherman and Joe Philbin you have two incredible evaluators on qb talent and capable of coaching up guys that are on the cusp. Peyton would be great and I still hope he will meet with the team but if he doesn't I'm confident that the new coaching staff will drastically upgrade the qb position before training camp.


why do you repost EVERY report as if it were fact....

in many cases...they reports aren't even considered a good guess.....

Dont worry Dolfans. I'm confident Ireland can find us another Pat White.

It's not all about Manning. It's about constant screw ups. It's about 17 starting QBs in 13 years. It's about no end in sight. I can't believe how many short-sighted lemmings there are. Manning is one small piece of a huge pig fvck.

Oscar, once again PPP (piss poor planning). I wouldn't chase any of these FA's. Go with Moore, draft a QB only if they really think he has serious potential. Otherwise, plan on trading up in the next draft. They will have to pay a high price sooner or later so it might as well be sooner. They will never figure that out.

At this rate Pat White would reject us! LOL

I just heard it too. Manning deciding between Denver and Arizona. GEEZ!

So cry a river and blame the current staff for 17 QBs in 13 years? Give me a break...this current staff is not responsible for any of that. Want to blame this on anyone, you'd have to go back to Jimmy Johnson, and what good does that do?
Look, support the people we have, they have enough of an uphill battle facing them from all the disappointments this franchise has faced.
When they mess up, I will be the first one to recognize it, but to slam them for trying is just pathetic and not the position any so called "fan" should take.

You approach is one of many valid ones, Rozco, but why do you assume this FO will never figure it out?

The FO is totally incompetent. Move the team to L.A and stop embarrassing S Fla.

There is a lot of misplaced anger here in this Blog. It is well known that anger comes from fear, and fear, from Ignorance.

Denver has best option. More money to sign Manning plus a couple of his old buddies. Garcon, Clark etc . Fins can't match that. Why all the AZ talk they have to cut 3-4 plyers to get below the cap much less have money for Manning. Plus AZ is not impressing anyone as a team in general. Add iyt NFC where his lil bro rules. MARK MY WORDS WONT HAPPEN .
BAck to logic.Denver, Great Town, terrible Division. Good Young team. And did I mention way more money to do deals for the "BAND" . Shepard, Clark and Garcon or Wayne. EZ and still have major dollars to improve D. Im a fins guy but they are out-gunned. Next three day tease Flynn. Agian wont happen because som dumbass will give him $60M. Draft A QB , dont reach byut get a guy to groom then add best avialble DE, OLB. Then Use FA for O-line , Nelson-FS. That makes this team cpable of 10-6 without desparate moves. I would restructure a couple guys. Way too much annual for Long, Dansby and Marshall this year.

Ahh, so that's what most of you want, to be no more Football in Miami. Who is paying you People to express that? Would be nice to know.

No 36 year old, coming off neck surgeries wants to play in oxygen sucking, cold ass Denver. I would be shocked if he opted for Denver.

The buck stop with the owner. He accepted it when he bought the team. If he wants the love of the fans, he has to get his sh*t together. I was a fan through all those years of mediocrity before he was the owner. That makes me entitled to my opinion.

Seeing is believing. So far they seem to want the next MVP qb but only at bargain basement price. They'll be waiting a long time.

RG3 was the guy...We blew it...What else is new...I don't want Manning...I want a long term solution...I want someone who will get coached by Philbin and Sherman...Matt Moore made a lot of plays last year...Give him more weapons, improve the o-line and draft a QB to compete...Screw Manning and his broken neck...And by the way, if his health is improving so much, wtf doesn't he throw some footballs in front of interested teams? Hhhmm...Fukk him...

WTF is wrong with you people????
Before Manning left Denver nobody knew for sure he was meeting with Arizona, now before he leaves Arizona nobody knows for sure he is meeting with Miami, from the so called "sources" thats what's supposed to happen but if he doesn't even want to meet with Ross and co then forget him.
It probably says more about this franchise than anything else.
More likely I still believe he will meet with the Dolphins tomorrow as was always the plan.
Its funny how we are hearing he's leaning towards Denver or Arizona now..........er hello they're the only teams he's spoke to so far. Everything else is just madness!!!

One thing that does concern me though if anyone can help me out here, why does the media seem to hate the Dolphins so much, the mere thought of something good happening here is always met with ridicule, the Dolphins are so irrelevant its unbelievable. Or maybe its just me reading it that way

Your opinion and sh-t, dmooreiii, are about =. Don't you see that if they hired all these very knowledgeable Coaches they are going to settle for mediocre Players?

Now that RG3's all but gone, if we don't get Manning, we'll end up listening things such as:

"We are proud of the roster we have and we feel comfortable where we are right now at the QB position. Matt [Moore] did a tremendous job when taking over our team and never surrendered in front of adversity. Given the circumstances, we thought that risking the future of our team for a rookie who is not proven or for a player whose best years are behind was simply not worth the risk. We are pretty much excited from the up-coming draft and we can barely wait for the first mini-camp".

Wanna bet a lunch?

Manning is a total disruption to the team and the new coaching staff and with highly questionable upside. The risk is greater than the realistic reward.

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