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Manning on the move from Cardinals facility

Various reporters covering the Peyton Manning visit to the Arizona Cardinals have confirmed Manning left the building after a 6 1/2 hour visit today.

Manning left, riding an SUV driven by Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt. They were trailed by club owner Bill Bidwell Jr.

It is unclear where Manning is going -- either to another Arizona appointment or to the airport. One assumes if he's en route to the airport, he could be headed back to South Florida. (Get the media helicopters warmed up!)

Reading those last couple of words probably gave Jeff Ireland arrhythmia. The Dolphins are still, yes still hoping to get an opportunity to meet with Manning. The Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans also want such an opportunity, according to NFL sources.

Not all of those teams will actually succeed in getting an audience with King Manning.

I do know this: If the Dolphins do get the expected visit with Manning, they plan to "think outside the box," I've been told. That means they might not conduct most of their business at their Davie, Fl. facility. They will absolutely have to go there at some point, I suppose so that Manning can become re-acclimated with the physical plant.

But remember this isn't a certainty because Manning and the Indianapolis Colts used Miami's practice facility during both their Super Bowl visits to Miami. So he's been in the locker room and training room and so forth.

If the Dolphins go forward with this, um, different approach, I would say they would be gambling. Yes, it could convince Manning the team has his best private interests in mind by keeping him under wraps. Or the team could seriously freak the guy out that they simply don't do things as a normal operating NFL team does.

It is, as they say, a double-edged sword.


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You answered your own question. They treat us like a joke because of all the years of being irrelevant. We are constantly middle of the pack...no man's land. Never good enough to take serious and rarely bad enough to get real help through the draft.

I asked before and I will ask again..........Didn't it mean anything impression wise to Manning that while he was interviewing with the Broncos on Friday that at the same time coincidently 3 of their players were suspended for the 1st 6 games next year because of testing positive for PHDS????????????? How impressed could that be to him?

Thank you Cavemanna. I have a theory that these people are in fact actually Jets fans just impostering.

Oscar, let me make this loud and clear: it's not about manning, this year, or last year. It's about being fed up with every year being a disappointment. This is 13 years in the making, bro! And admittedly, my frustration is with Ross, Ireland, Pacells, Sparano, Cam Cam, Saban, Speilman, Wannie, Wayne H, etc, etc. I don't really care about Manning. It is about the culture of sucking that has taken root. But hey, there's always next year. And the stars we do have will only be another year closer to being used up for nothing. It's a vicious cycle. We'll finally get a decent QB, but the supporting characters will need to be replaced. And so the cycle continues...


A) No Harbaugh
B) No Fisher
C) No Andrew Luck
D) No RG3
E) No Peyton Manning

So whats plan F you idiots?

Okay Mando, you need to write you Pulitzer Piece. If Manning goes elsewhere then we must conclude no one of substance wants to play in Miami or coach in Miami. Ever!!!!!

Its very telling we failed to land ANY person of worth and substance. Heck, at this point, we'd probably give away draft picks for Flynn. Why not give them away for RGIII?

Maybe my mom was a prostitute and I don't know who my dad is!!!


You answered your own question. They treat us like a joke because of all the years of being irrelevant. We are constantly middle of the pack...no man's land. Never good enough to take serious and rarely bad enough to get real help through the draft.

Posted by: dmooreiii | March 11, 2012 at 09:29 PM

Isn't that the problem? Teams like ours should be building through the DRAFT? But we can't because of Ireland.

Can Ross just please sell this team and take the clown and cronie Jeff Ireland with him. I can just feel another disappointment coming for the dolphins in not getting a franchise quarterback. If we do lose on manning, expect half empty to mostly empty stadium next year and another year of suffering on the field. Ross just doesn't realize how to treat people or run a football organization. We won't win anything as long as he is owner of this once proud franchise. Instead of banners reading manning to Miami can we start one that says new owner wanted. Qualifications: a brain.

RG3 is black, Maybe his mom was a prostitute?


Marino is afraid he’d lose some endorsements if Manning came to town. So he wasnt about to help.

@dmooreiii you made a really good point. Its actually an excellent point. We are on a seesaw. More saw than see if you ask me. This team has been plugging instead of building. But we plug one hole only to spring a leak in another part of the team.

Under Ireland, this team has never been in rebuild mode. Just filling seats mode. That wreaks of Ross and his vulture capitalism. Why did Ireland survive this last season? Because he is a yes man doing the masters bidding. Just like most corporate shills of billionaires.

Has anyone ever thought, maybe once or twice their mom was a prostitute?


Manning left the Colts in shambles- they let him go to save a $28million cash bonus (and the future of the franchise). Who is crying in their soup about Manning's departure in Indy?

This dude's karma ain't all that great people.

Jack, agreed. Part of the problem, like this year, is that our one pick at #8 in the first isn't going to help much. No man's land will get you the #8 and no other ammo to make a real move toward the future. The reason we only have the picks we do now is management's fault. Ireland is no draft or cap guru. And that will hurt us until he goes bye bye.

So, dmooreiii, what if that culture of sucking you mentioned does not originate from the Dolphins administrations but is firmly implanted in most of you here in Miami? What are you gonna do, wish the Team to leave here also?

Plan F has to be Ireland is some kind of scout guru and can build a team with draft picks alone.

Might as well have my autistic brother deciding draft picks for Miami. At least he's half right most of the time.

Even if my mom was a prostitute I would claim she was doing a public service for all the nerds out there. Very inappropriate for Ireland to ask any man if his mom is a ho bag. What does his mom have to do with his playing ability on the field?

I wish they had transcripts of NFL interviews. How do you even ask that question unless its the only question on your mind?

What kind of stupid dikhead fans would want to sign old qb in rehab who can't even throw the ball at nfl standards. Absolutely freaking stupid. Ross won't get his investment back if nerve dead Manning doesn't recover. Manning should take another season off. Any team is foolish to sign him as is.

Ireland should've been fired right then over the Dez Bryant incident. But Ross is totally football clueless.

It was reported Friday, Manning would meet with Denver, Arizona then Miami, for gods sake let it play out!!!!!!
Its already been reported KC and Seattle asked for meetings and were turned down so until you hear Miami has been turned down for a meeting its not over. It makes sense for Miami to be the last team Manning interviews with as he is living here at the moment. It is also a great position to be in being the last team to speak to him.
The media is laughable at times, IF Manning does meet with Miami tomorrow or Tuesday as expected all of a sudden they will be favourites to land him again, chill out people let it play out, if he doesnt want to come he doesnt want to come and we have problems!!!

Most of you would get on your knees and sk manning. Fools. Not me. He is dead meat looking for a fat payoff to do nothing. Arrogant greedy fker not concerned with anyone else. FK him. Shut the door.

@dmooreiii, you on a role man! Great point about the #8. What is it gonna help with no QB, a weal OL, a weak DL, a weak backfield, and arguably a weak running game depending on if Bush decides to go all out on plays.

No player or coach with a choice will come to this pathetic franchise.

Sparano has to be laughing.

Oscar, no I don't want the team to leave. I want them to thrive! Because I am a fan! I bleed aqua and orange! Being irrelevant for so many years hurts! And every year we get further away from the perfect season or our last SB win, it stings a little more. And every time the light at the end of the tunnel turns out to be a freight train, it gets harder to hold my head up. I hold every leader in the Fins organization responsible for the state of team, at least since Coach Shula was forced out. But Ross bought the team and he is Ireland's boss, so they are responsible at this moment. Who else would I blame? C''mon, man!

To even ask a man if his mom is a ho bag means you already know the answer. So why even ask? What did Ireland expect the man to say? "Oh yeah, she turning tricks every few minutes".

Come on man! Once again, they weren't even interested in Dez from jump. That's why they dissed him on the interview calling the man's mother a crack ho.

Yeah, yeah, we know all you Blacks here, as resentful as you are, have it in for Ireland and Ross. No news there, bros.

Plan F: F for Flynn

You city slicker fall for that southern boys charm. He is a con artist. Twenty six million to do nothing in 2011, now he wants to sucker in another team for another payload. The guy is freakin crippled. Fk him. Go suck his wang if you want, not me. Fools.

Dusty bottoms you are beyond stupid

Ross better lower the ticket prices or they'll be bigger crowds at water polo! HAHA

And if all the Cuban illegals were here posting, I could quickly run to the corner store without getting robbed.

Oscar, another point is I have a ten year old son. He likes the Phins because I do. He's TEN. He wasn't around for Marino. He doesn't fully understand how great our team once was. He just knows it's our team. It won't be long before he'll start making more educated decisions for himself. I couldn't bear it if he turns into a Jets or Patriots fan, like the little turds next door. He needs a face, a QB, a team he can be proud of for this generation.


Any team that pays Peyton Manning any amount of money is a fool without seeing him throw first.

There is a strong probability that dusty, sparrow, dmoore, MJ are one and the same person. GN.

Maybe others. GN.

There is a strong probability that dusty, sparrow, dmoore, MJ are one and the same person. GN.
Posted by: oscar canosa | March 11, 2012 at 10:09 PM


Tou are such an idiot Oscar.

I would give Peyton a 10 million dollar guaranteed deal over 2 years. Anything above that, he's gonna have to earn through incentives.

Personally, if I signed Peyton, his entire contract would be voidable for ANY KIND OF NECK INJURY. I wouldn't care if it was a neck injury from toweling off to vigorously.


I actually would love for Matt Moore to grow into the position and be great. I think he has potential and might be even better under Philbin and Sherman, and withl an actual training camp under his belt, unlike last year. I would love to be able to confidently wear a Jersey with Moore on the back. A current player named Moore, that is. No offense, Nat, if you're out there.

I was thinking a 6 mill signing bonus and a mill every game he starts including playoff games. But he's not coming here according to multiple reports.

I was thinking 1 mil for every trick his hooka mom did!



Peyton deserves nothing until he proves his arm is NFL ready. $0.00

I officially change my mind and no longer think the Dolphins should try to sign him. Furthermore it is my opinion that they should publicly cancel any meeting they may have tomorrow. They should come out and tell the fans THEY don't want HIM.

I just read that now Peyton won't be throwing for anyone. ARE YOU F$#@ING KIDDING ME!? So now a team is going to sign him to a 15 million dollar per year contract before they even know if he can make all the throws? That 1 minute grainy cell phone video is all we get? Total joke.

Manning and his agent will be laughing all of the way to the bank. What a great guy Manning is, this is just too unreal. Good luck Dolphins fans, start praying Manning loves Arizona. Let him go there and take up cap space on the bench.

Phins78, too late. I think Manning already canceled.

"It is, as they say, a two-edged sword."

Actually, a "two-edged sword" is something cuts both ways, meaning it's bad in two different or dissimilar ways (it doesn't matter what side hits you, it cuts either way).

The overused and tired cliche Armando is straining for is "doubled-sided coin," which is something that is good on one side but bad on the other.

Oakland: al davis is dead so there is a ray of sunlight there
Cincinnati: mike brown has started to pull his head out of his butt so there is a ray of sunlight there
Miami: Stephan Ross is officially the worst owner in the league no ray of sunlight there.
If I were Peyton manning I wouldn't play for these idiots either. If this team becomes successful at some point in time it will b in spite of Ross/ireland not bc of them. Dark days ahead for the foreseeable future.

You guys know what will happen right? Manning already made his decision but the NFL will force him to interview with Miami. Have to keep up appearances so you chuckleheads will buy tickets like Manning is really coming here.

Miami was pretty good the last half of the season. I just don't know why they don't want to give Moore a change but will give Flynn a chance.

Flynn ain't done nothing any QB wouldn't do in that situation. He let it air out and got lucky alot.

I have see nothing in Flynn's mechanics that makes me think he is elite. That game was a fluke. Dude had nothing to lose and everything to prove. Getting paid changes that because its about longevity at that point.

I have been reading for the past month that “inside sources” have been stating just how much Ross wants Manning. Ross is pushing for Manning. He will need to be convinced to take anyone other than Manning. Etc., Etc., Etc.

If the Miami media writers are making it all up then they should really be shot. Assuming they are not scum then we have to believe they have sources inside the organization and that his a ‘leak.’ Leaky organizations suggest to me, and I would think a Pro’s Pro like Manning, that there is a lack of respect for the Owner & GM and that the organization is weak overall.

I truly believe that is the case. While I have been a Fins fan for more than 30 years I really think this organization has hit its low point. The past 5 years have been a train wreck and that is why Marino doesn’t want to be involved with trying to convince Manning to go to Miami. Marino and everyone else can easily see just how far from GREAT this team really is.

Why am I not surprised Ross/Ireland may have screwed this up even before ever meeting with Peyton?

Geesh, we had the guy here right in our own backyards and allowed him to leave without so much as a honey we'll see you when you get back" smooch of the lips.

How arrogant and naive could Ross/Ireland be? It like sending the virgin daughter out into the world and hoping she doesnt come back pregnant. Ross/Ireland may have screwed this up by allowing Peyton to leave Miami without seeing him first.

Are you serious ronson? That's AWESOME news if true!

So, I think the Fins are in the toilte and now they need to get themselves out. I don't see Manning coming to dig out of the toilet. He will jump to a team like Denver who appears to be on the upswing and in need of a QB.

I think the Fins will be best served with Flynn or Tannehill. I realize neither one is a Super Star in the NFL today. But a new coaching staff + New Offensive System is best served with a young QB who knows the coaches and system THEY want to play. Just let the new coach run the team. We don't need a star struck owner, media or fan base running this team.

Boy oh boy, another huge blunder by our owner in training Ross. He forgets all the other owners are billionaires too. He forgets being a successful owner requires both deep pockets and more than just a pocket full of brains.

How long must this bs go on! We have both a "green horn owner and green horn gm. Seems each passing year we move backwards twice as fast as we are moving forward. I now officially believe Peyton Manning wont be a Dolphin in 2012.



Great! Our blog has actually sunk to a NEW low.
Peyton could be the legitimate qb We been harking for the last 13 or so years.Yet,We find Ourselves bitching about it.As if Matt Moore was more than a replacement.My fellow Dolphans, please rewind your VCRs and realize that Manning would be the elixir to Our qb ailments.Our current roster if filled with playmakers whom football careers will not wait for Us to develop a bona fide starter.
Please Peyton Manning consider Our franchise.If you want vengeance,then allow a Vince Lombardi starved football team,I.E.,Miami Dolphins,to be YOUR pack of wolves!

Bye bye Thronton, way over the line bud. Enjoy your upcoming ban and I pray to run into you someday. Just make sure you have the ballz to go up to every Italian you see and tell them how you feel. A real man wouldn't hide behind a computer screen, let us all know how you feel.

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